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Science fiction author. EMBERS OF WAR trilogy out now from @titanbooks. Represented by @a_cochran

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Having been told this week I shouldn't express political opinions as an author, I'd just like to say: > Black live… @premeesaurus Hang I there, P. You need a body in order to come out drinking with me again.
He have dronk @badwolfgirl2768 Thank you!Flying spiders you’re doing today, I hope you have a peaceful and productive Friday @ChrisALM1 Vangelis is another favouriteHow I Became A Hybrid Author
Retweeted by Gareth L Powell @LoridiansLab Must be tough. Hang in there @TinaHartigan1 Thanks 😊 @MoodyRisotto 😊 @animebookchic Thanks 😊 @NettieSars Thank you 😊 x @NaomiDJPerfect Thank you 😊 @spacejock That’s insane 😲 @Katie_Masters29 Thanks 😊 @badwolfgirl2768 I guess I don’t @DCMcNaughton Thank you 😊 @_flothulhu Thanks, Flo x @AntonyJohnston I'll take a listen, thanks
@DeborahLinne 😄 @OrbitOwl xxx @spacejock 16 novels in 2 years?!?!? @DonnaCamillo Thanks @nixgeekgirl And I have cats @Anagram2112 Thanks, Sherri :) @laura_c_sweeney *fist bump of solidarity* @ChazBrenchley Thank you! @MousaDilago Thank you!I don't know how engaging the content is, but I'm pleased with the aesthetic I've got going on my #Instagram feed.… @chrisbardell @_flothulhu Thank you, I shall give them a try! @mikesamonek That would have been number 5 on the list :)I listen to a lot of Brian Eno’s ambient work as I write. I love the way the sounds he produces seem to actually al… @maddieoldsmusic @reybee Congratulations! @MeganEOKeefe @bhvide Truth! @tadethompson Go, Tade, go! @a_enderly Too many vested interests try to set up a hostile dichotomy, but the truth is that both a viable routes… @TeaQueen77 Wow, that beats my story! 🤣 @ldmarchesi I felt a disturbance in the force @writingiswar They were joggers @DzintraSullivan That's what tipped me off. @arleysorg @locusmag Likewise! @arrroberts @locusmag 😬 yikes @arrroberts @locusmag Thanks, Adam!So proud to be included here. Being interviewed by @locusmag was a great item to tick off my author bucket list. @MaggieGilewicz Thank you 😊 @MaggieGilewicz Barely felt it.I just had my flu jab. @Pammieruns We’re close but not affected, thanks @mauzleep Oh dear. You win @bigbadchang Pantaloons, sirrah! @Turin54024117 It's afternoon here. @AletheaKontis @TitanBooks @tinytempest Yes please! @AletheaKontis I'm at least three of those 🤣😭A quick break for coffee and mince pies #feelingfestive @janeflowers22 @GeoRebekah @ChrisCuomo Okay, I'm going to back away now. Have a nice day. @janeflowers22 @GeoRebekah It's okay. I have enough drama in my life. @janeflowers22 @GeoRebekah I can't comment, as I've never heard of her. @KateDaviesSpeak Happy birthday, awesome lady. Have a great day! @DoverCook I sympathise. I have large hands and typing on the phone is fiddly af @cenorth1919 😄 @jdiannedotson Merry Kaijumas @HollysHooman Nah, they were joggers @ibdanil JoggersHow I Became A Hybrid Author @MetalEd73 @TitanBooks If you're a member of the @BSFA you can vote via their site, or if you're a member of WorldC… @dawn_s_saunders I lost some stuff when my old Mac died, but luckily a lot was in the Apple cloud.I have just been reminded that awards nomination season has started again, so I'd just like to remind you that LIGH… @mack_em I hope you make the most of them! @TinaBakerBooks Thank you (I think) @cj_dots Best of luck! @ClaireLRyder I don't think so. @dawn_s_saunders Oh, that happened to me a few months ago. So annoying. My sympathies. @nerinedorman Yay! TD brightens any day @TuftyMcTavish Joggers @ofdiscontent Sorry for your loss. On the upside, you now get to shop for your next favourite mug. @TheEinarkist Always handy! @JustinaRobson @manylittlewords Thank you, Justina. I needed to hear that this morning. You're pretty damn wonderful, too. @Leland_Lydecker Happy birthday! @LeanderReeves You wait til you read the one we wrote together! @Rotshasa ☹️ @BVLSingler Very cool!I have just realised I'm wearing my trousers inside-out. How's your morning going? @LeanderReeves I really enjoyed thatThank you Ghiya Rushidat for spending 420 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2020Wrapped @DocMartineau Thanks, Wendy 😁 @Shooksta Welcome! @hpmueller242 @CarolynRParsons @sci_fictional I was curious about that one @RobynLynnTaylor Thanks, Robyn x @Anagram2112 I will add it to my list @rhealyrhealy Welcome aboard! @jdiannedotson Interesting 🤔 @matociquala @Liz_Perrine @ArkadyMartine I am jealous!Goodnight, friends. I’m heading off to bed with a cup of tea and a good book. What are you reading at the moment?
@wurdsmyth Welcome aboard!Well, the good news is that an extra 40 of you have subscriber since I shared this post 😎 @KSChallis @DemonalityBooks 😀 @jgarth22 🤣