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not to be rude but Clarissa explained none of this.
Retweeted by GabrielMy Nana loves Chanclas. So we brought him by. He immediately jumped up and laid down by her feet like always. 💜 @jupytr76 Just saying 😁 @jupytr76 My DMs will be open @BiqtchPuddin Sweeeet dreammmssss @chrlesnchrge Wow 💜 @datamygdala Yeah I do not know it @KrisKelkar Feliz Cumpleaños! @trixiemattel
@Luminouslag You’re welcome @dzennon @mattdeanstew “I don’t do one night stands” Me: oh but you will waste months and months on someone that isn’t one bit i… A WAB. A weak ass bitchWhere can I buy one @charles_jensen Thanks daddy 😘 @ButtPunky It’s actually swabbed! My photoshop skills are no expert level. So I try to get it in camera as much as possible. @upupdowndown Thanks! @_bulldogprince I used simple vinyl sheets I found at a craft store! @friendisco @Mr_Colin I am proud of these shots. Send me compliments @scotty_13_ @aspicynugget @noitisjustmike My car is named Falcor 😂Four generations of the best women.. It’s really hard seeing the strongest woman you know slowly slip away. I don… @xoxosinwagon @galactaqueer @SamMen these are all hilarious. @coffeedaddyy @holeinterrupted Let me judge this guy. Iono him!
@Tophurrr 😘 @catmancatman864 @farrahrized @Maybelline @BoSchatten @matiasgomeznyc 100 percent @matiasgomeznyc Like. This song was MADE for drag queens @matiasgomeznyc What’s cardio?Omg I miss doing these little BTS vids of my self portraits #TodosMeMiran @Whataboutblaine @charles_jensen My chapter on Blaine’s drafts in my book will be titled “oh nooooooo” @Whataboutblaine @charles_jensen ConfirmedBlasting this and my day already feels better so, it’s about to get way racist and sexist up in here. It’s a good time to remember to check the sources, tru…
Retweeted by GabrielIf señor t*drivk could be reborn into a white weho twink he would. @clark__rogers @LucyStoole BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ADNWRL @Creme_Fatale I’m prettier scuse me @Creme_Fatale Yes. I hate saying I miss you when you live down like 10 minutes from me 🥴Here’s a shoot I did with one of the best drag queens I know. (Who I miss and I can’t wait to get burrata pasta aga… said i would retweet this every time i see some popular cis gay dude saying women can’t do drag so here i am. Tha…
Retweeted by Gabriel @farrahrized STILL having the women doing drag arguments? Todrick and his pick me gays can SSSSHHHHHHHH is Twitter @Toddmasterson Why does he keep popping up on my discover page @smith__ryan__ Pinche Ryan @urdadssidepiece Feliz Cumpleaños!!En un bazar @PanderShirts i follow zero of them. I need to present something I FOR SURE will have @sedusarichman make the power pointsEach time I refreshed this is the suggested reels that would pop up. Please tell my why Instagram is trying to kill… @PanderShirts @TheGlamJesus Ain’t this you @SamMen ? @dzennon Kidding. It’s Tilted by Christine and the Queens @dzennon Physical by Dua Lipa @PanderShirts This give me an ulcer. But also please dm his Instagram so I can go judge itI listen to this song so much I’m worried about myself @bolinbooty @farrahrized I don’t know. I just wanted to yell to Farrah that I love her @upupdowndown @Blankshotart If you watch the moment you can actually see her turn around and look at people behind her 😂 @danpolyak I like that no one really knows how damn LONG that night of filming is. @Blankshotart It will be on my grave “he was there” @danpolyak Yes!!!! You and tiger lily gave the best hugs 🤗Another fav moment was when the entire damn theatre started as chanting Valentinas name while they were on stage an… sat w/ the cast. I was next to Kimora and Valentina. My favorite was Aja turning around and saying Miles’ Babado… @Lithunium_Snow in the middle of Hooking up with another Vers @clark__rogers @acubnamedporter What he said @lvteef
me at my Tia’s house“Well I could make that” Well MAKE IT bitch! No one is stopping you. you want something MADE at cost...... Make it your fucking self. @dphdphdph7 Byeeeeee 😂Here’s the show. Can’t wait! gonna do a show with the most amazing cast and I just sent this to the group thread. @Whataboutblaine @Clause_NomiXXX @Whataboutblaine Oh noImagine if y’all hyped up queer men of color as much as you hyped up a straight white boy @Bjam_z I don’t even wanna think about East LA. It was a nightmare before. I’ve gotten in fights with nanas sitting in their porch. @YourFriendKevin no one is going anywhere parking in Los Angeles has become a nightmare @pab_loh I hope I can one day. I hope precinct can survive this messhilarious in both thoughIm ugly in New York. But in LA.... uglier.My sister just sent me this and I wanna .... @gaybonez Everything she said was so good @gaybonez @matiasgomeznyc Omg I couldn’t even imagine cross country. Just cross city I wanna die @BiqtchPuddin You don’t even wanna know what I’ve been called on Grindr 😂 @jakejunkk @Whataboutblaine Tell me when @BiqtchPuddin Mine don’t even compare. Girl those lips of yours are legendary’m SCREAM LAUGHING Moving sucks. It makes you wanna throw everything away and start from scratch but then you think HELL NO THIS I… as queer is not an excuse to be an asshole. Even in a queer space.
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@VanderVonOdd Yes I miss crying after you perform each time*if