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Lectrix, doctrix, plicatrix. They told me that the Classics never go out of style, but they do, they do.

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@JackGMitchell @ArmandDAngour @PeterGainsford homo (si pro vero homo) qui haec discipulus ludi scripserit: @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford Et Knox insignis iambice (typis date veniam): @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford In alcaicos retorsit Strugnell: @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford et Taetriferociter Carruthers: @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford calloo callide Watson: @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford Optime omnium Vansittart (scholiis non hic adiunctis): @ArmandDAngour @JackGMitchell @PeterGainsford Slythaeia ut ionicus a maiore. (Cave perperam pro care 👍 ex cavendum…
Farewell, then, Twitter: an interesting experience to peer in here during Half Term, but palpably too depressing to stay. 😬 GWell, the week's now swung round and, with the return of #universitychallenge , I'll bring this pointless project t… @rogueclassicist Any help from #orphicexperts with the lines I'm puzzling over would be great. They may be in Megar… five-way macaronic medley from c.1870 (composed at Harvard?) @SoVeryBritish "If it's so important, they'll fax." @qikipedia But the Romans say that's the year you at last get to LIV? @britishlibrary Please find a way to keep your doors open: you are needed by the country more than ever, even if mo… @ZubyMusic Vi var där kort förra månaden - det var underbart. 😍 Men, som Drottning Kristina, måste jag säga det!ardea sublimis pinnae confisa natanti.
@DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas Another Geddes macaronic that can be r… zoes. @andrewsillett Another Sillett Banger. @qikipedia Gosh, Pealy, you were really good at gonnis!For cat lovers, for dog lovers, and for those who find the Pugna Porcorum a tad too (ex)plosive: a tale of concord… by All Hallows' Day, S (unlike E) could not survive an evening episode of Dragons: Rescue Riders. But som… autumno ubi frondens caput decidua folia pandit. @ArmandDAngour @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas ego lignum habeo hospes illud ille vul… @ArmandDAngour @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas Dunderheadius has one or two things to… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas A taster of what Slawkenbergius (apols… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas 3 - Latin Sapphics on Pitt's administr… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas 2 - A Latin macaronic (by Robert Lowe)… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas Three more macaronics / parodies for n… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @Robin_C_Douglas I have somewhere the later Animadversi… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom But this can't be beaten for playing with the idea of t… @holland_tom @JHDScourfield Or rather Vernon Wallis Dowell's (1863-19??), who learned his cricket at Sherborne! @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom And Sidgwick's own copy of the book all these come from - The Westminster Problems Book… @DrFrancisYoung @PieterBeullens @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom This can't be beaten for sustaining the joke: @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom Original appearance of Sidgwick's Bankolidaid, which shared the two-guinea prize with D… @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom Prose parodies (Rupert Brooke was a frequent prizewinner): @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom Epithetophobia: @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom More Howlers... @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom @ArmandDAngour @holland_tom A "pauper viginti" as VWD has it! I'll post here some other things that come from the… @ArmandDAngour Another fine macaronic - also written for the Westminster Gazette in the early 1900s - introduces rh… @ArmandDAngour 5 Circo 9 Imposit<i>que 18 bloomin' 24 Echo 25 lummy, 28 immittit 'Notes' as attached. @ArmandDAngour Agreed. Well done. (Sidgwick initially wrote 'lummy', and there are a few other minor differences. B…
Thank you again, gentle Netflixia, for inspiring S to choose the hippophilic pixelfest Spirit Riding Free, whose op… @sentantiq #basicbritain But the Westminster pronunciation was particularly idiosyncratic: see…
@rogueclassicist It would be a service to the field, for reasons that include but go beyond ethics, for the private… anas involuta pennis. last - a return to simple nature. Peter Rabbit and his call to (f)arms are today's poor victims. (Why no Latin w… @beldonstevens @sentantiq The scholia are a mess: "versus deficit, sensus deficiunt." And the supplements are just… @qikipedia Entomologist 1: Eric, we've made a mistake in the paperwork. Entomologist 2: As long as you haven't done…
@inforoRomano nec pepunculus nec homunculus iam nobis adest! @ArmandDAngour Good point! Had viventibus ullum and got in a tangle with vigenti/virenti. 😳 I don't fully understa… @pete_savin @rogueclassicist " the cold of Hadrian's Wall"? @ArmandDAngour historia ut dicit/docuit: spes prodest nulla viventi? sperandumst vivis nil (sic ait/ut docet Historia ipsa)?OK so the muse Amazonia steered S to a better outcome today: Mike the Knight, whose no nonsense lyrics made life ea… @qikipedia Of course: it's less embarrassing to have to stand next to the podium than actually *on* it. @MatthewMordue @GibsonRoyk Came for the binding, stayed for the elongated fingers. @sentantiq @qikipedia Greenwich Meal Time?
