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@tylerohlew Only the limited editions are limited. Everything else will be available for as long as there’s interest @ComputerCellar @IaMthisISJeremy @mudron It’s 176 10x8” pages, not THAT thin @thegameboygts @Nikoro @mudron Most likely! Somewhere down the road @benjedwards @mudron They, in fact, are
The limited collector’s editions are, as the name says, limited. The standard books won’t be. They’ll remain in pri… @MrFrankensteed @mudron Only the limited editions are limited @Nikoro @mudron No, it seemed kinda weird to publish through another publisher when I work AT a publisher, you know…'m happy my babies will finally be going on sale soon. These two were in the works for a long time, and I'm really… upset about indoor dining rules should only be allowed to eat at restaurants where employees aren’t re…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound Unit @DrTedros "Accordingly, WHO is calling for a moratorium on boosters until at least the end of September, to enable…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound Unit @Foone Good on them for pursuing an education while also chasing booty. I respect the hustleIf you missed out on @TributeGames most excellent Panzer Paladin (one of my fav games) then you are in luck!…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound UnitSome terribly sad news. These books have been a real inspiration for my own work, as well as a wellspring of meanin… @Cinjeopardy Thank you for your feedback @abzeronow I mean, Super Cassette Vision did offer RGB output while the Famicom only had RFAnd on the patron feed today, there’s a look at some forgotten slip of an NES game called “Metal Gear.” Wonder what… does what Nintendon’t week on Game Boy Works: A look at THREE different games. First there's Klax, then Ginga (aka Tornado Appetizer… @LetItMelo Please, sir. My cheeks are so cold. And my sphincter so chafed @LetItMelo Cammy is just over here happy to finally get to wear her pants at last
@DamienMcFerran @polymegaHQ That is correct @cbake76 @_simon_cox There’s also this thing, which is going up for sale imminently… @cbake76 @_simon_cox Red Alarm @robokick Lemme tell you a story... a story about a fella, name o' Akitoshi Kawazu @cvxfreak Did Patrick Swayze’s ghost make that? @rdbaaa Nah. I didn’t pull screenshots for those articles, and I’m always meticulous about crediting sources. @haIfwayback Thanks, I’m mucking around with the demo now!I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this habit! @Foone I’m unreasonably excited for the Sega-themed one being released this monthMe, visiting the Switch eShop for the first time in months: Haha, yes, time to buy and explore a bunch of games I’v… deaths have been linked to getting vaccinated and 4.23 MILLION deaths have been linked to NOT getting vaccinated. It’s so hard to decide.
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound Unit
@koleross Great, another RepublicanGet ready for some smooth RPG jazz on this week's early access podcast episode, all about Breath of Fire III and IV…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound UnitI do regret that the nature of this role makes a totally remote hire unrealistic, but given how much hands-on work… @brandonrchinn Unfortunately, remote-only is not an option for this role, as it will involve dealing regularly with… @ProfessorChime Yep @elektrotal It is at least a part-time on-site role, yes, because it will involve a lot of hands-on with press proo… @RussFrushtick Pretty much any year during their PlayStation 1 run?Do you love to write about indie and retro games? Do you love working in print media? Would you love to work (with… @griph I should tell you about the Tarkus RPG I want to design someday @SmokeMonsterTWI This is amazing! Thanks for the link.I regret to inform everyone that I have managed to procure a Super Cassette Vision RGB cable, which means I will be… sums up the giant gaping holes in my neighborhood. The Man who ran the best sandwich shop, the deli taken over…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound Unit @R66Yprometheus You really need to watch the EVA series before the Rebuilds. The movies are not just remakes, and t… @kidfenris My working theory is that they keep going back to this well because they’re trying to make themselves fe… @iamnotatwit It even has the correct startup sound
