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Photographer. Cartwheeler. Explorer. Drag Queen.

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@whatneildid I’ve always never been brave enough to say anything 😂Screaming that anyone thinks that that challenge has ever been good and not trashY’all I’ve learned some snatch game things and I am SCREAMING @Sabra @KimChi_Chic @miz_cracker I hate that you’re making me watch this sports thing @miz_crackerHello I took dis. I brought this glitter with me to the Philippines as I am covered in it. I 100% need @RockMSakura in the studioFavorite season 12 reveal look
@BarbraWyre Who am I fighting#SchindlersList @trixiemattel @Brittany_broski WHATThat first shower after 22 hrs Of travel is transcendent.
MADE IT! Hello Manila. You’re already lovelyLanded in Tokyo and everyone is taking new gaga song?!?
@Creme_Fatale No you’re canceledPhillipines see you ...... soonish after many many hours of travelingPhew. Thought I was gonna leave tomorrow without having some bed rocking sex. Crisis avoided. @Beardynoise cause I want to and can?Trimming my chest hair and the clipper was shorter than I thought🔥 @Kim_Eundal @trixiemattel HER BAND1917 was impressive but it’s no Kitty Girl!
Retweeted by Gabriel La Reina @Ninja_Kane Congrats papi! @themisstoto and worked with @trixiemattel and her band today and THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD TOGETHER OMG @loganstevensxxx Holy shit I had no idea. Hope he is found. :(
I took a five hour energy shot. Then I took the other one forgetting I had just taken the first one in the two pack… mean just look at me thought I was gonna get a goods night rest. Now I’m in half drag and forgot I had an early doctor appointment. @Maxatronic @Maxatronic And snacks with Gabriel!"Im going to touch you without your permission" - About 7 guys at the Eagle this weekend"We all know thats a popper burn Gabriel stop with the excuses!" - @trixiemattel calling it @Smarmcharm Def don’t use that but the others will be updated 😘 @WeimsNC’m my own light tester
Chest was out in full force for today’s shoot can hope’ll show you a real dominoes body had it all
@Whataboutblaine “Anyone getting any sexy lady lumps!?!” Me yelling to the teamFinally at a rugby game. Only cause @Whataboutblaine is finally gone when I finally responded “sorry not a match” He told me to go fuck myself. Soooooooooooooooo"you can lie to yourself all you want, but you can't fool your heart" When Anime hits deep @chongster62 I also remember @BiqtchPuddin physically shaking me telling me to calm down I’ll be fine 😂 @chongster62 Haha you were the first face I saw once the curtain opened! @chongster62 ugh it was 😭 I don’t know how I’ll surpass it. That whole night was actually magic! We all slappedMe at @trixiemattel’s funeral I said if Selena comes on you best get out of my way @chanbanhi @BiqtchPuddin NOODLE CAT @Whataboutblaine thank god im goneVillage of the damned puta
I’m all smiles this AM @BarbraWyre There’s a queen in LA in need of lip injectionsGladly going to hell @YourFriendKevin @catdaddymd Rebooting. Videos. Of. That. Long. Haired. Puta. Y’all are just making her more famousSwear to god...if I see one more young gay with abs post that he’s obese....🤯😡🤬
Retweeted by Gabriel La Reina @queer_bones Grassy ass!I guarantee you that they will remake Parasite but in English. And I’m going to say this. I hope that shit bombsLots of these only fans favorites’ feeds is very white and twinky @trixiemattel MAM THIS EYE @JustDandyXXX In bed with me @Dannuul He’s tagged in my insta! @Dannuul it was never said to me directly. But I heard it said a lot
@trixiemattel up. I'd hear this word said to hurt others. I was always hurt by this, but now I wear this word with pride… @milesjai @tyleroakley you coming back you are in LA, and you can't do makeup on dark skinned people. I will refuse to acknowledge you as a "profession… @JJDodders @FirstKnivesClub @DOPreston @DarrenMcMahon54 @aqua_smurf04 @PSJF @dzennon Minorities don’t do well in horror 😂 @Whataboutblaine They can kill you in personMIRA QUE BELLA @edie_it @JunoBirch I just choked laughingMy sleep paralysis demons last night @Tweet_Dec Fine I’ll do it @chongster62 I can’t breathe @scotty_13_ Are you kidding? It’s already January 74th @andressito_94 Que me penetre @RodsBorges Mah comfy pants!Some #MexicoCity snaps @PanderShirts Already didGetting confirmation that if you have a tattoo of trees around your arm. @new1mproved I’m hard @scotty_13_ And Coco @lvteef Up at 10. @milesjai @narcmonster Stoooooppp 😍How many of you putas gonna be at Drag Con LA this year???? @Margaretyya
What’s @gayandsweaty describing? Wrong answers only.
Retweeted by Gabriel La Reina @JacksonRickun So many hefty daddies @TrixieCosmetics Bufffyyyyy @LazyGams and goals with this one @PanderShirts said I only shoot hot muscle guys and I’d like to show them my Instagram feed so they can kindly shut the f… @Margaretyya @fuckpastiche 😂😂😂😂😂 @YourFriendKevin I love it god damnit 😍
Retweeted by Gabriel La Reina @Whataboutblaine I AM SCREAMING @ihunbun Oh fuck no