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Game Director at @FourCircleInt. 10 SECOND NINJA X coming to Switch!!! Making REDACTED. Worked on Castles in the Sky. BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. He/him.

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@OxyOxspring Did it workHe likes to be close @IamJustChillin0 Every time I am reminded of bebo I age another ten years @DanielCake @Fightsgame
@DanielCake Honestly I was thinking about how sick our next work week will eventually be the entire time @GhostCrabGames Yeah - for some reason (I guess lucasarts ties?) Han Solo and Indiana Jones are both playable with cheatsHan NO Star Wars @JohnnyCullen @Raycevick I'm with Johnny - WHATGran Tourismo 3s presentation is still so good. Twenty years old! @DanielCake Default controls are move and strafe on right stick. Best I could find after that was turn and move on… is a pretty good gag though called your kid Lazarus Jones what did you EXPECT to happen? this game does not hold up at allI just had to check when Fur Fighters on PS2 came out because the first proper mission takes place in the "two towe… this is pretty fucking rude the boy about culture a good weekend @DanielCake @GeorgeOsborn Can't believe a teacher would lie to your parents like that @charisreid_ Thank you I've been trying to place this for ages
@Lo_Fi_ I agree, I just don't really think that factors into my point much?8 year old me trying to seem cool to adults: the new MINI isn't even SMALL!! @AlexRoseGames Alex I feel I can guarantee this won't be 60fps 😅 I agree though. The style seems poorly utilized f… @mattpurslow @samwrite Tbf I think there's probably an argument to me made that a reluctance to change or advance t… @TheSakeDiary Ohhh yeah that's clear as day. So weird @its_natclayton If nothing else I think Pokemon games should have more cohesively defined and executed art styles j… cool if you don't care about visuals in games. Even better if you managed to parlay that into a flimsy personal… I think it's kind of fine to dunk on the graphics of a game that absolutely should have the resources an… the broad pitch for the game is good as hell and I've wanted something like this for ages, I just don't know w… of them to decide on 'low-mid budget Steam survival game' as an aesthetic choice while I was still in school/university and finances were unstable for a good few years. Was very reliant on…'t stress enough how right I think the philosophy behind Halo Infinite is. I'm so excited for it and everything in this post looks greatAmericans who stayed up for Wandavision just as their European followers wake up @DanielCake Good night from cousin Rascal
Well, this is looking a LOT nicer @Kaceycalhoon I'm excited for it. Your output has been especially good at the mo @Kaceycalhoon I don't have a suggestion but I am begging you not to call it 'The Fall of Duty'Cultural legs, I mean. Obviously he has plenty of leg to spareI want this character to have legs so someone can make a mortifying Cooking Mama style game about him🧑‍🍳🍳
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan Pearce @Motherplayer @GameAnim This is such a good read of this game @GameAnim Klonoa 2. With the variously themed worlds, including 2 that were polar opposites being in constant joy a…
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan PearceWhat's a game that's entire aesthetic spoke to you? Mirror's Edge's (2008) visuals and music was perfect for me at…
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan Pearce @babyleafsaladd Don't tell Him @TheCodeTroll He learned: Dan's lap is warm Downstairs exists Laser dot can't dieHarassing my cat at all hours of the day by singing to him like Jan Levinson @PixieStitchs props for choosing one that could be both a romanceable NPC and a final bossAbsolutely cannot stop thinking about long limbed chefHey, #SayNOMore is coming this year 👀 Who's hyped?
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan PearceDon't notice it, thanksPost a picture of yourself as a romanceable NPC and also please ignore the hair on my t shirt because I'd just give… did the writer of Goodbye Horses think was going to happen to all the horses
hey sHUT UP sean beanThe Civilisation VI menu music is so inspiring that I'm genuinely moved. Having a full on thrillhouse moment right… @HarrisFoster The Kitchen Nite-Mare EventAwh just thought about Satoru Iwata :(Fights in Tight Spaces is out, buy it. Or RT this. Or say nice things for my monkey brain to enjoy:
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan Pearce @NightmareModeGo Ah no they got her all wrong. They clean faces modded her. Her personality doesn't come through ri… @DanielCake Reminding me that I really should finish up and release that Daniel Scales tweet generator I startedSo no judgement, Quentin, you can't help having a weird footy brain. You can only help mistreating Uma Thurman, for… once went on a date with a Biology grad who told me that feet fetishes actually happen because the part of the br… it, bought a passive aggressive "please ring the bell" plaqueI also really appreciate them writing the number so unclearly that I ended up having to check with two different ne… appreciate delivery drivers have it tough at the best of times but I am baffled by the one who apparently didn't… @lmichet I am five seasons into this show and I still have no greater clarity on whether it does this stuff on purposeToday on "whoah, that's CHEAP" - it's Dicey Dungeons, now less than 4 quid on Steam. Everyone's favourite…
Retweeted by 🌌 Dan Pearce @WritNelson I agree with this. I kind of get the impression it's more common to get successful throwback games that…
While I typed this he managed to flatten himself under this bookshelf love making the "well yeah, if you called your kid [very telling name] what did you EXPECT to happen" joke and ye… @SamuriFerret Thank you, fellow ONM alumni! @AliceLPearce @Cassiesmyth They tasted fineBy pure coincidence the Marge Simpson Anime zine by @soolagna_ebooks I ordered arrived on my birthday and it's gorg… am glad it is a sunny day @Pat_Bren_Writer Please, my studies! @RaveofRavendale Not Tomorrow No, Your Grace Ascenders @DjackDDonovan Im sorry for both of us @itsJenSim He's a good egg and despite having known me for about three days I'm sure he's working on them right now @JohnnyCullen Thank you dude 😁 @GaryJKings New birthday (if the world is safe) I want to do a birthday party called like Dan Pearce: a Danniversar… @Notoriously_BIG Thank you! :D @Martin_Wolf Hopefully he respects me more with my newfound age and wisdom @Thene_tho Holy shit I might tbh @WritNelson Cheers dude ❤️ @Pierrari458 👴 @its_natclayton Most wonderful time of year imo @LotteMakesStuff 🎈🎈🎈 @TheCodeTroll Cheers dude 😁 @MckKirk Thanks man! Hope you're good! @Chimpy20 Better get my new cat coding then @Optimaximal Cheers! 🧒 @KieranMcClung Thank you! @GaryDooton I am building Lego in bed then toying with a side project and eating cake. Is that goofing off enough @DanielCake RI-PEA @minimme Even though I own a WiiU I am still consistently surprised to remember it exists whenever someone mentions it @SamMGreer I knew this was coming but didn't expect you to be so fast off the draw. Props! @graceblaise Thanks mum