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my name is gary @GaryRGrayJr Canada - Philippines - Wakanda

i teach stuff

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@QuartoKids @tiffanymjewell @4ur3lia @katy_flint amazing !😳 this my day in a nutshell
Soooo @kiese is on @thestackspod_ and the interview is FIRE. Also, Kiese, nice to find out about your children’s bo…
Retweeted by my name is garyCONGRATULATIONS!!! 'A victory for our Black communities': 4 best friends in Calgary all get into med school | CBC N…
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happy wedding day to me and my lovely wife @msnramani ❤️
send me food pictures of what y'all been cooking 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 i need some inspiration! and don't copy and save form pinterest ahahhahtired
What are you currently reading friends....
yes i am a product of my environmentit's okay to not like everyone ya know..if you want to change something for next year, make recess longer 🤷🏾‍♂️❤️ @sheathescholar
Good morning! Cover Reveal: LONG WAY DOWN: The Graphic Novel By Jason Reynolds-
Retweeted by my name is garythis is for who ever needs it.. it's okay to say no 👌🏾
my uncle is an OG 👊🏽👊🏿👊🏾 friends in the field, you are likely being pulled in all different directions right now, don't feel like you h… teachers have been asking for advice for the new year... one thing that is important and often forgotten is th… @ShanaVWhite @sabiaprescott @nwlc @Jess5th @sheathescholar @AkieaG @jthompedu @pernilleripp umm thank you! this looks amazing!Scoped and sequenced, standards-aligned, free curricular materials by and for LGBTQ BIPOC students to center their…
Retweeted by my name is garyWalmart Canada investigating after outrage over 'All Lives Matter,' 'Blue Lives Matter' apparel 😳 🇨🇦 ya ain't know… is also sadly worth noting, again, that Bubba Wallace, like all drivers, never entered the garage area or saw th…
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if your an international school you should have international teachers from DIFFERENT backgrounds 🤷🏾‍♂️ oh and they… family.
Retweeted by my name is garyso any of y'all got the police on ya account 😂teaching anti bias and anti racist education is not a sad sappy story. let's not forget that this work is fun and s… @sheathescholar @TorreyMaldonado @TorreyMaldonado bra ahah we need to get on a call soon.i don't think you always have to be an admin to make changes. i don't think you have to always be in "leadership" r…
don't be racist okay people 🤷🏾‍♂️i feel like teachers be some super beings. i can't underestimate the impact i have on my Ss and family. the work i… appointment for 10am thursday in case anyone was wondering how that situation was going..great question.. please RT or share advice.. @msnramani ❤️
accountability over everything. accountability over everything. accountability over everything. accountability over…
Retweeted by my name is garyTwo police killings in the last two days - Montreal and GTA- #defundthepolice and keep our comminties alive - why n…
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@ChristieNold proud of myself this morning. had every reason not to run. not to get up but i did.
