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Norther Benjamin, Postgender Aspie. Cartoonist, Balloonist, & Huge Captain Bible Fan, Waiting for the Mothership to Take My Ass Back To Space ❤️@jellykitsch❤️

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there's a vending machine in this bar where for $3 you can buy a butterfinger, a condom, and a single cigarette sco…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionFINALLY done with the balloon part of this, tomorrow I'll put the ivy around it and hopefully the client will love… to deliver a huge order I put together myself, wish us luck that the customer will like it :0there’s no such thing as ‘too late,’ but there are a whole lot of people who are effectively freed from accountabil…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionI’ve been saying for years that climate denialism would pivot hard into climate nihilism once things were too prono…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionI have to get back to the big order I'm working on but AAAAAAAAAAA look at these Pokéballs. They are perfectly sphe… this balloon makes me so unbelievably happy to look at u dont understandMe: (inflates a new pokéball balloon we got in the mail) Me: (LITERALLY JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITEMENT AFTER I… i ate my entire week's supply of cup boodles yesterday and forgot to bring a lunch so now I am hongry 😖 @TheNecroPunk Ah God I feel like I do this like constantly when dissociating, usually when its like... nobody is re…
theres no leaning tower of pisa emojii am making anchovie 🅱️Izza tonight becausw theres a God somewhere that wants me to eat the ancho🅱️ie 🗼“I know I drive some people crazy with what seems to be ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked out for me.”…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionSTOP PITTING VIDEO GAMES AGAINST EACH OTHER!!! • Super Smash Brothers • BOTW • Fortnite • Red Dead Redemption… @Cordial_Lump Thanks!!! (PS: As for thw DMs you sent to my other account, i plan on answering them as soon as I get home from work later) :0 @liminaljustice (Just found the thread pretty easily- and yeah, there's no Klingon word for "peacemaker". If anythi… @liminaljustice @50megatonFbomb @RobDenBleyker (2/2) There was a really cool reddit thread discussing the parallels… @liminaljustice @50megatonFbomb @RobDenBleyker (1/2) Worf as a Klingon TNG character & how Klingon language/culture… @retrovirus666 I do !!! @liminaljustice @50megatonFbomb @RobDenBleyker *benjamin. Dang clumsy hands today @liminaljustice @50megatonFbomb @RobDenBleyker Bengamin Whorf was an actual linguist in real life, I'm not referrin… @liminaljustice @50megatonFbomb @RobDenBleyker Unrelated to main tweet, but I gotta say: linguistically, German see…, another woman just got pissed at me and was totally floored when i told her that because she missed her… important to note that i made a special exception for her for one of the appointments and stayed at the store… woman who missed both her consultation appointments (no call no show) and waited until the day before to call in… hello to Cindy, our store Gothtopus!
I was worried about a color pallet that a client chose for her balloon columns but now that I'm assembling it and s…
@Voltergeists Sounds like the name of the newest Betty Spaghetti doll. We'd like you to meet Linda Lool @puppetmotel That something to have two shots of vodka for @puppetmotel w. what theShit man all I want to do is call the customer to make sure she's still coming to her consultation, not engage her… continue a 50% off sale with my commissions too! All commissions will be half priced until the end of August…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition @kit_spin They need to be cooked up into a Succulent Feast and eaten, its the ultimate Iron Chef Secret Ingredient @jellykitsch @jellykitsch ME ????Me: (MISSES KIT ALREADY)Update: Bread came out amazingIm GAYAlso baking some fresh bread for me and my sweetie to enjoy, folksMaking some special $20 adopts that will in fact be $20 each, folks
@scuttlingvoid I ALMOST USED THIS EXACT IMAGE FHSIGDWJ @lesserstranger @leiopythonidae Thats honestly the best bet imo like trying to Discuss this or even anything else w… @Cordial_Lump she had a blue vest on it that said "LAUNDRY SPECIALIST" and she told me to come back in a couple hou… @lesserstranger @leiopythonidae Yeah no dw ur not overreacting at all, tbh you may want to like. see if itd be poss…’s Halloween in 74 days 👽🤡🤠👻
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition @leiopythonidae @lesserstranger Tbh i agree, like if u'd been seeing hom for years then MAYBE in certain circumstan… at the laundromat left a tube of lipstick in the drier and it got ALL OVER our pillows and the lady working… @scuttlingvoid don't start abusing adderall just to get everything done on time. It may get you great results for the first… A SWIFT KICK TO THE SEAT OF MY OWN PANTS TO GET MYSELF INTO THE GD SHOWER ALREADY)Mayhaps i shall........... dwaw the captainI have the day off today and the only things I like really have to do are go to the laundromat and get a few things… @jellykitsch binch
The government should not be executing people. This is a moral and practical failure that desperately needs to end.
