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#BlackLivesMatter | Web Designer & Markup Engineer | Fierce Advocate for Human Decency. | 🏳️‍🌈 They/them. Chaotic neutral.

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My new hosting plan includes 3 websites which is awesome. I like the idea of having two separate sites for professi… @CJDesiderio Take notes. 😉 @CJDesiderio A capital idea! Design isn't as mysterious as it seems. ;) It's governed by principles and elements, j… @CJDesiderio If I hadn't kept learning, the flaws probably wouldn't have been so glaring. Why don't you go throug… @CJDesiderio No problems! After I built the current version of my portfolio website, I thought it looked pretty gre… @CJDesiderio That's a good thing though. You've grown as a developer, so you're noticing things you'd like to improve.
@ChristinaGwira It sounds like it was a really difficult decision to make, but I think that by saying no now, you w… @eeecs_ Dammmmn. Look at you! So fierce. @foxlarssonart I was so proud of myself when it popped in my head. Haha @CJDesiderio @eeecs_ Must be all those burgers you keep talking about. 👀 @denvercoder Not to mention the business cards! @denvercoder I know, right? I was thinking about logos when I came up with the name. It'd look great on stickers and buttons. 🤔Registered another domain name and found a dirt-cheap shared hosting plan. I'm gonna start a freelance design busi…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸 @gsw2301 Did you have fun?! @eeecs_ Tbh flirting is a lost art. 🤔 Everyone moves at the speed of light now and they always seem to prefer peop… @eeecs_ 😂 Well, I'm not exactly an expert! They're not my target audience, you know. 🤨 @realDonaldTrump Shut up, you ignorant fat fuck.New cases, yesterday: Germany: 298 Denmark: 10 Norway: 11 Sweden: 57 United States: 55,442
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸 @eeecs_ @karengeier What's with people's weird obsession with toilet paper? @PtiteAngele No problem! I deleted mine because I hardly talked to anyone on Messenger anyway, but I understand it'… @PtiteAngele Oh, you can just deactivate your account if you want to keep Messenger. Deletion would end your access to it.Just in case you needed some cuteness in your feed. 😍 @PtiteAngele They've done a fine job of making it a very difficult decision! 😅Just spoke to someone who thinks the Covid statistics in the US is "leftist propaganda." He also believed that it…'m so glad I left the platform. you a creative person? I'm not. Or at least, that's what I thought. 5 years in front-end development and I a…
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@ASpittel Oh, but what about traffic?! Increased follower count?! Honesty would drive them away!I woke up cranky. See you tomorrow, maybe.🤨 you looking for #colors palettes for your graphic,web or UI #design? Here are some:👇 #100DaysOfCode
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸I love her so much. 💞 just keep breaking records.
The mayor keeps saying a shutdown would be the last option. Travis County: Coronavirus hospital admissions put Au… @hamdesign @gem_shimmerz She could have used any kind of box instead of a book to accomplish the exact same effect.… @sarah_bean Thank you, darling 😉💞 @sarah_bean A friend helped me put this look together four years ago. I felt like a liberated badass! 😂 makeup I ordered arrived! It'll be fun to learn the art of drag during the inevitable shutdown. There are so m… @eeecs_⚠️ Take action! ⚠️ Call your senators this week and tell them it’s past time we stop violence policing. This link w…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸So I finally know what's being said in real-time. I entered a live cam show on a social app to test the feature. I… replaced the custom ROM on my phone with the Android 10-based Havoc OS. It came included with Live Captions, whi… @LawmageA Even a donut would have improved this guy's day! 😂 @LawmageA Right? And villains burning down villages and taking over cities... Or retrieving an ancient but incredib… @LawmageA That sounds amazing. 😍 People like to complain about video games with these kinds of content, but I enjo… @abjorkland Update: I've recently learnt that the one on the left is an example of a textual iconic logo and the ot…✨ it’s launch day for my new site! ✨ I wanted to create a place where I could be silly, play with code and design,…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸A woman told me to "grow up" because I said mischaracterising Iranians based on the actions of a corrupt government… @zain_wolvy Too much! @CJDesiderio Oh, they're not very contrasty! They're lovely colours, but together I could see them making a website… @zain_wolvy Bluehost. It expires on the 31st, so I'm looking for the cheapest plan available.PUSH FOR $600 COVID ASSISTANCE EXTENSION THROUGH DEC. 31 2020 THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC GOING ON, NO CURE HAS BEEN…
