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#fintech by day, #gamedev by night. Currently tweeting about #unity3d

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@burgessdryan The currents album by Tame Impala is one of my favorite beach albums. Such good vibes
@mcnakahr @sumdods @JayLouis @latimes @AMC_TV By your logic, no movies or shows about Nazis should exist. Mad Men i…
@FPresencia @utsav_20 @buoyantair @ryanflorence Yup, it's a totally normal part of the negotiation process. You don… @Arfang15 @andrewpprice For example: I'm a white american and laugh at when americans are portrayed as loud and obn… @Arfang15 @andrewpprice But if somebody wanted, they could easily call those stereotypes offensive because, by defi… @Arfang15 @andrewpprice So are all stereotypes racist or who gets to decide which ones are racist? Just curious. I… @utsav_20 @buoyantair @FPresencia @ryanflorence How is that legal... at all? That sounds like a lot like exploitati… @buoyantair @FPresencia @utsav_20 @ryanflorence Can't you simply lie about your current salary? I can't imagine it… @mango__pear @sudo_overflow @techgirl1908 Programming is just: 30%: memorizing things 40%: learning how to efficie… @linuz90 Are we even surprised at this point? Safari has been notoriously bad for years now. They couldn't even imp…
@bhaarathvaasi @MKBHD 2018* @tunak @Denisemarie914 @BuzzFeedNews Do you know how empowering alt-right thought-leaders feel when they get deplat… @tunak @Denisemarie914 @BuzzFeedNews People are generally bad examples of this, since a reputation can be tarnished… @Denisemarie914 @BuzzFeedNews Because the only thing worse than letting hate speech spread, is banning the same hat…
@naturehacker1 @ExtraRegularJoe @of_intel @CalebJHull Isn't the entire point of a gated community to keep the "publ… @blakeir Yup, go to any major celebrities instagram (like Post Malone) and scroll through the comments. It's nearly…
@linuz90 Really strange that google wouldn't just be swapping to night mode on their maps, which looks totally different than this.This is mindblowing 🤯 Copy and paste your surroundings to any software using AR and ML
Retweeted by @garetmckinley @Zackmat4 @h3h3productions @MrM0saic @HilaKleinH3 No, Asian. @tonyt0mato @shadylitten Obviously you should want to do better just for moral reasons, but there are a lot of peop… @tonyt0mato @shadylitten The shitty part is, NOBODY is flawless. Everybody has made mistakes, and I think eventuall… internet was a mistake
@rudolfcicko2 @Sl9dge @Grezztweets @femkesvs It could be flattering if somebody leaves a tasteful complement in the… @rudolfcicko2 @Sl9dge @Grezztweets @femkesvs While I do understand where you're coming from (and agree that leaving… @macguru17 @rjonesy @genadyo @drewmccormack Sounds like they just want an asterisk leading to a sentence of fine print? @ProductHunt @figmadesign @neolibreplygirl @pettyliar @EmmaJanePettit Nah you did just fine, some people just don't understand that sarcasm c… @Julie_Mae_K @tomhorel @Slasher Even if you've never watched (I don't watch him either), his community is still res… @andrestaltz @jevakallio The real American dream is making enough money that you get to stop participating in American society. @frankdilo @IndieHackers I think this gave me the push I needed to drop some of my unfinished albums as individual… @panic Can we run Rosetta v1 with Rosetta v2 in order to open PPC apps on Apple silicon?
@rsms Never really muted things on twitter, but after Hey, this will be the second thing I mute this month. @olliethinks @lefeeza @wongmjane Yeah at least from what I've seen so far. I just worked in marketing for a while,… @olliethinks @lefeeza @wongmjane I'm right there with you, about to log off for the rest of the weekend. Can you mute emojis? @carlos_paelinck @jevakallio I'm shocked that no OS is using ambient light sensors to toggle between dark mode. In…
@sxflynn @infinitebritt @RadicalEd @jeremyburge Fun fact, iOS used to store half written then deleted messages in y… @Patrickstarsle1 @warpvector @System9509 @TVGuide Kind of, in a lot of shows like this one, there probably weren't… @juancolacelli @PineTreePizza @musicvsartstuff @godotengine @aseprite @itchio Looks really nice 👏 @jongold Life must be a preparation for the transition to another dimension. @dev_jm0 Don't wanna use the particle system? If it's supposed to be very stylized, could probably do a custom shad…, last tweet on my custom mesh renderer, I swear. Here's a better video demonstrating the fluidity with a slowe… some linear interpolation to my geometry renderer. If you compare to the previous video in the thread, you'll… then filtered those raycast locations through a custom mesh renderer which plots vertices, connected them into a… I ended up building a component that takes in a few parameters (angle, radius, resolution) and casts a circular… out a component that renders a mesh representing the FOV from a given point. First instinct was to use a spo… first Matrix movie stated outright that 1999 was the "peak of human civilization" and I laughed at the time and…
Retweeted by @garetmckinley @mjackson This is the only tweet I have in my bookmarks. I have no idea what the context was a lot of progress on the rendering pipeline these last few evenings. This is an in-game screenshot. Features:… @scotups The availability of firearms to citizens is a huge contributing factor here. In other countries, cops (eve… @scotups I totally agree with the sentiment, just not really sure how to properly offset the reality of the job. Th… @scotups Close to 1 in 5 cops suffer from job related PTSD. Which can explain a *lot* of poor decision making, such…
@linuz90 Naughty Dog is the only things I miss about console gaming. I really wish they would move into the PC mark…
@jurmarcus @davatron5000 (to be fair I don't think they're actually going to do this, this is just snark) They'll… @jurmarcus @davatron5000 Except that PWAs installed through a walled garden system defeats the entire purpose of PW… @davatron5000 Give it about 3 more years and they'll announce a revolutionary way to install web applications onto… @SuperSaf Me watching #WWDC20 announce Picture in Picture, using an android playing #WWDC2020 in Picture in Picture…
Retweeted by @garetmckinley @HasBezosDecided Where exactly does he put his money to end world hunger? You can't just throw billions of dollars… @J63101504 @bigruss38 @2020isass @Casey It's perfectly legal to defend your own home. This is why no knock warrants… @Angelique_SP @CLuver03 I honestly think it's the quarantine. Everybody is so elevated emotionally right now, that… @ericclemmons Austin is a pretty dope move, ngl! I relocated to Austin last December, and have been thoroughly enjo…
@fuckingisnixon @VIPOSA1 @AdenWilliams9 @Salt1estGaming Especially because about 60% of that first screenshot is an… @fuckingisnixon @VIPOSA1 @AdenWilliams9 @Salt1estGaming Yeah, it's the same as photography. Graphics should be judg… @linuz90 Trust me, we don't understand either.
