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800+ replies to this. Amazing compendium of real life practical advice. @KshitijNigam8 @HiSaimandar @BeastBoyShub Share some link. Whatever 5 mins I saw, felt like Bhadana bought an XBOX @rohini_sgh Ritz? @raj_s "A casually thrown seed in childhood" sounds shady 😂 @HiSaimandar Who is your fav youtuber? Not Bhadana I gather :)Who's the most underrated Youtuber currently? Someone suggested to check out @HiSaimandar. He's pretty good. @priyankachopra @InStyle ससुराल पक्ष से विवाद? दहेज के लिये प्रताड़ना?Jaspreet Bumrah has pulled a hamstring. #SixWordHorrorStoryBiggest issue plaguing all payment apps currently is this. @dingane_shweta Pls DM meAny professional Freelance designers who can work on an urgent project. For an International brand. Ping. @SimGaglani Je baat @jasuja WaahPeople in India are more concerned about the public health situation 30 years ago in Soviet Union, than they are ab… @AnantRangaswami @bhatnaturally The YT video has 36k likes and 20k dislikes.Read the responses to this. So many life lessons. @GabbbarSingh
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By that time, the song was him, he was the singer, composer, musician of that song for me. I could never appreciate… for the song: "Hai Apna dil to aawara..." Chilly winter mornings, he on his bike, while I ride pillion… me one thing you learnt from your dad. @KangBrosTV @mmiinniii Be careful. 2 DMCA notices already against you. They might suspend your account @IndiaWatchBot It follows @Movie_istic refresh. cache @srini_emani Rahul also won MP, Raj, CgarhI find a lot of similarities in the leadership skills of Sarfaraz and Rahul Gandhi. & Rahul complete a century partnership despite so much miscommunication and misunderstanding. Just like all…
Retweeted by Gabbbar @WaseemB5 @Saj_PakPassion Bhaag Waseem, Train aayi!!! @Daoriginalsinn1 Who's blaming the doctor? @Nigam_Piyush ESPN ka hi video link hai. Dekho expand karke @Daoriginalsinn1 Doctors & Medicines are in short supply. It's state's job to be prepared and provide the patients… are the same people who go for slum tourism. They want to feel good about themselves by keeping the have-nots… @shaitaankhopdi You can embed videos from official handles. ICC, BCCI, ESPN etc. Kisi aur ke upload ko share karoge to fight hai @shaitaankhopdi Ye ESPNCricinfo ka video hai. Iske views wahi accumulate honge. 3rd party upload se issue hota hai.Definition of Lazy elegance @c_aashish Arey risk analysis kiya hai :pNever change Bihar, never change 😓
@ShenoyTweets This is a quote RT. Only embedded/uploaded videos get the stick @jaidev_24 @ANI Wo ad govt ne banaya tha? Farak samajhne ki akal hai? @iPoonampandey Jaldi karo, logo ko neend aa rahi hai…
Retweeted by Gabbbar @ANI In bad taste. Players have been mature. Ministers need to be as well.What a thread. Rolling on the floor laughing !!!! @Saj_PakPassion Looks like the only match Pakistan won in the 1992 World Cup was the FinalsMore 😂😂😂 ceremony of a World Cup match with over 1 billion viewership looks like the prize distribution ceremon… watching for free on Hotstar SPOILER ALERT: India won. #IndVsPakMickey Arthur is updating his CV on his laptop. #IndiaVsPakistanSome Pakistani tweets :) #IndiaVsPakistan @iAhmer CT17 ka scoreboard apne forehead pe tattoo kara le @aparanjape Frank & Tony136 needed of 30 deliveries. Pakistani batting needs help from IMF now. #IndiaVsPakistanI saw that Kuldeep delivery but this is still the best thing I saw today. koi indian humare players ki english ka mazak bnaye tou counter pe ye bhi nahi keh skte k "they're gone there to…
