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Cardiac arrest in fitness class caught on camera
If you appreciate Free SHS, vote 90% NO on Dec. 17- NPP Chairman urges - Ghana Politics News
I’m reliably informed that NO road contractor (none of the total 1,730) owed and being paid from this week through… SHS: Over 1,500 kitchen staff to be employed - NAPO Akufo-Addo, Ghana is lucky to have this time a president who enjoys doing the WORK as a president and not the tr… saw a video of a pastor alleging that CSE was allocated funds in the 2019 Supplementary Budget. So, I checked wit…
Please read this. Digitization is arguably the greatest tool this government is using and doing so aggressively in… you get the opportunity to be PRESIDENT and you MISLEAD the people, don’t try to MISLEAD them with LIES when y…
My chanced encounter with a very perplexed source at Roads Ministry this morning confirms there is cash available t…
Many economists believe that at the heart of India’s current economic woes lies the fragility of its banking and fi… crisis at PMC — one of India’s largest co-operative banks, with deposits of nearly $1.5bn — is yet another pain…“All law firms say they have an issue with stress,@ says a cognitive neuroscientist at Oxford. A 2016 US report fou…
I wish Prof Gyampo well in defending his reputation and will defend his right to do so. But, he must not link his i…“Sex for grades” is a global phenomenon. It must be discussed and it must be made a very expensive habit. But, we s…
2019 Chief of Staff, Abu Jinapor, just said that he was sent by the Chief of Staff to meet the protestors to coll… is disgraceful! The IGP and his Regional Commander must explain this needless and shameful use of force.Incredible! Inexcusable... I am angry.
59% of UK parents of 5-11 year olds surveyed said they disagreed with the policy to teach their kids sexuality educ…, each year, 15 million girls marry before the age of 18, some 16 million 15-19 year olds and one million g… President’s message is simple: CSE is not part of the curricula. It will not be part of the curricula - under h… President has spoken. It is final! Is it? Now, expect some of the very social media “influencers” who went vio… own Legon, too?
Just one small hydra-headed question on this heated CSE debate: shouldn’t we have had this debate four years ago? I…
SHC under the current management tells you what is possible and the depth of wasted opportunities. This is only the…
Another manifesto promise fulfilled. Job Centres for job seekers you support a ban on single-use plastic bags in Ghana? I will. More than 90 countries worldwide have banned si…
2019 #October4RoadContractors3 things that can break the cross-generational cycle of poverty and misery: (1) Education (2) Education (3) Educati… CORRUPTION MDA EXPENDITURE ALLOCATION - 2019 Budget Grand Total 1. Office of the Special Prosecutor: GHS…
Info from GES Regarding the nagging issue of the purported atempt to introduce homosexuality in Ghanaian Schools… truth is that several kids in Ghana are abused regularly in silence by their own guardians. Is this part of our… the Sex (or is it Sexuality) Education guidelines are unpopular, don’t fight it. Rethink. Education, generally,…
A professor held her student's baby while giving a 3-hour lecture so the mother could take notes“NPP IS NOT FOR SALE”, appears to be the message to aspirants whose business is to use money as their main visa to…
Purchase all toilet roll from local manufacturers – Government directs all public institutions All government inst… has done 27 years of Ghana’s 62 years. The UP/NPP, 13 years. Kufuor brought NHIS, and discovered oil, etc. U… will get there. The plan to industrialize Ghana is on. This President is not perfect. This Government is not per… work works. Smart work pays. Work hard and smart. For success you can sustain. It may take longer than you exp…
2019 Court does not give a “verdict”. It gives a “decision”. Verdict is for a guilty or not guilty decision by a… says shadow cabinet ministers are terrified Corbyn would lose an election but even more terrified by the remo…“He says he wants an election. I want an election. Get an extension and let’s have an election.” Corbyn to Johnson.Since 2007, when it became clear Nana Akufo-Addo, an Akyem, was to lead the NPP, the NDC embarked on a relentless,… fuo, they choose to not know the cost of anything but they know the value of everything that will add up to a “befitting funeral.” @IArabakoomson Until it hits us so hard which we are praying it doesnt, we will know the essence of our security ag…
Retweeted by Gabby Otchere-DarkoGood defence? said to the gathering, including German Premier Angela Merkel, and Norwegian Premier, Erna Solberg: “we… the items retrieved it's understandable why people would be quick to ridicule government. But we mustn't igno…
Retweeted by Gabby Otchere-Darko
Yes, so Nana Akufo-Addo took a loan from Unique Trust decades ago, which was fully paid back by 2000 (not 2003); so… left coups behind decades ago. The prospect of a coup succeeding in Ghana is as remote as one in UK - ask Bor… the Supreme Court has done is simply to restate the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. That the executive…
2019 15 months of surveillance, police say they have enough evidence about an alleged plot to attack the President… are too quick to ridicule even where our national security is at stake. Why don’t we wait to hear the evidence t… Jinapor responds to Gabby - please enjoy: I watched Mr. Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko's latest interview with Pa… for roads is real. Not a flash in the pan. Don’t rush to bash it. Sorry, I didn’t mean to dash your dream!… out for this: those who only know how to sow seeds of discontent. Trust and probe rather those who come up wi… are grateful to have security agencies constantly on the look out for our safety and security. Let us not take c… met NDC Chairman on his way to UK Labour Conference in Brighton. Let’s see what they take from here for 2020. Key… blues: hunger for power does not mean you should hope for doom and pray and lie that money to fix major…
The main central London streets today observed a “car free day” today. A shame the rain made taxis popular but hard…
This is Ghana’s David Adjaye, designing iconic buildings such as this in Dubai. He decides to move much of his busi… birthday to this extraordinary African leader whose belief in the potential of the African to excel and Afric… ARE SACRED. BUT, PROPAGANDA IS VIRAL.
It is true that I am a lawyer with “connections”. I am not the only one, not the first, and certainly not the last.… Prof Stephen Adei, former GIMPA Rector, chairing GRA is a welcome news. He must bring all his experience and… best comment I’ve so far heard is: “If he isn’t part of the Govt then how come he has all these facts and figures?”
So, fibroids can be treated with CBD oil? No need to undergo surgery? Isn’t it time we shake prejudices off the who… WOLF: why rigged capitalism is damaging liberal democracy. Excerpts from an article in today’s FT. “While…
Liberalism demands a balance between conflicting goods. Do you prefer more economic freedom to more equality among citizens?
Four years ago... years ago, peaceful protestors on Let My Vote Count march were brutally attacked by the Police. RIP Justice...Beautiful display of the best of our continent’s tradition. Keep flying the colorful flag of our culture, history a…
Ghana’s external debt stock: 2014 - $18.370bn; 2015 - $20.633bn; 2016 - $21.372; 2017 - $21.369bn; 2018 - $20.671bn…
EIU’s Sept 2019 Election Watch Predicts NPP Victory in Dec 2020 “The next presidential and parliamentary elections…
The 9 obvious principles of public life: integrity, honesty, accountability, openness, objectivity, fairness, selfl…