@Jaden91813938 @AcingGamess @aiden_is_a_lame @alohamoro @nuevoromantico @Felineboycat @coochiesickle @kittenwalks @linuz90 IIRC the plan is to be a closed system. It was the "feature" that killed my interest in it. Can't remember… @guavaqt @boop Aren't a large portion of those unemployed now making more money than they were when they were worki…, all fixed now 😎 Probably going to be releasing some gameplay footage over the weekend. There's a lot of m… @AddictiveColors @thattridentdude @dwineman @Javi "Apple pre installs their own apps on users’ phones" Did you for… @khaldoonalnuaim @kaefpe @Kableado @dwineman In the instance of Hey, they knew it didn't follow the guidelines. Thi… @khaldoonalnuaim @kaefpe @Kableado @dwineman Assuming it follows the guidelines is your first mistake. There are hu… @AddictiveColors @thattridentdude @dwineman @Javi Sure, their review consistency is and always was bad, but that's… @AddictiveColors @thattridentdude @dwineman @Javi Oh I'm a former iOS/macOS developer who has had apps with a quart… @AddictiveColors @thattridentdude @dwineman @Javi They're the ones who literally built the entire app dev pipeline… @AddictiveColors @thattridentdude @dwineman @Javi Look, I don't even purchase apple devices, but they don't owe dev… @kaefpe @Kableado @dwineman Everyone complaining about this shit has obviously never dealt with publishers before.… bugs are fucking horrifying
@_kostyarin @cyrus_zei @antarestrader @dhh And for the record, 30% is industry standard for this kind of a platform… @_kostyarin @cyrus_zei @antarestrader @dhh It's their platform. Nobody is forcing you to put your app on there. Dev… @Halodrol311 @Jack83908901 @ZachStephen @teddyfresh It's couldn't* care less, as in, you care so little that you ph… @RitzScythe @daylaauam @SpawnWaveMedia I doubt GoW is a computationally expensive game to run. It's 100% the graphi… @MichaelMuni @wongmjane @AdamRackis Because, 1) they have a free tier (it's usable without paying) 2) their paymen… @jkup Are there people who have enough self control to actually press anything other than "keep watching" when it a… @ws What was the demographic like? @BruddaOg @Genesis8012 @Nick_Marseil Yup, it's a disingenuous argument though and I'm mostly just poking fun at the… @Jack83908901 @ZachStephen @teddyfresh Literally not copied. It's 100% inspired by it though. Saying "literally cop… @abeisgoat Building as in office or apartment. I'm in Austin too man, and my neighbors are all having parties and a… @Genesis8012 @Nick_Marseil Wait till people realize that a $300 GPU has over 50TF 🙄 @toddhoffious @drbarnard Costco is a good analogy why you should be fine paying the $100 dev fee. You pay the Costc… @toddhoffious @drbarnard But they do. They make enough to cover all of their overhead off of goods. Two thirds of t… @toddhoffious @drbarnard Costo runs an entire business off of purchasing large quantities of items directly from ma… @drbarnard The amount of people who say they want government intervention here is astounding. If they think Apple… @toddhoffious @drbarnard A large yearly fee? It's $100. Most creative suites cost hundreds to thousands a year, gam… @linuz90 @GatsbyJS @framer I'm assuming beta is iOS only? 🥺 @fabinzne @clay_mitchell @benawad "should I learn how to play music before I learn how to write music?" @loganbartlett This is an epic gamer move @sylvainraye @dhh Apple literally intentionally nerfs web apps on iOS. They do this to force you to deploy on the a… @tjholowaychuk @cullophid @marcoarment I think they already do that though? They reject a *ton* of apps (including… is taking a few shortcuts under the hood to make it performant enough, and because of that, the burden of mak…, this is an extremely computationally expensive effect. Because not only are you ray tracing photons,… anyone curious: subsurface scattering is the effect that's created from the scattering of light through thick b…