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionAnother beautiful day in Connecticut ❤️ It took us about 30 seconds to get from the store back to car @jellykitsch Ur ga y
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition
@scuttlingvoid I wuv him @jellykitsch (Materializes in front of you)As we mourn the loss of Richard Williams, let us not forget all the amazing animation he and his studio did for adv…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionAbsolutely obsessed with this northern English farmer who posts daily tiktoks of him opening his barn and all his n…
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionMade a pride column- got the trans colors in three rows, and the pride rainbow for the forth row made a $575.09 balloon sale 🤑
@Cordial_Lump Nah, we're in West Haven, Connecticut. Living in New york is just too gotdang expensiveAlso, he outright lied to Kit and I when he said that he has a professional bug exterminator go theough every apart… about how dismissive and unhelpful our landlord was during the entire bedbug fiasco.🤔 im not doing so in li… I discovered that the French word for vegan cheese is "fauxmage" and I couldn't be more delighted.
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition @JackRammyz HHUSHDUSHDHUDHHHSHSH OH NOOO
@jellykitsch I miss u ❤️Anyone who tells you using reference is bad is weak
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Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionBEST LICENSE PLATE I'VE SEEN IN WHILE bites are horrible and itchy but one of the things that bothers me the most abt having them is they visibly…
@ickeygooey LMAOOO SAME kit and i only have the top torch part stuck into the curtain rod in the bedroom rn but i j…👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 LET THERE BE L I G H T (AT HOME)When your boss throws away all the ingredients you need to make a perfectly good floor lamp because they dont work well for balloon columnsJust made this piece at work mommie and babie octopus 🎈💕🐙🐙💕🎈 saw a beautiful white cat on the way to work........i wanna kitty cat so bad :(
@Cordial_Lump @jellykitsch H E L L Y E A H"I am a little meatball" -@GayboyPocket Pic unrelated
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition @jellykitsch *slaps your hand away from the "OFF" button on the AC**FolkzBout to get an undercut, folks @scuttlingvoid )shows the landlord the bites that are all over me and look exaxtly like the google image results for "bedbug"…
Landlord said he'll be here for bug extermination tomorrow morning, this better be the end of it because i am like… call my landlord and tell him to send an exterminator to Get These Little Fuckers Out Of Our Home, folks
Gonna pick up a bunch of bedbug stuff from w*lmart and Get These Little Fuckers Out Of My Home, folks
Childhood abuse culture is remembering when you were 10 and used to vent to the AI Smarterchild on AIM and then cri… morning! heres your kermit of the day!!
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition(Telepathically wills the dunkin donuts across the street to bring me a medium coffee and one (1) donut with pink frosting)
A quick video on copyrighting art
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition @dreamislandz I think Clay Puppington was the most questionable kin ive ever seenIdk if I posted this but I made a BNHA OC Who’s Quirk is to control dolls. Her hero name is Porcelain
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A lady got mad at me because i told her how much our balloons cost and she said like "oh well stop and shop only ch… every night before a deadline I swear “next time I’ll start earlier!!” #adhs #tdah #actuallyadhd #comic
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball EditionIf you ever wondered what living with your significant other is like imagine having a sleepover with your best frie…
Thought these two looked nice together.
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Editionare you really “baby”? does baby huff spray paint out of garbage bags?
Retweeted by Captain Bible: Little Meatball Edition
@courtjesper gdhsjxysj okay that was kind of silly question, i totally forgot that rats can and do thrive in busy city areas