Um, not so good a sequel this evening: the lyrics to The Magic School Bus Rides Again are a little too psychedelic.… @stephanuscoombs Thx for the explanation. Pleased to hear! @stephanuscoombs Thanks. I remember reading somewhere that Ovid only elided cretics twice in 30,000 verses or more,… @stephanuscoombs Commendable practice on long-vowel elision. But eliding cretics seems edgier! @stephanuscoombs Lovely. te (e)lectum, praeses,? @SimonPulleyn @ArmandDAngour @badphilologist Something to help you through the long winter nights: @qikipedia Brassic bants. @ArmandDAngour Teutonicique 'Achtung' cum venit 'Hatschi' sonant.Does anyone know the Latin for "achoo", ie the actual sound of a sneeze? Does Italian acciù point anywhere? I can't… @ArmandDAngour A classic LS - OLD showdown then. One for the team @badw_muenchen ! easier option offered up by Miss Random Digits today: a slice of Bob taking on yet more pro bono work, hallucina… @ArmandDAngour (non tamen poetas redolet!) @ArmandDAngour ubinam? @ArmandDAngour utitur his quia rex, alcedo utatur utique: liceat sic tibi ponte frui. @ArmandDAngour Good spot, thx: super hero cape, ex-re remove, impinge S ex Superviri humerali. I had a Virgilian il… @rantyben And like Lego your feet sometimes get an unexpected shock. Good luck with the last creases! @rantyben @ArmandDAngour Impressive. 13/16 as the machine grows ever more powerful...
The day ends with a mercifully short episode of PJ Masks: episode #663435, the one with a little help from Catullus… @medusas_heid Try Amphitrite, who left P-daddy for the same reason?Today's effort, inspired by mercurial daughter and the fickle Muse Netflixia, is Fireman Sam. To be read with a Wel… warriors for never having met.This afternoon's umprompted offering. (S, aged 4) @rantyben Fascinating. 👍 It would be interesting to hear more about how the parts are inputted. Six of the lines sc…
Good show. But my mind wandered after the Latin bonus rounds. So I tried putting the opening credits of Paw Patrol,… @ArmandDAngour 'mens mea' una scandere sperabam. sed melius tu! @ArmandDAngour Nescio quid faciam: titubat nunc mens mea duplex. ut remanere velim, libera abire volo. @archaeologyart 'They say what they want. Let them talk: I don't care. But love me: it's good for you.' quae cupia… @thehistoryguy Bad day at the office... @DLibatique10 Smith & Hall is reliably available here @keenerclassics si bene te tua laus taxat, sua laute tenebis. Roma, tibi subito motibus ibit amor. @AccidentalP @columeastwood That's saaaaaaaaad. @DocCrom Thx for this! I've been stuck with an opus technicoloratum version that is a less accomplished composition: @HaggardHawks @amjuster Although, ironically, Latin apricus (meaning normally 'ripe') also shaped its form. (The ve… Pithecus didn't sign up for this. @ArmandDAngour Yes - he is even captured on camera laying hands on the head of William Wales saying '(I'm?) above you too'! 🧢👑Tfw you wake up confused, bitten and suspicious that *27* glasses of red was perhaps a misunderstanding of the last… @ancientblogger We love to see it. @ArmandDAngour Sry - poorly remembered: it's the comment on Batr. 620 about vinegar up the nose - or rather waterbo… @sentantiq @coinoperated444 @qikipedia Ground Control Dom Perignon.