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Visual artist, performer, & writer. I create art with intention.♀️♻️🥑♏🔮 IG: gaiapatra Support my art! ⬇️

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@elliemitchphoto 👀 @nola_darling_ @charliestoolbox It's so wild that as women we hold this fear so tight of having anything men have g… @PeNNywIZE_TDC Oh my god. The cartoon heartbreak is the absolute worst.... @FearIsNotMyFate These are UNREAL. 😍 @mysticqueens Yes. This guy ruined my life. @mysticqueens Itsa new style.The Cell. I still to this day think it's the best imagery in a movie ever, but it also makes me want to throw up e… @LindzRiot That reset and rebuild period will be everything you need to need to unwaveringly stand on your own. ♥️
@dontcallmewench Ahhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️ @dontcallmewench I would scream if you could come! @noturfinalgirl Thank you!! 💕📍Atlanta area, come learn and model with me for my fine art goddess model workshop April 26!📍 If you refer a frien… @detachment_red @ChuckWendig ok boomer @jurneevargas Yes, it REALLY does make a big difference. But also the quality of your shampoo and conditioner matter just as much.
@spooks1020 An entire essay? I would die. @LipstickNoir It's so gross. It feels very narcissistic somehow 😣.'m having to write this brief description of me as an artist that includes the majority of outlets I've created th… @vgnbeautyaddict This was in Atlanta where white people are actually not the majority, so it was an extra magical m… @vgnbeautyaddict I'll never forget that moment because it was my first time voting. My boyfriend at the time didn't… @Amphiarause Joining 👃 @mysticqueens This reminds me of that Tik Tok with all the animals doing chaotic things while there's a fire in the… @saranthemachine I am Gaia, destroyer of worlds and I will get you ......
@MissZee_ox @guchijones @theslumflower Men think their voices and opinions are SO important that they just HAVE to… @NadhifPS Not at all, but I am conscious in my decision making and consider things outside of my immediate comfort… @mysticqueens My heart 😭
me, TODAY, realizing that after posing nude for 2 years that everyone I know has seen me naked @Odestroyher Nearly all of my concepts, yes. Fine art photography is beautiful! A lot of what creates the style is… @_shyane__ by taking way too long to do it and frustrating everyone I work with 😂
photo by David Hobbs💔anti-valentines 2020🔪 @mysticqueens @dudammili @carolinawanheda @freyasolo @ohwowitstanya This is THE tweet. @lolViAsFrick yay it made it! ♥️ @saranthemachine This is a perfect tik tok plot
@LipstickNoir I did a few shoots that'll likely🤞🏻be done by then, but besides that I don't celebrate v-day for what… @JamesNoctis This is me with feminism books. Do I have 4 unread brand new ones? Yes. Am I ordering more? Yes. @clevergirl666 GIRL @sickruin I'm glad you like it ♥️
@laurprtyprogram You can see in it that half of the road is in fact covered in snow and ice. In Georgia we don't tr…
@mysticqueens Jet skiing 😂 @VegB23 @meatymcsorley Also plants naturally castrate you. It's an epidemic @meatymcsorley Yeah I mean what's the point when there's probably someone else out there with a rare allergy to all… was a quick video I took when I was driving 4 mph to get to @saranthemachine later on Saturday so we could sti… @sashaxmassacre We're going to do an episode on this type of behavior for the podcast soon. Too many of us have exp… @cinemargot @hanalyzed I just saw it tonight and cannot figure out why the movie is not doing better other than the… @nomamesstefana Noo, you were totally fine and so sweet! ♥️🌕 Full moon tonight 🌕
@mysticqueens Hahahahaha
@emrazz Ok hear me out but is Trump actually just a callus with a face? @witchyy_b The fuck did I just witnessCatch yourself saying words like: bad, good, evil, innocent (judgement based thinking) always, never, inevitable,… and frequent shifts in your perception of yourself, others, and the world is associated with borderline per… does black and white thinking happen? We all experience this type of irrational behavior to a varying degree.…"I'm a good person, they are the evil person." "This ALWAYS happens to me." "I will NEVER be happy." "I know that w… ⚫⚪Black & white thinking is an easy way to catch yourself being irrational and/or projecting pers…
@KylieDevyn Here for this energy. ♥️ @sashaxmassacre Right!? They make everything feel safer.Thank you. I will now be eating a ton of chocolate. @mysticqueens This feels so familiar in every way.Who sells the best vegan v-day chocolate boxes? @sashaxmassacre I do this with my stuffed animals! I sleep with them every night and have one that travels with me when I leave the state. @EleanorKMitch Still dying 😂😂 @dontcallmewench I'm definitely going to get it. I literally look at my notifications in sections across days because of how anxious I get. @sashaxmassacre Thank you! I don't want normal eyebrows ever again. @noturfinalgirl @dontcallmewench It's also equivalent to praising men for finally washing the dishes. Like...really?
I feel like my thumbs up is just as uncomfortable as Kylo's.🥴 @micalea_perri I am surprised more and more.♥️ @ClaireLouiseW10 I cried. 😭 @LipstickNoir I always felt shy about putting a donation option, and I'm actually not sure if Shopify has one? But… @khansonbooks @emrazz BINGO @noturfinalgirl This is so accurate. 😂 @mysticqueens for the day. @Odestroyher ♥️
I am very taken back by an experience I recently had on my store. Someone purchased multiple gift cards and in the… @LipstickNoir Ooh I don't blame you. I tried 3 male therapists when I was a teenager and let's just say it wasn't a good fit for me. 🙃 @dickrog74220156 @emrazz to find a good therapist thread 👇 #therapytaughtme @mysticqueens Just posted a long thread on how to find a good one!One last thing, be straight forward upon talking to your new therapist about having similar aligned beliefs. Especi… lot of people don't know that many therapists offer something called a sliding scale to a select # of patients wh… may be unsure of what your issues actually are, and that's totally okay. If you have experienced any type of vi… most important part of solving inner issues is finding a good therapist which can be rare depending on where yo… things I'll share are discussed more in depth on the podcast I do @GSSWshow if you want more info. I'll use t… I started posting insightful take-away info I've received in trauma-based therapy, would that be something well…
@___d0minique @JustSam30 Perfect example of how men make everything women do, EVERYTHING, about them. @dontcallmewench I'm this 👌 close to getting it for the same reasons. Sitting and scrolling after posting gives me… @_courtneyblvk That's odd that they wouldn't check if you're super stressed, but you may need to see an endocrinolo… @_courtneyblvk Did they check your cortisol levels by chance? Like 10 years ago, I started rapidly putting on weig…
@LindzRiot 🙏 @malicieux1793 @LindzRiot Retired vampire, full time wild woman now. 🐺I'm at the biggest crossroads in my life with 4 very different paths I have to choose from, and I know none of the… @SaraJ233 @emrazz Ok boomer
I never do outfit photos outside of shoots, so here. 🦇 @amiecaitlin Hello! I talk about sex from the feminist woman's perspective on my podcast @GSSWshow. ♀️
Haven't been drunk since 2018. 🤘 @SMXTHMUSIC The entire series is so brilliant, I think you'll love it all the way through. @SMXTHMUSIC 💔 too real