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Writer/reader/music lover/book reviewer/freelancer/photographer/PhD. Book reviews editor at @pankmagazine. Columnist at @LitReactor.

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@ethereallad Thanks for the kind words!🖤 @Eugene_W_Cusie 😆 @superbfinch @LitReactor Hah.
Nicely done, Scotland. @mere_rain @JCastleWrites I’m here! Haha.Hey, @AlanBaxter in da house! @drjoelshulkin They don’t know what day it is. @JCastleWrites Coping. Muscle Milk vanilla wafers because I need to go get groceries. @LizTicknor It's okay. I have an old laptop that keeps switching to Cambria, so I roll with it. Hah. @kaylachandler99 There are more good ones, so I don't let it get to me! 🖤T minus 6 days! More info because I’ve received messages and tweets: Word doc, please (if you get in, I’m sending e… the whole "Ivy League education" thing had some power left after the world at large found out the rich and famou… writers would write more if they didn't have to think about money all the time. They would produce more if the… @lateration I will call it performance art! @vlatinalondon Hah! Sent a couple weeks ago. Didn't know you were reading for this. Cool.Keep writing. That's it. That's the tweet. @MelindaAnn0420 Haaaa! @Fear_Dance He's on a list where the use of blunt objects is allowed! @sofiaquintero @Channel_King We can go with that! @RVthebookslayer @Ned_the_zombie Agreed. @ToneCardona At this point, he's done so much I think any POC would get a judge to agree that punching him is self-… @RVthebookslayer That thing he calls a beard helps. @WellReadBeard All yours! Careful with those teeth. @Channel_King You know what they say about punching nazis and potato chips... @LauraCameronArt Ah, what a beautiful dream...Okay, let’s get serious. You can punch one of them without consequences. Yes, just one. There are no wrong answers,… case you forgot... Virgin has two guns. There’s a monster devouring children at night. A kid obsessed with revenge joins forces wi… @AlexaJDay Maybe his kids?“Even a nation hooked on drama does not want to see a US president dragged out the front door of the White House on… @Inkwellmonster @LitReactor 😆Every month will bring two things my way: a racist who knows they're being racist and doubles down and someone who… @MPell2137 @beaujohnson44 @mxgomez78 @RobPierce2verbs @DennisTafoya @swierczy @SwitchbladeMag @LawrenceBlock @blacklionking73 I knew what you meant. We're good. @DrScaredWriter 🖤 @BrianKeene @LitReactor @BCHvids @garzamitchell @timlebbon @MikeOliveri Doooooood... @kaylascomet1 @LitReactor I’m looking for the one that erases your nose and makes you seventeen shades whiter so yo… @matthews_mark @LitReactor @ChuckWendig Yup! @tracy_reads79 @LitReactor Don’t tempt me, Tracy... @BrianKeene @LitReactor @BCHvids @garzamitchell @timlebbon @MikeOliveri Haaaaa! Nice coat, Batman. Also...he’s quite what?! We need to know. @CoreyRedekop @CemeteryGatesM @kaylachandler99 @TobiasCarroll Hah. @JaceyCockrobin @LitReactor @manylittlewords @LitReactor @itsweevildead @LitReactor Yes! I could pay a month of rent with each thing she’s wearing... @DavidJoy_Author @LitReactor Narrator: “That’s when Joy started hearing the voices in the bones...” @BradleySands @LitReactor Oh, I’m doing this one. Also: holding my glasses, in front of books, looking elsewhere... @FantomasSerg @LitReactor Ha!I’m working on a piece for @LitReactor making fun of author photos. I’ll be taking selfies today, which is somethin… @CoreyRedekop @CemeteryGatesM Word doc. Times New Roman. I’m flexible. Haha. @carynlarrinaga Put it on a shirt! @NathanBorn2010 What we do is weird. In my case, half of my childhood friends don’t read and the other half can’t read English. @tracy_reads79 Haha. I know! I’m fluent in Tracycasm.Anyone else besides @TobiasCarroll and me getting this all the time now? @WToddMyrick @Maisery9’s one for the conspiracy theorists: R-AN-dy Q-uaid James Wo-O-ds Rudy Giulia-N-i QAnon Boom! @daronk77 @drynwetice @soydepalestina You read the whole tweet, man! Not fair. @jasonmlight 😆 @tracy_reads79 And happens way before the book is published? Exactly! What are you reading, Tracy?Normally I’d be flying home or driving to Florida this week, but this won’t be my first Thanksgiving staying put be… talked about the usefulness of reviews for readers, writers, and publishers, so a Twitter rando had to drop a hot… @BincFoundation @nkolakowski @steveweddle @hexican @ScottAdlerberg @manylittlewords @anndcardinal
Retweeted by Gabino Iglesias @TVAyyyy @CemeteryGatesM @SouthwestReview I’m in.Man, can we just redo October for a second, @Gabino_Iglesias? I know we're all working hard on the @CemeteryGatesM
Retweeted by Gabino IglesiasFeeling low? Get online and someone/something will make you smile. @RAforAll @EvaRoslin I’m with this!Wouldst thou like to read deliciously? This book has such sights to show you! Reader? Light, of my life. It's not g…
Retweeted by Gabino Iglesias @laurenspieller don’t think won means what you think it means. I don’t think landslide means what you think it means. I don’t thi… @RAforAll Thank you x 2! And I’ll be writing some emails soon because horror should build you a statue. @RAforAll What are you teaching? I wanna go. Haha. 🖤I’ve taught workshops through a bunch of amazing institutions this year and I’m preparing some great ones for 2021.…
I don’t remind folks enough and for that I apologize, but please remember Amazon reviews mean the world to writers.… it started: “We're going to win so much, you're going to be so sick and tired of winning.” How it’s going: I… @AndyChapWriter @CemeteryGatesM those of you not that into politics, here’s what GSA Administrator Emily Murphy did: Her boss texted her: “I n… that when we say things like great LGBTQ+ narrative, superb Latinx fiction, or outstanding novel by a WOC,… @NateCrowder Oh, man, poetic, innovative, concerned about the right things, dark, and all the good kinds of weird.… @adamfgodfrey Haven't announced anything yet, but maybe I will start dropping names when acceptances start going out... @phil_sloman Third time this year for me. It’s easy; you sit down and read. @RachelisScience Mr. Iglesias! Oh, shit, this is serious... @Ned_the_zombie I’m skipping nothing! Haha. @MsMonicaFay week to go. Around 150 stories in already. NO PRESSURE. @lbrothers I think we see his inside when we look at that face.Tony Meatballs is gonna blurb my next book.There’s hate and then there’s this thing between disgust and abhorrence we all feel when subjected to Ted Cruz’s face and voice.Hey, @HarryFarthing1 in da house! @alleahna 😆 @jennyha_yes rarely pick up my phone. I'm a text person because I don't want to talk about the weather. Today I picked up the…"Helicopter pilot finds 'strange' monolith in remote part of Utah" - The Guardian Yeah, this is the year. Go mess… thou like to read deliciously? This book has such sights to show you! Reader? Light, of my life. It's not g… @JonathanJanz Severely infected. @AmiMoo19 Normal tweets! @PRMcDonough I’m great at making friends!