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my name is gary @GaryRGrayJr Canada - Philippines - Wakanda

I’m a teacher | i hav black cotton candy hair | i vlog ever other day (on hold for now) | i like to talk about race

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Dear Educators, Everyone does not celebrate Christmas...
Dears Teachers, Y’all aloud to be excited for break too 😂🙏🏾Still working on me and that’s okay.. @GaryRGrayJr “I think it means racing???” Ugh. The innocence of children.
Retweeted by my name is garyDid some of the most reading I’ve ever done this year.. I’m proud of myselfSometimes. I get so nervous I mix up my words.. that happen yesterday 🤷🏾‍♂️Tomorrow we look at another “ism” and try to figure out what they mean. Lots of interesting insights, lots of learning to do 🙏🏾Full board.. 5: 4: 3: 2: 1: week we look at some of the “isms” we might face in the world today.. today’s word is Racism.. here is what st…
@DingleTeach It’s amazing! Just amazing!!Daily reminder to holla at God 🙏🏾After this week, I slept 10 hours last night. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Kudos to other classroom teachers we made it another week. Enjoy your weekend.
Retweeted by my name is garyDear Parents, Don’t give your children worksheets over the holidays 🙏🏾I notice that my kids love to socialize in the morning.. so before they start reading time, they socialize like humans.. ahahWhen you have international day it is important that students can represent as many flags as they want..Haven’t been really active on Instgram in a long while.. can’t say I miss it.. I will be back shortly..I told my students I was going to open a small school one day and so many of them asked for the application to work with me. 😂😂
Retweeted by my name is garyI remember when we use to heat the house with the oven.. had breakfast on the wood stove.. washed out clothes in ki…
Read 11 chapters of @ibizoboi My Life As An Ice Cream sandwich and I want to know what happened/happens to grandpa…
Retweeted by my name is gary @juliaerin80 Sending love..I forgot my snack the other day so I just went around and had a little from everyone in class.. it was a good day ahahWe have snack time at 9:00 everyday roughly.. if I go one minute over .. the kids have my name 😂 doesn’t matter wha… are you doing to disrupt the dominate narratives in your school systems .. @mrskellylove You are way too kind! But thank you! Plus who ever gets me will likely pay more for shipping then the… @caitteach You my friend are awesome! Not sure how I missed it with the notifications on ahah I’ll be ready for the… I missed out on the #feelingmyshelf swap.. y’all got me scrolling through my feed today .. #nextyear use to not say things because people would throw me off by using all they fancy words.. now I just ask them to paraphrase in English 😂Becoming more and more unapologetic for my blackness 🙏🏾
Am I the only one that crashes after school. A short nap is always deep sleep? School wears me out.
Retweeted by my name is garyStudents need to know that dominate cultures exist .. and yes you can talk to elementary kids about this..Cheerleader who was punished for taking a knee during football game wins $145k settlement 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
Retweeted by my name is garyNot Fizadales fault you signed 8 power forwards smh @Joyteamstars @django_paris Lucky! It’s one of my teacher bibles. Extremely helpful !Tommy Mr. Orange 🙏🏾 Responsive teaching allows educators to look beyond the “white gaze”. It allows children of color to no… @kellybarteaux Likly staying around.. maybe a little travel @MuzakLisa Missing home :-(“And don’t fight when you’re angry. Think when you’re angry. Write when you’re angry. Read when you’re angry.” -…
Retweeted by my name is garyHappy birthday bra 🙏🏾🎂 @RufMatthew We use a soft ball (slowly add more balls as the game goes on) students stand in a circle with legs op… @Eduk8n @GaryRGrayJr ...and entertainment. Our history comes before 1619, Lucy Terry, chattel slavery, The Black Di…
Retweeted by my name is gary @GaryRGrayJr And be sure to highlight the many meaningful/positive contributions Blacks made beyond servitude and athletics... #justsayin
Retweeted by my name is garyDon’t wait until February to start talking about black people in the classroom ..#justsayingLadson Billing’s ..a true revolutionary...
Gourmet African American Cheese @KieseLaymon 😂 I remember making fancy names for food stables in our house too ahah 🙏🏾Best thing you’ll see today. SO GOOD.
