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Goodnight. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @Ninten_Domain @jmakstak Correct! @Ninten_Domain @jmakstak Yeah she’s 5am to 12pmI'm now the kind of person who say "I'm just going to play Animal Crossing for a short break" and the break now lasts 5 hours
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Another week, another stream. Gonna be going live in a bit. Hope to see you there!
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @ECreatesAudio @jmakstak You don’t have Nook’s Cranny yet! That’s why.Why I love #ACNH. channel trailer for the upcoming Twitch page remodel. @Earthworm_Joe made this one and all the other edited vid…
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫The Great Gatsby spoilers but there's no context
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Opinion: We Must Make S the First and Most Powerful Letter in the Alphabet
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @ECreatesAudio @pettycommajared YES! As god intended.When you’re playing Animal Crossing and the animals start crossing
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫once again the powers that be try to trick the masses into thinking they can't have the things they so desperately…
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So... no one's gonna tell me how to get Tifa's abs huh?I was 27 when I started at IGN. I’ve been at IGN for almost half a decade. Wtf.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @ParallaxStella Smile.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Portal, BOTW, The Last of Us. a chance to work on video portion of @TomRMarks fantastic review for FF7R. Check it out!
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Love this art to share my good news. This Wednesday I start a new position as an SEO Editor for GameSpot. I couldn’t be more excited and grateful.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫I reviewed Final Fantasy 7 Remake for IGN, it's a really great game! The combat is fantastic, it looks amazing, a…
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Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @gennhaver Thanks! Mom made them for my birthday several times over while I was time traveling for guides lol☎️☎️☎️
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @blckTSLA The wand lets you swap between outfits. There are different kinds of wands but all of them require star f… and many other outfits are available in our guide. All credit to Rosie from Glimmer for this cute look.… time! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @FakeGamerGuyCom That’s what I compared it too as well.Sunday with my bf and family. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch a lot done today. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch I cheated my way to 5 mil and still refused to buy it. Too rich for my blood and it doesn’t even look good. Day 22:
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @johnaponte123 Ayyyyy Super Mario Sunshine check.
@trufflettes ByeOur group chat has officially become ACNH chat. gotta make your own fun sometimes.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @MaxGingold Everthing got all cluttered so I have to reorganize!Having a regular Sunday. it’s me in my early 20s and yes I’m only 26. 🙃 this is so cute and creative. am SO STOKED to announce that tomorrow | 3:30 PM PT/6:30 PM ET | I'll be going live with the third episode of my…
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫listen, i love New Horizons, but let me just say, i never want to craft another fucking tool ever again
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫is it just me or are there no good god damn TABLES in ACNH
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Want to track your Bunny Day crafting status in Animal Crossing? Our @IGNwikis team made a handy checklist:
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @CgullzNS I’m not ashamed or mad. I just firmly disagree. it’s silly and reductive to call every game a kids game j… @CgullzNS It’s not tho which is the point of the tweet. @totallysize Cool! Thanks! Most of them are boring to me except for the balloons, crown, and wreath. The party outfit is cute too. @totallysize Lots of cherry too these are harder to get I’ve found. @totallysize All the egg day recipes and a checklist you can use to keep track (it saves automatically) @TayNixster Do it. compliments and kind words from the very same folks I looked up and learned from all these years means so m…
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @totallysize Which themed items? The egg recipes or the cherry blossom ones? @Luceobrien Lmao. Eat the egg Lucy. @totallysize Dope! Good luck @dany156 I will say when a game’s length is more mysterious or extreme we often discuss how meaty or not it is. I r… @dany156 Sometimes we mention it and we’ve started doing How Long Is... articles as a supplement. The reality is ev… love that our review policy is “it worth your time?” And not “is it worth your money?” I was a broke freelancer R… thread. I’ll add tho that I don’t think you should buy a “9 over a 7.” Buy what you want. I don’t know your t… @sdcazares1980 It’s not the target audience though. Their commercially literally shows both an adult and a teenager… @Video_GameBoy @ZachariusD It’s a Hot Toddy: tea and bourbon. @Video_GameBoy @ZachariusD There are rumors that you don’t need the clothes but my interpretation is you need all o… this idea bc it's so fucking smart and cute @kaeveeoh It was sitting in Isaiah's closet for a while but... idk honestly. What I lack in cooking I make up for i… 18 of Quarantine. I couldn’t stand working at this disgusting keyboard anymore. Here’s the before and after. Wo…'s see if I can finally finish my MVP goal tonight 🍿🦦
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫FWIW there ARE times where budget wise I do want a longer game but I’m not mad the short game isn’t “long enough” I… is some of y’all would rather eat at old country buffet than have a great, small meal. Friday and also E G G. @dirtbagboyfren It will be okay I hope! Scary times for everyone. @Orangutrain @ShinyCaseyD @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @HavokRose @TomRMarks Yes. Decorate your island more for better… @Ninten_Domain Yeah if you say anything ppl say you're complaining about a kid's game and that's dumb.Same is true with Pokémon.
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I don't know who needs to see this but: don't call it a kids game unless it's a game that's literally made for kids…’m jealous of all this. is gonna be dope. Ready to fill the E3 gap with some cool stuff.'ve been working on a mascot design for this and they were all rejected. Hopefully I can get one in by June.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Damn. Wish I knew that before going to the grocery store. you’re also a great musician I the game??? @fuchsiarascal I didn’t. I’ll give it a look!Iron Galaxy Studios is entirely WFH due to COVID-19, but we're still hiring, interviewing (via Zoom) and onboarding…
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @fuchsiarascal Lmk if our guide ever has inaccurate info!/lmk if you’d want to contribute. Anyone can edit them. Bu… @Luceobrien Isaiah is playing AC but still doesn’t give a fuck about looking at my character’s new outfits. He’s ni… to impress my girlfriend by telling her I’d changed my animal crossing song to the theme of the 1995 movie ‘H…
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @fuchsiarascal Lots of people out here dropping inaccurate info (likely totally well intentioned!) but don’t delete… Just better odds. DAY!!
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫I was gonna make this too lmao but I couldn’t figure it out these to our guide. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫LMAO. to live out my dreams with a nice robe, a good drink, and a set of ears. It’s a nice Thursday night.… shit #ThrowbackThursday
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫March 1st vs. April 1st
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫Bookcase installed. Home complete.
Retweeted by Janet Garcia 🎮 💫 @pettycommajared Idk if pride is the word but EGG. @_mandotorres Pls no i will make you eggsUnwinding after work. when someone asks a question that’s answered in our @IGNwikis. #ACNH #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions questions pls. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch