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Kick-off your season on the all-new @EAMaddenMobile app and enter The Yard: Underground. Create and customize you…
Retweeted by GameStopWhat are you most hoping to see during today's @PlayStation State of Play? Tune in details:…
Stroll on over to and join us for some Ooblets! you're a PowerUp Rewards members -- it's your lucky week. Now through 8/8, get a $10 coupon back when you spend…
Another solid week coming up on If you haven't yet, head over, follow the channel, and m… is our @Intellivision Amico™ Special Event Announcement Trailer #2! Prepare yourself for August 4th! August…
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Our big PC Sale ends TODAY. You've been warned. @Xbox @PodsofWar The coordination is just unbelievable @Illinoizboy2029 It’s about quality not quantity @aarondamron1988 @xoxo_RETRO @wefixitinpost1 This doesn’t sound super “scientific”
Change of plans. We're pulling an audible today on and playing some Grounded! See ya soon! @DrummerGirl3129 It had to be done, Emily @SuitJames @gamergoo @MsJava1972 @Mike_Haracz Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard @unCAGEDgamez Welcome to the fam!𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿: Our Outlaws Watch Party with @Gamestop is tomorrow at 4PM CT! Watch the match against LA Valiant with th…
Retweeted by GameStop @XboxAmbassadors Good lookin’ out! @itisnotbinary @RKGvideo @lucyjamesgames @IrregularDave @tamoorh @GameSpot You do this to me on Battletoads day? @AelOmeara Gotta be, right? @ToddFifty That’s easy @OneFordyBoi Ask us again on 8/20 @Wicket_Wesley @NefferLeMort You say that like the flashbacks ever stopped @releasethedogs @NintendoAmerica @RareLtd Take a breath there, fella @ToddFifty Do tell @rare_fan @RareLtd @dlalastudios All of these tweets are great you’re on fire. @ScottsAlive 2020 is wild @rare_fan @RareLtd @dlalastudios An officer is on the way. Stay low and out of sight. @r0mbag Not usually how people tell us we were a part of their childhood, but we’ll take itHow many regular toads does it take to make one Battletoad? @djtyrant Yea that too @Jebailey @thaboy2007 don't you dare @PapaBear6910 Today's a big day, let's just put it that wayFor what it's worth, we've always wanted a Battletoads game on Wii too @fizz_feb @RareLtd 👀 @Feadds @GreenPowerStar @BrightsideCuz @RareLtd I know that feeling @RareLtd You guys had one job @RareLtd Was that you that just called?Ok, NOW we have Battletoads. Well, you can pre-order it at least.
The month is almost over, so now's the perfect time to check out this amazing AR cover from Game Informer featuring…
Hey, have you checked out our big PC Sale yet?
Follow the wind over to and join us as we dive back into Ghost of Tsushima!
We're sticking with sure things this week on
Don't worry PC players, we've got you covered too. Get the PC gear you need in our PC Sale, all week long.…
Catch some great games, & help a great cause. Tune in today & tomorrow for the two-day live stream of Extra Life Ph… in on the action and check out the @Outlaws watch party tomorrow at 6pm CT over on their Discord at…'s your last chance to save BIG on collectibles. @miesche As long as you’re staying safe, that’s all we care about. Hope to see ya soon (when things settle down of course)!
We are: ⚫Going live on ⚫Playing various demos from the Xbox Game Showcase ⚫Super excited a… Esports' EDGE kicks off tomorrow and we're happy to be airing it on Head on over and fo…
There it is. #XboxGamesShowcase that a... oh god is looking awesome on the #XboxGamesShowcase the @gameinformer team as they get ready for today's Xbox Games Showcase stream. While you watch, sign-up to g… @epicon2013 @iLaXaM_ Yea same
@Meg_Kaylee populated by Nomads, the Badlands are the vast plains outside of the city proper. Unchecked resource extra…
Retweeted by GameStopAttention collectors: This week only -- buy two POPs, get one free. PLUS we'll throw in a free POP Protector case.…
@MaeumMingham Reach out to our guest care team via the link in our bio. They’ll get you taken care of!Join Matt Miller, Kim Wallace, and Alex Stadnik as they dive into a handful of exciting new titles as part of the X…
Retweeted by GameStopRace on over to and join us for some Paper Mario: The Origami King!
Paper Mario and... well... lots of other stuff, this week on
If you're a collector, you're going to want to see this...
Follow the wind! @ananxiousbee @Pokemon Shhhhhh
@Pokemon Seems vaguely familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it're about to go live over on for some Ghost of Tsushima with special guest Nate Fox, the… the action during the Outlaws watch party as they take the Dallas Fuel TODAY at 4pm CT. Head over to their Dis… paper-crafted kingdom is in trouble, and there's only one person who can help. Paper Mario: The Origami King is… aside Samurai tradition and become the Ghost of Tsushima.
Join us tomorrow at 2pm CT as we check out Ghost of Tsushima on with special guest, Creativ… @fugginbish @BestBuy daughter and I hit @GameStop up she got Roblox action figures and I got a Warhammer 40k & Fallout pop for $3.97…
Retweeted by GameStopElegant black or grey with a pop of color, choose the controller that allows you to #PlayYourWay no matter where li…
Retweeted by GameStop @Embernvrbreaks @steinekin Late to the party, but this is the correct answer @Jasonmer19 They’ll be able to get it figured out for youWe keep asking @PlayStation the same question @Jasonmer19 Hi Jason, reach out to our Guest Care team via the link in our bio and they’ll get you fixed up! @DallasFuel The cake is a lie apparently
Enlighten your path -- our Ghost of Tsushima Q&A with @SuckerPunchProd will show you the way.… storm is coming. Pre-order Ghost of Tsushima now: y'all! We're partnering up with @Gamestop to host a watch party for the upcoming match against @DallasFuel on o…
Retweeted by GameStop @Outlaws @DallasFuel 👀
We're about to go live over on for some UNO, and things might get tense. 😬 hello to our little friend - the Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller for #NintendoSwitch! This compact controller…
Retweeted by GameStop @Forceboink is back with some more Lucio tips! In the 2nd @Gamestop Clinic's episode, he'll be going through advanc…
Retweeted by GameStopCut out some time to pre-order Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Gonna be a good week over on
Me heading over to check out @gameinformer's coverage of yesterday's UFC 4 announcement: to see what @Ubisoft has in store for us in today's Ubisoft Forward stream. Get the details on how you can…
Our big Game Days sale ends today!
Socialize or stay home? Hanging out with us on is the perfect balance. And what do ya know…😍 would not be pleased. See you on Sunday at #UbiForward.
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