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Single greatest post I have ever read on Twitter. And in its way a Federalist Paper for 2020. old boy I think they made it clear already
Retweeted by Garbage Apethis does 1000% more to erode public trust and create disregard for public health orders than any hillbilly having…
@ElectRyanDorsey @FedEx oh my god, are you going to survive?I am reclaiming the bimbo and turning her into a pro-sex work, pro-LGBTQ anti-capitalist about instead it’s the “who cares” and it’s just big dave telling you to grow up and act normal for 22 minutes @virgiltexas posting my l'sErm, cool, normal world, birdsite, my mentions, thanks I hate it. @CarlBeijer Sorry! It's for the good of all!how can this guy manage to sound dumber than when he's using baby talk? @shutupjaya @curaffairs whoever does can kindly pass it along @curaffairs No, which is why you don’t tell people to vote for it you fucking dunce.i feel like if you spent may to election day lecturing people about why they must vote biden or face the whirlwind… fool, you rube🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 26 million Americans do not have enough to eat Hunger at worst in +20 years 1 in 6 families w/ children…
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @Itgetsworserer hell yes! we have a jeannie o turkey roast for sunday dinner on the regular @Itgetsworserer a good turkey breast done right is fucking amazingban everyone from this site who has ever been a blogger @whitefeeIings I wish him well! Ultimately none of my business. @MaryKen15629340 go to your room @ebruenig ripping off desmond morris and the naked ape!absolutely do not give a fuck about jordan peterson, sorry
This is the most liberal thing I have ever seen
Retweeted by Garbage ApePOTUS: “Thanksgiving is a very special day for turkeys. Not a very good one, when you think about it.”
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @shitshowdotinfo *you* would say that @mviser who gives a shit @IdahoBones i think he was a nice guy who was just trying his best @cooperlund! You're finally awake! You hit your head pretty hard there. What's that? Season 32 of the Simpsons? I don't kno… like chris said a few things that whitey just wasn't ready to hear should be able to buy a freshly baked soft pretzel on every street corner in america by now and that i can’t says… @cushbomb there goes my christmas bonus @benshapiro please don't use swears on twitter @RadishHarmers lolhomie scrambling at 1am😪😭
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @BustinTrudeau i'll send him this tweet i screened right before he deleted still don't understand this @SeanMcCarthyCom lol“Honey you’ve been in your room for 3 weeks now. Don’t you think it’s time for you to log off?” “Log off? LOG OFF!…
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @halaljew please don't disrespect my wifewhen you pull up to popeyes and there's only two cars ahead of you in the drive thru prevented Trump's coup with my tweets. Am I a hero? Many are saying I might just be. @neverpostever who could have seen this coming @randygdub @virgiltexas he got a show on food network for a bit but i've lost track @randygdub @randygdub josh denny @JesusTheSupaJew if you're gonna log on every day to make a fool out of yourself at least do it for double digits @haramcart fren
busting a huge nut each time i hear biden has appointed another cia apparatchik to his cabinetThey say the next ones will be sent by ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴇᴘsᴏɴ ᴏғ ᴀ Hᴏʟᴏᴄᴀᴜsᴛ sᴜʀᴠɪᴠᴏʀ !
Retweeted by Garbage Apeif you want a preview of biden's social security policy
Retweeted by Garbage Ape yes-on-prop-22 campaign paid Huffman’s consulting firm 85,000 dollars...and then the California NAACP endorsed…
Retweeted by Garbage Apehow many of y'all like sex? sees environmental activism as a threat to its business, judging by leaked intel intelligence reports…
Retweeted by Garbage ApeIs it really fair to be criticizing stuff like this when Trump is still clinging to the White House? Y'all, people… @GarbageApe Having a full meltdown because my mouth opened slightly while riding Space Mountain and the ride photo captured it
Retweeted by Garbage Apeasking grandma to take the thanksgiving family photo over five separate times so my smile is perfect and nobody thinks i'm a prissy soyface @clownesvanzandt yes a little tourist trap called bacharach @clownesvanzandt @allahliker a little meat should calm these piranha down! @MailmanStalker @MWilliams_47 i was thinking death penalty but i guess curbing crime isn't that important to you...? @MWilliams_47 lol are people arguing about this?imagining the panic right now in sherwin williams marketing office and genuinely lolling @ProudShooter i'm laughing so hardRead what Blinken did in between the Obama and Biden administrations, getting rich working for corporate clients at…
Retweeted by Garbage Aperolling your eyes and dismissing every criticism of the connection between the democratic party and the corporate w… genuinely hope vox shutters
@CptRobespierre lol“London Neoliberals” is the most pedophilic phrase I’ve ever heard
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @vrunt too late - cancelledif you eat food you’re a colonizer and an imperialistthe bush family used to kill presidents man
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @GarbageApe Hey Garbage Ape, long time lurker here. Could you retweet this link to your followers please to help wi…
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @getfiscal wrap it up obamailuresInjustica!
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @0ddette kenya loves those hot air balloonsUrologists sit down to pee on purpose, as a way to flex on normal healthy masculine men. It demonstrates the power… year I put all my Thanksgiving potatoes in a mesh sack and dunk them in the toilet over and over until they'r… @GarlicCorgi deleted like a soy cuck radlib, another man bites the dust @nozick687 @Millerheighife Nathan Robinson will keep doing what he does - he doesn't need my endorsement and he sho… @nozick687 @Millerheighife I don't care. @NoEnjoyingStuff when you're masculine @nozick687 @Millerheighife anyone pushing a "pact" didn't understand what warren was about @nozick687 @Millerheighife Disagreements regarding the primary and disagreements as to what "the left" should do in… @Millerheighife I think NJR is a dope and I don't like his aesthetic choices. The idea that he's "powerful" or lord… wrong accountFYI @DNC @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden @BarackObama Operation: Nathan Robinson - Escort Mission was a complete success.… @ProudShooter online is everything to them and it's why they think the phrase "log off" is literal violence @almightygenie @GarbageApe cred: @evrythingstays
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @almightygenie hope you don’t have to lock up again you brave little soldier“the courage to quotetweet me”
Retweeted by Garbage Ape @HillaryFan420 @chiweethedog as i said elsewhere, when all you have is a hammer... @FredNietzky hey whoa i thought violence was the purview of boring old leftists and that the post left just stuck to ideological arguments