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Michele D. 🍇 @gamecockmitch South Carolina, USA

E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!! Super Bowl LII Champs #FlyEaglesFly

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@TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @BrooklynFitChik There is much less horror in the musical and I heard great things about it @TLynnMichaels OMG, I can’t believe I just got a tweet from “Nicole Julian”...I’m still bitter we didn’t get an end… @dorkingoutshow how about this one for the 90s in November? @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik I’ve never seen this movie because I don’t really do horror but I ha…
@GamecockWBB 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ @testoftimepod @MarisaMulqueen @Islanddelver_go Since u didn't mention it I wondered if u got the pop culture refer… @HDTGM Listening to the Prequel ep and I too had the Clue VCR Mystery Game, I got it for my Sweet 16 and loved playing it.
@CreepPod @TwoPeasOnAPod Well thanks to this episode I had to break open our candy for Trick or Treaters & eat a Reese's Cup.… @GeorgeTakei @workplacepod @officeladiespod I listened as well and really enjoyed it. @DannyDeraney
@SheaSerrano just arrived in the mail, can’t wait to dive in! @Kesandidge Looks like the weather could hold off until after the game or at least only the end of the game...anoth… @GamecockMBB @m_henry11 Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🐔🤙 @earwolf @AngelaKinsey @jennafischer The first episode showed up on my feed just now as I was going to bed, hate I…
@GamecockWBB Glad to see the media gave some love to @TyHarris_52 and @2121Mikiah
@mclane_jason @disneyplus I was just looking around myself to see if those were listed...I certainly hope they are included. @JulieFoudy @alexmorgan13 @kelleymohara So excited to know I get to hear the podcast daily this week!!! #DopeVillageLove this! @GidgitVonLaRue Very cool - will you tackle 2 stories in each part? @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @joshualeonard1 I had this hanging… @BrooklynFitChik @TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard Then my vote is for She’s All That @BrooklynFitChik @TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard I’m so bummed @BrooklynFitChik @TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard
@TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @BrooklynFitChik @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard It’s a must view an… @TheSoniaShow @dorkingoutshow @BrooklynFitChik @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard Please tell me that’s sarcasm?! @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @JoshuaLeonard And since you asked… @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik Interesting about Alison Pill...when u mentioned her movies I wonder… @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik @aheatherdonahue @MichaelCWilli13 @joshualeonard1 I saw this in the… @IsraelMukuamu 🐔🤙🏻 @GidgitVonLaRue @theretrocinema I picked The Good Life although I could have voted for any other than Time Out...I’… @dorkingoutshow I got it...will be listening in the car soon! And another horror type movie I’ve actually seen @dorkingoutshow Me when Dorking Out episode isn’t in my feed Sunday morning first thing
@JavonKinlaw is my hero!!! is #3 to honor his brother, South Carolina beats the #3 ranked team by 3 points with their 3rd string qb.…
Retweeted by Michele D. 🍇 @CreepPod I’m sure this guy is already on your list
@HDTGM Well I just finished catching up with the eps behind the paywall and I need to declare that @nicolebyer shou… @dorkingoutshow This was such a badass scene....loved JoBeth Williams in this movie!!! @feliciaday @NAMICommunicate Just ordered an Embrace Your Weird pin which will go along great w/my Embracelet charm I wear as a necklace. @theobserver @bobo2lit_ @NorthMeckFB @DaQonstewart @GamecocksFB What a great interview, I can't wait to see you in garnet and black 🐔🤙 @CreepPod Just finished listening to the episode and since you didn't bring it up I wanted to ask how the Patreon p… @SeasonDeeper @Louischalk7200 @tvark @80s_Kidz @80s90sNostalgi1 @willquinton73 @IL0VEthe80s @60s70s80sKids Like the… @Chadadada @workplacepod @ktlady623 Oh cool...there’s a bunch of good extras on this season’s DVD so definitely che…
