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The mighty roar @GBolum Northpole, Chicago, IL

crackr420 on ps4 Battle net id : mightyroar11551

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@lola_modz Yup. Giving up or being a quitter is way too easy. There are always other optionsI really hate seeing these, I can't shake seeing this cruelty #Shadowlands Survival Guide has arrived! Learn all there is to know about the next #Warcraft expansion, and ear…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @beefql_tv @TheOverwolf @CurseForge *it acts @beefql_tv @TheOverwolf @CurseForge Ill install it, as soon as I can figure out why my addonns wont work. I cant co… @CabronRegio @Mrs_ice_queen @Kool_Kolors @xx_roka @CARCERATO_1926 Hijack dudes psn...Noticed some people that I known for a long time , never retweet my shit , or don’t retweet but go to the source a…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @BlainieTweets I tried to buy a flask of endless fathoms 2 days ago, to try and do a 5 mask, but they wanted 1900 gold....smfh
@str8churlish @ImanWilliams @TweetRhymesLife Looks like he's been to a few raves, back in the day @lola_modz gta5 on VR, trying to do glitches..... @G3TOFFMYSTOOP You arent lying. Thats why ive been playing @WadhamsPeter @30SECVlDEOS It usually means someone had/wants their shit pushed in @30SECVlDEOS He deserves to have his wrists cut off @Wowhead Im going with night fae, because I feel it gives me the best options for my arcane mage. @Wowhead I missed it because of long work hours, ive given up already
@EyeSupportAnon Whats so special about em @SINFRIO666 Hes a @TylariousYT Killing cargo griefers @DL_Blackburn @Sh8dyGr8dy I cant believe that idiot Ricky Schroeder bailed him out.n
@X_PoGo_GaMeR_X I hope well be able to travel there. If they dont let us, it will be a fucking buzzkillFor those of you that may or may not follow me on IG... doing another type of challenge for the outfit community ☺️
Retweeted by The mighty roar @TezFunz2 @OmegakushYT Fuyuuuuuuuuuuuuuk yeah!I'll give $2,500 to a random person who retweets this within the next 14 hours. Winner will choose between a $2,500…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @DNPthree @PowerGPU #FreePcFriday @ShayTimeTV Are they limited to 1 per alt? @icyveins It would be nice if we were able to choose 1 item from every category @X_PoGo_GaMeR_X Especially in the gta community
@lola_modz Thats utterly retarded, because Venezuela dont even like the US, and wouldnt help anyone from over here @Truegta5 I seen a local facebook ad near me, selling one for $1100. U.S , with 1 controller and cod. I told dude to go fuck himself @RodeyBros @PowerGPU What's the build list? @QueCumba I thought twitter was a story... @ExtendMattNagy @DawindycityP @ChicagoBears @Hyundai He technically does have the better record...
@voreo_sabrae @Wowhead Try to pug a full nyalotha raid @voreo_sabrae @Wowhead They did their last one i think a few weeks agoRaise the Flags! This #BudLightCelly gets my vote. #BucsCelly @LeystTv I liked the islands as well
@xmike_loweryx @winterisgaming @xmike_loweryx @winterisgaming 15 kids? Damm, she doesnt have any coochie walls left...lmao @X_PoGo_GaMeR_X @bossnatedog @skhilllz @Chubsterzzz Otherwise, look for some in Canada. Theu havr a few up there @bossnatedog @skhilllz @Chubsterzzz @X_PoGo_GaMeR_X People were importing shitloads of foreign cars, from the manuf… @AmyEGardner @AOC @Saved_a_Click
@AOC It shouldn't be totally forgiven. However, it also shouldnt be so effing expensive in the first place. @lola_modz. Listen to this, if u need a chuckle... WON THE ELECTION! NO YOU DIDN'T You lost the election. You have been and continue to live outside of reality. Y…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @DNPthree @X_PoGo_GaMeR_X #Winfreeps5I'll give a #PS5 Disc Edition or $550 cash to a random person who retweets this within the next 48 hours To enter:…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @lola_modz @DipYourCar And it all peels off clean if u want to change it. @lola_modz @DipYourCar My favorite stuff are the colorshifting matte finishes. Similar to our "worn" paint in gta @marztheory Do you know the serial number from the ps4 the acc was made on? @ATTAddon I got it thursday @lola_modz Checkout @DipYourCar YouTube page, Lola. Dipping produces pretty nice stuff
@SeriousFck @ITZZZZAmber_ Hope she gets better, soon.We the People have spoken. #BidenLandslide #ByeDon #trumpconcedes
Retweeted by The mighty roar @TrumpVoterWTF @realDonaldTrump @Rasche19 @Wowhead For real.
@Xbox Hurry up and get yours, before they vanish!!! @ActuallyArcane Hope everything is good! @HopHeroes Cold World, by GZA @Wowhead Its still too early to tell what or may not be viable in early raids or dungeons, despite what the beta ha… @Ceredor @Wowhead When did mages get nerfed? @GodAllMarley Because coffee... @mrkleptonic2 @Wowhead I wish i were able to. Between long work hours, and internet issues, i struggled to get them… @Elinheim @tregii @Wowhead Ty @Elinheim @tregii @Wowhead Where do you buy those? @Wowhead Who cares. Its not like the titan residuum gear was affordable. @Wowandme_ @CarlDav12598461 @icyveins Please tell me @waterfrontjc 👍 @koolkaryn @AlecBaldwin for presidentMelania Trump wants to eat Pancakes too. #MillionMAGAMarch #MAGAMillionMarch #MillionMAGAMarch2020 #StopTheSteaI
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@PapaMeagzz I need it
Retweeted by The mighty roar @nedonords @nutt330 @JohnnyAAPL_seed @GoodPoliticGuy 22 US dollars an hour? @QueCumba @husky_70 Damm, are you in Alaska, or something?.. Lol @TomCatsTours @TheOverwolf Ill install it, as soon as i smooth out the kinks in my laptops OS. MY current addons do… @_xtiffi_ WtfSome friends and I are doing a X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME TCG mount giveaway 🤠 Retweet. Complete the other steps i…
Retweeted by The mighty roar @Max_1382_ do these transfer?
@IamShhweepi @Dexerto This is part of the reason why people download free music
@MarcoBlanco__ @parisalondon @Allanah_Morales Thats true. However, taking a lesser than ideal job could allow you t…
@LimitGuild Id be honored to help out. Im afraid internet issues and a crappy work schedule would kill my chancesLmmfao @icyveins Im glad arcane is doing ok. Now I need some battleground education...
@savannah_solo @QueCumba Hope you get better soon @TrendingFights @XfightVidsX She on 10 mollys.....
@X_PoGo_GaMeR_X A pregnancy test @SophNar0747 @BaldManBad1 No worries Sophia, just sit back, and watch natural selection allow its fine work to occur @SeriousFck @BroontangoVlogs @BroontangoVlogs Australia and New Zealand are 2 places id like to visit, they have an amazing car scene there. @ActuallyArcane Thats worse than this one: @TheSludgeBurner @nypost
France Celebrates the end of the Trump Presidency.
Retweeted by The mighty roar @EastSide62boyy @_xtiffi_ Maybe she took it down, to avoid any problems from rockstar @_TherealAdaBoo @iirandaa 😐 , . 0 ( f V v. P ... . . . . ;
00pll00bvu @bipolarbear73 Its comforting to know that your a man of @bipolarbear73 was this you? @lola_modz Lmmfao. Its an old
@wipemarie @Mendo @Warcraft I used my 110 boost on a lock, before i got shadowlands. They seem fun @KevSmitty907 @Gar_Grand @Asmongold Drop chance went up?