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more attempted murder by the LAPD. again, tell me the difference between this and charlottesville?
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneAnonymous in under 12hours: - deleted the web of Minneapolis PD - Hacked Chicago cop radio - Released doc that pro…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneGenerations of pain.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahsenePassive voice is for when the state does violence. Active voice is for when a protester does? Got it.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneThe media won’t show these peaceful moments that took place in in Beverly Hills today, so we must. #LosAngelesriots
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneBecause if its Baghdad its okay for this to happen...?
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneThis episode is 29 years old.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneThis is, ladies and gentlemen, a 1st degree murder.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneI lived my childhood in Chicago too and didn't feel unsafe in the neighbourhood. My friends were from all sorts of… saw this and I wanted to retweet it but the protester’s face was in it... so I cropped it but I did need this to…
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene @otwdaritadi @Nempeldimeja1 Banyak pandangan buruk ttg GMNI karena pada dasarnya GMNI adalah gerakan grassroot dima… while ago I posted excerpts from this Morgan Quaintance article and I think it's worth revisiting, just to re-emp…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneThe Muslim community needs to do everything it can to support black congregants, neighbours, colleagues, students,…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneIf you have been arrested in Houston for protesting today, contact me. I will represent you pro bono.
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene
NYPD just casually slamming a dude with a car door
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneHormat untuk sikap Dekan FH UGM dalam merespon pembatalan diskusi. Kampus perlu merdeka dari rasa takut terhadap k…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneThis is not a riot. It is a rebellion. A riot is what white folks do in Boston after the Celtics win the championsh…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneWhat happened with usThe police are blaming the man they murdered for not being healthy enough to strangle for 9 minutes
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneNgmg apa sih gaje jir. Habis ngetweet g sopan tb2 teriak cina, freak lu anjir people only care abt aesthetics so let it be clear: anybody siding w the cops is a fucking nerd. that shit is…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneYou know what'll mess up with their heads, when you guys all wear a white arm band too
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene
.@Bakari_Sellers: “Law enforcement in Minneapolis had the audacity…to arrest a reporter of color while doing his jo…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneYoutubers Myka & James Stauffer raised money to adopt an autistic boy from China, made him their brand, & picked up…
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsenethis is why we riot #BlackLivesMatter.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneAs my father explained during his lifetime, a riot is the language of the unheard.
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene
The 3 terrorists on the left killed a combined killed 38 people & injured 90 •Police arrested them alive The 3 inn…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneApakah Sesshoumaru pedofil hitungannya? Tp Rin nya di sini udh gede. Tp kenalnya udh sejak kecil. Wow beda umur ber… is very relevant here because of how we treat fellow Indonesians who are black.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneBeda panji ajg
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene @otwdaritadi Mending bahas yg km janjiin mau bahas hhhhhhhh @otwdaritadi Abbey: saat semua ditentukan karena kepleset sabun.This is so me, RT if you too 🤣
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Ini @otwdaritadi mas @ranggadachlan ! @katyperry approved......or not's be like "my life an anime" yeah bro u One Piece of shit
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneAku masih pingin katara sama zuko tp y udh gpp hidup g selalu sesuai yg km mau
You guys already know who tf is coming
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene
Nunjukkin ini ke suami adalah hal yg salah. Skrg dia marah2 ngedumel bilang "apaan Oda gak jelas lemot banget anjir… hari raya
Retweeted by Grahita Benahsene
Hi @mandiricare bisa tolong akhirnya balas email saya gak ya? Makasih
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneMengulas Kisah Ibu Siti Fadilah Supari, Mantan Menteri Kesehatan Era Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yang Pernah Melawan W…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneIni penampakan suamiku nanti pas ku kasih Assassin's Creed Valhalla yg harganya hampir €70. Like wth itu game apa m…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneHalo @mandiricare apakah aku dicuekin?
