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You lot are all idiots.‘I hope Burnley get relegated!’ ‘SHIT! THEY’VE SCORED!’ New Goldbridge meme 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by VishuTiming saab
Retweeted by VishuWhat a goal @GSWRoo You must be really loaded. @acharya2 Sadist.Sold Alli this week after so long, he scores and Vardy hobbles off. This was supposed to be My week in FPL. @Jagan_CFC So what you are saying is we have to give him chance and keep him based on previous performances? Hmmm @Jagan_CFC Tammy has scored 3 goals in last 11 games with zero goals against "Top 6" teams. If that's good, then I…'m loving all this friendly banter between Chiefs and 49ers before the Superbowl😂😂 @Jagan_CFC Forget about Kepa, You did not answer my question. Based on current form, which players deserves to be kept and sold? @Jagan_CFC Literally no one is consistent in our team right now. Give me one name who has been awesome the whole se…, these First Take guys literally make up stories to be in news. Bill Belichick will leave Patriots if Tom Brady stays itseems.Arsenal players 🤝 celebrating when they're not winning. This is football heritage.
Retweeted by VishuChelsea fans who want Kepa sold are the same ones who weren’t happy with Salah and KDB at Chelsea.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Learn more about the 2020 All-Star collection, inspired by the Chi.
Retweeted by Vishu @Kadi_khichadi 👀Kyle Shanahan is a bloody genius. to work after 10 days of "vacation" and gotta start over this all over again. @ranga_swamy Shhh sumne irapa.Someone needs to give this girl an Emmy I am dying lmfaooo
Retweeted by Vishu“Man, it feels good to have the #49ers back in the Super Bowl!” The Two-Time, @DrDisrespect, gave a shoutout to the…
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Ya, watching football is not for me.What the fuck was Lacazette doing there?😂😂#BREAKING: There is reportedly a large police presence and “active scene” in front of Antonio Brown’s house in Flor…
Retweeted by VishuAZPIILeno is on HGH.Lampard finally goes two strikers. Let's do this now.It's not like we haven't created chances, we have and it's just that every chance goes to Tammy and he misses most of them. @ChelseaFC for Kovacic. Let's go😂😂 Lampard is Sarri with 211 goals for Chelsea.I was just about to tweet it will end up in 1-1. Nevermind now. @halfjase And now Watford lose to Villa after being 1-0 up. Week of come backs.Actually this take is the Patrick Beverley of football takes., did Everton just squander 2 goal lead in just two minutes against Newcastle😂😂😂Oyeeee bye Luiz.Come on Chelsea.NFL fans will be praying for Goodell to fall into it, just for the laughs. NEWS: TRAVELER FROM CHINA HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED IN SEATTLE WITH THE WUHAN CORONAVIRUS.
Retweeted by VishuHands down this tweet wins the format, @Kadi_khichadi @acharya2 Seethamma vakitlo“Jorginho only passes sideways.” 🤕
Retweeted by VishuOwn goal. Delhi Traffic police is under union home ministry, which is under BJP not AAP.
Retweeted by Vishu @dabbanannmaga @Kadi_khichadi Saar, Ee long vishya Ella gotthila but cover pic is for FB and header is for twitter.To evict illegal "Bangladeshi immigrants", BBMP demolishes about 300 huts near a lake in #Bengaluru . It turns out…
Retweeted by VishuWant to shove this in the faces of everyone who continues to support CAA with “oh it won’t affect Indians with vali…
Retweeted by VishuHe is from Koppal in Karnataka. He was also part of the migrant settlement razed down by BBMP over fears that there…
Retweeted by VishuWillie Cayley Stein- What a block on Dame.Chuck said "Stay and Kleph" instead of "Steph and Klay" @NBAonTNT I'm returning back from India, my FIL gives me a book with a small note written on it. This time I got th… said that
Let's go @49ers appealed immediately and @Gaddadaari, the person I was interacting with in one of the tweets also put out a tweet…
Retweeted by VishuWE MOVE!!! Pettine to Kyle Shanahan in 2014: “I say we run.” Kyle Shanahan to Mike Pettine in 2020: “Ok.”
Retweeted by Vishu @NeelaVodka Gorgeous left foot? @NeelaVodka Weird fetishWho did this? 🤭
Retweeted by VishuKatie first female to coach in a Super Bowl Sowers
Retweeted by VishuHey yoooo "You picked against the 49ers because you hate the 49ers!" Allegation: "You picked the Packers because…
Retweeted by VishuHappy birthday old man @VikHasyaI would go in on this has been but I have a Super Bowl to prepare for. Enjoy the view from the couch. Your ninth…
Retweeted by Vishu @acharya2 @Numb_Skull HatersqJimmy playing Kansas City in the Super Bowl one season after tearing his ACL against Kansas City. That's the story I'm here for 😢
Retweeted by VishuThe Bay Area is on a crazy sports run … 2010: Giants in WS 2012: Giants in WS 2013: 49ers in SB 2014: Giants in WS…
Retweeted by VishuIt’s been a good decade for Bay Area sports fans. 2010 - World Series 2012 - World Series 2013 - Super Bowl 2014…
Retweeted by Vishu @malllige 😂😂😂 @acharya2 Sleep.Aaron Rodgers after the game
Retweeted by VishuJerry Rice is having a time of his life🤣🤣EMMANUEL MOSELEYFUMBLE AND RECOVERY. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOMostert TDLet's win this for Tevin Coleman.It's Tevin Coleman.Raheem down injured. FuccckFuck you Kenny Clark.Nick Boss is an animal.BOSAAAWe can already see what Aaron Rodgers trying to do. He is dropping very deep to avoid our DB's.
Retweeted by VishuI'm pacing from one end to another end of the room. Come on @49ers #GoNiners @ThatIndianGuy Congratulations brother.Man I wish our game was first. Now I have to sit through with my heart in my mouth.huge assist here from Becky Hammond...she convinces Pop to challenge Jimmy Butler’s AND 1 continuation in tight gam…
Retweeted by VishuMahomes, bloody hell.Mahomes started throwing dimes. Now it's over for Titans.One more big one.Chiefs giving away braindead penalties. @acharya2 @edbidangi When did I not reply? Why you lie to everyone?Yo, Titans have Chiefs rattled already. @edbidangi 😂😂 AFC Championship game of American football.Alright, I don't have any favorites for this game.For every #49ers’ fan that’s sat through: - 5-11 with Jim Tomsula in 2015 - 2-14 with Chip Kelly in 2016 - Brian H…
Retweeted by VishuGary Neville’s reaction to Martial’s miss. He’s fuming! #MUFC [Sky]
Retweeted by Vishu @acharya2 celebration was a bit over the top🤣🤣