if you'd like to do anything for me today, please take 2 seconds and retweet or sign, or do both for international… thing i must say i enjoy about my elementary is that standardized testing has been tossed out the o… @ShanaVWhite @PresidentPat @edifiedlistener @MoniseLSeward @JustLB @__itsniaj @DrChaeEd @Chem_Warrior @teachLTL BLACK friends, what are some common things you hear/see at a BBQ during the summer?happy #juneteenth family. this morning I’ll be in communion with @BlackWomxnFor & @BLKMAMASMVMT for “Mothering in t…
Retweeted by my name is garyi love being blackity, black, black, black 👊🏾👊🏿👊🏽
friend ❤️ thank you ❤️ you step in the classroom not excited about teaching this work towards liberation.. you may as well stay home an…❤️ yeah! #blacklivesmatter 👊🏽👊🏿👊🏾 @sheathescholar @msmillerdc @arcticisleteach 😂😳 @msmillerdc @sheathescholar y'all so supportive ❤️❤️@sheathescholar 😊 well does not mean you are doing the right thing.. @izzieteaches @sheathescholar you see that attention to detail! 😂 @sheathescholar @LippertH114 @sheathescholar @LippertH114 im just going to enjoy my comment please and thank you ahah @LippertH114 @sheathescholar sank ya very much ahaha @sheathescholar don't say it because i already know what ya gonna say 🤦🏾‍♂️😂
meaning well.. does not mean you are a teacher i believe that you need to have enough courage and empathy to actually get inside your students world… @MisterMinor @triciaebarvia week i cried happy tears. i'm going to be happy this week.some admin do listen.. this is trueSave the date! I'll be in conversation next week Thursday (6/25) at 7pm EST with two #historians I deeply admire:…
Retweeted by my name is garyi appreciate y'all sharing my good side 😂 👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 @sheathescholar can you just be my teacher for a few days 🤷🏾‍♂️ documents of resources won't make you anti-racist. it will likely only give you a headache with the amo…
White folks I need your help pls. When you were first starting your journey to be anti-racist, what book brought…
Retweeted by my name is gary @SimmonsT09 we was bad during this year.. ahah i remember the squad!don’t be offended that your Black friend doesn’t care that you’re reading Audre Lorde or that you just watched 13th…
Retweeted by my name is garyWhat shea said.. @ShanaVWhite Sending love.. and keep being you. I truly will miss your honesty around this place.. its needed.the path to liberation is lonely. it don’t mean you won’t eventually find your community, but that initial work? wh…
Retweeted by my name is gary @DDBattery do you have any old ones! lol we hated playing you guys ahahdear Black youth in canada, i was never taught my history growing up, i am not sure if you are being taught either,… @DDBattery i have no words for this image ahahjr high school 😂 @SaraKAhmed @JasonReynolds83 literally had this exact same conversation with someone yesterday about @JasonReynolds83Ns @KadirNelson 😂Anyone else wonder if @KadirNelson ever sleeps?
Retweeted by my name is garyIf you are still grappling with it and thinking twice. Let's be clear: Anti-racism is child protection. Anti-racism…
Retweeted by my name is garyyesterday, I said there were 7 white people i wholeheartedly trusted in this work. Paul is one of the seven (which…
Retweeted by my name is garycan i just add that today was a very good day.. i am very happy today..
🙏🏾 be some influential human beings.. y'all got influence to make or break a kid for years.. use ya influence… student uses graduation speech to address anti-Black racism | CBC News
Retweeted by my name is garycan't make this stuff up 🇨🇦 separate washroom, under constant supervision while at school 🤦🏾‍♂️… educators: I'm now looking and asking for some new verbs from y'all besides learning, reading, listening, and…
Retweeted by my name is garyyou are welcome student raps his valedictorian speech 👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 the 1970s, Black activists formed a barricade around the International Hotel, protecting its Filipino and Chines…
Retweeted by my name is gary @SaraKAhmed @GlobalKdsl friend ❤️ @biblio_phile @msnramani @Dontworryteach @_pinkstork i see y'all definitely saw seuss all up in my school last year. i honestly don't think many teachers no.... @colleencourt @GaryRGrayJr Yes! Thank you. Book lists aren’t antiracist.
Retweeted by my name is garywill try and bring my 2cents to this awesome panel friday.. excited to chat about the work! @SaraKAhmed @In_Medias_Res @msnramani @edifiedlistener a little noise here and there. it's on notice for sure. more… @TanyaLeClair thank you friend @GaryRGrayJr @MissCook_BCPS Do not teach Black pain as spectacle to be viewed over and again in mass media.
Retweeted by my name is gary @sheathescholar for those in the crowd who may not understand what whiteness is so you care to expand on your response 😂 @GaryRGrayJr The system, institution as they formerly knew it. With society calling for a new normal, and that we…
Retweeted by my name is gary @AkieaG appreciate you! i see you coming! ❤️❤️ @LegoPerrier @ehgraysway no link just live on tuesday ❤️