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@dracubina @graham527 @FuzYKarma @dagostlno @dracubina @FuzYKarma Team killed her @dracubina @FuzYKarma @dracubina @FuzYKarma He fighting a Big Mac rn @dracubina Nah they’re some ass some fuzy karma shit @dracubina :(“A bad thing happened to me and it’s only fair it should happen to you too” is such a deeply diseased worldview
Retweeted by Gav @Pos3idonnnn gavpaiupdated my anime list a lil more, still missing prob 30-50 anime maybe but this is a estimate on how many ive seen…
Retweeted by Gav @syneries that would be so gas rn
Retweeted by Gavwondering what my meal of the day should be @TommyThroatEm are you quitting nic or weed? or bothお誕生日おめでとう!🎁🎉 #絵クロマンサー
Retweeted by Gav @Cuhmmando forsure ill def lyk and plan something @Cuhmmando holy shit bet ill be there in may for my parents birthday @dietbongwater bettt got a disc or sumn? @Cuhmmando i would if i wasnt all the way in texas :-: @cripp @vamparie @dietbongwater same as my @ Gavpai @dietbongwater wait add me id be down to play with you if you dont mind @Cuhmmando so jealous @cripp @vamparie you should give the franxx ost a listen, so much wasted potential @dietbongwater on my gnidam building shit once again today, what u on @cripp @vamparie the soundtrack is so good @dietbongwater gm king @cripp @vamparie yes it is some damn garbage im so sorry but the manga ending is awful @cybergirli fitted down to the socks @vamparie darling in the franxx, domestic girlfriend, guilty crown @snowbirdtbh oh.... @snowbirdtbh what card is itGood morning gundam twitter!
Retweeted by Gav @Icy_Rapture to Gundam
Retweeted by Gav @XXXGHEERO Thank you !! Love the wing suits @dracubina Wana watch anime later @dracubina Sup @ReallyAroused Mayhapsss @ReallyAroused U and the other Alex and perishWhat to do next @Yuhuuur @shmeat Us @shmeat 😹😹 @Boy1drr KABOOM @shmeat Thanks 😼 @shmeat U will be bald foreverMG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver.Ka am so sorry in advance @Leo__ffs @BasedGothlol @yodogloI you guys will be empty @Froste i will never go down that dark path instead i build plastic robotyou know there's nothing fun to play rn when everyone is playing Valorant again
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@C9AIex All good! @C9AIex Dub @C9AIex Like 7pm? @C9AIex Want to today? @C9AIex i will watch it with you bro @C9AIex @dagostlno @BasedGothlol Goat @C9AIex Yeah in the anime @dagostlno Thanks gangstaStill gotta sticker & panel line it but so far looks gas @slamongfIobo @dracubina Why did u wake up today @gxmblr @dracubina Me, you and Johnny writing this down 😭 @dracubina @slamongfIobo I figured @dracubina I’ll add it to the list @dracubina Which @Yuhuuur I just died @Yuhuuur Wait Fr 🥸 @FavsPriv It does! Ur putting me on scobes level @Yuhuuur Idk wanted a redbull @FavsPriv Only 21 dude wtfA redbull and candy for breakfast nice @gxmblr 😹😹 @FavsPriv RX-78 with half armor plating on 🙀 @zasshhuu Gm Taylor @BamzTwitch Full metal alchemistGood morning. @_miyamoto__ LMFAOOOO @zasshhuu Yes @kingofthabears I just woke up and I have to finish this gundam that’s taking up my desk rn @zasshhuu Love u too man miss hanging wif u @zasshhuu happpy birthday man , hope you enjoy your day ! 💜Nice 👍🏻
hi everyone, it pains me to share this but my older brother passed away yesterday. I feel so lost inside. Ive creat…
Retweeted by Gav @kingofthabears @nbltmd yee @nbltmd galeforce nerfed </3 fuck love @dracubina I’m a very good person to be around actually 🥸 @dracubina Erm wonder if there’s some global event currently taking place that limits the abilities for smart people to celebrat…
Retweeted by Gav @MxjdTV Chillin doing my thing hbu @MxjdTV Yurrr @saucenaopls @KnownAsLit @gxmblr @KnownAsLit @gxmblr new zutomayo tomorrow 😼😼I HATE YOU LMFAOO @dagostlno
Retweeted by Gav @SamManlol they are mid comp game LMFAOOOO
@koordell @nbltmd @SkreetMan @Class @saucenaopls what? @nbltmd @saucenaopls @SkreetMan @Class @saucenaopls