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Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸 @GingerJoSpice @GigiFrisby @ryanstruyk I don't think that's a fair generalisation of Iran. There are good people in… on OkCupid sent me an intro that began with: "I have a few questions for you. Feel free to ignore them if y…
@pseudonymjones Did Peggy take a course in attitude from Sonic the Hedgehog? 😮 Because I am HERE for it!Linux kernel coders propose inclusive terminology coding guidelines, note: 'Arguments about why people should not b… @realDonaldTrump Bullshit. You've known about the pandemic risk since January and you chose to do NOTHING. Stop bl… Nook animated with my left hand. Tom Nook animated with my right hand. Animated both with the same amount of l…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸Last night I couldn’t sleep & looked outside and a possum on the fence was screaming his wee guts out. Just shrieki…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸A guy just told me that I was beautiful despite my age. ... 😐 😐😐 😐😐😐 😐😐😐😐 😐😐😐😐😐!!!! @eeecs_ Buck up, buttercup. @abjorkland Ooooh, forms for gathering data so you can analyse them later! 🤩 @tdesseyn Way too overscheduled! 😬 The productivity mania is out of control. @abjorkland Oh yes, I've seen many articles on my phone that weren't optimised for the mobile reading experience. T… @GigiFrisby @ryanstruyk He inherited a huge mess of an economy. Some things are bigger than the office, but people needed someone to blame.The deeper I get into design, the more excited I get. 😁🦾 Logo design, typography, colour palettes, icon design, ac… him out!! 🍔 @bitandbang It never went away though. Prairie dogs are one of the several small rodents that carry the bacteria.… teen dies after conspiracy theorist mom takes her to church ‘COVID party’ and tries to treat her with Trump…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸 @hamishsteele THANK YOU!!! I've seen tweets advocating softer language and compromises to communicate the necessit… @eeecs_ How are you not 300 pounds? 😂 @CJDesiderio Oh, yes. All the fun traits of the 2009 swine flu and the 1918 pandemic flu plus high adaptivity. 😂 I… @CJDesiderio It's easily treated. But did you hear about the swine flu 2.0? It's pandemic-grade!
@EugeneLeeYang I... what? @ChrisDStedman I personally believe that we're long past the point of needing to use polite language or compromise… @ChrisDStedman No, they don't. They've had at least five months to learn why they should wear a mask. Millions of… @eeecs_ See, your advice is just... *chef's kiss* The articles about finding a hosting service for portfolios don'… @eeecs_ That's what I've seen as well. Designers (UX, product, etc) making 100k+ and using Namecheap and GoDaddy fo…*time. Damn it, my brain works too fast for autocorrect to catch up. 😅I'm gonna take today to learn logo design and Inkscape. 😄💪🏽 #webdesignThe search results on resulted in a lot of surprising answers about the majority of portfol… @TatianaTMac Eh, I've unfollowed over 900 people to make my IG feed more justice/artist-focused. If the idea of jus… @ARIESV3NUS @gem_shimmerz @TatianaTMac I just think to myself that in time, they'll wish they'd thought to wear a mask when they had the chan… @JoeHughesDev They can help make a design more bespoke for the client. Otherwise, they're just fun and you'd gain a…'s disability pride month so here's a list of some of the ableist practices I hear in the academy all the time/ha…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸A deer entered a Colorado store. The store owner gave him some chocolate chip cookies. The deer left the store and…
Retweeted by 🌸Garrett🌸 @kanyewest Nope.A 1995 episode of "Absolutely Fabulous" set in New York City showed more people of colour than any episode of "Friends." 😲🤯 @codename_tj I'd be eaten by a bear within a month. 😂
I couldn't find any old magazines for my erotic collage. Garage sales aren't happening and I'd be surprised to find… @CJDesiderio Hell, I hardly talk to any of my relatives! 😂 We've never been close growing up and Facebook isn't go… @JR98_IRL @CJDesiderio Couldn't tell you how many times I've deactivated mine before making the final, permanent mo… @CJDesiderio Right! That's how I was in the beginning. I wanted to keep everyone's contact info, but it was my inse… @CJDesiderio Facebook is REALLY good at giving you reasons not to leave them. I'm sure you'll find excellent alte…