Retweeted by Gabbbar @c_aashish Hehehe @c_aashish CT17 they played twice no, similarly :)Year 2099, World cup. India beats Pakistan for the 50th time. 100 yr old Pakistani Fan: "But the Champion Trophy F… Chauhan Joginder Sharma Hrishikesh Kanetkar India Pak games have always thrown unlikely heroes. This time,… World Cup has become so easy that India is removing key players every match to see if they can still win, just… @shahida_noor789 Lo beta gayaPakistani commentators complaining that Sarfaraz chose to field first. LOL, with a shit team like this the result… mai to 'love' pe hi out hua" #IndiaVsPakistan Pandya finished with the bowl what he couldn't finish with the bat in #CT17 Legend. #IndiaVsPakistan @ConfuseusSay Lol kidhar dekh raha hai matchJab se shaadi huyi hai, Jeejaji ke joote aur Runs dono chori ho gaye. 😂😂😂 #IndiaVsPakistan @sidin It's a VR headset.7-0 #IndiaVsPakistanHahahahahaha. Pakistani batting lineup falling like their Rupee. #IndiaVsPakistanBall of the decade. #IndiaVsPakistan @bnitshah Coz Pakistanis understand hindiDhoni gets out cheaply. Dhoni got the DRS wrong Dhoni couldn't stump in time. Aaj bhai ka din nahi hai. #IndiaVsPakistanPakistan will have to capitalize the 20 overs of shit bowling India has. If they don't they deserve to lose. #IndiaVsPakistan @vivx Oh yes. And that's an offence under ICC rules. Shami might get the rapShastri to physio: Some ice for bhuvi some for me..... Cheers #INDvPAK
Retweeted by GabbbarBollywood trying hard to get attention during an IndvPak match. #IndiaVsPakistan all Shankar tweets. #IndiaVsPakistanKohli will get the next Nobel Peace Prize. #IndiaVsPakistanWhat do you call a guy who's laughing and crying at the same time? Ambati Rayudu #IndiaVsPakistanYou gave him a chance. Now enough with the courtesies, bring back Rishabh Pant. #IndiaVsPakistanShankar bats like a tailender, but he won't bowl. Amazing mystery. #IndiaVsPakistanVirat Kohli retires hurt. #IndiaVsPakistan @43hijeet Why so salty bro. @311mg Dhoni is unpredictable. I think DK or Jadeja needed. Experience matters.India's top-3 shielding the Indian middle order so far. Could be a problem later when in a knock-out match we lose… @sss_148 Happened in the practice match with NZ. Jadeja came good @karachikhatmal Utilizing your social science degree I see 😁 @AbijitG Listen to Gambhir. He brought up Rohit's test career. Needlessly. @fab_mayank KP and Mayanti clearly looking uncomfortable. He gets so tense as if he's lashing out @_ShubhamGaur अरे मास्टर जी नंबर मत काटो। अगर ट्विटर पे पेन चलता तो तुम लाल पेन से गोला बना देतेगंभीर ऐसा आदमी लगता है जिसके बच्चे के अगर परीक्षा में 100 में से 99 आये, तो बेल्ट से मारना शुरू कर दे, की एक नंबर… @ugly_bald_guy Hehe"Less quality and more of intent" ~Gambhir talking about Rohit Sharma. नाराज फूफा #IndiaVsPakistanपूरे कपड़े ना पहनने वाली संस्कृति Vs भारतीय संस्कृति #IndvPak
Retweeted by GabbbarEk harami player out hota hai uss se bhi bara harami player aa jata hai. What is this team.
Retweeted by GabbbarA failed Helicopter brings the real Helicopter to the crease. #IndiaVsPakistan @sidin They should give preference to Cricket experts :pKohli gets off the mark with a 50 these days. #IndiaVsPakistan @sidin Why aren't you in the Stadium?Pakistani fielding is poorer than Pakistan. #IndiaVsPakistanMisbah heaves a sigh of relief. #IndiaVsPakistan @viatornitin Thanks man