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@fergaliciousbi i lovebyou baby 🥺 @grimreaperemoji thank u honey🥺 @nicole_canaan AND? 😳 @UtterPWNedNoob !!!!!! @Majestics4lyfe thank you! @Jacks_solis >:)))))) @_blackberryjam @bookishaquarius thank u:’) @evemcgeeve ty king @_blackberryjam thank u baby🥺can i get a pog in the chat for turning 21 today @thehammerguy i love u 🥺🥺 @brooklynrcarter thank u<3❤️🥀🍓🍫
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if i became president i id get sworn in on a copy of jurassic park
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Retweeted by ?gab?s @fvckmvrci marry me 🧍‍♀️Best doorstep greeter
Retweeted by ?gab?s @TrevXo_ @boggs_mollie @oattiddymilk @LouisDiara @fergaliciousbi thank god @_blackberryjam i just like to hear u say it, i love u baby
Retweeted by ?gab?s @nicole_canaan super hot person 😳 idk who it was 😏 @fvckmvrci good <3 @fvckmvrci bitch i like you >:(walk a mile in these louboutins 😔✋🏼
Retweeted by ?gab?s🥵 @babushkiki :) @babushkiki i always do @Retromilitary @BidenInsultBotNot evil anymore i want To be Loved now
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Retweeted by ?gab?s @abbasolutelyy this is so important to me @lilyy_r @babushkiki ur pretty @babushkiki NO FUCKING WAY @babushkiki LES FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @babushkiki HOLY SHIT @babushkiki ARE YOUVFUCKING KIDDING MEdating me is easy u just gotta think of me when u see the moon
Retweeted by ?gab?sgirls don’t want boys, girls want megaminds sick ass goth boots.
Retweeted by ?gab?s @liyahbobeah these are my go to:) also frozen grapes @UtterPWNedNoob twins :)) @UtterPWNedNoob beep
How hard is it to just like someone's tweets and then you fall in love like how hard can that possibly be
Retweeted by ?gab?s @HoesChiMinh to be fair you tell me you hope my boyfriends die and that i get pr*grant so @HoesChiMinh :)it is so fucking surreal to see this shit when literally yesterday the mayor was quoted in the same paper asking ev…
Retweeted by ?gab?s @gaycommunism i’m sorry but it’s the truthgirls are so hot
Retweeted by ?gab?s @gaycommunism this is a light peach at best @UtterPWNedNoob thank u @fergaliciousbi HOW @yungnevarez @becca_oneal 🤧🤧🤧🤧 @yungnevarez @becca_oneal right at the beginning with the “in like a month when it’s safe we can go out” lmao @becca_oneal @yungnevarez how r u doing @babushkiki @fergaliciousbi @_blackberryjam tell me you love me right now and then we can be done @brooklynrcarter me too😔😔😔🤟🤍The first messages: The couple:
Retweeted by ?gab?s @brooklynrcarter this is so cute @babushkiki @fergaliciousbi @_blackberryjam LMAOOOOO @babushkiki @ains_rose i like pretending i am but it’s all a front @babushkiki @ains_rose I NEVER SAID I WAS PROUD OF IT @babushkiki @ains_rose YOU KNOW THIS @babushkiki @ains_rose u know this about me @ains_rose @babushkiki if i’m going down i’m taking you with me @babushkiki @ains_rose u got me there @babushkiki stop dating blondes 2021
me n who US isn't even a country, it's just three corporations in a trench coat
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Retweeted by ?gab?s @thesharpiedude i think that would make things much cooler, actually @babushkiki coincidentally they have the same name @babushkiki lol wait i’ll dm them to youliving somewhere like this would quite literally solve most of my problems’ll forever be problematically attracted to David Bowie in the Labyrinth
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@cryb0i ur support of this idea means everything to meimagine if every animal hopped like frogs do how fun would that bedating me is easy u just gotta kiss me every 2 minutes
Retweeted by ?gab?s @arsenfrog !!!!! thank uOf course I contribute to class, my contribution is looking really pretty in my little zoom square
Retweeted by ?gab?sfuck a breakup have you ever googled an anime character then see "death" beside their name?
Retweeted by ?gab?sdo u think the cullens called their baseball bats vampire bats because i do @babushkiki i’m in love with you are u kidding mesome SFW ones 4 the road
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@nicole_canaan i am a nicole canaan stanme//on repeat me if ur trying to be like this even the best plant parents kill plants. it’s okay. take a cutting or buy a new one. it will be alright
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@lukeyelmer joseph is my DADno thoughts.. just robert pattinson and cows
Retweeted by ?gab?s @slugwife_ my life as a zucchini @TrevorDmusic i am as shocked and confused as you are @torilyn28 we’re in sync 😳🤧so @torilyn28 and i showed up to class wearing the same AC/DC t-shirt and basically we’re in love @_blackberryjam you are SO cute @_blackberryjam OH MY GOD LAUREN10/10 would recommend
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