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Garrick Dion @GareRick Los Angeles

Script consultant & writer; occasional producer. Movies, stories, animals, edibles, art, beauty, nature, nonsense. People are OK, sometimes.

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first time watching Blue Underground's blu ray of this. terrific transfer sonically and visually @Elrickane i was thinking earlier tonight, re: FREAKY and invitably WONDER WOMAN 84 and all the WB movies, "What if… @Elrickane i will say, now that i think about it, if people wanna Live tweet, that's cool with me. i prefer talkin… @Elrickane @TheWedgeSerpent i also got the new Cinema Sewer, which is pretty awesome as usual, if that's your bag. but anyway, i digress... @bdgrabinski this is in the top ten of my Childhood Memory Movies I've seen this movie in parts and in whole so many times @bdgrabinski 😂❤️ @TheWedgeSerpent @Elrickane also i think the handful of interviews (which are also very fun/well-chosen) are new --… @TheWedgeSerpent @Elrickane it's compiled from a column he did, but i'm a collector and it was well worth the money… @TobiasHussey3 I wanna say @StephTrep is responsible for introducing me to this? @TobiasHussey3 it was kind of a perfect movie. "don't change a thing! you've struck oil..." @TheWedgeSerpent @Elrickane I was reading from this today (super fun book) and he's got some really great anecdotes… @TheWedgeSerpent @Elrickane even better when it was my boss!An absolute gem of a film, if you've never seen it Put it on your list @TobiasHussey3 this movie is incredible! i need to put it on my "revisit" list @TheWedgeSerpent @Elrickane it's very rare that someone's snoring in a movie isn't very entertaining to me"Everyone's gonna be wearing one of these..." @TobiasHussey3 d'oh!! well, i'm glad you'll get to see it soon enough, at leastDecided to pause COTLD and watch ZOMBIE instead, only bc i needed that location/experience that the latter provides… a beautiful nightmare, this film @alamodrafthouse @Anotherfilmnerd you're geniusesPlease take your seats. Tonite's Midnight Horror Show is about to begin: @loudmendiola you mean in the crazy house?If you think 2020 is long, let me remind you The Other Sister ran 129 minutes.
Retweeted by Garrick Dion @arttavana as long as you're okay with it, that's ok!Best movie I've seen this year (that I saw last year) i hope it wins a bunch of awards @dariusmarder such an amazing, special film, Darius. congratulations!! @filmfest that's one of my favorite films i've ever seen at a festival. recommended to me by a friend working for… know that the person you're dealing with listens to/watches this at least once a week. Because everybody poop… @mereberg AGREEEEEEEE! love that you have it on LP @imamacguffin yeahhhhh! @imamacguffin well, yeah, that too.don't really think about big movie releases/theaters/what i could be watching too much these days, but... Man, i w… @mikesamonek i just came across the one joke randomly, but now i went and looked at his stuff and you're right, same. @BookishPlinko i dunno how you do it. women are amazing. @GoreeMarsh well....true. it just feels like The Year of COVID will be long remembered, but you're not wrong. p… 'em if you got 'em @FookThis @artist_formerly i have not! WEB OF THE SPIDER - i was gonna ask you about that one next. has… @RandyOfAFTimes @FookThis @artist_formerly wow, that's a hell of a cast and director for a sci-fi western tv movie @wompstompfilms 😂
@FookThis not to sidetrack/bar, but have you ever seen THE SPECTRE OF EDGAR ALLAN POE? been on my list for a while now @tcviani @ABoveWill omg those chicks are so cute also, i'm now going blind from staring at this @rossputman that ending has stayed with me for years; it's pretty perfect IMO @ScarinasVault it holds up! i kind of like to think of their newest collaboration as a spiritual sequel @SMLochhead !!!!!! *makes note to see this*BREAKING: A24 to Release Its 2021 Slate Directly to Vinyl
