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Genevieve @gankstrr San Francisco, CA

@popagendaco co-founder. We help indies ship their games! Formerly of @SquareEnixMtl, @FrimaStudios. Instagram/Steam/PSN: @GANKSTRR

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@GameOverGreggy okay bby we're gonna have to take a little busan-break @agentbizzle @GameOverGreggy thank you @TheGnome @bigc_33 swiss put under the broiler for not long enough @bigc_33 @TheGnome i watched him eat the whole thing and felt parched the whole time @gabbydarienzo it kills meguys come on. we can't let this dry ass sandwich nonsense win’re making a sandwich. You’re putting a condiment on the bread. You put the condiment on...
Retweeted by Genevieveb r u h @MckKirk Y'ALL NEED MORE MOISTURE IN YOUR LIFE @steinekin A DRY ASS SANDWICHgreg puts condiments only on one slice of bread when he makes a sandwich and guys what the fuck @joeynoelle same⭐️Don't miss our first CAPY newsletter! Sign up today! ⚡️
Retweeted by Genevieve @PTibz @lucyjamesgames @CardySimon @MaximumCortez I mean @maria__giesela @TimGettys we are going to be best friends2 days!!! Teenage Blob, made with our dear buds @thesuperweaks, & support from @SUPERHOTTHEGAME, bursts into The W…
Retweeted by Genevievehow we pitched and signed Backbone with @RawFury: a thread. first, ask yourself - why do you need a publisher? we…
Retweeted by GenevieveGonna eat Bugsnax! Check out the whole test recipe stream here: #Bugsnax
Retweeted by Genevieve @PennyLaneDC @YoungHorses Love it!!!The third issue of #VGPR is up and I had the HONOR of getting to chat with @plante on pitching Polygon and his late…
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@lucyjamesgames @tamoorh @PennyLaneDC @YoungHorses It's easily doable in one evening! Just make sure your textures are not too heavy (effect… @blankdave @YoungHorses thanks to @PTibz for allowing me 😬 @TheVTran this was 100% inspired by youI have no idea if 434.6K impressions is good or not, but I’ll take it. This was a fun experiment & I think its succ… started sharing the effect at 9am PT, and we immediately saw pickup from Bugsnax stans. Over the weekend, we… Instagram effects are absolutely impossible to search for, we asked a couple industry friends to help sprea…, the effect was published pretty quickly (whew)-- all we had to do was make sure it’d be found, and shared,… I am a True Professional, I absolutely did not read the whole Spark AR FAQ and totally missed that there wa… I was done tinkering and testing the filter, the submission process was pretty straightforward. Spark AR Hub c… YT tutorials will teach you that the effect is built only using a couple features: a loop animation, a randomiz… will tell you that most IG effects are made in Spark AR Studio, with many tutorials out there, & it’s a lot…“What X Are You?” filters abound on IG, which means we don't have to teach people how to use them, & have a pretty…, I just wanted to make a pokerap (bugsrap?) happen, but that's tough if nobody knows the +100 bugsnax names fir… part of our marketing plans, July & August were going to be all about revealing different bugsnax. We started wi… Bugsnax Instagram AR filter: a thread Last Friday we released this fun “Which Bugsnak Are You?” filter for IG:… TREES is such a perfect, meditative thing for my lazy vacation gaming. Such a gorgeous place to spend time.
Retweeted by GenevieveI'm enamored with @YoungHorses new game #Bugsnax! The theme song came out a couple weeks ago, so I HAD to do a sill…
Retweeted by GenevieveGoodbye Volcano High alternate ending where Trish is an anime villain who has spent all of senior year secretly plo…
Retweeted by Genevieve @JeffGrubb as someone who gets car sick, i absolutely would have died @lucyjamesgames you thaw your frozen pizza before putting it in the oven @Ekanaut occasionally @DaveOshry tears. all the time @pettycommajared Jared!!!I think interstellar is my favorite movieI just want to know who’s curating this playlist
I don’t know what I would do without subtitles I wish life had subtitles you can, please consider backing @ValiDateGame! There is 16 hours left in their campaign!
