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Portrait photographer. Podcasts & words. Videogames and the inexorable march towards The Abyss. White chocolate Magnums. Interviews game devs @makingamesisfun

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The noise that comes out of us is insane
2020 @CardySimon Ooh yeah I'm hearing that @DaveDuttonUK Well I'm glad I saved its arse when it tried to drown itself in the sink then @TheFatConsol3R @NeilGortz The first time I would've agreed with himThe fuckin idiot flew back into the house,straight into the sink and half drowned himself. Used a kitchen towel as… like him but he's very big - he landed on me and i thought it was my daughter tapping me on the knee. I find it a… at this swell guy @GeshGav "Make it look like" - she's a mistress of illusion @GeshGav I missed the "come on!" mouthing and I didn't make it look like maybe I'd fallen over a bit @GeshGav I've had a go but I can't nail it. I'll need some time to work on it @CoMutiny Why is it green pleaseWhoever said ⁦@BBCNews⁩ was dumbing down?
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @TheFatConsol3R Two more weeks til i get to enjoy that feeling
@SW_Fan_Club @WretchedMorgan Then i added a frame. That's 10+ years of photography experience coming into play there @SW_Fan_Club @WretchedMorgan Spectrum filterFire. Move. Fire. Move. @itshannahflynn Aw yesssss that's wonderful, I am pleasedHere’s some tips on how to survive this heatwave 🔥
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @WretchedMorgan @SW_Fan_Club Adobe Photoshop Camera app if you want to make more @SW_Fan_Club @WretchedMorgan this meant to look like the front cover of The Last of Us?
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @GameDesignDan I can't imagine a brand this huge never being anything but a profit opportunity before anything else… @GameDesignDan What you need is a spoon @GameDesignDan Reflect on Slime Climb or Fall Ball when that PRICK SCORED AN OWN GOAL I CAN'T FUthe problem with lockdown self-improvement
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @ben_cameron Hell yes, the only way @ben_cameron What a journey, congrats man!I don’t know what to say about a political culture which sees children being put into a tiny, leaking dinghy sittin…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @JayHealey Does it still count as money grabbing if you only grab a handful of fiversI'm going to buy an intellivision and not buy Earthworm Jim fucking tragic. In a very funny way. Basic, dribbling shit for the barely alive
It's all coming back to me @HeadshotSpecial ggs! Trying to get my gief up to scratch again :)Dear Kens who wake up EXdp xx Vtrigger._. @tcgsco I'm 100% with Farley - fireworks are shit. They're nice to look at for about three minutes but that's all y… means that you just carry on with jobs inside and entirely forget to brush your hair and face until you pa… @ChineseRoom Ooh, will do @nielsen_holly I had the powerful gift of being able to tirelessly fuck about. Have. I still have itIt's been 5 years since @ChineseRoom released Rapture, which means it's been 5 yeats since I wrote my article and c… @tcgsco just catching up on the pods there. Naturally I started to mentally check out when Mat began his socials bi… @davidturners I've heard absolutely no noise about it. Might have a peep @davidturners Is this that Rogue Company? Any good?
@CardySimon Yessss I'm glad you enjoyed it through to the finish. I think I'm going to watch it again @CardySimon I just listened to this then went back and watched it in the episode tooI desperately need to follow a big gief streamer who just talks through what they're doing as they play. My neutral fucking SUCKS manGonna tell my kids this was Fall Guys
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @Jam_sponge Now imagining him delivering this message via a TikTok dance where he gestures to the message appearing onscreen @Jam_sponge Gandhi be like "nuke the westerners" @studioanisa I am enjoying the font placement and colour on these two images @elliejoypanic It always amuses me that they act like playing a difficult game is in some way dangerous or brave
@MckKirk Of course you do this @WretchedMorgan @BitSocket It's like the start of Cheers @minute5072 @Calzo @WretchedMorgan Apologies - Riccardo @minute5072 @Calzo @WretchedMorgan I'm pissing myself here. Richie keep the shades for when you're stuck on bosses… words are out there. We've established a baseline for what enthusiastic support *could* look like. A *baseline…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary CharacterThis year has been hellish for everyone, for a bunch of reasons. But to watch black colleagues still get rejected…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary CharacterSo, it's been two months to the day that I tweeted this, and... yeah. That wave of deeply visible opportunities, a…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @Absintheuse Must've been from this guy Best Games For Your Child With @askaboutgames' updated Family Game Database 🎮 👈
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character
@GameDesignDan Pitch: Ball Guys. It's football @GeshGav Stabbing tanks until they explode @GeshGav Thunder Fox is the greatest game to ever be releasedCancel culture scaremongering is just identity politics for pundits. New video ft. @OwenJones84 for @novaramedia
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @MckKirk @CaptainToss I mean compared to normal? Yes. @CaptainToss Hi Sean, sorry that our childcarer didn't turn up, that mad sucks!!! Can we send over Matthew Kelly in… @CaptainToss Hi Sean, Gary Rodes here - can we help you with your listening box purchase decision? I know fucking l… @CaptainToss Hi Sean - I'm sorry your Marvel experience has left your huge, beautiful soul so cruelly wanting. Is t… @CaptainToss Hi Sean, I see our laptop mic didn't meet your standards!!!! Could we fucking well assist in any way pal? - Gareth Man @CaptainToss Hi Sean, I see you didn't finish Deus Ex. Is there any way we can improve your experience? - Gazza @CaptainToss Hi Sean, can I help you with your Nvidia GPU issues? - G @tamoorh should've gone with Five Guys tbh but here we are
@MckKirk They really knocked the hype out of it when they went into detail on the weapons, because it just showed y… me Godfall or go to hellGodfall looks fine, but I could just play Bloodborne again instead. Hood was the coolest thing I saw out of all tha… is too much detail on mechanics that we've seen in everything elseIs that Abe?Right give me Hood please @grimsevers_ @kayPOWXD @zoe_dels @RegulusEXE I forgot how much I love Oblivion. Enjoyed watching it againBruce Dickinson as tasteless chairs, a thread:
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary CharacterI am, to be fair, excited about this. I'm gonna Gief my nuts off and see what this new mechanic does for him when i… 15 years, I've been telling people how video games improve the quality of life for people with disabilities Bu…
Retweeted by 'Big Time' Gary Character @HilariousCow Crap - too complicatedShe's like this for literally every single round @FallGuysGame @joffocakes That's a sweet tee
Look I'm definitely absolutely fine but HOW CAN YOU HAVE A GAME WITH ALEX BUT NOT HUGO @CoMutiny @tcgsco Get a huge party goingRespect to the devs continuing to make an ongoing game work in the midst of COVID though, that shit must be fucking… @TheToiletDuck that's broken af at the momentI'm glad people have stuff they're excited for though, but I never really bothered with / have any excitement for R… get that covid has screwed things but I'm really deflated by all that. Dan was a cool reveal, but I don't use him… disappointed. Wildly.Pfffffffff.Hype dwindlingoh ok i guess the bets are very much back very onok there's Rose. Bets are back on I guess.Dan in SFV means the predicted five could be ENTIRELY WRONG. ALL BETS ARE OFFOh my god @joffocakes @ColmSeeley SILENCERight come on Capcom, save my week please. This will be the longest sixteen minutes in history