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Once kicked a ball about. Now talk about kicking a ball about. Still flogging spuds. BBC Sport, BT Sport, Walkers, @goalhangerfilms ...Instagram garylineker

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Another monster tonight: @realmadriden v @ManCity on @btsport 2 from 7 o’clock. It’s time an English club stood up… face is at the top of high grants Twitter profile😂😱 What. The. Hell. Is. Going. On Thank you Hugh, you play a…
Retweeted by Gary LinekerHe’ll have to be quick, looks like the Grim Reaper is behind him. @BrunoTonioli 🤦🏻‍♂️ @esmuellert_ You were pretty good yourself. Well played. 👍🏻 @KP24 @FCBayernEN Rapid.The latest #NoFilterUCL for you. mine all the time.... generally somewhere in my cavernous tympanic cavity. those stats you’d think @LCFC would be 3rd in the table....oh.
Alphonso Davies’ parents fled Liberia in the civil war. He was born in a refugee camp in Ghana and moved to Canada… say @FCBayernEN have been superb. Lewandowski with his first Champions League goal in the knockout stage in 2… misses a decent chance for his hat-trick. Pulis was right. 🤪Another from Gnabry, his 6th in 2 games in London this season. 😳Gnabry has given @FCBayernEN the lead following great awareness from Lewandowski. Cracking football.Monster game at the Bridge tonight: @ChelseaFC v @FCBayernEN live on @btsport 2 from 7 o’clock. 👍🏻👍🏻No, I don’t think so, but thanks for asking. order to raise awareness about the correlation between our natural world and mental well being. A 2,200km Walk 4…
Retweeted by Gary LinekerSaid it for a long time, he’s gonna be one of this country’s greatest ever players. 👌🏻 the... it on. kind. 👍🏻
Just bought a Zimmer frame on eBay.👀 @JournoBird @balconyshirts Crisp bloke might work.Recording the podcast with @prodnose on Wednesday this week (out on Thursday). Any questions, however random, will… is this Sue Chin Tendulkerr? 🤣🤣🤣 example of how to move in the box to create an opportunity to score. Feint to go one way then attack a spac…
@JayMitchinson Never look at general notifications. The idiots ruin it, sadly, for the vast majority of decent huma… @JayMitchinson Good heavens. That’s something I’d never do. @rcfoster You can watch every show at anytime these days. Watershed seems pointless.As mid-table clashes go, the first half of this mid-table clash was anything but mid-table. Top table tweet. @JemStone They don’t watch cooking shows then? @JayMitchinson F**k 🥦 @JayMitchinson Haha. He’s right about broccoli. Few things funnier than little ones dropping the f-bomb. @JayMitchinson They’ll learn them soon enough, I wouldn’t worry. 🤣There are some players that when they’re one-on-one with the keeper, you just know they’ll score. @Aubameyang7 is o… @rcfoster They can try.Wonderful cross from the very exciting young talent that is Bukayo Saka. Expertly finished too by Eddie Nketiah.Never understood why commentators/presenters are asked to/or feel the need to apologise for bad language caught on… but a mid-table start from @Everton with a great finish from @CalvertLewin14 👍🏻As mid-table clashes go they don’t come much more mid-table than 10th v 11th. Mid-table tweet.After the Euros and before @BBCMOTD kicks off in August please, Eddie. think you were a few years above me. a huge day for boxing it’s good to see that Bruno has hit the target for @ManUtd. 🥊Just watched #WildervsFury2 and managed to avoid knowing the result. Sensational performance from @Tyson_Fury. Deva… I nearly call him Chris Waddle? 🤪 @LegsFresh @prodnose @BBCMOTD We talked about it and rubbished it all night. 🤷🏼‍♂️
@prodnose @BBCMOTD What are you talking about? @pinapplehead123 @exrul Don’t show your ignorance.The @BBCMOTD running order: Che/Tot, Lei/ManC, Bur/Bou, Sou/AV, CP/New, SU/Bri. Lots to enjoy and VAR might be mentioned. @BBCOne 10.20.Unbelievable. How can you give that if you’ve not given the De Bruyne one? Justice done.If VAR were a player, he’d definitely be left out next week.The irrepressible @Cristiano has now scored in 436 consecutive Serie A games....well its 11 actually, but remarkable nevertheless.No questions about @BurnleyOfficial’s 3rd goal. Stunning finish from the very talented Dwight McNeil. @SiClare Wouldn’t disagree. @bodenknights Disagree. @bodenknights And your team is? @RealMattLucas 🤣Don’t know where to begin with this one. VAR have disallowed a Goal for Bournemouth as they decided there was a han… @garytaphouse Probably wise.A 3rd for Messi as he ends his 3 minute goal drought.Messi has ended his longest goal drought in 6 years with 2 first half goals. That run was 4 games. 🤯Shane Long May have just scored with his cock. A Long Cock goal.Is it time we had VAR for VAR?
Just got in a cab and the driver says “I know you. You’re on that morning show, right?” Please tell me he doesn’t t… 👌🏻
@suziperry 👌🏻That’s quite the comeback from @RangersFC 👏🏻👏🏻What about this for a stunning volley from Rúben Neves. Get in! @Amermalik12 Horrendous.Agreed. @wardiesholay Don’t know much about your career, but I’m sure you erred occasionally? @SixInMadrid Well don’t be so daft. Chill out. @SixInMadrid I think the key thing here is: laughed it off. Lighten up. 🤣🤣 @SixInMadrid What are you talking about?Champions League in football and climate change. 👌🏻 certainly impressed last night. Very talented and was organising and bossing his teammates throughout the 90 min… even close to a dive. Would be an injustice to miss a cup final for this. knockout stage means the return of #NoFilterUCL 👍🏻
Give Lloris the man of the match award now.Loving tonight’s match programme with Greavsie on the front. 👌🏻 @mattletiss7 I think you’re totally misunderstanding me. You think I want rid of it? No, I just want it used sensib… @mattletiss7 That’s exactly my point. Thanks for making it so clearly. 👍🏻 @mattletiss7 Yep, I’m all for freeze frame and the line. It’s obvious when someone’s offside, Matt. If it ain’t it’s level. @mattletiss7 It’s still a human eye that decides. 🤣 @mattletiss7 You still seem to think it’s accurate. I’m bemused by that.Love the idea of doing our bit on ‘Geoff Thomas Day’ & great to see @GaryLineker helping @CureLeukaemia again. Come…
Retweeted by Gary Lineker @adrianweckler Neutrals decide, not rival fans. 🤷🏼‍♂️ @NickStathamLDR 🤷🏼‍♂️ @ItsMarkWebster Bit hard on him.Look at the positives: Less chance of being caught offside. this at time, and thought did I really just see that? Never sure about these numbers, but think we can agre… @martynziegler Indeed.There never was a daylight law. It’s a myth. And how do you see if there’s daylight unless the camera is perfectly… was never a problem before VAR and now it’s forcing radical changes to the laws of the game. It’s nuts. Utt…’ve emerged from hibernation for a new episode of #BehindClosedDoors with @prodnose. It’s as randomly bonkers as…👍🏻 fun talking to ⁦@GaryLineker⁩ and ⁦@GeoffThomasGTF⁩ about this on Monday. Piece in today’s ⁦@TimesSport⁩ but…
Retweeted by Gary Lineker
Interesting. Will still be arguments and differences of opinion no doubt, but at least we’ll correct this VAR anti-…