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Gallery1988 @Galleries1988 Melrose Ave in Hollywood

The world’s 1st Pop Culture art gallery. Been on Melrose in Los Angeles for the past 16 years. Look here for updates, sneak peeks and announcements!

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Pick up this limited edition postcard print from Michael De Pippo. Either frame it and put it up or send a Beetleju…
This @Montygog print is a classic and available now to purchase in our store. You can spend your Sunday browsing ev… ONE LEFT!!! Get the final copy of this @elisawikey print from our recent official Weird Al exhibit! Get it for… Day is steadily approaching! We have a bunch of cards available including this from Andrew Thompson, jus…
Pick up this @davequiggle print now - a must for any Twin Peaks fan. Click here to purchase: Pierre Kleinhouse print, inspired by Sopranos is a genius tribute to Tony. Only 20 made, just $25 each. Click… M. Fersner print, tributing the criminally underrated Hitchcock film Stage Fright. Only 25 made, just $25 each… our Memes show, now online and viewable, @scott_balmer brought us a handsome Squidwad. See all of the art inspi… @mcbiffart print is so emotional! One of our favorite movies from 1990 is represented well in our 30 Years Lat…’re big fans of @chetart’s matchbox prints and his Wayne Industries one might be our favorite. Just a few copies…
There can only be one!!!! Pick up this @Danmumforddraws Highlander print now - close to selling out. Click here for…’s a 20x12 inch mixed media on canvas and it’s glorious! Thanks to artist Bruce Erickson, this VHS painting exist… left of this Sweet Dreams print from @jmaruyama! Perfect for a kids room!! Learn more about making it yours her… Valentines Day around the corner, we have a few options for cards. Including this from Andrew Thompson - inspi… classic Lebowski print from @hasUnow is available to purchase on our website right now. Learn more about adding t…’s a Taco Supreme. From artist @alexmdc7, this print is just $25 and available now to purchase, hypebeasts. Click… this @donutglow print of the greatest Crime Prevention Unit ever created. Just $25. 10 in stock. Click here to…! We just got ten more copies of the great Rocky Horror inspired print from @mattlineham in our inventory. J… up this Spike Unmasked print right now! It’s from artist @alexmdc7 and it’s just $25. Add it to your collectio… favorite Gary Oldman role is in Leon: The Professional and it looks like @JeffBoyes agrees. Pick up this print… this print, Kirby or Boo?, now from @doble_entendre, just $25 and limited edition now by clicking here on our w…
Twin Peaks fans better hurry if they want this luggage tag print from @clarkorr. It’s just $37 and available here:… FRIDAY, Jan. 31st, join us for the opening of “Through the Woods,” a brand new solo show from @NanLawson at G1… have some copies left of this incredible @sbonatakis print, inspired by My So Called Life. Available to purchase… FOUND ONE COPY of this awesome @jmaruyama print. It’s sold out, but when you find one laying around - someone ge… this be an announcement: we need more Running Man prints! Pick one of these @Danmumforddraws bad boys up right… Adem Kaan original piece is just $200 and part of our current 30 Years Later exhibit - paying tribute to the m… would buy an Urkel children’s book! Pick up this @JoeySpiotto print imagining the perfect little hero for a stor…
JUST RELEASED by @PattiLapel! Get their newest enamel pin, Snotface. Click here to make it yours:… @jmaruyama print is too adorable. Pick up this Ghibli Totoro Racers right now for just $45 here:…’S ALMOST VALENTINES DAY! Pick up this @lukeymcgarry Valentine’s card for just $5 right now and give it to a love… Al is...All Elite. mean, who else is making one of a kind cross stitch art based on the YouTube Grape Lady? Pick up this from… must be Italian! Pick up this print from Ashton Gallagher for just $20 by clicking here:… glow in the dark @thew print pays tribute to the Deadman is available now. To learn more about making it yours…
It’s virtually impossible to convey how great @drewpatroopa17 art is on social media. He paints every location & ch… ALERT! We have @mattlineham Amish Paradise prints back on the site!! Get it now for just $30. We only have… left of this Clue print from @K_Essenpreis available now. One of the most underrated comedies ever. $45 here:… you gotten the pair of variant @AshlyLovett prints yet? Based on the drawings April O’Neil sketched in the TM… left of this awesome print from @WellsIllustrate paying tribute to Donky Kong Country. Get it for just $55 by c… Gleaming the Cube print from @JeffBoyes sold out very fast - BUT we do have one final copy framed available an… one of a kind from @ronlewhorn is available in our inventory right now. Do the Truffle Shuffle and click here… love this intricate print from @jgilleard, “Gaias.” It’s available now to purchase and so beautiful. Click here…
TWO LEFT! From our official BoJack Horseman show - this print from @jbudich is almost completely sold out...forever… ONE ALERT! Pick up the final copy ever of this Yoshi’s Island piece from @WellsIllustrate! Available to get, b… @noni88425099 @AshlyLovett Most likely notJUST RELEASED! The set of @AshlyLovett’s incredible TMNT drawings (you know, the ones April O’Neil drew in the movi… Martin Donnelly / “Known as Unknown” print perfectly portrays little Danny. Available to buy now for just $35,… @castlepop gem in our inventory is this print inspired by Three Amigos! Get it now for just $30, available…