@workplacepod @ktlady623 @Chadadada I forgot to ask after I listened to the episode, have you watched the final table read of the finale? @Journeys_Film @CulturessFS Excellent review, I had planned to see this anyway (w/AMC A-List I will try most anythi… @JulieFoudy @BillieJeanKing @LynnOlszowy I'm so psyched for next week's about this, who would win in a m… @theretrocinema With this being Halloween month I know most of my movie podcasts are doing horror movies which is m… @GamecockWBB needs to be November 1st right now!!! Can't wait to see this team on the court! @brooklynfritzy @CrohnsColitisFn Happy 50th to you....I'll be joining you at that 'magical' year in a little over a… @GamecockWBB @paradisejam Now that we have booked the trip and got the plane tickets I can officially say I'll be there...can't wait! @dawnstaley I know they will be amazing...that's why I'm dying to see them!!! @GamecockWBB @dawnstaley when do we get to see this year's shirts? #GHive #FAMs #SCWomanUp 🐔🤙 @WhoseRyanStiles Can't wait....I love @AmericanWifeABC & now adding a Drew Carey reunion w/@bader_diedrich and it w… @HootieTweets Hey @dariusrucker what's with the UNC hat?! @hopeusc1 @SEC @GamecockFB @GamecocksOnline @CFB150 Me too, this was my 1st game in person at W-B as a freshman at… @TheSweetieClub Anytime we sing Hail Holy Queen at Mass I laugh remembering the 1st version of it from the movie.… @TheSweetieClub You took me back when u commented how all nuns looked old. I remember thinking my 6th grade teacher… @TheSweetieClub I can’t believe you hadn’t seen this one but I have to remember how old you were when this was rel…
@JulieFoudy This makes me very happy - I have missed my weekly fix! #DopeVillage @dawnstaley @GamecockWBB @SavvyFive Happy birthday to you 🎉🎁🎉
@Journeys_Film @RottenTomatoes Mine arrived in the mail yesterday! @GamecockWBB @dawnstaley added to the collection in honor of Champ’s birthday and even got a visit from the dog him… @DissectThe80s Not a problem, gives me something to look forward to for #150 @DissectThe80s BTW, did I miss the anniversary episode? I sent in some Best of Andrew intros a while back but don’t… @DissectThe80s @Kesandidge A combo of both...the best mix! @DissectThe80s FYI, I wrote a 5 star review the other day for you...I honestly thought I had already done one way b… @SIA_Podcast Just finished the episode, impressed @NDmom , @SydGolic & @JGolic88 fought through the jetlag. Here i… @AJSmith2021 @SIA_Podcast @espngolic me too....I say it everytime I got through the roundabout near my house. @SIA_Podcast’s time...
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@MuggleCast It's a fitting name since I just made the Ravenclaw Quidditch team on Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery @MuggleCast thanks for letting me know that I can take the new Sorting Hat quiz & keep my house b/c the quiz was fu… @NDmom @SIA_Podcast oh cool....didn't want to have to go another couple weeks to hear about the latest Golic adventures. @SIA_Podcast @NDmom do we get an episode this week? I believe the Golics are in various parts of the world so I won… @InLovePodcast Really enjoyed this week's episode, I've been following @StopTweetingMia on Twitter for a while now…
@dorkingoutshow Please, please, please @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik As always, I love that you start my Sunday w/lots of laughs. I saw t… @dorkingoutshow @TheSoniaShow @BrooklynFitChik Yay! Finally get to listen to a horror episode about a movie I’ve actually seen!!! @Chadadada @workplacepod I saw the episode show up in my feed but I am holding off listening because I don’t want t… @dawnstaley @GamecockWBB Love the rap but even more, need to know where we can buy that cool Gamecock hat!!! @OriginalFunko @NY_Comic_Con Dwight, Daria and Bluntman & Chronic
@CreepPod Me waiting on the What A Creep Patreon page...
@BallAndChainPod @Journeys_Film Interesting on Dora...I just have nightmare flashbacks of the cartoon my nephew watched when he was little @unspooled mine just started downloading...yay me! @Journeys_Film I'm looking forward to seeing #2 & 5 when they come to my city, saw #1 & really enjoyed, not familia… @theretrocinema This is one of my faves of the 80s, The Muppets Take Manhattan...I remember being in the theater &…
@workplacepod I love hearing your take on the episodes and look forward to another bonus Patreon episode or two (wink, wink) @unspooled I had actually never seen either Godfather movie but knowing they were coming up on the podcast I checke… @tugs_ Happy Birthday to you!!! @gabydunn @bufferingcast This makes me so happy...miss hearing Gaby on the podcast!
@GamecockMBB This is very cool! @wis10 This is Daisy...she’s actually no longer with us but she would have been 16 today @KateFlannery @pashapashkov86 @DancingABC You were incredible last night!!! #TeamThatsWhatKateSaidCongrats Coach @dawnstaley let's get this season started!!! #SCWomanUp #GHive #FAMs @GamecockWBB
@Jammierobinson6 @_Theblackqueen_ That was such a cool play! @firebadpod Yay - so happy to see this episode in my feed this morning. Also learned I shouldn't be drinking somet…
@GamecockWBB OMG...please let the next month go by fast...I’m ready for some 🏀🏀🏀