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kerowack! @gaulergolf Long island, NY

Drawing 80s toys and other things I like. prints and commissions available upon request! NWA Powerrr! Mask 86 at

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@thisisgaryhorne @heyitswil @FirstTwoThird @AEW_Wrestling1 @TheAllianceBlog @rstinson4 @TheNWAPod You all deserve i… @Trigonis If I wasn’t such a gentleman, I would call them *expletive for feces* seconds. @Trigonis Lol. Literally can’t even acknowledge split seconds. I pretend they don’t exist. @stradlemonkey Thanks man! Appreciate it. I’m gonna do a motu style one soon enough. @RulesWonder They gave that racing thing ten episodes. No way did they have much faith. @RulesWonder I always wondered if there was some racing craze they were trying to be a part of, but I don’t remembe… @RulesWonder Thanks man. The designs definitely weren’t the issue. I like them more than the second series. The car… @RulesWonder I’m watching them for the first time since I was young and they tease a Gloria and Buddy romance. No follow up so far. @BayAreaRetro Thank you! I’m happy with this series. I’m into the layout so I’m going to do he man and transformer… @Neilbyrne I was into gi joe hard in 1987. And Nintendo. Adult me would think im nuts, but that was the truth. @MikeDijital The best part about a collection is that it’s yours. I do a lot of that “mike at ten” sort of thing. I… @Neilbyrne They were. I didn’t mind the cartoon as a kid. There were only like two weeks of episodes so when they c… @MikeDijital The split seconds line is the one I will never collect or even think about drawing. I didn’t know they… @MikeDijital I remember the racing season, but even then I was the only one who seemed to know about it. I wasn’t i… love the racing series so much, it gets its own detolf. @CraftscapeComix The combo of the dog and my one year old was rough last night, but at least they stopped by 1030.… started with the mandela like design and then added simple racing designs and background colors I always love. By… @kmoney380 Only logical answer. @riftwar001 Now it’s all I can see lol. @prayer4england Thank you! Agreed! @PAEasy64 I’m watching them again and they are rough.The last of my Mask series! The incredibly underrated racing designs. I might be the biggest fan of the third serie…
@wildkatz74 I love your stuff. @Mark_Lapping Same man. @Mark_Lapping @mtrakker85 Im hoping. I’m about to do a he man forever one in the same style as these and an autobot… @Mark_Lapping @mtrakker85 Lol. Thanks man! Your expectations are high! Both for a mask reboot and me having anythi… @Trigonis Thank you! @HCC788 Good luck, man!
@comickult Thanks!!! @prayer4england Thanks! It’s hard to keep it looking nice when you start to fill the shelves. There is a line where… @mersysideblue All of that. I absolutely don’t get it. It’s a slam dunk compared to other franchises that have gott… @MOTUdrawing If @wildkatz74 doesn’t just destroy this, something went wrong. His wheelhouse. I can already picture the designs. @Jamesashley11 Thanks! @WolverSteve Thanks! @gaulergolf does it again! He is helping keep MASK alive forever!
Retweeted by kerowack! @Pleas_Kelley313 I don’t know how we live in a world where mask hasn’t been given another shot. Even a bastardized… @Pleas_Kelley313 Thanks man. I think I’m done?Put up my mask forever pieces, which allowed me to move up the old artwork that was on back of the checklist. I lov… @masterofthetoys @Hasbro Maybe the only line I currently don’t have that I would consider jumping into. Only the fi… @GrabsGranite Thank you! @riftwar001 Thanks! Definitely Mask over Venom, but it’s like the Naboo and the gungans. They need each other. @LawDekker Thanks! Already printed it out from Costco and have to pick it up today. I want new mask art for the man… @sentientveggie As a kid, he was the figure I was always in control of. Loved him. @MattPoisso Thanks! @TheFullForce Thanks man. It really means a lot. @TheFullForce Thanks man! @Jamesashley11 Thank you!!Watched a few movies and finished my Venom forever! Basically so I can hang it in the cave. @riftwar001 I didn’t hate it, but it’s not the show. @riftwar001 I mean how good was that? @riftwar001 It’s coming! Mask commissions and the two mask posters took this week and I have to do something for t… @MikeDijital You pick booger?
@JayBeeTron Thanks! @riftwar001 I think it’s universal people prefer brads original outfit and vehicle. As a kid though, I never saw Ra…
Retweeted by kerowack! @Trigonis Thanks! @markypotter316 Thanks man!! @retrosketch_inc Love that lineup. Mattel should be so creative.Here’s the latest #WrestlersoftheUniverse roster with 28 of Eternia’s greatest superstars! I’m working on the final…
Retweeted by kerowack! @ShadyGFella Thank you! @ultranerd2000 Thanks!
@GrabsGranite @riftwar001 @MASK572 🤣🤣🤣 @Darren_Heideman Lol. Appreciate it. @MattPoisso Thanks! @GrabsGranite @riftwar001 @MASK572 Lol. It backfires. Sometimes when im serious, I get laughs. @retrosketch_inc Thanks man. Appreciate the share! @Mark_Lapping Thanks man. I want to do two nice mask posters before I take a mask break and work on my own thing. P… @Darren_Heideman I’m decent until the movie. After that, I’m lost. @riftwar001 @MASK572 That’s my specialty. @TheFullForce Gracias! @riftwar001 I’m working on it!!!! @MASK572 I was joking!!!! I know it’s a different person! Lmao. @AKAPAD Thanks man. @MASK572 I am not a fan of that mask. My least favorite mask of the cartoon run. @TheFullForce @CobraMyCat @Diagnostik80 @ParamountPics She was a good hermione. I hope she can work her magic on joe. @manster2099 @Fola____ @nodqdotcom I can see that. Ten the ads ago when my brother in laws were young and into wres… @MASK572 I did that one too and I didn’t like it. @MASK572 It always changes it to Hindi. Google does it to me every single time. @MASK572 That was the only issue I had with this one, but leaving Alex without a face looks off, so then I had to d… @Fola____ @nodqdotcom Arm Anderson’s podcast is the only on I listen to regularly. His insight constantly reveals h… @Darren_Heideman Both!Finished my Mask Forever piece. Leaned in towards cartoon styles and cribbed from another #mask poster I did to fin… @Darren_Heideman Im not too familiar with her. Transformers is definitely where my sat score dips. @Darren_Heideman The robot? @mad_mask_custom @riftwar001 @mtrakker85 Lol. Thanks. Trying to finish, but real life always hits harder than Venom. @riftwar001 @mad_mask_custom @mtrakker85 Lol! Thanks. Of all the mask things I’ve done, this is my favorite. @mad_mask_custom computer arrived today via @mtrakker85 No, I didn’t win a contest. Wes was nice enough to send o… @EricEll96803333 All I did was respond to fan mail as an intern. They got stickers and a letter. Ten percent from prisons. @JosephD54263437 Thanks!! @JayBeeTron Thanks! @ultranerd2000 Thanks man. Trying to combine everything. @JayBeeTron I mean the profile pic and the banner tell me that!!! @JayBeeTron I always follow back for the most part. I’ve met so many cool people that way. Very few duds! Lol @JayBeeTron @GeneralsJoes Thanks! @GrabsGranite 12 x 18 is the biggest my tablet does that I’ve been happy with. @PlasticBattles It’s gonna be tough sticking the landing. I know what I had in my head. It doesn’t always spill out right lol. @Trigonis Thank you! You are up the second this is done! @TheGhostMachina Thanks man! It is indeed a box of awesome lol. @darsterapple Hopefully today? @MattPoisso Venom forever is on deck lol