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Michele D. 🍇 @gamecockmitch South Carolina, USA

E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!! Super Bowl LII Champs #FlyEaglesFly

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@GidgitVonLaRue yeah I was bummed by the CGI in the movie @GidgitVonLaRue @landofthe80s me too....really don't do horror and for some unknown reason I watched this on HBO, b… @GamecockWBB @lele4grissett Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎁
@TheSweetieClub LOL...please be careful and be sure to give us a report on how it tastes, especially if you try bla… @BleedingGreen While I love all my Super Bowl items, this jersey is my fave...wanted it for years and my sister gav… @TeyaSophia @jrasnake1 @GamecockWBB @dawnstaley @PlayersTribune #ThatsMyCoach #FAMs @TeyaSophia @jrasnake1 @GamecockWBB @dawnstaley @PlayersTribune I think we were all trying to access it at the same… @TheSweetieClub I have see Clearly Canadian in stores in South Carolina which also took me back. I wanted to try o… @TheSweetieClub While I'm familiar w/both Spin City & those Parent Trap movies, this is the first thing I think of… @breezyhalll We thank you for getting the chirping started 🐔🤙🏻 @Livestream4Cure @CancerResearch So glad that I was introduced to this wonderful cause thanks to @TwoPeasOnAPod & I…
@sherrijay23 Welcome to the FAM 🐔🤙🏻 @dawnstaley Here, here! @jreddlovette , this looks quite yummy! @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @sally_field @WhoopiGoldberg @RobertDowneyJr Also, if you haven’t watched the ABC spe… @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @sally_field @WhoopiGoldberg @RobertDowneyJr I was an AMC and OLTL fan & I would sche… @KrisWinters @MovieGeekCast FYI, I never meant for Animal to replace you but to join you, I should have said tri-hosts (is that a word?)
@Ihoop___22 Welcome to the FAM 🐔🤙🏻 @MovieGeekCast @EpicFilmGuys @Livestream4Cure Really enjoyed your segment last night! I think Animal should become… @Journeys_Film Was very excited to see this news today, I hate I didn’t get to see it in the theaters
@CreepPod So with that hint for next week's episode - was that your impersonation of the acutal creep or Dennis Quaid playing the creep? @KarenMPeterson I got these earlier this week @thecountdownpc Star Wars, Grease, Meatballs
@RidgeViewHoops @Ksessions_05 @GamecockWBB @rvhs @dawnstaley @PrepHoopsSC @SCHSL @DrFoxworth @JamieShaw5 Congrats Khadijah, well deserved! @slack2thefuture this!!! @SchittG @citizendamepod heard the mention of face masks being available in the store...definitely let us know when we can order them. @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @firebadpod Okay, you can't disappear again for months & I listen to this episode I'm reminded how much… @firebadpod OMG, what a wonderful surprise to see this on my took me a minute to realize which podcast it…
@CreepPod here’s something to make you smile, I pre-ordered these back in December and they arrived this week. @dorkingoutshow just finished the Patron episode for @CreepPod and heard what you are covering on Sunday...I'm so e… @GidgitVonLaRue that was mean...I'm not going to be able to get that visual out of my head now! Good thing it's on… @TLynnMichaels Hugs and prayers for you ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @TwoPeasOnAPod @EpicFilmGuys @Livestream4Cure Looking forward to listening to as much as I can throughout the event…
@SarahSpain @nyliberty @Layshiac Just finished listening to the episode, really great conversation and definitely o… @BallAndChainPod Not much of a puzzle person but I think 1 piece is worse...finally getting through the whole thing… @GTGMcast don’t know about the sequel, but u get The Gutte in this outfit in the first Police Academy @GTGMcast Here are my sequel suggestions, I actually saw each of these in the theater as a kid/teen so hopefully a… @beaglefacts Our Buffy turned 8 in February and it was around that time we noticed her eyelashes had turned white @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
@breezyhalll Welcome to the FAM 🐔🤙🏻 @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @RiskeAdam @fthismovie @NiaVardalos @Lainie_Kazan @louismandylor @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @RiskeAdam @fthismovie @NiaVardalos @Lainie_Kazan @louismandylor
@dorkingoutshow Perfect, should be back in the car after my weekly visit to the grocery store by then @dorkingoutshow @dorkingoutshow looking forward to today’s episode, hope it shows up on my feed soon @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
@testoftimepod I had just graduated from college & was in Florida staying with family when this came out & my 11y/o… @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @eilfmovies @thecountdownpc Love when someone mentions Time Bandits! @ErtzFoundation @PPCherryHill thanks again Zach, Julie and Tra for a fun night of painting.
