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Jennifer Scheurle @Gaohmee Duvamish Land / Seattle, WA

Lead Game Designer @ArenaNet - senior designer on unannounced title. Made award-winning games with @NASA. Chair @IGDA_WIGSIG. Fear not. She/Her

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@jessykalycious I’m not a good person so ask since I’ve never done this before but maybe @tanyaxshort has advice! @seatownchic 🥰Jinx against sunrise. the night sleeping next to the beautiful view of this apartment with the cats curled up against me and it was… @graysonarts No. It’s on the 18th floor.Go work with Jeff because he’s awesome. @ibogost I giggled @QueerAuntie No doubt! @QueerAuntie We will meet again, I promise ❤️When the first photo was taken after I arrived here my first night in this apartment, I slept on the floor under my… @RaraBagel You bet I’ll be back for defy when defy is back :) Promise. We will meet again!Seattle and Seattle friends: not being able to say farewell to you due to the pandemic breaks my heart but I promis… years ago and today. Less hair. More cats. I’ll miss you terribly Seattle. You’ve brought me some of the best… @Ecoludologist Good question actually :O🚨🚨BREAKING: Following a recount, Wisconsin Governor Evers has signed the certificate declaring Joe Biden the winner…
Retweeted by Jennifer Scheurle @AussieBen It’s brilliant! Heist game!The Clou
OFFENDED @tprstly Offended 😂 took one look outside of the bathroom I had them in, saw the empty apartment and turned back around and now she… and that’s it. All my belongings are gone.We remark that this is how every move ends. With the customer sitting on the floor. In empty apartments. Moving is weird. @Zlanier21 @CompulsionGames 🙌🙌🙌Now sitting on the floor because all furniture is gone. Last bits are going on the truck. Almost done... @AussieBen I have no idea where they got half of this stuff 😂I love that everything is pushed under the bed just the same depth because that’s how far their little arms can reach 😂 @jfgnord Literally just... “...and this is my dungeon!” 😂 And then having to pack whips and chains and BDSM furniture lolBehold the amazing cat treasure trove the kitties have hoarded underneath the bed 😂😂😂😂 @joanna_louise0 I’m sorry you’re getting so many absolutely horrifying replies to this. You deserve better in every… @funkyj Vancouver BC @StevenSandhoff Vancouver BC! @Kenturrac @jfgnord Do you have tweets show up in chronological order?Down to a couple of items now. This has been wild...! I’m feeling the emotions hard right now... @jfgnord You know... I’m sure I’ve been unkind to people plenty. But I hope it’s safe to say I have never been this vile. @lyrralt Same @SortaFriends What is happening, seriously...?The comments under this tweet are completely insane. Does nobody feel any compassion anymore...? No kindness? I jus… @moreelen @fdlaramee This must be it right? Which... oof. So many poor implications. @moreelen Constantly. Has even happened mid-interview and ... ?????? @SeamusBlackley @moreelen I find it so insulting for producers too? Like, no, I can’t do the job of a producer ? I… @rafambv Probably not because I had to give all my plants away and the cats are locked in the bathroom :( @moreelen Omg, seriously! THIS KEEPS HAPPENING TO ME TOO! I have literally never been a producer. Not once.Now they’re talking about how they moved some stuff for Bill Gates. Which is quite the story cause all houses on th… @silentdibs YES! Absolutely hahaIs there such thing as apartment novelty envy? I feel inadequate for how boring my apartment is compared to the sto…’re now joking about how they once had to pack up a whole BDSM dungeon and I’m just enjoying this a lot 😂 @larsmb We were actually just joking about how they once had to pack up a whole bdsm dungeon 😂 @larsmb I decided to just not care 😂 I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve seen kinky stuff.A new person came who’s building crates for my tv and mirror. I didn’t know that was a thing but he’s doing it all… @larsmb Well, this is the only way my stuff is insured apparently so... here we are. Including very... uh... interesting items lol @ActionKazimer Right??? @Fa_schieb I know right??? I’m assuming it’s very expensive but yeah. @johnwhitley Oh god hahaWent downstairs to get coffees for everyone. Also these. Because of course. cats are in the second bathroom with all the things I’m taking myself with food and water and a temporary litte… service move means I don’t have to pack anything myself. Which is awesome but also weird because it feels wron…’s moving day and I’m nervous and don’t have anything to do aside from watch all my stuff disappear into boxes, s… @DonaldSchepis Can we appreciate how gigantic my cats are in comparison haha @ChattyDM Maine coon @HotkissJuicy Dude... what the fuck? You got one chance to fix whatever this reply is.Me trying to set aside the clothes I wanna pack into the suitcase... 2 seconds later. @faeriefountain 😂 @cabel Shut up that’s real????? @cabel HNNNNGH LETS GO??? @xpatriciah Very stable individual, definitely no closeted gay right there 😬 @AnnaBarlog Aw yay! @powlpaul I’ve dragged those around for literal years haha @MingwLee All cuddles alwaysI have completely forgotten about this with all the moving but: It’s Jinx and Juju’s 2nd birthday today! 🎉 They ar…🚨🚨BREAKING: Wisconsin's presidential recount is completed. Joe Biden gained 87 votes and again won the state. Tru…
Retweeted by Jennifer Scheurle @z_rose I'd check out resources at @TakeThisOrg
@NeverSociaIism Don't threaten me with a good time... @BillRoper @djordi37 Oh hell yeah! I will totally come back for Djordi parties :) @HSOL0 No. @HSOL0 Yeah nah. Stop it while you can. Especially underneath a post where my friend was just arrested. ACAB.It’s final day for packing and getting everything ready and I am NERVOUS AS HECK YALL! @HSOL0 Not the time for jokes. @philaino No. @RevRibs Glad you’re okay ❤️Video of Rico getting arrested for literally providing what Police asked him to provide. ACAB. @my2k @Liisabelle I understand and if that's something you find difficult to digest, the show might make you feel u… @Liisabelle @my2k I'm not sure I'm with you about the complexity of women thing, given the original tweet. It still… @ThisMovieSpeaks I have shit to do and places to be :D @ThisMovieSpeaks Hell, I can't be fucked to shave my legs on most good days lol @ThisMovieSpeaks YEah it's a very captivating show :) @ThisMovieSpeaks CAUSE WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE SHE IS STILL ATTRACTIVE cause what are we doing otherwise!! @MrCoinOp NOTHING SAYS "I HATE MYSELF" AS A WOMAN MORE THAN EATING ICE CREAM THAT COULD MAKE ME FAT @therealfournier Matching underwear, cozy nice clothes, shaved legs, curled hair... Like, y'all, I don't even do t… @my2k It's a genuinely beautiful and captivating show despite its flaws :)I snorted @missdoomcookie Perfectly valid feelings <3 Sending all my love. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out.This hits me in the feels 😭
Retweeted by Jennifer Scheurle"Hi I'm Dusa and we're DUSA AND THE FURIES" #HadesGame
Retweeted by Jennifer Scheurle @theronincosplay I feel like it was always like that, just less visible. @lawrencebrenner There are and we are working on it.One of our own was arrested today for handing out food in Sacramento. Rico has been working with our Riot Kitchen C… @jeannettefrench It's been 2 years for me @GingerMEdwin No. @GingerMEdwin No @GingerMEdwin I haven't moved.