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User-facing code and the code that makes it work. All code, really.

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@medburnbook Technical affinity, demographic good luck.
As with bitcoin, everything would have been fine if nobody had said anything: @groby @markjeffrey @memeguider @AndrewYang If my 200.00 Monopoly dollars were UBI I wouldn’t have to push that heavy top hat around the board.
@ditzkoff “SHOOT! THE GLASS!”
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@herf There's a pretty direct economic story here, it looks like. @BenLesh A fine blog post! When are you publishing it?When seat belts were first introduced in 1968, there were idiots who insisted they “infringed on their freedoms” an…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @isaacgarcia There does seem to be a Death Cult running national public health and the police. @isaacgarcia What do you mean?
@isaacgarcia @empoprises That might be a fine way to keep further protests with the police peaceful, right? @isaacgarcia @empoprises We could go the other way. Possibly by mandating that every person in the US over the age… @isaacgarcia @empoprises No, silly. We need WAY FEWER GUNS so we don’t have school shootings.
@isaacgarcia Just because some part of the crowd is clueless doesn’t mean most of them are. Either that or you have…
But can you use AI trained on biased data to detect bias? @bradneuberg please get on that.
@slightlylate Yeahhh.... but you could tell the user that a page is installable and in the instructions snipe passive-aggressively at Apple.I think alerts/push notifications are a misfeature almost everywhere they're implemented (as a way to sucker people… @slightlylate I suppose PWAs have to advertise themselves? Seems like this is one of those areas where Chrome for i… @isaacgarcia Always a terrible approach
@isaacgarcia Didn’t say the Vandals were cool, more that the hierarchical nation-state of Rome was left fragile by… @isaacgarcia Due to inept leadership and, you know, corrupt social norms like slavery. @such_politics @slightlylate Stencil takes a similar approach but in a web components forward way.
@wdr1 @kjnouri Is there a good online parts configurator that gives you best available prices for components? @markjeffrey If the system is failing pretty deeply, why not let that Joker energy out? I firmly believe that we ha… @isaacgarcia And the man who signed legislation freeing their slaves was a Republican.It’s an ad, probably targeted at me because I know @mwichary should not be political. This should have been a unifying - we're in this together - moment. 🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Gavin DoughtieDear tech press: don't let Apple flacks hoodwink you with artful hooey about why they can't enable *either* reasona…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @markjeffrey What news do you consume? I heard this rationale in March? @isaacgarcia When I was born it was illegal for people with different skin colors to marry in some states. How’s that for history? @isaacgarcia That’s because the protesters wore their damn masks, were outside and generally kept space from one an… @isaacgarcia Indeed. We should defund the police instead of whining about how inconvenient it is to keep the people… @RickBeerendonk You’re a sick, sick man.
A new reason it's called "Orange County". Sigh. HTML what's the difference between these two tags? A: <div> B: <span> Wrong answers only.With all the lurid details of the Bolton Book coming out, it seems theat the BLM protests and Atlanta Police walk-o…
Retweeted by Gavin DoughtieAnother reason for a micro charging content web. For two cents you get succinct again. @isaacgarcia The US isn’t really cash-poor; we just tolerate a much lower minimum @isaacgarcia Well, I’m thinking Canada and the Scandinavian countries. Of course you don’t wanna mess with the Vikings."In the second in our series on thermonuclear fusion..." #techingredients @itsDanielSuarez
@jensimmons Just the other day: webp support. @jaffathecake I’m all about 24p if you want it to look cinematic and not like TV news or reality TV. 60 for screenc… @isaacgarcia So. If it’s not authoritarian (like capitalist states like China), and if people can still be rewarded… ⁦@isaacgarcia⁩ sees it differently
The next billion cars may not need to be there: @mpesce
Seriously. I want a distributed DB for offline-first web apps that uses RTC and IDB and a minimal seed server. Who’… @Paul_Kinlan I bet @aboodman could sell you on Replicache @cp I use VScode and hate VIM as only Emacs users can. Microsoft. Bringing developers together.New wallpaper! @padraig2112 Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about diverting some funds from the police to mental health services so uns… @MaryRobinette It just means that they couldn’t get into Intertel. @markjeffrey That body is no axe-cidentThe wealthy private-school parents I know aren't even THINKING of sending their kids back to school or camp.