@NDmom @SIA_Podcast Good to know that I'm not going totally crazy. @NDmom @SIA_Podcast I'm having major deja vu with the episode that just showed up in my feed....I know last episode… @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @paulscheer @GriffLightning @MPTF Got my tickets and looking forward to Friday night, will be the closest I’ve been…
@KarenMPeterson strange to see them play without helmets! @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
@GidgitVonLaRue @30Podcast This was one of the 4 I was trying to pick from. @GamecockWBB love when these type of tweets show up on my Timehop #FAMs @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @30Podcast This was tough, I could have picked 3 other movies but nostalgia took over and I decided on this one...A…
@workplacepod @AnOfficePod @Tall_Beets @mifflinpod May 19 Netflix #ILoveEverything #PattonOswalt (please RT) 💖
Retweeted by Michele D. 🍇 @joshgad @ReunitedApart Please tell me we will get at least a hint or two over the next week @TheSweetieClub Never saw this movie so was pleased for the 80s talk after. In a cool coincidence, I got a copy of… @somegoodnews @Starbucks @sevenly Thanks @johnkrasinski for giving us such wonderful & uplifting shows connecting u… @DissectThe80s AA was almost my Patron pick...I actually saw it in the theater b/c I was a huge Olympics fan & Mitc… @DissectThe80s I've never seen this one but I have seen the other movie with a male Olympic gymnast - American Anth… @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
@dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @TheStevenWeber Thansk for the Dorking Out recommendations, Dead To… @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @TheStevenWeber I only saw this movie once in the theater & that was… @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
@KarenMPeterson Best in Show is probably still my fave of those movies but I loved The Mighty Wind...have them both… @NBCGoodGirls Most excellent news!!!
@joe_manniello I’ve seen 39 on this list, I do see a few that are on my “I really need to see this one!” @Ieshiasmall24 I absolutely loved the full circle of that final scene...will miss this crazy, wild show #HTGAWM @DissectThe80s I still don't see the video on your Facebook page @AfterHoursCBS @ALawRadio @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @thecountdownpc 1 Chewbacca 2 Donkey from Shrek 3 Dory from Finding Nemo @tastelesspod @thecountdownpc Now that’s an Emily answer!
@Tall_Beets @tiffanyarment @ismh The wallpaper is Martin Short as his character Ed Grimley who was in numerous skit… @GidgitVonLaRue @theretrocinema I knew you would! @theretrocinema Here’s the movie I remember Yuji Okumoto from other than Real Genius, do u recognize this… @theretrocinema Looking forward to listening to this episode as I love this movie. A weird observation I had back… @jrasnake1 @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs @AfterHoursCBS @ALawRadio Cheese pizza #NotBoringButPure @ALawRadio
@JulieFoudy @amyvandyken Just started listening to the episode - Amy Van Dyken was my favorite athlete of the 1996… @hitRECordJoe @30Podcast I love this movie, can't believe it's 30 years old!!! @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs
Just a quick reminder. No matter how bad your day has been, or how stressed you are, or how worried you are about y…
Retweeted by Michele D. 🍇I see a familiar logo in this tweet @GamecockSoftbll @sportsmommy74 @TheSweetieClub @somegoodnews I don’t even drink Pepsi/soda anymore but I had to get a tote bag, great cause and love the artwork f… @jreddlovette Good morning FAMs