Retweeted by my name is garyI was recently asked do I get comments made like this to me regularly.. let’s just say I’m unfortunately on guard a… mom just went to NYC on a girls trip.. I asked her did she do some good shopping.. she said she just laughed and… it is important that in de-centering whiteness, we are not putting aside issues of access and equity .. we be reframing them..we family, right? cool, cool. so let’s talk about identity, who I am, and how it impacts my work (and what I need…
Retweeted by my name is gary @mjmcalli @ncjames376 @knikole @k_shelton @ClearTheAirEdu @ChristieNold @PonderEducation @ValeriaBrownEdu want your classroom to be relevant. @GaryRGrayJr and #mastermindED have a pathway to make sure you know how to…
Retweeted by my name is gary @Hessteacherest @msnramani Now this is so kind of you ❤️🙏🏾 we appreciate you too !!🤷🏾‍♂️ 2 weeks left or so before break.. I’m happy and I know it.. I’m about to show it..
@suziplaut Writing style I think.. just not connecting to the book at all.. need to keep going though.. I feel I ca… been one of the hardest reads I’ve experienced in a while.. on these sketches .. once you finished sketches for a book what do you do with them. Do you self publish or… My Year of Reading. A thread illuminating my reading journey from January to December. The books I've read an…
Retweeted by my name is gary @EthanGSchultz Once in a while they will get us ahahI’ve got to learn how to say no (and mean it) in 2020.
Retweeted by my name is gary @caitteach @msnramani Y’all on a different level ahah @sheathescholar Note to self.. that would be a dope title 🙏🏾Pretty sure I sprained my finger dunking on a 6ft net during recess a few days ago..?It will be cool to see how these responses change as we look more at situations and specific individuals important… on one of the following circles and made a comment based on their own understanding. 🙏🏾 took notes on the video.. quickly made comparisons to the two videos and determined the following: “One video the woman is always… used a TedX video and @Flocabulary we explored a lady by the name of Sacagawea. We looked at synthesizing two text/videos and @Tolerance_org dom… @ShanaVWhite Get better !Ever been the teacher with good lesson idea, a little evening planning time, but massive fatigue and headache? It's me. I'm the teacher.
Retweeted by my name is garyPlease join us to learn, listen, and participate this WEDNESDAY, 12/4, as we talk ADIPA identity and our classroom…
Retweeted by my name is gary @caitteach You and @msnramani would get along very well #whatisdryshampooWe teachers talk about that light bulb moment a lot - you know, the moment when students just seem to get it? Well,…
Retweeted by my name is garyWe shared #amykrouserosenthal ”this plus that“ and as we were reading, 1KH paused and came up with this little equa…
Retweeted by my name is garyMy scotian pronouns are: You girl You dem You woman You man (gender neutral) That one (over) there
Retweeted by my name is garyAny of y’all students eat pencils like mine ahah smh just opened a new pack a few days ago 😂Grandma I miss you..
A few days ago we had a local Race Car driver in to share his story. He talked specifically about how forces and mo… said we stood on the shoulders of those who came before us. You said keep their memories alive. You said their…
Retweeted by my name is gary @sheathescholar I remember you sharing this with us in Baltimore! I’m pumped for you! @padmatv I am on it! The kids loved your work! We had tears, smiles, laughter, angry faces! A little of everything!I love writing report cards 😂So I went to a social event recently, and let’s just say it proved to me why I don’t like going: personal space inv…
officially family @caitteach @ncte please and thank you! @msyoung428 @ncte You are way too kind! Thank you.. Would be a pleasure to meet ya! @ShanaVWhite @ncte @AidaDuliman Umm if @ShanaVWhite is going.. I am definitely going to be there ahah #Justsaying @teachLTL @ncte My dude! @TooDopeTeachers @ncte Now that would be sick! @GaryRGrayJr @msnramani @ncte It was truly a pleasure to meet such a dynamic duo! Thank u for all u do—and I’m hono…
Retweeted by my name is garyUmm we'd love to have you :-) Do you do skype or zoom calls..