@RedSwirl I dunno, it's on some streaming service that costs too much and delivers too little... they all blur together at this pointI started rewatching the Evangelion Rebuild movies in anticipation of the final chapter hitting Netflix, and I'd fo… @DrTableDesk Welp... I was going to point you to the huge Charisma Years vinyl set I bought last year for about $12… @DrTableDesk Great find! Amazing album. @WhimsicalPhil Please don't let Abrams see this, we don't need to give him any more terrible ideas @daehruoyserehw This has become something of a running joke with @LimitedRunJosh—"Hey Jeremy, here is another terri… @AwesomePhone @daehruoyserehw It's just going to be 10 minutes of the sound of a toilet flushing @AlanJohnson @GenePark Yep. Marvel ran a fire sale on their properties in the ’90s to in order to survive bankruptc… @daehruoyserehw At the very least, I need to take a long, long nap before I will be able to muster up the energy to… realized I've edited together nearly an hour's worth of video this weekend. Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I *…, his taste buds delighted, I am workshopping an EXTREMELY good Star Trek: The Next Generation joke right now, please stay tuned we're doomed to relive the first few months of 2020 over and over again, can't we at least have the stimulus che… @AutomaticZen I learned early on to keep a huge box of them on hand at all times to minimize late night trips to th…, the ol’ “2 a.m. smoke detector battery alert that doesn’t stop chirping even with new batteries.” Love it @LimitedRunJames No kidding @ArtofNP Sounds like an issue for HR to addressLog off by destroying the baby Reaper rather than giving it to Cerberus @iFixRetro If I were ever to put together videos or a book on the PC Engine library, I’d need to photograph the box… @FakeGamerGuyCom It's never the wrong time to enjoy a nice heaping bowl of just plain ol' hayashi
Update to the previous graphic I had posted. Illustrates the differences in outcomes based on vaccine. COVID vaccin…
Retweeted by Jeremy Parish Mark III with FM Sound Unit @nadiaoxford I wouldn't... I only invest money into old game tech that allows me to record footage for videos and b… @kobunheat I honestly didn't realize things were THIS dire @SpaceCptZemo More like: I mean* @sacaitlin Adding another $50 for shipping on something you've marked up several thousands dollars really is the ultimate kiss-offA Japanese retailer I follow on Instagram posted notice that they have a PC Engine LT in stock, so I clicked throug… @iiotenki So her strategy is basically the "prisoner's dilemma" approach @kthorjensen Jack Handy, Trippin' Balls Edition
@DoctorP00 (I was joking) @DoctorP00 omg spoilers @atweetingtwit Iggy's final episode destroyed me, man @GregLescoe As the opening credits roll on a new episode, I sometimes am forced to take a moment to contemplate the… @OhPoorPup Am I... having a stroke? I don't understand what I'm seeing here @atweetingtwit It's so ridiculous, but it's so unashamed of being ridiculous, and as a result it treats all its cha…, I finished Golden Wind today. I have to say, I have really come to admire JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for the adep… @abzeronow Furniture @momopeche Wow, that's almost Spotify-level wealth you're rolling inVery awesome of this delivery of a 90-pound (!) parcel, which I had to lug up two flights of stairs to our front en… @LetItMelo You're good people, Greg @FlemishDog @Chrontendo I will also accept an ancient man/woman who dispenses cryptic wisdom to those who seek their knowledgeUpdate: It turns out I also spoiled myself! Wow!I decided to spoil Cat for her birthday tonight by taking her to the nicest restaurant in the area. There was a whi…
Dammit, the simulation is glitching again @jaytholen @koleross Definitely the rhythm section's prominence (and its unusually sharp sound quality). I think al… @jaytholen @koleross Back in college (the ‘90s), some friends heard me listening to “Halleluwah” and refused to bel… me up for a lifetime subscription to the Booster Of The Month Club, tbh
@GideonZhi Sounds pretty similar to they way they structure mortgages. You're nearly halfway through the term befor… @BBolander Oh no... @jwestonharvey I agree, you're a bad person.Just restating once again, for the record, that I paid off my college debt years ago during some painfully lean tim… @vgmlife @retronauts We're going to start doing some Pokémon deep-dive episodes next year, there'll be plenty of talk about Lugia then @retr0ali Truly a system designed specifically for me, a nearsighted personWe live in a world of chaos and decline, but take heart in knowing there are a few constants you can count on. Such… @redgluten Manga