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Splitgate servers continue to suffer from the game's overwhelming popularity. PlayStation 5's $500 disc edition is no longer being sold at a loss. only have a few days left to grab huge deals on 700+ Xbox games and accessories! Stranger Things Season 4 is taking so long, according to the show's director:
This Call of Duty plot twist completely rocked our world. Did you see it coming? 🤯 and when to get early access to the Back 4 Blood Beta: that a Halo Easter egg we spy in Ryan Reynolds' new Free Guy poster? Because it sure looks like one:… Elizabeth Winstead turns deadly assassin on a mission for revenge in the first bone-crunching trailer for Netf…, Clickers are still just as anxiety-inducing on PS1... 🙃 Before its launch, The Last of Us Part 2 got an impre… White, the voice of Muriel from the cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog passed away last Friday. RIP ❤️ new red-band trailer for the long-awaited Don't Breathe 2 is here, and it's twisted AF: Gunn responds to the review bombing for The Suicide Squad, saying it "means nothing." new clip from Marvel's new Disney+ series 'What If...?' shows Steve Rogers as the proto-Iron Man! 🤯 Gunn's The Suicide Squad is poised to make $30-40 million at the U.S. box office this weekend. 💸… World, the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon, has been delayed for the third time. of Thrones star Kit Harington opens up about how filming the epic series caused his mental health issues.… Infinite beta really struggles on older consoles, according to a new performance report:… set photos from HBO's The Last of Us TV show reveal Calgary's transformation into a post-pandemic wasteland:…'s Ariana Grande skin has been revealed in preparation for one of the game's biggest events ever!… "Regarding the supply of semiconductors, we are not concerned." Sony has assured investors that the company h…'s a few more weeks? months? years? 😂 Here's every game delayed in 2021 so far: announces PS5 sales numbers, and says putting MLB on Xbox was a good move: first Halo Infinite mutliplayer beta is over, and while we wait for the next one, developer 343 Industries has… Rogen assures fans he has not been kidnapped after this video goes viral on TikTok: Gunn talks about how to kill Suicide Squad characters: Industries makes changes to Halo Infinite thanks to your multiplayer beta feedback: than 2,500 PC games are discounted right now thanks to this huge summer sale!'s first superhero movie focusing on a Latino character picks up steam, casting Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña!… up on Steam games with Fanatical's bargain bundles!'s PlayStation freebies are now live! What are you playing first? to make the switch to a keyboard and mouse for either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? Here's your ultimate gui… up on Steam games with Fanatical's bargain bundles! 2042 features a US-Russia proxy war: Immortal has been delayed to 2022. the Xbox Game Pass games to play this month!'s stock drops after a state-run news agency in China called video games "spiritual opium."… Cry 5 is free-to-play this weekend on all platforms! Let's revisit the secret endings of both Far Cry 4 & 5. Di… multiverse presented in the upcoming Marvel animated anthology What If....? is officially MCU canon!… head of Blizzard's human resources became the second executive to leave the company today in the wake of a rece… of Duty quietly adds the CX-9 SMG and fan-favorite John "Soap" MacTavish operator pack to Modern Warfare and W…
This year's new Call of Duty game is coming in Q4 and will feature "substantial innovation" to Warzone!… Blizzard says "people will be held accountable" in the wake of the recent state of California lawsuit th… really can't make this stuff up. first image from The Lord of the Rings TV series may be hiding plot clues... 🔍👀 are some of your and our best gameplay moments from the Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta! What did you think of… confirms its heatsink-included SSD is PS5-compatible.🎬 It's a wrap! Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series finishes filming on Season 1, and we got a behind-the-scenes sn… for select players to play Battlefield 2042 next week are going out now! it to Geralt to make pixels sexy... 🛀🏻 Here's how The Witcher 3's steamy tub scene compares on @alundbjork's…'s Xbox Game Pass titles have been revealed! Here's what's new and what's leaving: Blizzard is being sued once again, this time in a class-action lawsuit claiming that the company made "f… Cry 5 will be free-to-play this weekend across all platforms! for #MARVELFutureRevolution now and receive a free costume at launch! Find out more details here: announces the new special-edition Xbox Series X|S Aqua Shift controller!'s PlayStation freebies are now live! What are you playing first? Guy's new trailer shows off Ryan Reynolds as an extremely buff dude... Watch the trailer here:…🚨 PS5 Restocks: GameStop Has Bundles In Stock For Pro Members 👉 5 sells 150 million copies as GTA online continues to grow: Prime's free games for August are now live! Check them out:'s president is leaving the company in the wake of the ongoing lawsuit over sexual harassment and discrimin… do you think of the McDualSense? 👀 finally have our first look at the highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings TV show! biggest TV shows to add to your binge-watch list this year: 30 games for the price of one with this sweet game bundle: to claim your August freebies on Amazon Prime! something to hold you over until Season 6 of Rick and Morty? Behold, RICK AND MORTY ANIME:… could be making his way back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons! World was Steam's best-selling game last week! MORE things you still didn't know in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!'s a fantastic anime Blu-ray sale at Amazon today! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, and SNL writer and host Colin Jost will bring the boys to life!… 2 should have committed to that ridiculous wig on Woody Harrelson. three full days of testing, the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview has officially ended. If you didn… FIFA 22 reveals an in-depth look at gameplay! and Bungie have filed a joint lawsuit against cheat distributor Ring-1.
One of Kit Harrington's favorite memories from Game of Thrones was peeing in Iceland. we go again! Halo Infinite battle royale rumors are making the rounds again... 2042 doesn't have a campaign, but EA and DICE aren't abandoning the story altogether...… new games for August's PlayStation Now reveal three big names! approaching Halo Infinite with some concern, the multiplayer preview won us over--and the grappleshot is a…'s your last chance to claim July PlayStation freebies! has assembled a team of big names to lead the development of the Dead Space remake. 👀 Kasady's new story, the first look at Shriek, and more! Here's everything you missed in the new Venom 2 trai… and Morty reveals a new anime short from the director of Tower of God! Watch it now: Halo Infinite get a battle royale mode, and does it even need one? We break down all rumors and possibilities:… Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series will launch in September 2022! Check out the show's first image:… brand-new look at the vicious #Carnage from the new Venom 2 trailer! blocks McDonald's Australia from giving away horrifying PS5 controllers... rounded up the top Halo Infinite plays and skills from the multiplayer preview weekend! 🤩 MacFarlane says he regrets having Family Guy on Fox due to Tucker Carlson's comments: media remote for Xbox Series X|S has been announced, and is up for preorder now: Halo Infinite campaign spoilers have leaked via the beta: A new Venom 2 trailer delivers slimy alien mayhem! Watch the trailer here: World was Steam's best-selling game last a lot: to claim your August freebies on Amazon Prime! to install the Halo Infinite beta:'s 8 most horrifying moments that terrified the bejesus out of us: best Xbox Series X games to play in 2021! 🏆 you're looking to expand your internal PS5 storage, here's everything you need to know about the M.2 SSD expansi…'t miss your chance to preorder the new Nintendo Switch OLED: