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Hovers gracefully just above the national average. Photographer. Fighting Games. Games photojournalism. Embedded with @ustwogames. Podcast @makingamesisfun

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@origamikid Hirsuite fist bumpCatch me if you can! 😈
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @MrProblemX I'd definitely main Bison if he went "OI OIIIII!" when you popped vtrigger @origamikid No no, it's for *me* @origamikid I'm buying the oil in advance @twitgera I'm usually fine with it now as you know but was like this one night this week with the pod. Telling myse… @twitgera Power to the gran x
@WSOLogan SoupBar | LogansamaHey, I use twitch mostly as a place to chat with nice people on twitter whilst I do speedruns in the afternoons, bu…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary CharacterThis is making @reddit games look increasingly irrelevant and childish. They used a paper thin excuse to dismiss ac… @tamoorh NBA TamI’m selling all my streaming equipment.
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @matmurray It's the fucking noise of the buttons that creases me, sounds like you're knocking out a novel on a typewriter @RJMrgn YesA bunch of World Warriors
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @Explosive_Alan Just my wrists, as if all the anger had pooled there, and the controller burst apart. I dont play much pes anymore @Explosive_Alan PES on the ps2. A 0-0 draw against AC Milan in the rain. I tried to pressure tackle for 90 mins and… @Jam_sponge @moregamespls Even Tom Cruise introduces himself to people he doesn't know in a room, so I guess this g…
@dirkfeelgood You put "but" instead of "and"extremely cool how the ever-deepening mental health crisis is always framed as its cost to businesses and not like,…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @TheToiletDuck Same! @APZonerunner @andihero I'm fully deceased @samwrite @YorksGamesFest No that's the secret "abort panel" symbol @tamoorh Which Bloodborne Item Are You Insta Stories filter neededI'm on this panel. I'm spending the next three weeks practicing that finger triangle pose that makes you look very… @AlysiaJudge I wish you'd have told me earlier - I bought a barrel of blood to pour over the stage as a grand finaleIt's no exaggeration, but a simple statement of fact to say that in this session we will slay the moral PANIC surro…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @jim_unwin @jonnyhopper Oh! Happy birthday m8Thinking of putting "lol" instead of a tick is very kind and nice and also extremely correct
@MikeDiver I will always remember the brand " 'Scheese " S'wasn'tcheese. @MikeDiver mate you should have seen the offerings 20 years agoNext Monday, the latest pod drops for early access patrons - it's a belter with the magical Daniel @Krupa! We talk…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @matmurray "Antipodean Auburn" @matmurray Omg i remember this. It's a shame they couldn't get the official license for Skippy though @disappointment Please can you go around IKEA and mime interaction with every product you encounter and record it o… @HilariousCow I'm not *asking*, Hesselgren @Jam_sponge I think it sounds like a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme book. Are you efficiently channing your tatum? @andihero not long now @matmurray @tamoorh I cannot help my insatiable thirst for bants @tamoorh Can't believe they took @matmurray's gameplay footage without asking
@HilariousCow Would kill for a fully fledged version tbh. Get it finished ffs yeh @HilariousCow I remember you showing me this. Still love it @panoparker This shit always makes me feel so much better about my portfolio - pretty sure it qualifies as self careSomeone will have to listen to this and tell me if it is ok. I suddenly find myself too self-conscious to even open…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary CharacterThe latest ep is now out today for non-patrons and is with the brilliant @jim_unwin! Jim offers insight into how th…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character
@ADTerminal_ You're a monster - in a good wayThe 3 year old just finished the opening area of Super Metroid by herself, no instructions, no guidance. She now wo… @AnnaHollinrake You are the most precious lightdork ❤
@samwrite Sam, you frame your arguments rudely, you constantly resort to insults if you're challenged and you are d…
@HotGirlVideos69 @MckKirk @scully1888 This one's too easy @KenY2Ken Agreed. I'll take 40 hours of chatting to those characters all day, just lose the bad shooting @TheFatConsol3R He needs to get used to being wrong @BigBreadDog All the gang stuff is amazing, i disagree with that. It's the identikit shooting missions @BigBreadDog As did i, lots of magic in there around the tedious partsShe's been repeating this bit for 30 mins now. No other game has held her attention for more than 30 seconds @ChibiLobo I'm not big on zelda. Enjoyed what i played @deadbeatpunk All those copy and paste shootouts with those controls, totally unneccessary @deadbeatpunk It needed exactly half of the story missions (THREE dynamite rigging missions, why?). Keep the existi… @ultrabrilliant Another Kelly Banger @cymrogav @samwrite "Time is money!" he screams, to himself, as he dips his brush into Hobgoblin Blue and paints th… @cymrogav @samwrite Have some respect m8, it's exhausting making up jingles to sell butter @Atonement666 I mean that FUCKING island. In a game with a unique character development system and a story that blo… @cs87 @samwrite Stop making valid points Chris @samwrite Never be Tory on main, SamI loved Red Dead 1. RDR2 was a gigantic, bloated animal, made under crunch, which had genius and beauty wrapped in… @samwrite And craft requires recovery. You make an inferior product if it's being forced out. Mistakes are made, quality drops @samwrite is a myth @samwrite Money needn't be the most important thing in the world though. I don't think you need to bleed yourself d…
@Psientologist I've literally had that presentFella you're gonna wear those buttons out! @TheToiletDuck gee gees @Psientologist Stop @ChaosSmurf DUKE NUKIN FOREVER INDEED @MckKirk @ultrabrilliant Less PopcornGUYS RIGHT AT THIS RATE RIGHT CYBERPUNK WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL RIGHT IMAGINE IF IT WAS RELEASE IN RIGHT IN THE YEAR LISTEN @Osiefish Fwom yo gwave @matmurray I know nothing about star wars so when you did that you just sounded completely mental to me @scully1888 Don't be horny on main @scully1888 Zool mate @matmurray We'll wait for the remake for a stream of it then
@matmurray did you ever play resi 4? @dirkfeelgood (in my mind obvz) @dirkfeelgood I did it maaate. I could see Tim Storm looking me in the eye and giving me the nod @dirkfeelgood I literally just put it on to get me out the door and into the gym @samwrite Is this a haiku @samwrite With him it's difficult to know whether this headline is extremely literal @_samsmith90 @The_Faz_D This actually looks kinda sick. I need a grappler though @danthat So I've been separating the recycling and other waste for no fucking reason
@eggdaddy Poisoning my tru potential, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN @eggdaddy I need to widen that gap mateDanny Deals is my favourite wrestling characterOkay Apex you need to stop making me shit at Street Fighter @samwrite Whole-ass Sam White @davidturners the hype levels are off the scale @WretchedMorgan Is this one of @NightmareModeGo's fetishes @samwrite This is a half-assed subtweet
We just launched the @pcgamer Community Forums! It's been a massive labour of love for the whole team (and probably…
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