Retweeted by GenevieveI remember being so terrified then. However we were incredibly lucky that 1) he had good insurance and 2) was diag…
Retweeted by Genevieve @RianaTweetsNow @iamcardib @theestallion GIRLI’m just gonna let this man make me breakfast for the rest of my life pt. 2 @GameOverGreggy I love you.This article is distressing and incredibly sobering and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s not a light read so I…
Retweeted by GenevieveValiDate is a visual novel in which 12 adults in their 20’s attempt to overcome the trials and tribulations of mode…
Retweeted by Genevieve @bbcgarcia have you met me
I just kicked @GameOverGreggy’s ass at pinball with 145M points no big deal (i also lost the 15 first games)’s okay I swear🍩 🌈👍🏻 #Bugsnax
Retweeted by Genevieve @jcruzalvarez26 @GameOverGreggy 👀 @dannyodwyer @GameOverGreggy @lucyjamesgames @corybarlog @DiGiorno I freeze the soup I make! @imranzomg @GameOverGreggy @DiGiorno @lucyjamesgames no @GameOverGreggy @lucyjamesgames @dannyodwyer @corybarlog @DiGiorno guys there’s only like 32 jars of soup left @umiscar @GameOverGreggy @DiGiorno @lucyjamesgames need a @DiGiorno ruling: @lucyjamesgames defrosts her frozen pizza for hours in the fridge — FRIDGE not FREEZER…
Retweeted by Genevieve @trintran
Retweeted by Genevieve @ghoulsengel @BlessingJr🌟 GAMEPLAY TRAILER 🌟 Want to see what responsibilities you'll be taking on when you adopt a pup in Best Friend For…
Retweeted by GenevieveOk this #Bugsnax filter knows the depths of my soul 👀🍸💜 @YoungHorses
Retweeted by GenevieveMmmmmm, tasty tasty #Bugsnax! How many Grapeskeetos does it take to make a fine bottle of wine? Only @PTibz knows!
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The song was removed. But it’s in your head anyway, so… #SummerOfBugsnax
Retweeted by Genevieve(also, sound up if you want to know what it’s like to work in the same house as somebody who podcasts all day)eat your heart out @GameOverGreggy @tamoorh @joeynoelle @GameOverGreggy @lucyjamesgames @KindaFunnyKevin gameplay, memes, songs and everything else we know
Retweeted by Genevieve @SageCoffey LOVE ITThere's a Bugsnax filter on insta now and OOP THEY GOT ME ✨🍹🍹🍹 CC: @gankstrr
Retweeted by GenevieveI want to be every single one of these @YoungHorses
Retweeted by Genevieve @enthusialvin @GameOverGreggy made me check the textures to make sure I hadn’t left it out intentionally just to spite himOOOOOOH I haven’t seen this one yet!!! @YoungHorses
Retweeted by GenevieveGood news everybody i'm
Retweeted by Genevieve🎶 OooOooh, learn all about Bugsnax with new details from State of Play:
Retweeted by Genevieve @akhmourne @gameinformer You mean a Mama MewonWhat Bugsnax Are You?
Retweeted by GenevieveThis was too good not to post. #bugsnax
Retweeted by Genevieve @studioanisa 🙏We got close? Kinda... I took good notes!
Retweeted by GenevieveI’m sorry I couldn’t resist the #Bugsnax, my tropical butt loved this ☀️🌴💦
Retweeted by Genevieve @studioanisa Wahoo!!oooOOooo Bugsnax! @YoungHorses
Retweeted by Genevievehi, bugsnax filter ✌️
Retweeted by Genevieve @NicolasVerge The tacroach is perfect for u @THEaidandean @GameOverGreggy It's a rubber tree! They grow hella fast!Talking about
Retweeted by Genevieve @Ekanaut hahahahC. Clumby Clumbernut's office (Bugsnax, 2020) Booker DeWitt's office (BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, 2013)
Retweeted by Genevieve @akhmourne YES @Donimals_ thank u