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music guy at yr disposal / regular @ ra guardian crack rbma p4k ++ / hmt hard cru / no bad days / dms wide open (len faki edit)

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@sahilv @indiajordan8 cc @FinnMcCorry - it’s all taking shape @sahilv @indiajordan8 I didn’t twig until after writing sadly but: enormous Wigan Pier energy @LilNasX Emily Maitlis Newsnight Fiasco @CFCFmusic I use 'best' not 'greatest' and 'Mr Lopatin' not 'Dan' to stay in touch with the humble workin roadie @DavideMartine I often do @_slippping caught it in Berlin at Funkhaus, he bust it out for the encore and everyone went (gently) fuckin mental @DavideMartine another in the profoundly moving stakes: with that organ you requested, Mr Lopatin me on certain days and I will tell you that this is the best slab of recorded sound in human history today i… @bencardew French Touch for the many, not the fewfor you for you for you (I’m waiting for you) DNC planning the Biden 2020 strategy:
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'I have decided what the British Last Dance equivalent should be and it is a documentary about Hypno-Disc failing to…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'so could this
@houseofcardinal a proper hark back to the glory days of Golden Balls and Bo Selecta @danielmarkavery @tommycordery Harry Cole’s ultimate revenge for Boris nabbing Carrie @_chrisjones_ I haven't included Indy or Guardian which obviously have it front and centre too. so that's a half do… joke is lamentable but if three separate swipes at Dom have replaced the usual footy/totty, it's a net victoryfront of the Telegraph, Times, Mirror and Star (with a giveaway mask!!) day 5 and still raging: we really do love… @RAIHAN_ @zackfox yea it's the real deal! (give it 48hrs) @flollid @zackfox praying he comes on and gets immediately shitcanned for malarkey. would feel so rightthe freeing of @zackfox from Twitter Jail should be a global holiday @carinabdula may or may not have been personal testimony seeping in thereit is pretty reasonable to lose your luxury job for attempted murder. if your response to the slightest conflict is…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'In case you need yet more news about elites making life miserable, I've written about Housekeeping: the aristocrati…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @_jakemuir genuinely nice to see actions have consequences — the just kind, not the horrifying kind @_jakemuir 🎻 🎻 🎻 @lykadj a toppled Bolsonaro and a critically weakened Dom/Boris axis: summer 2020, make our dreams come true @lykadj it does speak to the idea that those dividing lines have smudged post-pandemic. it was a lil gotcha Dom mad… @dalecornish never-ending culture war baby!!!!The most gratifying part of the Cummings fallout is how much of a smug, self-righteous cunt he was at the start 4… HMT covid mix coming along nicely
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @HarrySword @SHFTD_AVN @LukeTurnerEsq @ehgillett @theQuietus dreary modular techno made by people who actually can… @laurasnapes invoking Boris and saying because the PM might have been unable to care for one of his – 7? 8? – child… @ehgillett this is spot-on from top to bottom Ed. ultimate respectthis could have just been the review tbh see
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'8 in @pitchfork 🤯🤯🤯 Thank you so much @gabrielszatan for this wonderful review. Context is so important behind th…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @brent_tactic @indiajordan8 proper big-hearted bangersNew in the @SavantaGroup / @SavantaComRes #covid19 daily tracker: - Boris Johnson’s approval rating is now at -1%.…
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'love this new @indiajordan8, and here's why you might too
2020 years to prepare and he’s absolute toffee, when he’s there at all. what a clown @charlesfare @tristandross
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @charlesfare speeding to huge numbers alreadyGet in loser, I'm going blind
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'these changes ain't changing me the cold-hearted boy I used to be @manueky Should the Bondax boys have practised responsible social distancing in that photo?WHO IS LETTING HIM BACK ON @georgiajmeyer should have wound up ages ago. he’s looking competent by saying “I’ve answered this already” after b… Cummings sir, are you excited for the forthcoming Disclosure album?final question to LADBible pls @djsantero (No Can Do) @BeccaOGT we’re into Phantom Mentace hours now4pm was three years agohas been the longest 75 minutes in human history @charlesfare My eyesight was good notjust shrug your shoulders, say “my wiiife” like Borat and the nation will forgive youA fantastic statement from Mr Cummings! Chapeau sir
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @_rachelgrace it brings me no* pleasure to announce this * ˢᵒᵐᵉyou’re just a shit Stephen MalkmusRobert Peston ask a question in under six minutes challenge @yungsingh35ol my ex-hero @IshmaelEnsemble he’s going to get a pizza for being a very honourable boy learning from his mistake at the end of all thisthis is total bullshitCafe Oto meme never felt so real @SeanMixmag rolls out in a kilt and the speech is just this say, I really am beginning to lose my respect for Dominic Cummings at this point @EuanBaillie99 genuine lol, bravohope this conference is a for his careerthis is do the BBC keep putting BNOC Powell on my fucking screen
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan' @JDavenne much like Brandon & the lads, I'm not done yetbig player for the big occasion @slackk_ don’t besmirch blog house like that
Retweeted by 'Gabriel Szatan'they say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet & you don't have to drink right now but you can dip your feet every o… wanna shine on in the hearts of men @PopulismExpert reigniting it I mean. not the noncing @PopulismExpert real Prince Andrew hours incomingCummings out of my cage and I've been doing just fine this was your dad
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@parris_dj @aerielist after BOTW, I got the Link's Awakening remake and it really scratched that itch. think LTTP i… up on this, whattaguy @parris_dj @Webstarr_ let's hope! @cabinetofficeuk wussesScott Z's been mixing between two Can records for about 15m he's literally doing the Can-Can galaxy brain DJdamn Scott Z is in the zone. blesséd talent. blood type: angel dust. just too goodalready on the actual news the gov is melting down, gotta love it @Jenn1fer_A beautiful deleted streets won't forget @UKCivilService ultimate respecta heroic P45 incomingloooooooooool yes go on @Webstarr_ @parris_dj this country makes it hard to fuck (up) who broke both previous stories retweeting this go on Pippa 👀 👀 👀 @parris_dj he inevitably just said “no” and Boris had to find a way to style it out. beyond predictable & still so depressingWE KNOW ABOUT WASHING OUR HANDS YOU STUPID CUNT @Cn45h1