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Art Daddy of Projekt Melody's Science Team / Touhou Obsessed / URAGONER Simp / 🔞 twitch: minimum_effort reddit: minimum-effort Melody Commission Status: 51/100

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@z_ARTs96 Gracias por esta bendición 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @ProjektMelody 😭 👉👈 I'm happy everyone enjoyed it! @UHEN_MP @ProjektMelody @Veibae Gahhh it came out so well thank you again as always!! <3 <3 🙏🙏🙏🙏hello, its me, your friendly neighborhood sheep here to talk to you about our lord and savior @gameaddict69 and his…
Retweeted by Nels @MrBeastYT what does ratios mean?Inktober Day 24: @ProjektMelody debuted her new assortment of outfits designed by the amazing & adorable…
Retweeted by NelsLet's gooooooooo
Retweeted by NelsNeed Mona but no rolls u.u Likes and RT's appreciated 🙏 #Genshin_Impact #genshinimpactfanart
Retweeted by Nels😩💦 #projektmelodyfanart
Retweeted by NelsFischl from Genshin Impact
Retweeted by NelsOlder May in summer outfit
Retweeted by Nels🎉Happy birthdayyy @LichVtuber!💖 Love you to death! #Lichcraft 🙆🏼‍♀️ (Art by @Helithael)
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A few selfies for the people at work or asleep of my new outfit! Thank so much @LichVtuber for being a genius desig…
Retweeted by Nels"Aaaaaaa..." congrats @gawrgura for the one million ! Here is my #Halloween version as a tribute🦈 #gawrt #chumbuds…
Retweeted by Nels @sub_res I just wanna do clean commish requests but then yeah the guys that misbehaved before me ruined it and now…原神
Retweeted by NelsLisa #原神 #Genshin
Retweeted by NelsI have officially peaked Thank you God for giving me this blessing
#AzurLane #アズールレーン #アズレン ブレマートン ナース Bremerton Nurse finished design by me 😌
Retweeted by NelsEpisode Premieres 30/10/2020✨ Can you say Anime of the Fucking year kids? Animation: @StudioYuraki
Retweeted by Nels @SanakiofBegnion can I pay for a privateWhen your leggies do the squishy thing while sitting ✨#projektmelodyfanart
Retweeted by NelsThank you. I am an overwhelmed, but very happy shark. Thank you to each of my hard working senpai, and all of you.…
Retweeted by Nelsher emotes are cute + boing boing #veibae
Retweeted by Nels @cumdare_ Oh my god it came out GREAT! 🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💝💝💝💖💖💖State-of-the-hentai-art #projektmelodyfanart
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Bunnies! Bunnies everywhere 🐇 @Bunny_GIF, @ProjektMelody , @_Silvervale_ and @Iron_Mouse wearing bunny suits during…
Retweeted by NelsDrew Paimon but she's a loli instead of a floating bite sized chibi fairy #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Nels @z_ARTs96 bendicionFeelin' Cute might kill later! @Iron_Mouse Autograph FanArt 💋💋💋 XoXo Ur so cute <3 #PreciousFamily
Retweeted by NelsSpooky hours👻at @ProjektMelody residence. Commission courtesy @whimgenuity
Retweeted by Nels @TheBrando2 LET'S GO?! @zentreya Zen, I haven't been a part of your fandom for very long, but I have nothing but respect and admiration f… @Minkyew god bless
@Arclock46 NO U @Arclock46 I admire you tho <3
Retweeted by Nelsveiちゃんパワー𓂃◌𓈒𓐍🔥 #veibae
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Drew @ProjektMelody. Squish squish.