Retweeted by Garrick Dion @FakeRobHunter was not aware BB was available, thanks for the heads up! @tartarsauce1 @LFODFilms congratulations, Chris! haven't stopped thinking about it since seeing it at TIFF 2019, a… @filmfest it's a really beautiful, special film i hope you enjoy!!! let us/me know @missingreels i read (afterward) that he learned how to drum and how to sign for it, and it showed. just amazing c… movie is now on Amazon and you gotta see it. It's one of the only movies in the last 5 years where it was h… @missingreels could not agree more @becauseivy THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! congrats on the sale/commission, IvyI know you'll see a lot of these types of posts as the year comes to a close, but having a hard time believing that… @becauseivy i don't think i realized you were selling paintings. how's that been going? @SixViolets @roadmapwriters this is so incredibly kind of youuuu! thank u @Dekkoparsnip2 dude!!! yes. @DanielJSeco that's 100% a character from MAD MAX @KristinaArntz_ @_HeatherBuckley not sure - just took a quick look and i think not at this pointA very happy birthday to the talented CANDYMAN @TonyTodd54
Retweeted by Garrick Dionchecking out what movies pop up under "Black Voices" on Amazon Prime is always a fun surprise (DROP ZONE, btw) @IsaacEzban that's exactly what struck me, too "the man has built a family in the time since!" @Sean_P_Doyle Baby Yoda is throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park @007hertzrumble i still need to read I, FATTY @YourCanadianGF what/where is this? it feels oddly familiarYou know what makes a great holiday gift? A book. If you're interested in purchasing a signed copy (or copies) of o…
Retweeted by Garrick Dion @IsaacEzban i know; Scott mentioned you and the family and in the process i was like "wait, he has 2 kids? oh, that's right, he does!" @amylopan i agree with this; i honestly have not been on the "worst year ever!" train as shitty as 2020's been, bc… @KristinaArntz_ @_HeatherBuckley this would maybe be a bit of a tough watch in that case, because while it's a fair… @IsaacEzban 😂❤️ also, i just realized the other day you have 2 kids and not 1! also, i just realized the other da… @EngineAda sigh... i really was so happy when we got past 2012, too @mereberg i think i would be the same, like if i couldn't get it to melt in just the right way, i'd feel like i was… @rossputman i just realized you changed your Twitter name and i'm a fan 😂Opening night of Magic Mike in suburban MD. Theater w/ a bar. Screening filled with almost entirely drunk women. 20…
Retweeted by Garrick Dionthis whole album but especially, Fuck and Run ❤️❤️❤️ @KristinaArntz_ @_HeatherBuckley i really liked this. @paperbacksnpugs NIGHTWING is a personal "i don't know why, i just like it" favorite @paperbacksnpugs this and THE MUTILATOR, egads @paperbacksnpugs how's the pupperino doing? @paperbacksnpugs it feels like 2 or 3 different stopped/started movies edited together, but i find it to be very watchable trash @paperbacksnpugs really? i only saw this once but i thought it was awesome, as far as goofy-great 80s b schlock go… @Anotherfilmnerd no idea! random internet find. but pretty genius @amylopan @HoneyIShrunkJG2 good @BenDeHart_ fair point, my good man. damn... @DannyManus well, that's true.That was very cool of you, @VinegarSyndrome. Thanks! @BDavisCollins didn't think about those/this. @StayTrue_Create can't do any harm, and the opposite isn't especially helpful, especially after 2020. @ivylam22 the bus/poster ads were so gross i was too wigged out to even watch it when it came on. then i did, and… feel bad for kids born in 2020. I don't really know anyone where it's like "UGH! You were born when?! Don'… @StayTrue_Create i agree with that. i'm certainly optimistic. i think? @AlexDaltas that's true re: Ferris' (Then not-quite-understood) computer skills yeah, that's what i think ultimat… @Anotherfilmnerd i really got into film on a hardcore, cinephile level right around the time JACOB'S LADDER got mad… @AlexDaltas love this!!! love that he dug it so much. i still find it timeless and great for so many distinct rea… wish every 70s genre/B/exploitation movie was this entertaining.