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Re:Zero is peak fiction go read/watch it. Average Vtuber enthusiast

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@RoswaalIsBack Goodnight, thank you! @batkaitom Goodnight goat! @DonaDiem_22 Goodnight diem! @zeromonidi Goodnight!Goodnight of man @SpicySimp But the real question, who is correct @SpicySimp @GEAR_Art_ I think I know @CEOofGay_ That so mean why would you get a mutual for the money @VentinotVenti I would write something super serious for the joke but I have no clue what to say @Prue947 Bozos get em out of here 😂👌Get yourselves a good mutual, one that gives you nitro and god tier lewds, and is a good human being (optional 🌚) @Prue947 Hope tomorrow is better @Rem90982204 No you are @deathsantlers You just like me frRe:zero my beloved Subaru my beloved Regulus my beloved Beako my beloved Frederica my beloved Mimi my beloved Gensh…
Retweeted by Gabriel |『#1 Nabi Stan』Me @KiToro404 Me @SpicySimp @MizuSauce I’d deactivate @MizuSauce @SpicySimp Wtf I need to get good @SpicySimp Teach me Twitter famous spicy @SpicySimp How tf has the ultimate menace to society Min gotten two Echidnut likes and I have zero 😪
@Haachamin @CEOofGay_ I wonder 💭 @RoswaalIsBack Poor soul @Haachamin Don’t give up Min, someone will @Haachamin Down bad @Haachamin Min how many of these have you doneI got it right but stillKiToro quiz btw @tmpglis No
Retweeted by Gabriel |『#1 Nabi Stan』 @KiToro404 Wtf were some of these questions, I just started picking the ones you didn’t want to spite you#RentAGabriel Sigh @urbitchessempai Those are amazing @KiToro404 Oh no You’re in denial#RentAGabriel HE GOT CAUGHT @KiToro404 I THOUGHT YOU SAID SHE DOESNT CHEAT
Retweeted by Gabriel |『#1 Nabi Stan』 @cheesingorf Spitting @KiToro404 Sadly I ran out after paying for your gf @CEOofGay_ You can leave the undertale phase?#RentAGabriel hot @CEOofGay_ @SpicySimp Sure @CEOofGay_ @SpicySimp Bro? @KiToro404 I’m gonna agree only because that ruka lewd was top tierMute #RentAGabriel or get spoiled @FromZeroRBD Nah gonna go with the cringey one @KiToro404 True @SparkyEel GOAT @KiToro404 Should I actually do that @SpicySimp 😂😂😂😐 @SpicySimp Please shut the fuck up @SpicySimp Please @SpicySimp -spicy @SpicySimp @FromZeroRBD Sadly already in useKitoros gf is cute, lucky man @SparkyEel Watch madoka nowThe only one I could come up with sounded cringeWhat should my tag for rag beGuys look it’s Kitoro gf @KiToro404 Fine just this once @KiToro404 Search the streets @KiToro404 Take care, hope you and your gf have fun while your gone @KiToro404 @Gabriel_524 @LeBanMn The better arc coming out this year 😪
Retweeted by Gabriel |『#1 Nabi Stan』 @FromZeroRBD @KiToro404 @LeBanMn I don’t want to but I have to rt because it’s true @KiToro404 I already watched it, what chapter did it leave off on tho? @FromZeroRBD @Gabriel_524 @LeBanMn Already did
Retweeted by Gabriel |『#1 Nabi Stan』 @KiToro404 This the stupidest way I’ve ever said I’m gonna read the manga @KiToro404 This girl asked me out, I don’t know her enough to accept, but I’m going to find out now @KiToro404 She cute @KiToro404 This so so confusing to me but I’m following this storyline religiously @FromZeroRBD @KiToro404 @LeBanMn You got ratio’d you don’t get to smile @Hentai__Jesus Damn unlucky @KiToro404 Pog @KiToro404 I’m sure it a lie, it can’t be true @FromZeroRBD Thank you @FromZeroRBD Stop getting ahead of me @lionexprime1 That’s good to hear! @CEOofShaula Good to hear @JDectic I’m doing pretty good! @Jaereku They left because of the clown avi @KiToro404 B r u h @CEOofBruceWayne Poggers @SpicySimp @Haachamin Deserved @KiToro404 My girlfriends pretty cute too ngl @KiToro404 That was just a mistake I’m sure you’ll work out @KiToro404 Omg you got a keeper king @AOT139GOAT Oh dang that does complicate things @Haachamin @SpicySimp Get his ass 🗣🗣 @AOT139GOAT If you want to leave then you should, this is one of those situations where if you where if you wanna d… @SpicySimp Absolutely abismal tweet @SpicySimp @antxiety_ Hope it gets better, and if it doesn’t today hope tomorrow is 10x better @VivyFan24 DeservedHow y’all doing?