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12 days later: Herman Cain is currently in the hospital with COVID.
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Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiTook this in 2014. All I know is that he desperately wanted to vote trump out, so whatever you do, PLEASE VOTE.
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @robreiner I'm so sorry for your loss.This #PrideMonth and always, we are proud to recognize the openly LGBTQ members of the Illinois House Democratic Ca…
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@viaSimonRomero You took this story from Paul Ingram & Dylan Smith at the Tucson Sentinal, who ran the story a day…
The Inventor | Tomfoolery via @YouTube A true Dreamer. @probstomfoolery
@realDonaldTrump You are the scandal of our times. Your egress cannot come soon enough.
LOVE THIS! Thank you!
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiUntil you've walked in the shoes or felt the pain of another human being - don't judge them, dismiss them or presume to know their struggle.
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @DonnieWahlberg The episode “Manhattan Queens” which you directed was brilliant. Couple of LOL moments. Nicely done…
SHOCKING VIDEO: LAPD officers seen striking protesters with batons in Fairfax district confrontation…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiY'all love telling us to get an education until we actually use it.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiRepublicans would much rather complain than work hard.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiConservatives elected the weakest president in American history.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWhy does Donald Trump need a bunker when he has thoughts and prayers?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiITS FINALLY HERE! The Premiere Episode of my new digital series— Party Crashers! The first episode follows Marcel…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiSo um, about tomorrow. The Supreme Court will be releasing opinions tomorrow morning. They could potentially deci…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiThe president is who he is. He has not changed. He will not change. The question that remains unanswered is: who are we as Americans?
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BREAKING: Man who thinks a mask makes him look weak is now erecting a #BabyGate around his entire house.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiMarian Catholic pledges our prayer, solidarity, and action. We are listening, and we hear the concerns voiced by ou…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiDear White America, As difficult and disturbing as it is to see police officers using violent and excessive f…
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski⚠️ DONT SCROLL PAST THIS ⚠️ it only needs 70k more signatures. it takes like 30 seconds to sign. it’s so close!!!!!
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @kaffenomics I'm sorry that happened. I'm glad you were with us -- are with us. You made a difference, helped a lot of people.
@carey_jensen Congratulations and welcome #Spartan! @kaffenomics John was this me?
Until white people call out white people, there will always be safe places for racial ugliness to brew and fester.… only reason for racism's persistence is that white people continue to benefit from it. via @ncronlineANOTHER harrowing account from ANOTHER priest working outside St. John’s who says they were run off by tear gas, et…
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It’s officially Pride Month. If you are unilaterally opposed to the anti-police brutality protests happening this…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiIf you can’t address a nation in pain over the scourge of racism or the loss of over 100,000 lives to a deadly viru…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiThis is so crazy it’s morning now in New Zealand and they’re marching for #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiHow is it “Get over slavery” but 9/11 is “never forget”?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiYou’re the president of a country in crisis and you see nothing but opportunity—to inflame MORE division, score che…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWe are a nation in pain right now, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us. As President, I will help lead…
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Column: George Floyd, killed in Minneapolis, is why Amy Cooper’s Central Park call was so repugnant
Happy to announce that @SchittsCreek is now avail on @NetflixSA @NetflixUK @NetflixANZ! 🥂
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski.@JVN and @danjlevy teamed up with the Trevor Project to send a message to LGBTQ+ young people during the coronavir…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiNothing more bone chilling than witnessing a gaggle of internet personalities, unmasked, breaking quarantine and so…
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski🥺
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWe're celebrating NYC Pride with @theebillyporter, @JanelleMonae, @danjlevy, and @wcruz73. ❤️💛💚💙💜
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiGive her the Emmy for this photo shoot alone?
