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@PlainOldWoofles Venom says, so it must be accurate. @BluehairCoffee That tweet reeks of assholery. @RachelMComedy Yes. Usually about my drugs. @MxBadgerNorth Nice! @jazz_inmypants Dexter, House, Gilmore Girls. @MxBadgerNorth How very minecraft. @difficultpatty You're anal about christmas. @Quizical123 Thank you very much! Also, you did a fun thing! Hurray for the fun thing! @Quizical123 That is a Nice track! @Quizical123 ... B9? All about the 80s, man. The best decade. Except when it wasn't. Which was often. @swaab @JustSayXtian @MarisaElana Sounds like child abuse. @sladeofyaupon You're here to talk me into a zimmer frame. Got it. @sladeofyaupon A form of that with the second meaning still exists in Dutch. Possibly the first as well, in highly obscure language. @sladeofyaupon ... that comment turned my hair white. -er. @sladeofyaupon That's what all the villanous TV and film russians called each other in the 80s. Fuck, I am old. @wrwveit For a minute there I thought it had developed the ability to fly. Then I opened the picture. @TheWillieCoxJr @POOPSCRUFFIN4U "If" is better here. @tendergender1 @nobodyhere23 @BlarggMr @VezIsaac @NPR So much easier blocking people, these days. @nobodyhere23 @BlarggMr @VezIsaac @NPR *he You sound like proud boy.
@itsViirtue Precious people. I hope they're extremely happy. @itsViirtue ... so sweet. @CatGee1989 God, I wish. @kazADHD A spell from over yonder took the wind out of my sails. @sherrysworld Anal. @HeheWaitWhut Surely he's an outsider now?First thing I thought was: I wonder what will happen with the Umbrella Academy? @tchotchkele Okay. I am not angry with you, by the way. Your system sucks balls, you don't. Have a Nice life. @tchotchkele America has a lot of influence. And I do have sympathy for the people the bastard killed. Utopia ... no. But I am dutch. @tchotchkele I mean, 2016, Hillary got 3 million more votes than the Orange one. But your failed system inflicted t… @tchotchkele As long as not every person's vote matters, america is not a democratic country. It's not glib. It's j… @tchotchkele Well, of the top of my head I'd suggest gerrimandering, the electoral college and, recently, bullshit… @VisionBored1 Do it now, on an onlyfans and get rich. @tchotchkele You should try a democracy. @writeden Are you french? @Treacle_A ... yeah .... @rhipratchett Hey, I seem to share a birthday with Ms. Pratchett! Congratulations to us! (Also world AIDS day. But we were first.)I am pronouncing to the world that Victoria Coren Mitchell is my celebrity crush. Which is awkward because her hui… @JustSayXtian Total lege(nd). @Quizical123 B5. @emory_l96 @adamfelber Sorry, mate. @daatdarling So weird to see people lusting after these as if they're precious gold. But then, I remember I am dutch. @OhNoSheTwitnt She seems orange.
@RembrandtNTR ik raak steeds meer overtuigd van het feit dat mevrouw Steenhuizen een Vulcan is. @HillaryMonahan No. Also, no. @BluehairCoffee They're trying to build a prison. @RanaSays @itsJeffTiedrich Doesn't clean up his shit, though. @lucyundersnowe This is Marvel 101. What's wrong with their teacher? Honestly, the state of education these days. @Quizical123 From the beginning or the end? @ScarletSoul66 Bakers? @ikitorp Awww ... it's, like, important for the development and stuff. But that doesn't make it any easier on the poor affected parents. @carrynann Purple. @RebbeSMZ ... angry baby sloths ... That's what we need. @Karolina__kween And all will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garrish sun. @michaelsafyan Happy congratulations! @ZaknafeinDC Sedation. @ZaknafeinDC ... What the fresh hell? A profit seeking entity releases this stuff? @philosophersbot She's hot? @sladeofyaupon ... I like it.
@DrJenGunter @Medium @MediumSupport What a horrible person. @BluehairCoffee Who is kink and did he/she/they tell you *self? @Quizical123 Technical death metal. I will not insult you by suggesting bands and tunes. You are a man of the world, after all. @adamfelber There are still plenty of people who are very surprised by this stuff. Well, he was an ass. Probably s… @tdeex A lot of the basic principles and movements are the same as in martial arts. I would recommend it to anyone. @tdeex And we immediately signed up and on. And that was a year ago. Now, the thing is, before tango I never wanted… @tdeex Sure! I caught snatches here and there on the tv and I liked the drama of it. The connection between partner… @chrissyteigen Yes!! It's so easy to steal!! @adamfelber You didn't know? @Tobi_Is_Fab Well, it seems to be working for you. @tdeex Ever danced yourself? @AstroKatie It's okay, once you get used to it. @SebSobecki ... No, we don't. @GhostVes Very aerosmith. @Tobi_Is_Fab ... you look half that. Happy birthday. What's your skin care regime like. @KissMeAgainDoll Okay, I'll get on the dying immediately. @VanHustle Oh, not every version. Believe me. So many shit versions that just want to ge… @Teesy738 Good for you! (Check out Powerwolf if you haven't already.) @NutttyV ... But, but ... Katie Melua promised!!!
@Riverrunsred44 The fool - Fleshgod Apocalypse. @tdeex No difficult feelings at all! No worries. The difference is, I actually like the tango. The tension, the drama ... yummie. @bethbourdon ... jesus ... @BarnabyEdwards With 4 you can organize a whole host of the others including 8. @shaletown I've heard it said it can be mastered. @shaletown Ah. Well, I'd offer you the use of our tub but we're impractically far away. @ThisIsA__ ... that's pretty awesome. @shaletown ... for a bath? @WhoresofYore At least a biscuit. Possibly cake. @tdeex Would he be offended?
@pylonwitch Brains can be. Sorry this messed with you. @sladeofyaupon No, but go on. @AngryBlackLady No no ... tell us how you REALLY feel. @kimmacaskill1 @MaraWilson Velma is sooo hot.I had fun at argentinian tango practice! It's so bleeding hard, it's more like chess. But with feelings. @soignevenus Well, good! ... And sagittarius men are equally good or do the rules state otherwise? @shaletown Billius. @CynicalTherapi1 Dream big, right? @amandapalmer ... yes. @FeralFerrell Anal. @chloetsila No. It's a tree. @depetitesvagues Big stress cooking is not easy. Good show. @CynicalTherapi1 I'd love to try coke and see if it would calm me down.