Honestly kebanyakan kosakata ada juga di solo, mas e dolan e mung neng semarang jogja magelang malang. Ra tahu mamp… jg, @otwdaritadi ki ndremimil jg tapi tekno ae gen ra urusan wkwkwkwk jg. Sumuke nyalakno wayer ndang wkwkwkak juga pake nih, tapi g pake petitha petithi, pakeknya petantang petenteng juga pake nih found this picture on my gallery it looks so sad I wanted to post it here before deleting it. @mandiricare ini udah hari ke berapa email saya belum d bales. Katanya di dm suruh nunggu sabar, apa krn puasa… sih orang arab tuh sukanya posting2 foto org lain sebagai profpic dia? I mean ya gpp gt kalau posting animas…
Ini cuma Twitter, bukan thesis. Tapi kalo ada yg keliru sedikit, ada aja orang-orang yg ngehakiminnya lebih killer…
Retweeted by Grahita Benahseneim always intrigued by close friends stories...who not allowed to see u grilling zucchini
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneImagine an alternate Universe where 4 seasons of this dropped instead of Korra. Yeah.. I'd wanna live there.
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneWow the diction
Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know Well, now they know.... Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress S…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneSaat temen suami dtg tiba2, dan sofa belum nyampe gara2 corona. Mid Eastern style bro. (Pantat keras) (pingin kentu… this
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Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneCan I say something that might sound offensive? Well yeah I can, it's my twitter. So here it is: makin ke sini maki… @w_wida Iya coba dulu pelan satu dulu terus dua terus tiga wkwkwkwk km juga coba lah wid @w_wida Betul, tapi maksudku emang dia gak sibuk apa? Anaknya 4 masih icik2 semua like aku ngerasa kok dia selo gt hidupnya awkwkwkwkwkMy German language teacher kept on texting in the group and even proposing a zoom meeting. (We finished the course… @ririn_ryn Hahahahaha gt ya, di sini registrasi uangele pol, tp unreg gampang. Di indo registrasi guampang, unreg uangel pol wkwkwkwkwkSeingetku dulu di Solo gampang bets deh. Pesen, bayar, teknisi datang, internet. Piye to aku jare hidup di negara maju1, telpon telecom company buat registrasi, 2 buat meeting kapan tukang internet dtg ke rumah buat buka line interne… back online setelah internet terpasang di rumah. Kalian gak tahu what kind of hoops I went through buat dapet internet di rumahPasangan saya seorang guru TK. Di sekolah dia tidak ada guru kelas TK yang laki-laki. Nah yang dilakukan mbak ini…
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Emiratis man.Well the only country they go to is Maldives since they are able to maintain their lifestyles there.I mean, you will find a Saudi bringing their car along for a travel in Europe (to test the Autobahn here since ther… compared to their sister country Saudi who are more flashier, Emirates are not flashy at all. But far more weal… are currently in first position for the world's strongest passport. With ability to enter 175 countries withou… the founders of Emirates are divers who collects pearls, now their grandkids are covered in them. All because of Oil.They put actual diamonds for god sake on their abaya. Lee Gon apalah lewat cuman kancing coat aja, ini satu set aba… know Oud? The wood that has this perfume smell? That could last you a week? It cost thousands of Euro ok. And t… you will never see an Emirati in Emirates, like they have their own world. Their own communities, it's so VVIP with them.So what if you married an Emiratis? Well your kids "might" get Emiratis pass. If the case was a women marries an Em… bought the passports of Cameroon Island and give it to the Baduis. I mean well, the UN did say they have to gi… mean the UN instructed the Emirates to give the Badui passports because "you can't have people living in your cou… I know you guys would love to have Emirates passport now right? Hold your horses, you will never get them by any means.And when I mean wealth it's not this measly BLT cuy. I meant that for every citizen, no matter how young, the gover… will never find a single Emiratis that are poor, unlike Saudis. You know why? Because the country itself is so… are so rich that they don't travel to a country where their stay would not be luxurious. So Germany? Netherlan… are so rich, that even if you live for 30 years in Emirates, you will never mingle with them.Yesterday me and my husband had iftar with my friend and hers, we talked about emiratis. You know how rich they are?Haha Germany made it mandatory, you know how? By locking the shipping cart and it can be unlocked only with 1/2€ so…
Heran ya sama org indo, paling jahat ya sama sesama negaranya, paling baik ya sama org luar. Kenapa gt ah.Walikota Solo menghimbau, bukan paksaan, kita2 ikut beli ticket bonbin Jurug. Hrg nya per lembar 20rb. Bisa digunak…
Retweeted by Grahita BenahseneCowok berseragam paling baik, ramah dan perhatian itu pokoknya cuman Satpam BCA!
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