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@DavidLammy @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy What’s this fake rubbish... “We love our country” 😆😂🤨 You’ve been listening…“Men and women have their own power; it comes in different forms. Feminism does a disservice to women by encouragin…
Retweeted by GameChanger @Bigdogdigs @CamilaPenrayfon @Samson1176 😆😂Keir Starmer: - “A second national lockdown would be a sign of government failure, not an act of God.” In before wave 2 🙄 @Keir_Starmer Lefties aren’t going to be happy with you They hate their country You’re destroying their belief of… @alpharivelino So good to hear that My heart is in my mouth! 😊Discovery of a druggable pocket in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could stop virus in its tracks folk to follow/fb, please RT @RangersMan2907 @JayC1l @glorytotheboys @KeyserSosse @LeeHall5511
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#Adidas discount code ❤️ @kazzylady @RichieD76 @Reverend_Makers I’d say yes they do They’d know and expect some people will object They’d… @loudon_derek @piersmorgan @BorisJohnson 🤦🏻‍♀️ @ukblm Only a racist would donate to a black racist group #BLM #ANTIFA #racists @piersmorgan @BorisJohnson It’s about a curfew And no, I didn’t expect you to catch on Too slow🤨
Retweeted by GameChanger @maniacmanhood @alpharivelino 😮 😆🤣 @ChrisJC12002 Hahaaa! 😂 He’s been choking for the last ten years! FIVE major losses in over ten years... the last… no baton charges? No arrests & hand cuffings of pensioners? Is it cos they is black?
Retweeted by GameChangerHungary breaks ranks from EU to back Liam Fox as next WTO chief #UKTrade #Brexit
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Women are not natural leaders Leave that to the leaders Women make themselves the exception They revel in it. Rev… @thewest23 He looks unwashed and unhealthy 🤒 @GerardBattenUK @GeorgeDate And to think I pledged support for the police over the treatment they received from lef… @BevanneTX Your husband must have been desperate to end up marrying a hatchetLove this! So nice to see. Both happy 😊 ⚽️! Great win last night!! 👍 @piersmorgan Constantly whining 😩 Gross to see a neurotic man 🤮 Boneless chicken Your wife must seem manly beside… September 1934 | Dutch Jewish boy Ise Wilk was born in Leiden. In December 1942 he was deported to #Auschwitz
Retweeted by GameChangerI am becoming increasingly concerned about the effectiveness and ramifications of a second lockdown. The consequenc…
Retweeted by GameChanger @PrimalPolitical ✋ 😊The UN just singled out #Israel for violating women's rights. Those involved in the vote- Pakistan -honour killin…
Retweeted by GameChanger @RoyalFamily @mcsuk Nice to see 😊 @crookedroads770 Pathetic I’m with JillPrecious little girl talks about the first time she met her adoption mother
Retweeted by GameChanger @Squill_whispers @truemellon001 @SpiritAirlines better get a handle on this and fast!!!!!
Retweeted by GameChanger @Hoosiers1986 @realDonaldTrump I’d say don’t listen to your dadTrump, nor the majority of people will take any notice of this Good to see you’ll be defeated yet again @thehill Resorting to lying 🤥 Trump is King Trump will be re-electedI don’t recall them ever being this heavy handed with BLM and Extinction Rebellion.
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More proof a license to breed is required.
Retweeted by GameChanger @jparrie Sterilise them pronto! @ChrisJC12002 😆🤣 @JoeLetsPlay Hahaa! It sure is heading south and seedy 😆Killing cows in Lumby Mind numbing! Truth! Heartless emotionless women It will turn men submissive of @McInTweet to wait for Jim Bowen to die before completely stealing his whole sketch about dipping your boll…
Retweeted by GameChanger @MikeBates04 😆🤣😂❤️ @brown12008 Yesss... but that’s ok 😊 @MikeBates04 Poor kid! It says four white boys That makes a change to how things are usually reported Maybe we can… @_EnglishRose_13 😊 @DashCamTwats Beautiful🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🤩
Retweeted by GameChangerSo, the world is being held hostage until we all get administered a methodically unproven vaccine for a disease tha…
Retweeted by GameChangerI was unaware of the alleged dying wish rule
Retweeted by GameChangerArainia Brown and her boyfriend Rolman Sparkman were so offended that they posted the "racist" receipt on Facebook.
