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penguin @GATpenguin Los Angeles, CA

QA Engineer @ Riot on GAT/LoL by day. Gaming @playVALORANT by night. You can call me Dan :)

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@RealStrongLegs Congrats Roy! :)
@Corey_OW @diceyzx Corey has the correct taste here lowercase gang 100%
Holy shit caps 😍
@MeanMisterKien in that sense i think the perception of TFT balance is almost more important than the objective bal… @MeanMisterKien I think the game is notably less fun when comps overcentralize even if the game is still balanced -…
@endercasts @Quickshot You're gonna kill it out there dude :')
@Azmodius Congrats!
@iamlickx blue crab handroll plz @BrainEngineer @RKRigney damn you get asked this often enough to have a medium article from 2018 about it 😂 @BrainEngineer a fair counterpoint. godspeed @BrainEngineer I could never justify a sweater of that price in LA but those boots are slick @TizaTryhards Best Roguelike I've played since Slay the Spire
New PFP celebrating the VAL team's release of Icebox 🥳. Can't wait to play after work tonight! @redmercy What is it the zoomers say? Secure the bag? :D @Spideraxe30 LITERALLY HYPERBOLIC WORD-VIOLENCECome get ya early LoL PBE overreactions, clickbait thumbnails/content on PBE!!! @RiotAugust We only nerfed her about 20x in dev only to nerf her by another 5-6% on the first patch :) @RiotAugust Well deserved August, you put so much passion and love into your projects - working on Senna with you w… spiciest thing from the thread I RT'd earlier - working on the tech infinite warmup deathmatch. @npcSara glad to be here, my contribution includes liking Aymeric picturesIf you don't follow Jared you should, this thread has that juicy DM info! @tom_nguyen_ ayyy knew it was possible for ya :D @C9Vienna shoulda added "7:36 pm" somewhere
@schutzandleaves Hades has been my "val act 3 waiting room" game for now :) @ArnarHrafn I'm so jealous of this, i'm upgrading to a 2br apartment soon and just having an office PC space that's… @RiotRoku I'm a fan of Hazard Bomb also, good choice! I've been trying to get more into the face-rush fist styles s… @Mendo @RiotRoku What's the go-to Roku build? :D
@rycoux what heat r u @?Really happy with how this TFT patch looks - i've been more engaged with the set than I usually have been, and buff… @rycoux you should link it for them if you enjoy their content :p
@RiotMorello Unfortunately never got to learn from you other than occasionally catching some insights from your str… @QuachWatch The game is really fun, would recommend @fl0mtv goose honks over every interruptionhow can millions of americans mute their coworkers mics during COVID meetings but we can't get a single moderator w…
@RelyksOG @Evergreenily @gchorba I typed my calls back then and now I type fast at least... @seeson Mini Wireless waiting room 🐍Does cold-texting people actually work positively for elections? I find it absolutely infuriating since I already k… @Evergreenily @gchorba when I was a 13 year old counter strike player the same thing happened to me LMAOOThinking of you homie @endercasts forward to seeing less Aphelios in my TFT games as well :D mentioning FFA tweaks?👀 @Sirhaian I remember seeing the VFX for that skin in testing, potentially my favorite ADC skin of all time :) @RiotNyanbun Congrats on the promotion!
@JeffAHamilton Yeah I can totally see how the game can be daunting for completionist/perfectionist types of player… @JeffAHamilton While the project has a whole bunch of new League items, there's also a lot of shop UX work that sho… @DxnTFT Congrats dude :)Take on the tundra when Icebox drops with Act III.
Retweeted by penguin @MeanMisterKien i tried my best i'll get more zzrots in the future.......Thanks @MeanMisterKien for the TFT meta guides, helped me put together this Moonlight Assassin ZZrot Hunter Divine…
@gchorba hahahah new balance x IRCDon’t be afraid of Covid? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
Retweeted by penguinSomething's dropping.
Retweeted by penguinI got to give feedback and talk through these changes a bit with DCole! Really excited, especially for the Radiant…
Most 1v9 bard I've ever seen in pro #Worlds2020 @tom_nguyen_ @wowbaolam immortal when @wowbaolam You didn't get the memo? As a diamond player in a radiant lobby you are supposed to instalock reyna
@RiotBrightmoon I just got my first run with a Zeus/Spear build! (not what I was expecting to win with...)good thread, w/r/t playtesting it's common for testers to suggest solutions instead of accurately explaining the pr… @YaBoiDre Can we get this guy approved @SWAGGERNAU7when is among us 244hz edition coming out
There are many iterations coming to PBE preseason but the top three we’re focusing on are: 1. Major tuning pass to…
Retweeted by penguin @Asunaa Congrats dude :Dpretty savage 🔁 @MeanMisterKien "I never doubted them" from @esports_kobe is one of those lines that just gets me emotional every time I hear it @MeanMisterKien that opinion imo is soooo lame I want passion out of talent, I know there's obvious bias due to ca… @BenDiPiero yeah we have some but the janky hooks we were using to hold them up weren't working too well and we move in a month so 🤷‍♂️
Ah, the fall, otherwise known as the time when my big-ass window shines directly into my PC setup during peak worki… @redmercy Tuning isn't final on PBE, but in my opinion it's likely that we nerf Zhonya's/BVeil at some point before…, be kind to devs when they say they need to delay their game.
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@KougaSaint @MarkYetter @Sirhaian if lux is carrying games with this item build we have other problems to investigate 😅
@priusOBS @hasanthehun aight i have never watched this guy before i'll check it outplz tell me i can watch the debates with twitch chat @kchironis Congrats on whatever good thing occured!These are the champion specific changes going to the PBE today (9/29) for preseason. The goal of most of these cha…
Retweeted by penguin @RiotWeeknd how did you let this thruAP Item system stuff for League is what I've been working on mostly with @RiotAzuBK and @RiotPhRoXzOn, let me know… @GrimmTheParagon @MarkYetter should work from cast origination IIRC, it does proc on Zoe Q @RiotAfic A younger me would stay up for worlds, but the older and wiser me wakes up for worlds and then falls back…
Really big changes to the meta incoming with this upcoming VAL patch. Especially @ 5K it means in OT you have to be… @imjimmyLiN @iloveminaFPS sunday afternoon like clockwork
@kchironis those crowbow things certainly interact with me at least @sebastiandalby @kchironis the butterfly spawner... >:( @RiotWeeknd @RiotAugust @blaustoise LMFAO
@Sirhaian taco bell in f @RiotAether grapefruit Z tier unless alcohol is involved in which case D tier is around appropriate @wowbaolam i like both of these things on occasion @Guiiimond party at gmd's??deleted my riotname'd reddit account, decided it wasn't worth browsing anymore if you were ever helpful on that si… @asyyyc @Squad5lol :D
@RiotAugust @Blizz_lol NERF NERF NERF NERF @Revengeleague @Elite5002 I'm asking around internally about this @Rixoki @Blizz_lol @KiWiKiDLoL I played claw decks on high ascension for like 100 hours 10/10 game would recommend
@Xenogenic for sure in VALORANT games are filled with god gamers past midnight/1am The animator really nailed how it feels to get slammed by angry redditors @arcadialol @RiotWeeknd what if i told you that tweets that are written with respectful criticism and detailed anal… @TheUltraLex @TeamLiquid that white bomber is nice... @MkaeLcs @scqrcity do you have small hands? i had the same problem and that's why i ended up on the pwnage ultra custom