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formerly of @HFA, @wedemandjustice. now doing it for dems online @authentic_hq. not bad for a girl with no talent.

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Unfortch probs could have done without this entire second second of Big Little Lies except for Laura Dern, who was a gift
thinking about spaghettification again don't believe in RTing Tr*mp but him claiming the squad is incapable of loving our country when all he does it co… @kayyy_L0vee me throwing that shit out the second i open it and beautiful. Japanese Americans from across the country have folded & sent 5,000 cranes in solidarity…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruGood morning, this is your daily reminder that the IRS estimates 50-75% of undocumented immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes. @gabriellemrza mr president, how long must tumbleweeds wait for liberty?
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @gabriellemrza I love that these people are silent on the fact that every state has two senators, regardless of population.
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @ItsRadishTime taylor ,,,, think of the wheat stalks
@gabriellemrza i got the horses in the booth
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruShould the horses get a vote too Liz?
These hours (6-7 days a week, 18 hours a day, for months) hurt staff and activists. They are particularly hard on w…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruThis is bad for sure. But it’s not just about Sanders. All campaigns (US and elsewhere) are raising more money than…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruDonate to @SaraGideonME @robertmays same it's real nostalgia hoursI love love love that there are now multiple women in this Texas Senate primary.
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruAnd David is my beautiful tender boi. I had my money on him getting back in but damn. CLIFF Y'ALLCliff from Big Brother is an absolute KING for this move tonight y'allif i say goodnight and an hour later you seen me online, it's not that i lied it's that i failed
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruJaboukie getting suspended for pretending to be the official Twitter account of the movie CATS is the greatest inju…
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wow, all this racism and no racists. uncanny
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruThey're scared. Join the team that's going to beat them today:“Was it a racist chant?” “The fact that you’re still asking that question is really what’s wrong ... we have said t…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruLISTEN TO LIZZO, NOW AND ALWAYS City Councilor Amanda Edwards enters #TXSEN Dem primary. Edwards, who has made a name for herself for reach…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruTexas Democrats congratulate Amanda Edwards on US Senate announcement:
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @lppny i'm ignoring acapella backstreet boys to come here and say i, too, search, often, for a decade under the inf… one commented on my display name ... no @The100TV heads out here I see . . . . . .LET'S DO THIS. @Hell0Sunshyne @TwitterMoments!👋🏽 I am where I belong, at the people’s house and you’re just gonna have to deal!
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@chris_who2 this is officially extremely my shit per the last two weeks of my research, as you know,this whole debate about whether it's "subjective" to call things/people "racist" is based on the (very white!) assu…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruIn addition to being a privacy grift I would also like to report FaceApp for sexism as it makes all men look like o… @SaraGideonME Raised Way More Money From Mainers Than Susan Collins Last Quarter #MESen #mepolitics
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruWho will deliver @lizchar and I the isolated vocals we deserve on this lieu of a pic of what I’d look like as an old guy, here’s FaceApp’s privacy policy. I’ve highlighted some bits t…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @aedwardslevy every single line of this is more devastating than the last @paulinaVEVO felt this @paulinaVEVO @CalebCavarretta this is tea thook go off king
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkruand for the love of whatever benevolent power, please help elect some Senators so we can get some shit done already.I literally BEGGED my other doctor to give me a prescription until then otherwise I would suffer serious withdrawal… up here: the best psychiatry practice in Philly (meaning doesn't have 0-1 stars and numerous nightmare st… @JoshKrugerPHL good job taking your PTO no irony no jokeDoes anyone love me as much as this dude loves Tupac @lizchar big moodskiIDK enough about the PPFA sitch to comment but I will say this: abortion is on the line, period. Has been since las…
I can think of no better way to make that case that racism still enjoys institutional protections than to point out…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @isaiah_kb YESSSreminder: and today Rape is the easiest violent crime to get away with. I’ve spent nearly a year researching why for @TheAtlantic—ta…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruEvery time I see this guy he’s in a state of panic over a woman kicking a soccer ball or being a playable character…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @chris_who2 this is like how i’ve convinced myself i can pitch from the mound despite my husband repeatedly explain… @kayyy_L0vee IF YOU DON'T STOP
🙄🙄🙄 This man complains about this country literally EVERY SINGLE DAY. About the media, the courts, the FBI, the OC,…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkrualcaida some peopel - the president tomorrow Katie Porter I’m so proud of you @terickaaa ur a good friendNobody wins when we’re not full strength. And full strength takes intentionality. Now more than ever. 🙏🏽
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @MashaVAnderson @HarrisonPHL YOU SIMPLY. LOVE. TO. SEE. IT. @SaraLang you make me so happy <3 good luck !!! @EmmyA2 e m m yworking on a political campaign
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @RaeRoca I'm doing that next time 100%I’ve had the same man doing this shit to me for like well over ten years. My friends all know his name in case some… here cannot say the same't buy anything from amazon today else be labeled a scab for life @SaraLang sara thank you for this validation, one i’m sure many women in our field sympathize with @mcbyrne THAT'S RIGHT!!!and before anyone asks YES im going to talk therapy about this but don't expect that to make me any less mad. being mad is my foodWhen Miley Cyrus said she wouldn't have kids because the Earth is dying,,, I felt thatAnyway I'm having a totally normal one and I hope you are tooI'm going to f*cking die mad about some things that happened earlier this year. I'll literally die mad and I'll hol… @mcdermottcece @bkoerth phew don’t get me startedwe need more people talking about their experiences with chronic illness(es) while organizing 🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruWatching Vice and am reminded that by some miracle we survived Bush, all manner of national bankruptcy and depresss… @Rob_Flaherty welcome to Florida Rob @knownasmaya_ SIMPLE AS!
I’m out you need help regarding undocumented immigrant status, here are some good resources: ❤️ Florida Immigrant Coali…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkruhow, indeed
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruICE agents were TURNED AWAY at several residences because they did not have a warrant. This is the result of decade…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruIn case, for no reason at all, you wanted to split a donation between @AOC @RashidaTlaib @AyannaPressley + @IlhanMN .... you sure morning. Immigrant youth are #HereToStay.
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruAccessibility is too often presented as being about hurt feelings, as if disabled people’s lives are defined by our…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru“You can not accept that we don’t fear you” - @AOC to Tr*mp and me to every shitty dude who tries to make me feel small ever againtherapist: alright so we typically call these things a "traumatic event", not a "bruh moment" or "major L"
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkruwhite women stop condescendingly talking down to WOC politics challenge
Retweeted by gabrielle kom Swampkru @RepDMP @realDonaldTrump tell em rep DMP! we are so lucky to have you ❤️We are as American as the generations of families who immigrated here before us, including the President’s. And eac…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruI did not have the privilege to be born in this country. I came to this county when I was 14. As a member of Congre…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruHe’s ready to not pee for 8 hours straight for our benefit, in the name of the octobox, we pray have to say this stuff from Trump really hurt more than I thought it would. You get a visceral, physical reactio…
Retweeted by gabrielle kom SwampkruShocked pikachu meme is dead alert the internet long live Shocked Woody Harrelson @AOC you have my sword for life ⚔️But you know what’s the rub of it all, Mr. President? On top of not accepting an America that elected us, you cann…
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