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@babieyoda stan acc! like gundam

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Good Night, another day of bad gaming.The final answer to whether or not pobelter has enough meat.
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yes this is my pro plays @drixburger @LazasBautista @Boltslol @Leo__ffs im a profall guys with @Gavpai, @LazasBautista, @Boltslol and @Leo__ffs
Retweeted by G @JarzNar @azeritealt I’m Sowwi @azeritealt 37 years old @wvrldwo A delivery thing but you can get literally just about anything from them @endeylol @SteelSeries @HarryButAverage LMFAOOOO endey @HarryButAverage @SteelSeries Looks like I’ll have to get a steel series mousepad now @wvrldwo Use gopuffEMT(エミリアたん・マジ・天使)
Retweeted by G @Cuhmmando @MxjdTV Same here^ first time was the exact way and I’m hoping for many more in the future @cO_0u Ohh :o @JarzNar “Uh actually oversleeping can lead to” stfuuuuuuu🖕🏻😸 @JarzNar Here come the doctors @nosstalgicbrat No they don’t need more Gav tweets @nosstalgicbrat Here we go 🙄 @nosstalgicbrat Nice ass @execule Fat L @cO_0u No he’s actually a really nice guyThe President openly admits to sabotaging our mail so that he can prevent people from voting and steal the election.
Retweeted by G @linabbina Nm* @linabbina Nvm eating wawa breakfast in my car @linabbina ....anyways @linabbina Not very Pog of the ink to pour out of the jar tbh @scobesx Yup @Boy1drr Yep @Boy1drr Going to get temp mouse pad rn at Best Buy @roseatus Good start @Boy1drr Whole jar of panel lining inkGood Mornng 🖕🏻😹🖕🏻 kitbash. For a first attempt it came out alright. #gunpla #gundam0083 #gp03
Retweeted by G @notchaselyons cringe
Retweeted by G @FlSHSAUCE @OnTheFlyTwitch i work saturdays @notchaselyons @endeylol Vaxie on
LETS GOOO IT CAME 8 DAYS EARLY😼 @sail0rbuck Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect response @geccedupp You toooooo!!! @sail0rbuck I’ll call you wifey so your ass gets out @geccedupp No 💙💙 @sail0rbuck I’d simply say I’m not paying for her shit not my problem 🖕🏻😹🖕🏻 @sail0rbuck Buy me one pwease @oFabz Guess I’m on shrimpo mode @longneckedbeck Thank you :)) @longneckedbeck Have a good day ! @jewelrrangel They’re on one. @longneckedbeck Gm beck @hexbby ....anyways @snowbirdtbh ME HOLY SHIT @oFabz @meramicat The world if you could play other maps just as good as you can play tech @Boltslol Shay is on 700ping @4ngwy I hope I do! I want you to have a fantastic day 💙 @4ngwy Good Morning ! @dagostlno @wtfshaay HAHAHA @linabbina No Way they think they got your ass @gxmblr Working , not Pog @gxmblr Pog sauce @Boltslol Anyways... @gr7ce Yes! @Boy1drr Find myself here again @KnownAsKikyo It’s a limited run with leds running through the shields and exoskeleton, it’s worth it @KnownAsKikyo It’s prob around 9-11 inches tall LOL @Denisllol Mayhaps.. @Denisllol It’s 14% off for a limited release @zasshhuu Ment gmm but it auto corrected ;~; @lemiwrap Im suffering on a hour of sleep but we move @zasshhuu Gym Taylor ! @lemiwrap Happy bday Lemi! @Denisllol What.I am so tempted. @notchaselyons LMFAO my first play I set instantly was 93pp @optiuh Need a crew to come work on it @optiuh I’m a bursted pipe. @notchaselyons Also @notchaselyons Maybe next time :smile: @notchaselyons Set any plays ? @linabbina You too linaaaaGood Morning. I slept 1 hour @taesyves Anime TikTok is somehow worse than the anime on IG @notRSK I live in pain.Good Night, work in 2 hours dub @NimbusLuciBoi The numbers mason... @NimbusLuciBoi I have grown to do the, but depending on the kit it’s better to leave a few off @NimbusLuciBoi Lmao that’s my Barbatos just chillin naked nothing on it @itsgliitch @NimbusLuciBoi But it’s panel lining and stickers >~<It never happened. I clicked circles on rythem game instead 😸👍🏻 @MrFuryRevenge @yodogloI When I was driving it home yeah @yodogloI I have two pipes as legs and a 2x4 under the backend holding the desk up ( would take a current pic but m… @MrFuryRevenge @yodogloI ?? @yodogloI @MrFuryRevenge Just do what I did , fuck drawers @bastarddize @Icy_Rapture That will be entertaining