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@MrPeanut If only he'd remembered to light that last bonfire. #RIPeanut @MelonieMac @VertVixen @PodsofWar Riiiiiip @dmn_esports home run if I ever saw one. @TEFF3N capital “S” is silent. @__door_____ Sry @GameStop I guess this should be your logo now.
Retweeted by GameStop @TEFF3N Lol thanks bud many minds exploding today. Wild.
@SenpaiNextD00r @CBKreme screenshotting and sending to my mom @SenpaiNextD00r We can only do so many practice runs. Eventually, one of these is going to have to be funny. @cheersitskatie It’s really astounding @_4_1_3_ Jokes on you, I love this. @maxfator12 I had that coming I guess @mattbubbs @PetSmart You got me, Matt. Now my whole “Mirror PetSmart” strategy is out the window. Back to the drawing board I guess. 😂 @SenpaiNextD00r Wanna try again? We can count that as a practice run. @IAmZionP @mistersalisbury Everyone commenting on most of these tweets @The_Paladian You might need glasses @STAN_ABBA Is so @zfedberg You really should @Timpool7 Underrated response right here @LeyCrumb @Baytamata Crazy right? @BlueGamer11dude @NotSoBrokeGuy @YeOldeApple Trusted source checks out @BlueGamer11dude There’s a lot wrong with this take, but ok. Have a good day! @W1Kilo *your @kimballnbitsII No wait stop I’ll delete it @UserMystic Oh well I tried @jriddensdale87 We’ll answer to that too no sweat @LinkLegendRuss to have your mind blown? It’s actually pronounced “GamesTop”.
This THURSDAY @ 2pm CT, come & watch @ThePikalyn, @deadxsaintx, & the voice of God himself, Brandon, get in a good… @iamBrandonTV You are: 1. The best 2. The best 3. The very best @DrLupo WOW 🤯
Ok, even though we didn’t make our RT goal, here’s the big secret anyway: @jauxking is about to stream Dragon Ball… this tweet gets OVER 9000 RTs before our stream starts over on in three hours, I’ll tell… @missdjm Feel free to tell him I’m laughing at him too next time you go in @MendesDosTres Wow this is impressive actually @unclefloobus
@unclefloobus You must not be paying attention @DeadlyRave, Byleth is cool and all, but when are we going to get Captain Syrup in Smash? more questions about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? Join Game Informer's Andrew Reiner and Alex Stadnik for part two…
Retweeted by GameStop @yeyison51 I’ll take this as a compliment @ImThatJP It’s a celebrationEveryone has been celebrating #NationalHatDay all day by posting hats, meanwhile, I’m just over here re-living this…
@Wendys @kfcgaming @FortniteBRFeed Hmmm, let’s see — a 3 hour old Twitter thread between two brands discussing vide… @Wendys @kfcgaming @FortniteBRFeed
@ImageFighter13 @Elven_TZ Close — that’s @Complexity! @ItsMykro @TrinityWhalez For revolutionary and irresistible social content such this, remember? @Morpheus__Q busted @SteelSeries RelatableOnly two days until @DevilMayCry buys us all pizza. cooking | The face
@Viveport I've never felt so attacked, yet so seen @Normanbol GOTY @mikepeters123 Desert island internet is phenomenalRun on over to this Friday at 2pm CT and join @jauxking and company for a DragonBall Z Kaka… one desert island game -- go. @ItsAwesomeJoey @NuclearIsLonely @NoDiceTV @DoorDash I don’t hate this idea tbh @IAm4GiVen2000 @Joltzdude139 @Ki11ersix @DaltonSnareYT @MonkeyFlop @thaRadBrad Two stellar choices @ItsAwesomeJoey @NuclearIsLonely Yea, I think I’ve heard of that guy. We need to get you back on the stream soon btw. :)Get MLB The Show 20: 15th Anniversary Edition Including the EXCLUSIVE @NewEraCap🧢 Order NOW:…
Retweeted by GameStop
CONTENT CREATOR APPRECIATION POST: Shout-out to your favorite streamer or YouTuber, then we'll wrap up this thread…
Come hang out with these two psychos, @jauxking and @deadxsaintx, as they shloot there way through some… @UltraTshirtBoi @Envy @FriscoEF @friscoisd @Complexity 👀GAME ON @friscoisd graduating seniors! Earn scholarship $$ in the GameStop High School Esports Challenge - an inter…
Retweeted by GameStopOk, NOW it's a happy new year.
This is a whole mood right here @DanielTorres_1 Uh ohThe Wild Area was only the beginning. Forge a brand-new path to greatness with the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shiel…
Retweeted by GameStop @NOTA5OH @ohlaboday We’re sending the sheriff to play Switch with you 🚓 @CryptoMvmt @SanityCrypto @OriginalFunko Good move, smart moveLive footage of our whole office rn GameStop sales clerk to me on March 20th, 2020:
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@GameStop Spent the card already on great figures at gamestop.
Retweeted by GameStop @Bandxt_WL Huge compliment right here @sarah_denunzio That works too @Baytamata Uh oh sorry awkwardGood Guy GameStop here, reminding you to spend those gift cards that you got over the holidays. You're welcome.
@danieltfisher1 @ThatSephence @PlayStation @tdickson785 @PlayStation @NuclearIsLonely Nah, all good. He works here and sent it over for use. :) @ThatSephence @PlayStation @TehAwkw0rdGam3r @PlayStation It's really hard not to @PlayStation logos throughout the years. Which one is your favorite?
Hey Superfans -- make sure to join @jauxking and @deadxsaintx this Friday on as they shloot… @DallasFuel
@RedbeardCaptain Something expensive. That way they know you really care. @SonicGamerBrony Oh ok @King_Joey_q I’m nothing if not accurate