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marlo, but this time it’s personal 🤭💅💋

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@madsmiyun lol idk about that, every single part of making comics is pretty awful except maybe colouring/screen tonesi didnt do proper passes on the text because i couldnt bear reading it so there are errors i have to amend and i st… re-reading my comic bc i have to make edits is rough. it is so cringe. almost unbearable lmfao i cant wait to never read it again
Retweeted by marlo #2 @Clinicallytight so funny how you type like him .... or vice versa @FlyingFoxParlSt why wouldn't it be good ??? @big_dessert wtttfffffffff @cartridgepink there's a Kmart in the cbd ?! 😍 @plainwaterpdf no I'm afraid. I'm not skeptical
@FlyingFoxParlSt me too. what a good joke I made @big_dessert soooooo weird lol 🥲 @FlyingFoxParlSt problematici love to take a problematic dump in the wonderful disabled toilet in emporium @slug9999 @jemigale @verycoolnsexy don't even say the word excel to me 🤢 @jemigale @slug9999 @verycoolnsexy 😔 @jemigale are we allowed to have guests under the new rules ?? art day w @slug9999 @verycoolnsexy & Levi who's @ i can't ever remember ... @FlyingFoxParlSt i used to do gag presentations exactly like this for class in schoolgreat thread @bmfu @mightyatom hehehe 🐜 ⬜ @mightyatom i had to have a stupid appointment right in the middle and missed your work T_____T was so great what i did catch tho 💜💦garfield 11.22.1995
Retweeted by marlo #2bit obsessed with these orioles
@beccateeth i am so bummed that i have an appointment right in the middle of this 😢 but I will make the beginning @plainwaterpdf is this in response to anything lol @Clinicallytight 😢♥️i love sichuan pepper so much i could cry... can't believe i ate all my dinner, its gone.... but it was so good while it lasted 💔my new identity is "guy who lives near the ocean"my most impressive celebrity story is how i am friends with the owner of peepee the cat (RIP beloved little man) @fruitysnacktime no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller
Retweeted by marlo #2 @scratchXhiss the second buyer offered me $20 more and arrived on time the next morning w cash so I'm like. okay cool lolgod somehow that straight loser from the club who's in love with mae is the most realistic part of "feel good" ...… more selling things to gay boys this guy was WAY too entitled to this wicker bed headif I sell things on FB marketplace in future I might just sell them to women... lol... somebody really crapped his… three amigos! #Goshawk (2 female,1 male) chicks that will be ready to fledge in a week or two. #Wales #birds
Retweeted by marlo #2 @Destroyerbonnie loooool omg
@cumkirby yessss me and my friends were so psyched about this one when it came out @verycoolnsexy U need the clout .... the Marlo associate clout @verycoolnsexy 🤷😌 keep up with my content or miss outout 🙄rly nice to see Americans put and about with their friends again 🙂i never tag people. i just don't. you see the post/know who i'm talking about or u dontA male Baltimore Oriole bringing food for its nestlings. Baltimore Oriole nests are a hanging pouch and are woven b…
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sucks to discover the precious hooded plover is endangered tho. fmlgood graphic about local plovers I chanced upon today @fruitysnacktime sooooo fckn toxic.... only gets away w it because of his social capital @fruitysnacktime yay!!!!!!! damn i wanna watch this with you why won't that dreaded dan Andrews let me into your house *throws tomato" @fruitysnacktime "doesn't sound very funny to me 🤨" fuuuuuuck @fruitysnacktime okay now I remember jfc this show is good god DAMN @fruitysnacktime i...... is this real I do NOT remember thisjust imagine im 17 and drunk at a public golf course and he's calling me a stupid fucking bitch because i dunked on… time an Australian lad is viral for doing anything that seems amusing just know i went to either highschool o… who cuts in front of all the women in the audience when mitski plays at the gasometer much more amusing set to… difference was i didnt give a fuck about my lack of motivation for everything else and was like weeeheeeeeeeeEE… @Clinicallytight noooooo ... stressful! wtfeven when I've been briefly happy i had zero motivation for any hobbies other than art. everything on earth is diff… does a person develop intrinsic motivation for literally any aspect of lifeits been a really good idea just not checking main on Instagram especially/following artists who aren't my friends… i meanwish it didnt brutalise my spirit seeing people do the same shit i do. makes me feel so cheap and tackya true wordsmith
Retweeted by marlo #2 @slug9999 i don't remember anything else 😝 @phoebeayscough i think there are real reasons also that professional connections in creative fields almost always… @phoebeayscough that can potentially spring from that. it's the entitlement and um.... arse kissing really that I'm… @phoebeayscough yeah true. it's a bit cruel of me to be so flip about it honestly but i never felt entitled i was l… @phoebeayscough i mean it can be hard in a literal way in Australia w something like say indie comics where the sce… @phoebeayscough it's also not that hard 👀 i've made heaps of people like me whose work I related to in any meaningf… @Clinicallytight disappointing. thanks for fielding @phoebeayscough yes exactly. so I'm very creatively depressed!!!! comics did also fuck my arms and further my unemp… @phoebeayscough and omg thank you 🥲😂♥️ it's worth more than anything else to me lol. I remember being ttly blown aw… @phoebeayscough I have made it myself literally BC it was easier to get straight into the meat of ideas without was… @phoebeayscough yeah. i've never been able to justify doing something only for myself... i have to believe it's goi… @phoebeayscough their regard necessarily had to be hard to win or it wasn't worth it lol, which I think has been to… @phoebeayscough absolutely.... even as a child it was a social activity augmentary to telling stories to other chil… @phoebeayscough I absolutely cannot water myself lol. I wish I could do anything else with my lifelegitimately it makes me feel less fucked up about myself and my place in the world every time i watch it ... hahawatch the whole thing. I myself have watched it about 50 times lol video is trimmed before the best part ... 😔 where fozzie goes "I do understand that I'm not a real bear. But I…
okay i did eat the lao gan ma straight from the bottle and i am now feeling really quite meaningfully ill hmmmMMMMmmm @FlyingFoxParlSt sorry to compromise your enigmatic and aloof persona. your "main" literally is locked thoughpeople who talk to u like they assume you dont remember anything about their life.... babe if u told me i remembersoz to be a noob but does anybody know the specific chilli oil they use at dumpling houses n stuff? that u turn int… @cumkirby even this sounds good to me... like hear me out.... papaya or jackfruit gelato with lao gan ma.... @FlyingFoxParlSt not if you never complete your works it wontabstaining with effort from putting it on every dish, even where ill-fitting, who am i kidding!!! i just want to sh… am getting this 🤏 close to just accepting my true desires and eating lao gan ma straight out of the bottle @fruitysnacktime :•}IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW
Retweeted by marlo #2garfield 5.21.1991
Retweeted by marlo #2🚨 I interviewed LIZ PHAIR 🚨
Retweeted by marlo #2Textile or Mantle Border Fragment, 200-600 C.E. #artsoftheamericas #brooklynmuseum
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@fruitysnacktime link pls 🥺 @jemigale so true @clothesline_69 magnificent! wow! they're so cute!!!!! @Clinicallytight at least she recognises it when she sees it... I'm happy for her that she is actually reading a re… @beastmoans greater *CRESTED tern @beastmoans beautiful ! our local tern is more of a funny little character lol last time Camille & I went on a walk…'s very high quality engagement are like Pokemon but REAL many of them are very sweet looking while many more are completely cooked and desig… Camille with messages about grebes