RESTOCK! We just got a very limited amount of the highly sought-after @b_methe print from 30 Years Later. Does he l… Adam Augustyn painting is still available in our 30 Years Later show and it’s so good. Learn how to make it yo… Memes inspired exhibit is currently on display at G1988 and pieces like this from @elisawikey are available for… Spice Up Your Life sticker pack from @saramlyons is perfect for any composition book. Get the set now for just… ONE LEFT! Get the final copy of the Evolution of McFly print from @joevw, and see all of his awesome pieces, a… enamel pin contribution from @Teaguery for our 30 Years Later exhibit its tribute to one of our favorite 1990… saw the new Bad Boys movie this weekend? Like it? Check out this Bad Boys II poster from @DKNGstudios, in colla…
JUST SIX LEFT! You will regret missing our on this print set from @BarryTheArtGuy from our current Memes exhibit at… 5 left of this official MLB licensed print from Adam Augustyn. Perfect for for any Cubbies fan and just $20. C… & Dumber fans will recognize this mini-bike from @JeffBoyes awesome screenprint. Pick one up now for just $25.… print from Chris Ayers is just $15 now in our 30 Years Later show, currently on display at G1988. But your can… “generic poster” for Repo Man from @castlepop is available now for just $20! Great image for a great movie. Click… they’re just $10 each!!!JUST RELEASED! A brand new Loteria cardbfrom Sean Naylor / DCAY Design!!! His first Weird Al print sold out and now… doo doo doo. It’s the Baby Shark family for our Memes show! Pick up these originals from @KeithNoordzy for just… a few copies left of this stunning print by @Danmumforddraw, inspired by Devil May Cry. So vivid. Pick up one…
PREVIEWWWWW’s another original cut out piece from Alina Chau in our Memes show. It honors the...Purrito. What’s the intern…’s another painting on cut-out wood from @brucey_parker. It’s PaRt Of OuR mEmE ExHiBiT, which you can see, and… were so happy to see an original painting based on Arachnophobia for our exhibit inspired by the films of 1990.… games this weekend! Who will come away with clear hearts? Pick up this @cuylersmith trading card print right no… plush one of a kind sculpture from @EdMironiuk couldn’t be any cuter. Celebrate the genius that is 1990’s Grem… TWO LEFT!!!! Pick up the final two copies of this Evan Troutt print right now. Just $15 each. Hurry up, these…!!! Here is the @PattiLapel contribution in our Memes show and it’s available now for just $10. Click here…
Here’s the third and final @BradAlbright ornament. They’re all so great and just $15. Get this and all the pieces i… Josh Seth Blake honored the legends of Meme with this print of Mt. Memeore! Can you name all of them? Get th… nostalgia in this print is real. Just $25 from Jason Yang, it’s part of our current 30 Years Later exhibit payi… Angels in the Outfield fictitious trading card print from @cuylersmith is available now for just $15. *makes… 4 TMNT prints are perfect. All from Raphael Kelly - $15 each - they’re close to selling out. This, and so man…
@MAScarborough You can email them at with your order number for status update. Please ref… our Memes themed group show, @natebear did the unthinkable and made the perfect Facebook shirt. This rules and…’s another custom Christmas ornament from @BradAlbright in our 30 Years Later exhibit, tributing the movies of… many cats! A meme art show is only something you can find at G1988, and we applaud pieces like this from… might not be the holidays anymore, if that doesn’t mean you can’t buy this @BradAlbright ornament from our 30 Y…
Check out our current Memes art show at G1988! All inspired by the best inside jokes on the Internet - pieces like… adore this @JeremyBerkley print and it appears you do too! Only 3 LEFT! Joe vs. the Volcano!!! Hurry up and get… has outdone himself! He created this refurbished computer with an actual screen, rolling through over 20… This painted sculpture by Geoff Trapp is available now for just $100 (!!!!) in our current Memes art show… addition to the prints, our 30 Years Later exhibit has some incredible paintings - including this from By Nick.… @El_Pagano painting RULES. Celebrating Goodfellas, this original is part of 30 Years Later - paying tribute to… there, Demons! This original painting by @carrieannhudson is just one of the fantastic things you’ll find in ou…
This Zita Walker piece, inspired by Edward Scissorhands, is one of our favorites from our new 30 Years Later show.… we the only gallery that has a group show inspired by memes? Yeah. We’re fine with that. See pieces like this o… painting from @JohnJPearson is a stunner and just released for purchased in our 30 Years Later exhibit, honori… ONE ALERT! Get the final @clarkorr Hollywood Tower luggage tag print. Just $37. Click here before it’s gone:… our 30 Years Later show - we asked artists to create work inspired by the films of 1990. We were so happy to se… Memes show is so good with all original artwork inspired by the best inside jokes on the internet. This acrylic… I Amuse You? LAST ONE ALERT! Get the final Goodfellas inspired print from B. Methe and see all the pieces from o… Predator 2 print from @seth_groves_art is a major standout in our newly opened 30 Years Later show, inspired b… gets no better than this print from @donutglow in our new art show inspired by Memes. The Internet’s best is ful…
Our for ever Cry Baby piece! Pick up this Isaac H. and so much more art, all inspired by movies from 1990, online i…