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @isaacgarcia I tell mine I love them unconditionally but they can always be better people. @groby So| 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000 ? @aarnelle Wow. It’s like a Karen parade. @slightlylate Of course, doing it all in a centralized data center aggregates power and thus the potential for abus… @keynesianr You must have upset a lot of Nazis @fortelabs I’ve had a classic “failed dotcom” Aeron chair since my employer imploded in early 2002. It’s still basi…
@isaacgarcia Mass protests for social equality are one of the most American things going on right now.
@isaacgarcia Oh, I'm much more of the "boycott that business out of existence" frame of mind there. @isaacgarcia I believe the private sector can do whatever they like. You don't have to hold their stock.So this. It seems like this person thinks it’s BAD to be anti-fascism.
A long time ago, when I was younger and dumber, I did a police ride-along with a high school classmate who had gone…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @isaacgarcia Made ya lookThey’re also unusually generous for US vacation days as you accumulate seniority. advice for would-be Googlers: everything Google HR tries to tell you isn't negotiable in your offer is a l…
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@isaacgarcia Nonsense. Judgement is the essence of humanity. Using the forces of state in an attempt to control wha… @isaacgarcia Where do you get your information from? A mix of the National Review and the Wall Street Journal?June 6th: hordes of heavily-armed young men invading the country to fight fascism....1/2
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @HenrikJoreteg @meDieterLehmann They apparently were, according to the people who voted.Wet sack of cement. Old newspapers. Joe Biden. All improvements. @isaacgarcia Have you noticed how things have calmed down with fewer police? Or are you sticking with news outlets… @slightlylate I’m finding WCs perfectly usable from Angular
@drewolbrich My universe: tip for white tech guys of a certain age: don’t talk about how much you admire Condaleezza Rice.
@traversymedia Copying and pasting Copying and pasting Copying and pasting Copying and pasting Copying and pasting… @bgalbs Folks really really really don’t want to confront the dark side of their beliefs. All property rights are b… Brooks Brothers suit from 1985 is just as stylish now as it was then.
rhetorical question: if a random citizen attacked cops with rubber bullets, tear gas, flashbangs, pepper grenades,…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @drewolbrich JavaScript arrays are actually hash maps with numeric keys. const foo = []; foo[42] = ‘awesome, right?’;Th LAPD’s budget is more than 10% of NASA’s.
Amazing how so many veterans I know have apprehended a person without murdering them while in a war zone. Cops can’…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @tomdale From my various day jobs I have learned that very few criminals are technically savvy, and those who are a… @kurt_schaefer @iliketomakestuf OMG you have a channel??!! Subscribing right alongside @tomdale I once knew somebody who was an FBI director; his lived experience was so extreme that he was possibly the… that shell-shocked urban hellhole of WALNUT CREEK. @isaacgarcia Attempting to suppress forest fires completely always fails, and the more successful suppression has b… @tomdale The answers involve transforming our society to one where empathy and mental health services are as valuab… can't entirely count on half the system to want to create systemic change. @isaacgarcia The traditional response of the folks who are part of the oppressing minority is to find examples of w…
Look at this cop forcing the weapon into the protester's hand to create cause.
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @isaacgarcia In every conflict there will be examples that are awful and appear to prove whatever side you already… my friend @isaacgarcia and others, for whom everyone should be tagging other verifiable news articles so that h… @LimaFx So you'll be out with your guns to defend the oppressed and almost entirely unarmed against the government… @isaacgarcia The idea is to surrender yourself to a larger good. The kneeling before anyone who demands personal lo… was raised as a Republican. My deprogramming started when I noticed our actions were rarely living up to our word…
Retweeted by Gavin Doughtie @isaacgarcia Knights kneel. The faithful kneel. You’re still thinking it’s a display of supplication rather than support. @loch_northern Can you please post this under the tweet to let protestors know how to use them??…
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