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Gabsu @gabdraws Austin, TX

Freelance 3d artist for games! She/Her 🌸 Work Inquiries to Opinions are my own, not my clients! icon by @pitangabag

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@KatieBlueprint will find this helpful.
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Why do I use nextdoor only the trash neighbors use this appSomeone on nextdoor publicly posted a neighbors address and encouraged people to call the police on the people on t… this adorable critter!😄💜 Really loving doing these hand painted characters, they're just so charming! 3…
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@thecodemiko Put it in sleep mode idk @theobromic_ @emmalarkins thank you @WildBlueStudios Hope you guys find the perfect fit! ^^Wild Blue Studios is hiring! We’re seeking one Mid and one Senior Illustrator. Follow the link to find out more a…
Retweeted by Gabsu @StevieJoyCole so looks like my old account just disappeared D: not sure if it was suspended or something. i made a… @StevieJoyCole i dont really remember... I know i had a starry lupe which i loved a lot, but i know that isnt a par… @StevieJoyCole I miss neopets! I had so many colorful lupes!We're looking for Game Designers to work with me on the League personalization and events team (PIE), but we've rec…
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I'm running 2021 and dont recall having this problem on 20203ds max users- For some reason my autoback isnt working. It says I have it enabled but it isnt autosaving. there's… are super inflated online too. Haven’t picked up a booster box in a whileI’ve been a Pokémon card collector for years and the shelves at all nearby store have been wiped clean for the past… my Lowpoly / bakes ready last night, finally time to start painting! been in our lives for one whole year ❤️ based #gameart pieces can be smaller and contained. Also stellar #handpainted work by pu gui student.…
Retweeted by Gabsu @FinjiCo @amegosh_ @MikeFlewd Yayy congrats 🎉!! @argyletoast You look nice! Hope I can see you again soon ^^5. I play almost exclusively top lane. sometimes support if I’m feeling a little tilted.3. I really like all the shurima champs lore ;-; I guess I would have to choose Azir!3. I used to be a kennen OTP but he hasn’t been great this season(hope the upcoming buffs help. His rune got trashe… First champ I remember playing a good amount was riven. I also played khazix. Only vs AI xP1. I started playing league when gnar was first released. I don’t remember what season that was
1 like 1 answer league edition ^__^ @gwinshin battle bunny sett and battle bunny Viego I’m totally on board for this 😏
Retweeted by Gabsu @devinScribbles That cinnamon roll is so perfect it almost looks fake? @ar_yoop Ganyu x keqing, bennett x fischl :3
@Medaforcer happy birthday Taylor!! hope u have a good one :)lol AGAIN. i want more non humans most vivid memory I have of elementary school is when my teacher caught a kid copying my answers on a test so s…
Retweeted by GabsuHere is the final result! 🔥 #yanfei #genshinimpact #原神
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@Hey_A_Cubed i take daily preventative medication, but if I get one yeah its just painkillers and a napI’m so sorry I’m the noisy upstairs neighbor with a 90 pound puppy but I also pay for him to live here so not really that sorry 🥲 @Hey_A_Cubed I get migraines from incoming stormsMister goblin earssss💙₊·*・
Retweeted by Gabsu @xavierck3d 😂omg @devinScribbles YAY!! @LittleMissLokii Plus if they’re doing art as a hobby I wouldn’t consider them aspiring anyways @LittleMissLokii I feel like it just highlights lack of experience. It’s hard to find studio/contract work that’s w…
I haven't used procreate in forever but seeing @/hazel0217's lovely drawing of barbara made me miss it! 🥺💕
Retweeted by GabsuThere aren’t enough cute cat boys or dragon boys in anime I’m just gunna go ahead and say it @mayahiga6 Banjo Kazooieeeee uwu
Retweeted by Gabsuaww yay look who i got!! Shes so cute <3
@xsculpts Check out the @HealthyGamerGG streams! I believe they also have a discord. @Ben_Rosado Nice fur painting!Hey all! Hope everyone has an amazing Friday! I wanted to share my latest project. It's both the first time I've…
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The sweetest angels 🥺 @Lungjaw sometimes progress is progress lmao @AlveusSanctuary maya and siren :3 @Lightning_Arts i want a gallery format so people dont have to scroll through my gif reacts to see whatever art I'm making XD @Lightning_Arts I definetly believe mobile is a much bigger viewing device. This is an older article they've publis… @kyrin21 @JaniceChu_89 Wish a Speedy recovery! I just got over my dose 2 side effects x_x @gleefulbeest He’s got socks! @Gareth_S_CG I love that he’s got the signature pittie smile :) @GRtist He is the goodest of boysPictures of one hot dog taken about one year apart 🥺 @zanipher welp not quite what it was before but i guess thats better than nothing, thanks for showing me that optionAny Modo people know how to fix this display ? i wanna see the backside of my geo through my static meshes like bef… @lowpolycurls thats so nice you have the opportunity to be fully remote! @zanipher i fiddled with the options and it didnt seem to make a difference. Pic from a personal project- I remembe… @thecodemiko @EliseraArt Omg I love the model!! @lowpolycurls @AirshipSyn omgosh congrats!! Are you moving here to austin or are you working remote? <3 @Sirhaian I will buy a horror game just to watch someone else play it for me. I’m too much a baby but I love watching them D: @PraxisPixels It takes almost all my energy to use true PBR in my projects, I still hand paint a lot of my masks be… @PraxisPixels I feel like moving from handpainted to substance would be easier. PBR workflows are easy to pick up I… @zanipher Modo just did an auto update and I can’t see the reverse side of geo in the topology menu this version >_… @Iron_Stylus How many birds do you have? They cutiessss @StevenSuptic Yikes that’s the kind of news that effects you for your entire life
Something I've enjoyed doing for my online players in my spare time. They make some Hero Forge guys and I paint the…
Retweeted by GabsuPuppy criminal destroying the remote!!!!!Are those TEETH MARKS BANDIT’s your go-to retopo program? I’ve been using Modo, but I honestly only use it for its topo tools. Wouldn’t min… @Gareth_S_CG thanks <3#NoCropArt 🤗 @JaiyDaWoof We got pfizer, I felt really dead yesterdayGlad to report I’m feeling better today 💪 so like a lot of people the covid shot 2 Ickiness was about 24 hrs @BarghestBlack They grow up too fast!! Bandits freaking huge now @AllTaric @catmarunidai I went for league style and ezreal was my main reference ^^Reposting my Bennett model since he’s less cropped now 😭❤️ #GenshinImpact #genshinimpactfanart #Bennett #3dmodelling @xValociraptor Me too me too 😭 @saampahlavan Yes mom
@berryfoxes Aw dang I hope it’s not bad for you this timeGot a very good home doctor though when does the dose 2 side effects stop lol I’ve been bed ridden all day 😭Looks like Owlchemy down here in Austin has some spots open, including Community Manager. Hop on this one if VR is…
Retweeted by Gabsuspent 30 more min noodlin away on mermaid Ahri ~ 🧜‍♀️ i should really sketch more >:P #mermay2021 #ahri
Retweeted by Gabsu @AlveusSanctuary i missed the stream the other day but i just finished the vod, Siren's my favorite ambassador and…😈✨
Retweeted by Gabsu @JaniceChu_89 ive had a migraine my first and second dosegot a tattoo today..... the purple flecks are the stencil and they will disappear but firestar is forever!
Retweeted by Gabsu @Justinoaksford @jmarieray Midwest or just... anywhere affordable