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freelance (copy)writer & editor at your waste disposal / regular @ ra rbma crack guardian ++ / hmt hard cru / no bad days / did the shows for br / dms open 24-7

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@aarchedNOISE @meemocomma yeah... he has segued into his Bowie / Cohen / Dylan “best & realest poet alive” phase in… @aarchedNOISE and here I had such fun before boogieing to his classics like The Vibeman’s Callman... nick cave singing about losing his son was not the weekend starter I had anticipatedAmerican gay artist Patrick Cowley produced thrilling, raw dance music, and @darkentries has devoted itself to rele…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'I only dj births. Imagine as soon as your child comes out for its 1st breath im in the operating room with dj set…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @_TomFaber majestic reporting dude. bravoArlene Foster consulted over Brexit deal
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'it's a cruel world where Dominic Cummings outlasts Elijah CummingsI really don't wanna jump on the XR are crusties train at all, but targeting Canning Town - a station which would p…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @chuckpee Oh yeah mountains of it lol
@sheikmusic great one indeed @NedSedgwick where are my manners * Nuthis is like the Futurama episode where they can’t stop reversing in age @Skylinex13 like I say: long, exhausting decade @Skylinex13 afraid to say that Swans are 10000% 4chan bait nowadays @jackbeadle true heads kno legendanza @benfriedlander that & a Napster bag = I can finally level up to be a Gen Z club kid @williamggrant mailing the other one to Lars Ulrichwonder what happened to him new rave can come back now @CarltonDoom HMT mixes for Q4 secured @ikeagirl2007 in the *cool @doesotherstuff2 200% forming part of my 2020 lookwelcome to the black parade out the old family home is such a trip @LukeTurnerEsq Tom Shelleck @karinasoni @baharkhadem get bent, ma’am @psychicyogamat it’s come all the way round. not even Steve Albini knows the pain of losing a childthey misspelled Giant Swan though I no longer recognise the legitimacy of the Gira rogue stateit’s been a long, exhausting decade this thread blew up check Porter Ricks’ soundcloud @vtss_pl just wait until we have to take up arms together to vanquish the real foe: guitar music @vtss_pl lol I’ve awoken the 150bpm+ militia. the battle is on ⚔️ @jonny_is_good cc @joelgolby @baharkhadem @karinasoni you could say she really got the Best Of Me @baharkhadem yes. @karinasoni and I went to college together. she ratted me out by going public with it. The fury has not yet subsided @TX__Cameron @GarfieldPipe truly elite @aerielist @alijamieson mine is Breaks Stuff lol’t believe the support on this. wow. dub techno army rise up slowly @baharkhadem as a Foo fundamentalist, this pleases me @wwarrenjourno this minimal-ish glitch-ish soft dubby sound, honestly light of my life, Luomo of my loins @alijamieson Odd Future Wolf Gang Voigt Kill Em AllIVE GOT ANOTHER CONFESSION TO MAKE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…
@willymactweets if anyone deserves a 9.2 and 9.0 BNM in a calendar year, it's this fella @charlesfare truly, your zings leave me Breathlesscruising to school w/ a packed lunch of peanut butter sandwiches & Frubes. the year is 1999. the last notes of Andr… enjoy Big Thief but they don't half sound like The Corrs at times
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @alijamieson wow. breaks are over (again). I can’t believe it. I want to run to you. @ @gabrielszatan Brexit Brexi Brex Bre Brea Break Breaks
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @_savile Mdou Moctar big erupting volcanos of fuzzy gold. not gonna rip a dancefloor but should keep you company @theokotz yeah the album is her best complete thing by a million miles this is the all timer. and I mean the ALL a… @theokotz c'mannnnn not even greatest song on the album @deejaygeejaygee the cycles get shorter and shorter 5 years between the death and revival of LCD Soundsystem looks…, remember Brexit? crazy times. can't believe it's having a revival already133m well spent @magiskemorten if I can convert a gathering of electro-teshno heads into mini Fred Dursts, my work here is done @lmsyrt ah if only you'd SMRT a week ago, this all could have been avoided @willymactweets raise you yeaa @ShawnReynaldo if it doesn't have shards of crashing glass, send it back!re-up for weary masses just returning from the Polish front of The Conceptronica WarsFor 2 years, I've been keeping tabs on Stellar OM Source Joy One Mile is a classic, but life went south soon after…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'a very happy 40th to last critic standing @ShawnReynaldo hope you get a big layered conceptuacake that reveals it…
Most embarrassing moments in pop culture: a thread
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @cake_hoarder @theneedledrop vibe check: passed with honors ✅🎓the only time a mate will ever appear on University Challenge and... @krystalllrose thanks for taking the time Krystal !“I watched Soichi Terada play in Antwerp and it was insane. His energy, the joy in his eyes...he was being complete…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @floorcore have been playing this out recently and let me tell you, it's like a pipebomb each time "You have distracted from my creative process" ctrl+f "super inspired by my visit to Ikea today" ctrl+f "i o… @yaksound for a run of records called Kaepora, Termina and Gerudo. couldn't be nailing his colours to the Zeld… @mindofadragon best one yet. built for lights up, juice that final end of the night emotion. so sweet, so good @Jenn1fer_A @BBCRadio3 super, super, super nice way to start the weekI'm back on #LateJunction tonight! My first show since officially joining the presenter team for its new Friday nig…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @Matthew_McEvoy follow up was even better as well about to announce a tale of us 10 hour set
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scorcher @mmachinewwoman @SHFTD_AVN @telefontelaviv @MATRiXXMAN @sk33mask Dutch haute cuisine @Bobcluness look Biology was better but SotU wasn’t *that* badam just finding out that Unsound is not shorthand for Girls Aloud’s 2002 smash debut Sound of the Underground but s…
@nina_posner Skeleton Tree @genofeves @omarsgun89 @codeinedrums look, love is complicated i heard it in an adele song oncepup’s bday & our fourth anniversary. pretty solid combo, pretty great feeling 4 more dogs! 4 more years! @ikeagirl2007 I should note there is also a wrestling ring, live jousting and a craft bar that plays the same Drown… @ikeagirl2007 gonna finally catch them here. expecting incineration @ikeagirl2007 attagirl @ikeagirl2007 Gojira? @MarcoZenker @shyshyeyez knocked it out the park. 24ct gold from beginning to endHappy 1st birthday, wee baba 🎈
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @Donaldearl love you, there's no need to fake it But staying in the house every weekend, I just can't take it I work hard And… @robpursey @meaghan_garvey I do now regret the slander. apologies to @egg. join me in this learning moment @meaghan_garvey @robpursey overwhelmingly white, affinity for warm ale, Jessie J & The Kooks, nanny never spanked t… the new Sunn O))) tour, halfway through the show they drop the robes to reveal their absolutely shredded new phy…
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