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@1776milita @cermeniote @cdelvallejr That doesn’t generally work Women serve. Men are served @cermeniote @cdelvallejr Men don’t find meaning in servitude You might want them to... they don’t Men are to be… @RajeevSwarnakar @FlorioGina I don’t agree either It’s a corny statement. And I like dogs @NicolaSturgeon Lucky for the Scots, you didn’t get your way @AuthorLMurphy I was wondering where my book was as it hadn’t downloaded after eight hours. I didn’t know my card e… @ArchRose90 Three months ago she supported it Therefore she’s now lying @kwood360 @arnoldpeterso13 Christoper Wray is an ill man That’s the simple answer
@ChrisJC12002 😆🤣 So funny! It’s their flag but they perceive it to be “English” because the England is the dominant country in the UK @mchammer66 Two friends is great! Some people have none🤣🤣🤣 - Chicken Run 😎
Retweeted by GameChanger @PrisonPlanet @AngelaPower7 Took her four months to lie @SmithsonJuan @pinknouveau Ahh auto-cannibalism 😆 @SmithsonJuan @pinknouveau I wonder where it ends up @Codey64168440 😆😂 @AuthorLMurphy I’m starting on yours now Just purchased Dead Man’s Hand mobi @AuthorLMurphy My favourite is thriller, with mystery and historical fiction close behind @AuthorLMurphy - Solaris by Stanislaw Lem (direct English translation) - The Coffin Dancer by Jeffery Deaver - Dope… @GaryLineker @AlexScott Women and black issues going round in your head Alex Jones knows she’s got the job because… @JuanckersGhost Try harder! One isn’t good enough 😆😊 @piersmorgan Greg is spot on Why avoid the obvious like a scared rabbit, too frightened to accede 😩 It won’t kil… @Maurice010101 Wales overdoing things imhoWhere is Joe Biden hiden? Is he with the missing Mayor, Sadiq Khan?
Retweeted by GameChanger @Deedy2201 @carol_hulme @Phil7521 @BeaumontDMD @BBC 👍 Merit is alien to BLM supporters Instead, it’s forcefulness,… @lisa_melvin No, most men are not @MDrewfield @CAFinUS As the Germans swept through Europe.... you mean It’s because of being insane with lefty ide… @dmarcushammond_ My suggestion: Don’t let your woman kill her unborn child Keep her away from Planned ParenthoodAwww 😆🤣 @opaqueguy1 Ok, I see you’ve got some issues about Jews. Not my problem @opaqueguy1 Just say your point instead of playing silly games Your feelings are overriding whatever point you’re… @opaqueguy1 Palestinians are about to be compelled into becoming a civilised state @opaqueguy1 Exactly It does not mean every Jew They don’t like Jews in general @Real_Setx @CAFinUS I didn’t said ALL Germans You’re not grasping the context You, like the other kid perceive A…
@PZankl @CAFinUS Realise, it doesn’t mean every single German murdered Jews You said “Nazi”... Therefore, to you,… @PZankl @CAFinUS When someone states “Germans”, it is “generalisation” It doesn’t mean EVERY German @_SaveOurStatues @369Bob Yusss! 😆 Suitably dealt with!Bears come on your property?😬 Well no problem when mighty dog is around.🤗 This puppy is fearless. And lucky 😬🤭 🐶…
Retweeted by GameChanger @boblister_poole @allxorxnothing Frankie Boyle used to be brilliant... ...then he went all soft and affectedFascists burning money 🤣😆 @McNulty_182 They're actually planning to burn books now!
Retweeted by GameChanger @Peston @BorisJohnson How spineless can one get Dysfunctional leftist is a thing You poor man @rickygervais Haa! Great comeback 😆 God will be angry @JoseMolinaTV Black women kill their unborn babies at an alarming rate Talk about that if you’re genuine #BLM @CAFinUS Correction... .. murdered by GermansThe Holocaust happened. Mothers and fathers. Brothers and sisters. Sons. Daughters. Babies. Murdered by Nazis. The Holocaust happened.
Retweeted by GameChanger @BenIrvineAuthor Collaborating with the Germans @ChrisJC12002 Weird how a lefty despises someone solely because they earn more than the lowest paid people Logic i…