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@SteveMorrisM_ Okay my g @SteveMorrisM_ What’s wrong with being Azonto ? Asking for a friend 🙂This Thursday me, @famouseno and @geoblu__ are playing a free show in London. RSVP now and yes I do dance like thi…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦You are not woke if you’ve never had rolex.Our Headliners and Heads of State of #JowaaAsokporCorner @chalewotefest 2019 🔥🔥🗣 @TMSKD_dj 🇬🇭 @sensei_lo 🇳🇬…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Meet @traptchalla . Triple Threat Artist (Dj/Producer/Video x Photographer) will be making his Jowaa Asokpor Corner…
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Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Madrid based collective @MotoKiatu . will be making their Ghana Premiere at Jowaa Asokpor Corner / @chalewotefest 2…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦#Repost @jowaajowaa • • • • • • @sinsistema_ - @motokiatu #JowaaAsokporCorner / @chalewoteofficial A music promote…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Guys! Come let's vibe on Sunday! Old Kingsway Building! #AsopkorCorner #ChaleWote2019
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Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @sensei_lo 🤭😭😭😭Funny how I get to play/headline a stage in my hometown this weekend but as a foreigner. It’s even more amazing c…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Is an EP but it will give Folks a run for their money is expensive🤧 Small move man make nor Kpa 50ghs finishTrust is King 👑This internet sef. Nobody really knows anybody. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦this hacking shit is so easy
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦You tell the world “I trust no one” on social. then you wonder why streets no dey show you love. Stop using twitte… Interlude: 100 bottles (Prod. @guiltybeatz)
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When people see a meme they enjoy on Facebook and write “stealing this!” in the comments I know that they have live…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦I just heard a Kpaa Lala rendition of Shatta’s - my level.🤯🤯 @NanaSirOsei I bore you. U jinx we @NanaSirOsei Enemies of progress 😂Trap is hot Martial scored his 50th goal with Manchester United. ❤️ #WOLMUN #MUFC 🔴
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Let Go Manchester United @ElewadeBanks @sensei_lo Can’t waitWith @sensei_lo as a headliner! We're bringing charged energy to Accra this weekend! #HappySquad ⚡⚡⚡
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Jowaa Asokpor Corner y’all not ready for @AFROLEKTRA
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦ASOKPOR CORNER 24th and 25th August 🇬🇭🇳🇬🇬🇧 feel like the guys at Culartblog understand Independent Artistry. For that I am grateful for this fire review ! still relevant review is so on point Dad called me this morning. Told me My Tash BNM EP is 🔥 .This Ghana @swayekidd @Dandano__ no go carry last 🗣🗣🗣You can have all the talent but you got to be built for this. Manage your expectationsI don't think i really promoted this enough but I made a whole music video this summer. I…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Jaden Is an artistSmall wins we started from Zero. Thank You Thank You Thank You
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Over exposure dey change your colour😂😂. looking in the mirror from time to time. keep it 100 with yourself.You think you dey steady someone’s blueprint. Watch the things well. Ibi shading paper you spy.Like Water, les ondulations aquatiques et afrobeat de Gafacci et Amaarae
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @JoeMelhuish blessed this cover @ManUtd @awbissaka We asked Crystal Palace for a player and we got Spider man instead 🕷🕸
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Remember when i used to get anxiety because i haven’t made beats in 3 days. Now i go a month without making beats with no sweat. 👌Man dem are on the “recoup” thing. Dont rush your process. Focus my GBefore Christiano Ronaldo, there was Don Bortey
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Jasper @amaarae 💦💦Niger people will kill person 😂😂😂 @iamNanaYaw18 @muse_africa Roger that.#nowplaying Tash BNM by Gafacci via the @audiomack app @Gafacci 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Bless You chale’ll be hosting my first PopUp show on the 31st of August , it’s going to be a night of good music,food &streetwear…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @QhizzoBoi Thanks brother @Spacely1z is one of the hardest guys in the music scene in Ghana. Time will tell. Watch this spaceThe Stormzy Scholarship in partnership with Cambridge University is now open for the second year running. To be eli…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Small wins we started from Zero. Thank You Thank You Thank You and bass is a vibe 🔥🔥🔥🔥@bignarstie #SoundsOfTheVerse 🔥 He brought the flows for @SIRSPYRO 🙌 Full video ➡️
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These Nigerian teenagers are producing short sci-fi movies using a smart phone and other everyday items.
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @swayekidd We should have signed MandzukicSend me Asokpor Tunes. Dm me if you get heat...according to hollywood. also: how most americans see the world.
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦1 st mix done. 2ND Mix is up next. send me your tunes that you would dance to in a Saturday night club context. @IamRvdical 🤣 The artist is trapping on the Gram.Careful when you are at the gym, don't let the adrenaline drive you, stay safe with the heavy weights.
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Listen to Like Water ft Amaarae by Gafacci #np on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦It's coming...🧡❤️ Friends to Dreamkillers @AmgMedikal @Santandave1 @sarkodie @shugharanking @StrongmanBurner
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦A lot of people have been waiting on this tune. "ESCOBAR" Here's my #empawa30 entry , kindly RETWEET ,tag…
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @GuiltyBeatz 💪💪💪💪💪Busua Nice on a little pre-carnival shoobz next week 😛 @GuiltyBeatz @jamobeatz @jubamusicldn @BecauseJyoty RSVP…
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Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Gafacci's EP tho ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦 @Gafacci This is a trip 😲 I'm watching Kabaneri with Afro Lofi playing in the background
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Two early for ego trips . Drink water guys
I am gonna start with Full Metal Alchemist & One Punch Man Thanks for the recommendationsare you okay?
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦Tomorrow with @chalewotefest . Accra come see some really cool films 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦This is magic! Thanks @bellokreb #thinkaboutitthink
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦My parents changed my hand. But I play football with my left foot. 🔑👶👶👶 Making Song 2014 but still bangs
Cardi B 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 @joseph_kamaru ikrPublishing Done. ✔️✔️✔️✔️©️®️ I can focus on being an artist again. New Journey Begins Today. @antoine_mensah someone said soon he is going to own the word "business"I want to start watching Anime. Any recommendations?Ahunda EP by Gafacci
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦thank you Mr Hansen & Notable: Lo-fi atmosphere, tropical pop, and afrobeats mix seamlessly on this dreamy new EP from Ghanaian pro…
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@EmilyDust This is heartbreaking.@felakuti always knew what was going to happen, then and now
Retweeted by Tash BNM💦I want a lover who will cool me down like water💦 ARAFAT 🙁 @iamElikem Sign Gerson Fernandes , Leon Bailly thank Me later