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Twitter is all about struggling to decode the actual news story from the jokes n memes. @scanologis8 @srpdtrading It shows you have no counter-argument besides crowing about me being a bhakt or whatever. Please leave my mentions @nsitharaman No advance GST pls. GST only when payments happen. @SukuMurti Precisely this. @nonseriousman Have stayed in South korea @finkrishna @suku99 Super. Will surely connect
@mishra_baibhav Accommodation?Badly want to visit Japan. @TheQtiyapaGuy Sure. Jald hi @ashwindoke The only response to a poll should be your vote :) @TheQtiyapaGuy Haha, chal raha hai. Stealth mode hai lekin response acha hai. Dekhte hai @Bodhisatvaa IST is treating u well. Earlier u started drinking at 7pm ist only 🙄 @TheQtiyapaGuy Sohail bata raha tha. Kuch naya startup sune @subfusced The thing is Pak govt has hired a cheap PR firm, at best getting Retweets from PTI workers only. @vivid_details Yes, minority tree rights need to be upheld. @aeongirl_123 Yes. Ratna cafe. Murugan. Mathsya egmore. And a full meals at Sarvana @YearOfRat Argentina ki news hai @aparanjape I am strictly a teetotaler @aeongirl_123 Erm. This is when I stayed there as a resident years ago. I will be visiting this weekend @Tanishtk25 This was a long time back :) @aeongirl_123 Yeah. I found quite a few joints @TimesNow @narendramodi @realDonaldTrump Yeah 9/11 and World War-II come 2nd and 3rd to this.The best place in Chennai I have stayed is on the Seaward road, Thiruvanmiyur. Relatively clean, secluded beach wi… @extradecoction Haha love love that beach. Seaward road. Valmiki nagar side @Abhi9_b2 Lol I know. Cost will escalate"So what? How can you cut trees. If tomorrow my friend tells me she is getting Tomorrowland tickets for all of us,… @nowme_datta @Saj_PakPassion Afridi school gaya hota to akal rehti. @agNishchay Done deal @agNishchay But I thought Taaza thindi was the best idli I ever had @RoRawal Taaza thindi catching up in the poll @RoRawal Lol I have paani puri in North India street side. This would be much better @IshitaYadav Could be an Italian brandFor Bengaluru-Chennai people. Which is better in your opinion? @Bruhannale Sigh @TheQtiyapaGuy sune aajkal goa me ho? @DESIRED2009 Aane do maalik @srijeny24 Wow best tHing @meghasnayar Casual hate is comforting. A convenient sink for their daily frustrations @srijeny24 No man. I have stayed in Chennai for a few years :) @meghasnayar Everything I have mentioned shows how free he is to execute hua free will. The one who is looking bad is me @Bengalibaba3 Best. @ravi_gee Lol dei @Vijaykrishdent Hyatt Anna salai @YashpalSalecha @Totantillaya Oh is it. I will be put up at Hyatt annasalai. Hope it's close @Totantillaya Haha free mealsWill be in Chennai this weekend. Thinking of doing a thread like Bangalore. Suggest must visit places to eat. Cuisine no bar. @varaddiwate You should read more @Chidiya19 @Diksha_Ag Dono din hote hai inauspicious"Saturday ko nails nahi kaatne hai? Kaisi superstitious baatein karti ho mummy. Chee yaar" "Interview to acha hua,… @ARanganathan72 Nation wants to know @timesofindia What kind of chutiyas get to write for TOI. The guy says "Modi ji asked people to not litter and thro… @hackiechan This is an X ray. He ate itSo brilliant. Also follow this handle. @hackiechan It's the stop motion of Newton seeing the apple fall.I am not tagging the brand (closer to heart) but you can figure out where they have lifted this creative from.'Do you even lift?' I think @mxplayer has taken this question to heart. Lifting a lot of ideas from other brands,… @LordVolddemort Sarcasm is like electricity ... @rohini_sgh Erm @bhak_sala Bhai tumne twitter pe crime patrol khol liya haiWhy do we need an expensive Metro? And Cutting down precious trees which are anyway on the endangered list of WWF.… @Samit Are you in town?I think BMC should tie long and strong ropes on trees for office-goers to swing about & commute to their workplace quickly. @ravihanda Ignore everything which starts with Dear Sir/MadamSurprised she didn't send them these two movies. 🤔 @YearOfRat @ramprasad_c Ola ke Bhaiya ne AC on nahi kiya @rootofall3vil One of the two International cricket moments in an otherwise a Vidarbha vs Saurashtra T20.
@Bodhisatvaa Or long & strong ropes tied to tree branches for faster commute to your workplace @agNishchay Watches Bigg Boss late night. 😁 @anshudel @CorporateDalit Their wives only @ARanganathan72 Sir mujhe laga kuch counter hoga in support of the ban on e-cigarettes. Ye to ek word me hi summarize ho gaya "Big tobacco" @CorporateDalit Ek FB pe dikh gaya. Maine socha mai akela kyu suffer karu @alokmalik @ayushraj2500 Pls invite when you go to Vaishno devi next @IshitaYadav I will send some Gutkha to youIt might remind you of that one guy you know. :) @Gautaamm Take off your glasses, and read the tweet again 🤣Now Pant has opened a Dictionary to figure out wtf does "Rap on the knuckles" mean. #IndvsSALaughed out loud 😂 @KyaUkhaadLega Neha Kakkar ki aulaad hai yeBest best update on Google photos. A story like format to relive photos from years ago. Don't know why didn't they… @SikiaPehelwan Maar hi daaloge @SikiaPehelwan SativaWaiting for Patanjali to launch Aayurvedic cigarettes. #gaanja @Adityak_IPS Haha. Aise hi dimaag ki upaj. @thesatbir @LloydMathias @ramkid The new name is interesting @DesolateCranium Let me do some charity @DesolateCranium #SaveBandars @ayushraj2500 haha sahi @saffrontrail Nandita, I am inviting myself. Such great stuff. @RoflGandhi_ #OneNationOneUniversity #ShardaUniversity @RoflGandhi_ Ye sab Veg-Kolhapuri, Veg-Jalfrezi, Veg-Kofta, Mix-Veg sab band hona chahiye. Menu me bas do option. V… @karachikhatmal haha, Pakistanis on my TL bring out the best P.Chopra gems. My wife is a fan, but I hate her pretentiousnessMukesh didn't die coz of smoking e-cigarettes. @gleeson555 pretended to be indifferent @RitiPrasad oops @ArvindKejriwal Bhai election aate aate har delhi waale ko Mercedes bhi de doge. @finkrishna Haha all white collar stuff :p @anna_charlee Cough @badamyaaoon Haha kya kare. Humari bhi dukhti rag hai @varunsingla1982 Mountbatten road MRT?