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Gabsu @gabdraws Austin, TX

Freelance 3d artist for games! I’ve worked on HoTs, Spyro Reignited, Vainglory, & more. opinions are my own, not my clients! She/Her 🌸Icon by @cottonwings

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Hey you all! Quite a few people have been asking my brushes so i set them up in gumroad. They're free but you can s…
Retweeted by Gabsu @Intervain Oh yes it’s saved my booty a few times 👀 @Intervain It’s also nice because the revision history. If you need to revert a file for any reason, or if somethin… @Intervain I just use Dropbox and unsync projects off my HD as I finish them🏀Here's Michiru!🦝More poses tomorrow... #BNAビー・エヌ・エー #BNA #BrandNewAnimal #MichiruKagemori #ZBrush
Retweeted by Gabsuyou did not need to fly anywhere for thanksgiving. you needed to stay at home and not put thousands at risk. you…
Retweeted by GabsuI don't think I will ever get tired of seeing untextured and textured #handpainted #gameart. Shiwang Wang's work he…
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This one looks great! @Elprofe41425379 @YeboyK @NEACETWEETS The community has spoken I expect this to continue into production I’ll DM you my paypal neace
We should’ve fled Texas earlier in the year i knew it @skeletons_twin He looks super fun to just wrap my arms around and hug if he’d let me awww😭❤️
Fischl #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by GabsuVOTE ON MAKING ART ITS OWN CATAGORY! :) @argyletoast Is this the new rt for good luckHey Twitch. Your decision to gradually dismantle creative as a category over time isn't going unnoticed. Merging it…
Retweeted by GabsuTwitch continuing to hide and bury artists. Big sigh
”PUPARIA” Full version↓↓
Retweeted by Gabsu @PureRubyDragon Sending my love and support your way. Hope everything’s ok :csnektsune
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@NEACETWEETS full bleed tryndamere shirt KekW @HarrisFoster incredibly dystopianNingguang 🥰 #GenshinImpact #Ningguang
Retweeted by Gabsu @heathenfrolic @BarghestBlack I just got new glasses for the first time in about seven years. I used to wear contac… thinking about this pittie who wears a muzzle so she doesn’t eat acorns 🥺
@EpicsNStuffs @Nickelbeer @devolverdigital @FinjiCo yeah like i said in a different threaed there should be a small… was the entire reason i started playing Kennen. Cant wait to see where he goes next. Best of Luck to Martin… @aerial_knight Yeah. Maybe like, a “small teams” category or something like that would be nice. @Nickelbeer It’s definetly a blurred line. Small teams still need funding and sometimes going to a publisher is the… why is @FallGuysGame a game developed by @Mediatonic competing in the indie catagory for #TheGameAwards ? What e… do you all show off the art you recieve for your character? Is there a website thats good to use like a gallery… god I hate these stories things because I love all my friends but I follow too many people and it’s hard to fin… got his training vest in the mail! @BarghestBlack @jackalbark They don’t sting? @VixitMortus The speed runs for it are insane @UnicornDevGames Oh sweetie it’s a game called Bugsnax
anyone making custom VR chat avatars? Curious about some tech questions and what people are currently charging for… thats the first time my uber eats food got delivered to the wrong addressSomeone’s really loving season 11!
Texas actually trying to kill us, 1 mill cases, 1/30 people in El Paso is sick, no ones staying home. @Ashewyn Your dark souls run was great :3 @TheVTran DAMNN inner sloth?? That’s a dope new job congrats!Time for a thank you raffle for everyone who has chosen to follow and support me 💚 Runs until 11/26, 8 pm CST 💛 Fol…
Retweeted by GabsuIn what ways are women treated unequally to men in the tech industry Pre-Worlds Key Art by @mujumonster
Retweeted by GabsuWhy is this relatable
@SculptGuy Yeah XD and I wanted to dust it outJust upgraded the pc from 16 to 32gb ram im a powerful gamer in the industry for about five years -name was in the credits first year in games on the first game I’ve worke… I found a dead lizard in my computerParticipated in this weeks #characterdesignchallenge The theme is fox adventurer 😊🦊
Retweeted by Gabsu @Manco1lol 🙅‍♀️left is original set and right I did some slight background color tweaks to them to help pop the silhouette of the… I've been seeing people memeing the new icons calling them bad. I think the illustrations are actually really we… god I accidentally typed “Thanks?” Instead of “thanks!” To my ubereats driver and now I’m going to feel guilty about this for a week @JeffLTalbot Oh yeah. I’ve honestly stopped the personal art, it helps me better maintain a work-life balance. I ge… desk friend 🥰
@pearljeli My character development is to have draws in my username but never actually draw
Hades is our first game with a big fully-voiced cast of characters! Our voice cast includes actors we've loved work…
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@legobutts BIG PAWSVery cute turkey day themed @barkbox ❤️ 11 feels like I’m both doing absolutely no damage and all the damage at the same time @parnellyx I played a toplane game of prowlers claw+sanguine blade last night. I popped off pretty hard but the bui…
@parnellyx Even for toplane? I thought some of the items looked good for the top build @PureRubyDragon He’s only 8 months old so I’m confident it’ll get better! He’s still got some maturing to do too :) @PureRubyDragon That’s why I’m also hoping a vest will work so that maybe the strangers walking by will ignore him… @PureRubyDragon That’s awesome that hes made progress!my dogs def not agressive in anyway he just gets overstimulat… it looks kinda silly but i think i found what we might be looking for rant: Why are there no vests designed for reactive dogs? I could put Bandit in a vest designed for service do… think this is bandits sister someone please adopt her!! 🥺 @Medaforcer She looks awesome! Seeing that short hair I’m sad you guys didn’t go for that version now though haha . Super cute designs! @faeriefountain I love yordles and I also love cute girls oh god what side do I root for @BarghestBlack Haha yeah I’d never let my dog play with any wild animals like that, that’s so dangerous. Hopefully… @BarghestBlack Lmao at first I thought you were talking about my last Facebook status I made about a coyote and I w…
Retweeted by Gabsu @Hashinshin welcome to mage kingdomrabbit moooooooooth
Retweeted by Gabsu @legobutts oAo face @RiotCaptainOG BIG LEAGUESSSSS✨Hiring: 3D generalist✨ I'm looking for an artist to come and work with me and the team on Viewfinder! We're devel…
Retweeted by Gabsu @Dann_Sw Electric and id only have pikaclone pokemon
This is all I’ve ever wanted 🥺 @Rime101 Omg this is incredible @BarghestBlack I’d take one o:
@RiotSupport Hey! Apparently I have a PBE account but I have no clue what my login info for that is, or how I can e…'s biodiversity just got a lot richer: Two new mammals discovered.
Retweeted by Gabsu @RinTheYordle If these are stickers I can’t wait to order like ten sets @DroseAttack Chespin! Underloved pokemon but still mega cute
Might be a Steelers fan after this weekend @BarghestBlack Looks like she ended up surrendering her dog :(they say when you become an adult your xmas list becomes less of wants and more of practical things. I can say that…
We just announced a 2021 Aspiring Womxn* in Games Scholarship from Activision/Blizzard/King to bring GDC 2021 atten…
Retweeted by Gabsu @hanna_kime I still have that kda Akali cosplay collecting dust in my closet haha. @PallaGoon @RogueCompany Hell ya that’s a good look!
Let's do our best today! #Barbara #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by Gabsu @alisadraws Alisaaaaa! She’s so beautiful !!Not a fan of how my dog figured out if he rams the bathroom door hard enough he can break inPlease share with friends and family in Georgia: If you voted absentee in Georgia, please check the status of you…
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