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiSource: As two extraordinary milestones approach, POTUS planning to use upcoming 20,000th lie to downgrade death to…
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Marian Catholic High School Class of 2020 Virtual Recognition via @YouTube
A hospital nurse in New York who was on the frontlines treating coronavirus patients while pregnant is now fighting…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiCongratulations, Oluyemi Elutilo! 4 Years A Student, 4 Ever A Spartan #CelebrateMarian #Classof2020
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiCongratulations, Michaela Jackson! 4 Years A Student, 4 Ever A Spartan #CelebrateMarian #Classof2020
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiIs there any question why the protests we have seen are most intense in 2020 battleground states like MI, WI and PA?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiAre you trying to tell me a thimble is not made for babies to take shots?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiQuarantine has finally given me the time to clean out my attic. I haven't done it, but the time is there.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiIn honor of Senior Day today, each Marian Catholic Softball senior was given their own personalized banner! Our sev…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiScience over fiction.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiSo. Many. Dead. Each number had a name. Let us not forget or minimize pain and loss. Children without parents. Emp…
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @GOP So your plan is to let Flynn go but go after Biden - who was really not implicated. The GOP makes no sense.
What I thought was a wonderful video by Tom Foolery on Facebook. Couldn't find him on Twitter but had to share! I h…
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Paige & Taylor are your source for news from Marian Catholic High School and around the world! Here's your Marian C…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiI'm making the @SandyHook Promise to keep my community & country safer from gun violence:
Who had to go to work when they should’ve been quarantining to produce this disgrace?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiA special message from Assistant Director, Matt Merten: We are excited to introduce Jordan Annemarie Merten to the…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiJust got off the phone with @GovPritzker, @SenDuckworth, & the rest of the IL Congressional delegation. I thanked t…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWith rent due in a few days and folks across the country worried they won't be able to make their payments, it's cl…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWear a mask in public. Read your daily briefings. Listen to the experts. This really isn't rocket science. It's common sense.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiOk, folks. Personal self-interest duly noted, but I'm NOT down with all of this, "if old people die, oh well," rhet…
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You know it's true… Every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored.
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @realDonaldTrump Liar. We heard you. There are video recordings. Who the hell are you kidding?
@Marian_Catholic Thank you, @polonerd Sean! would we be right now without Mr. Scanlon?
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @NC5PhilWilliams Oh my God he’s insane.
Me for literally years: this is the end of the Simonverse. There are no sequels coming. Never. Me right now: LOVE…
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Reject the false choice between indefinite social distancing and trying to snap back to normal. We'll be able to sa…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiIt's not about you.
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I am excited to rock my new @Flipgrid Rock Around the Clock badge!
Olympia Fields Police Officer Mark Akiyama Released from Hospital After Beating COVID-19 - eNews Park Forest…
China's virus pandemic epicenter Wuhan ends 76-day lockdown
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @CMcCoid @polonerd Are you a teacher or an admin? Wondering as a teacher if my parents would engage.Are admin willing to open up & hear from Ss and parents as to how it's really going? To take their feedback from al…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiCheck out this Tik Tok created by the Marian Catholic Varsity Girls Soccer Team! It won "Most Creative" in Marian C…
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @joshtpm @GovPritzker Trump said the White House wasn't "a shipping clerk" The US government is quite literally sh…
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With increased online time comes increased risk of your child crossing paths with an online predator.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWhere the hell do libertarians think a coronavirus response would have come from? Like would we have just manifested it?
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiAmericans deserve better than a health care system where people are terrified and need treatment, but are afraid t…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiIf withholding essential aid from Ukraine until it did Trump’s bidding was impeachable — and it was — why isn’t doi…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiI can't stop watching this 😂😍
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiBreaking: CNN anchor @ChrisCuomo has been diagnosed with Covid-19. The network just informed staffers in New York.…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiThe state of Illinois has received over 5,000,000 units of donated personal protective equipment & other supplies f…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWorth a listen. We need honest leadership back in the White House.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiI'm confident that the American people will meet this moment. There’s never been a challenge we've been unable to o…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiDonald Trump’s mental illness is killing people.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiWe've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can't afford any more c…
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You know the fckng vibes
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @realDonaldTrump You’re killing more people than hurricane Katrina did.Trump's Katrina will be a deadly pandemic.
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@realDonaldTrump You’re scum. Do US paid multi millions of dollars to protect Trump Tower because Melania didn’t wa…
Retweeted by Gary Kopycinski @realDonaldTrump Man, you're just a d*ck. Nothing more. Nothing less.Donald Trump’s ego will cost lives.
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiOnly a true psychopath would favor letting people die for being insufficiently appreciative, so there’s obviously a…
Retweeted by Gary KopycinskiDear @Schoology: I've had better days. Thanks @polonerd