Retweeted by Nels【新作】神殿
Retweeted by Nels🌊Share a drink ? @ewicaontwitch
Retweeted by NelsAnother @ProjektMelody commission for @gameaddict69. This time is Melody getting dominated by Melware for her anti…
Retweeted by Nels#AzurLane #アズールレーン #アズレン Bremerton Nurse WIP ( costume designed by me )
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@LichVtuber first she digs for your diamond then she digs for your soul @hews__ Please approach us and grace us with your presence💖✨ @_Silvervale_ #SilvervaleFanart #latex
Retweeted by Nelsぺこバイク!!\\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//// バイクとその多くの参考資料を私が描くために提供してくれた@seal_gsxr 氏に感謝します PEKOBIKE!!!! Thank you @seal_gsxr for prov…
Retweeted by Nels @greenopi1
Retweeted by NelsCyberpunk @CovfefeChan "Wake up, we have a stream to burn."😘💕🔥🔥 #LewdBrigade ★ #FeFeArt
Retweeted by Nels @Ascidon7 ;-; That's always up to the artists to accept, though! I wouldn't approach anyone if I wasn't ready to pay them for their work D;
@OxelAF Oh stop ;-; I just freaked out because I thought I did something wrong...Please don't worry. I get ghosted, rejected or otherwise ignored multiple times every single day in my quest to get… drew @ProjektMelody Again but this time in a bikini!! Was SUPER fun to work on, really proud of the render and ho…
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Retweeted by Nels @tsunderemaids This brain cell deserves prayer @betanonbeet I'll run in spirit with you for solidarity 🙏 @NlGHT_MODE I'll read it AND I'll pay win win
Eri I don't think this is a standard shooting stance
Retweeted by Nels @hexundev My happiness to see hexun active👨
Retweeted by NelsTosa stonks go brr #アズールレーン #AzurLane
Retweeted by Nels @finalcake My money gun is pointing your way⚠️———————————————⚠️    『シン・エヴァンゲリオン劇場版』     西暦2021年1月23日公開 ⚠️———————————————⚠️     本日、10月16日(金)より全国の映画館(一部劇場を除く)…
Retweeted by NelsArt School Critiques 🥴
Retweeted by NelsNew Mel posters and missed posters from before are now printed 👏
Retweeted by Nels @Maplestar_Art You did a really good job! All the praise is well deserved. 🙏 I hope I am able to make a request in… for @StuffinMuffinz of @ProjektMelody Halloween theme of 👿Malware & 😇Melody #projektmelodyfanart
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So.. we scrapped the old succubus outfit idea but don’t fret, here’s a little tease of the new one~ それで…以前のサキュバスの衣…
Retweeted by Nelsbeiちゃん試し描き 素敵design… これは難しいぞ~☠️
Retweeted by NelsSOON™ 👀💦
Retweeted by Nels @finalcake I will give you my best wishes and energy! \o/ @A_Mellow_Mango @ProjektMelody @Veibae #projektmelodyfanart GOD it turned out so well thank you thank you thank you 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💝💝💝💞💞💞👌👌👌Thigh job commission from @gameaddict69 starring futa @ProjektMelody and @Veibae 's new design which I'm digging so…
Retweeted by NelsCommission for @Iron_Mouse ! Thank you sooo much again! You're so adorable 😭🙏💕💕💕
Retweeted by Nels @food_stem same wait
Retweeted by Nels#FGO #FateGO #FateGrandOrder キョンシー頼光 My artwork based on @yuki90286 's design Please suppo…
Retweeted by Nelsfanart for melody! i wanted to use different colors for the outfit, it looks nice! i'm proud 💘 #projektmelody…
Retweeted by NelsFanart for @_Silvervale_ I just had to draw her in Lisa’s outfit :) #SilvervaleFanart
Retweeted by Nelsa Smol shark is done. almost there Give me the strength to finished the other two. #gawrt #chumbuds #AmeliaRT…
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I had this drawing pending since August and I just finished it, dedicated to @Iron_Mouse because her streams and hi…
Retweeted by Nelsメロディー ラフ!
Retweeted by Nelsメロディーちゃんがもっと日本でもみんなに知ってもらえますように✨ #ProjektMelodyFanArt
Retweeted by NelsCAT! #ProjektMelodyFanArt
Retweeted by NelsSo....I try to make @ProjektMelody cosplay of Ciri (#TheWitcher3 version)! i tried to meddling with Mel hair style…
Retweeted by NelsMy day 3 #Inktober is likely the only one I'll get to do with my Copic markers, as most of them are running dry. Da…
Retweeted by NelsCommission for @_Silvervale_ 🌸✨🍑 super cute and stylish vtuber😳
Retweeted by NelsTattooed the best 18+ waifu 💘 @ProjektMelody in the guise of a succubus. Thanks @GHOSTDATA_ for the idea for the sk…
Retweeted by NelsFinally finished the lewd commission for VTuber @_Silvervale_ 😆 !!! Haven't done a booty pic for a while so that w…
Retweeted by Nelsdid some fanart for @ProjektMelody and actually tried using gradients for once, hope it looks good
Retweeted by NelsPiemon 🥧 #GenshinImpact #Paimon
Retweeted by Nels#原神 息抜き落書き2
Retweeted by Nels"Are you ready to sleep? I don't think so~" - @ProjektMelody | #projektmelodyfanart
Retweeted by Nels @finalcake I hope you feel better soon, king. Take the recovery time you need 🙏🙏
I'm not very active on this account whenever I'm not sharing anything (I mean, this is the only account I have hue)… & melody box 📦 💕 #SilvervaleFanart #projektmelodyfanart
Retweeted by Nels#projectmelodyfanart This time a cute dinosaur @ProjektMelody sorry inky got hold of the sexy one 50 like gets un…
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