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G @Gavpai 21 | ATX

I like gundam, genshin, osu and vtubers. this bio is awful

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@Lxddu Pic? @Lxddu It’s that bad.. @anonymous_osu @RlTSUU @dagostlno @liImorg I don’t see a single problem with this @666GYARU @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @unwell07 @liImorg @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @JoeyTheSuperJew @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @unwell07 @liImorg @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @babieyoda Holy f 😳 @liImorg @lexieyuh @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @unwell07 @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @JoeyTheSuperJew @babieyoda Omg r we @babieyoda Hiiiiii @unwell07 @liImorg @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @JoeyTheSuperJew @liImorg @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @unwell07 @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @JoeyTheSuperJew WTF??? @babieyoda @oFabz @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @unwell07 @liImorg @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @JoeyTheSuperJew I ment this. @oFabz @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @unwell07 @liImorg @juwulpod @CorinnaKopf @666GYARU @JoeyTheSuperJew BUMP @oFabz There is just so many funny women i couldnt just pick one. @babieyoda @dracubina @aweynu @lexieyuh @babieyoda AWOOGA AWOOGA @f__ntasy @KnownAsLit Fuck u @KnownAsLit what do you use to read manga ? @oFabz LMFAOOOOOOOaim is better but cant single tap anymore </3 @gxmblr U guys r old asf @gxmblr @dagostlno @HarryButAverage wait you got tied up???? @Warcraft @vampiiregf @notchaselyons @KityZorb pog dubington @scarrfries Same, so hungies 🥺 @vampiiregf I hope ur ok! @scarrfries Dub 🦾 @JOSSI4H Good MorningSleep schedule is fixxed. Good Morning
Retweeted by G @imsobering @childofheIl AWOOGA ARF ARF @sebastianjii @scarrfries @childofheIl GO OFF @buffcore @childofheIl This is us rn. @scarrfries @sebastianjii Problem? @childofheIl Fuckkkkk would drink monas bath water #random美人の目 #KuzuArt
Retweeted by G @killualucilfer I can’t find one other than from sites with no photos of it <\3 @killualucilfer ??? I’m not bill gates 🙄🙄 @vampiiregf ????Can someone please cosplay as mona.Thank you for 100 followers, I appreciate all of you! It makes me happy to see you guys enjoy my art, so I'm doin…
Retweeted by G @newtlol YEAP @rottenfwairy @remisuuhh LFGGGGGGGGGGG @xHitan I woke up sweating so bad @MrFuryRevenge @JoeyTheSuperJew @SkreetMan LMFAOOOO bro holyGood Morning. To whoever put the heat on in the house u will suffer unmeasurable pain. @awesomegirl727 Og rae @Raichu Sup @mang0m0chi DubbIM GONNA START STREAMING MORE OFTEN. IM REINSTALLING WARZONE AND STREAMING IT TOMORROW
Retweeted by G @JoeyTheSuperJew @SkreetMan Joey I think you might have the worst record of anyone that streams the game brother
Just so good man. @dr2xter @SOLar_Bim I love it @unwell07 Wtf @unwell07 In agony @evaIyn They just be flopping out fo no reason @evaIyn Hate when it happens 🙄 @vamparie hasnt rained here only like a light drizzle @KnownAsLit @Huntrelol @slamongfIobo dude really said to use lisa. @vamparie It’s like 40 outside like wtffff @Huntrelol @slamongfIobo @KnownAsLit no fucking way. good Sis SADE WHAT SHE SAID
Retweeted by G @ezDrob On fucking god, I wish they tapped into the halo universe better @Doc_Gore Just finished halo 2, onto 3 rn @ezDrob Yup, glad people compiled all the halo cutsecenesNot me watching every halo cinematic cutscene in one sitting... @childofheIl Klee been built 🙄 @childofheIl Ok man. @childofheIl if they block you i think its the same @childofheIl they disappear @unwell07 @childofheIl you just wouldnt get it. @childofheIl @unwell07 @childofheIl @unwell07 ill find it. @childofheIl @unwell07 shes from monogatari @childofheIl @unwell07 ong i looked instantly at the figs LMFAO @unwell07 dont be shy show all the figures :) @dozyhrs mhm mhm @dozyhrs yes @ewombs 5* atleast once every run so fardamn this lvl 45 shit aint so bad huh... @meramicat i get one per run now lololol @ChiefBool oh fair enough @ChiefBool farm the set when youre atleast lvl 40 if not i wouldnt waste the resin @Tenshi_senpai the flower was god roll for my build :)holy pog
@guxieoven It’ll be fixxed soonGood Night FUCK @meramicat @SamManlol @BlankzyPriv holyyyy fuckkkAstrologist Mona Megistus! ✨ #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by G @rosesoju 😼 @rottenfwairy Shes adorbsss @dogwiffpants Nah only mid fade and left too aloneNew barber did good dub @rottenfwairy 😳 @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein @abc029 F