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Gary Budden @GBudden2 London Incognita

He supposes he's one of them, these bug people, rodents in the ship. #LondonIncognita out October @DeadInkBooks @InfluxPress @NewRuinsBooks

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This event is going to be great! Only six tickets left reveal! My debut short story collection, ONLY THE BROKEN REMAIN, will be published by @BlackShuckBooks on 12…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @DanCoxonAuthor @BlackShuckBooks Great news! Pre-ordering now
I wrote for the Guardian about the GRA reforms being scrapped, threatened legislative attacks on trans rights in a…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @SeanPrestonLDN My badGod are you there? Can you confirm I'm on the right goddamn planet?!
Retweeted by Gary Budden @stewarthome1 Who else? I'm very interestedAnd for a recent piece of #London pulp brilliance I have to recommend Moonstomp by @timmysmells. There is nothing… work of @stewarthome1 is another influence - #London psychogeography gone bonkers, and dare I say it, fun? huge influence on #LondonIncognita is, of course, Arthur Machen's weird fiction and his brilliant non-fiction abo… I more sick of
Amazing! Gareth’s Car Park Life (@Influxpress) on the One Show this evening the barricades of BBC prime time TV, I am appearing on @BBCTheOneShow this evening in a film about car par…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @heidipearljames @DeadInkBooks Particularly interested/fearful of places like the Isle of Grain and Allhallows. It's weird out there.The @PropagandhiPod has got me listening to The Rebel Spell this afternoon. What a fantastic band they were - Four… @heidipearljames @DeadInkBooks I haven't yet... keep meaning to. Can't remember where I stumbled over their story.… @PropagandhiPod what a song! amazing @heidipearljames @DeadInkBooks Tell them I don't actually think London is *quite* as bleak as the book :) @Stu_Hennigan @heidipearljames @DeadInkBooks You've just described my life StuReading @GBudden2 London Incognita, halfway in, really should stop and do some work but can’t. So bloody good, Lond…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @heidipearljames @DeadInkBooks Amazing, thanks Heidi - that means a lot @SeanPrestonLDN Revise tweet: 'Signed books will soon be delivered by Royal Mail to the addresses provided by the… @SeanPrestonLDN *EppingSigned copies will be heading out into the world! anyone out there understands, Can I please see a show of hands just so I know I'm not insane?
Retweeted by Gary Budden @thisisyogic out other writers thought #London was a weird place too #nowreading
Retweeted by Gary Budden @alicemjslater Spiritually I live in 2002 so I’m with you @alicemjslater Even worse: that album is from 99Twitter has really made me realise that celebrating the poetry/magic of the everyday was actually a really terrible idea.The big trouble with dumb bastards is that they are too dumb to believe there is such a thing as being smart.
Retweeted by Gary BuddenI think I can actually hear the opinion pieces being written across London.My soundtrack to making proofer corrections to a manuscript – Cathedral going full folk horror. Waffles. Peas. Beautiful. calculation: if I get up at 4am, then 10pm is a natural closing timeGove has betrayed Pret. Unforgivable. @SwanRiverPress @DublinCityofLit @OPWKilmainham @dubcilib @booksirelandmag @MoLI_Museum @ReadingIreland @NLIreland 👍🏽Not long until we release @GBudden2’s London Incognita. A perfect book for #Halloween and the encroaching nights of…
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@owenbooth What 👏🏻 about 👏🏻 this 👏🏻?Ah, the world! Oh, the world!
Retweeted by Gary Budden @RobTrueStories @DeadInkBooks Nice one thanks Rob!In September flurry of deadlines and last minute commissions, these absolute masterpieces somehow slipped through t…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @oldweirdalbion I did think of you and the house destruction party.Rebuilding my seven inches @DanCarpenter85 This is great Dan - listening now. Thanks for recommending! @nicholasroyle @DeadInkBooks Let's picket the BooksellerWe're beyond proud about our 2021 list. Take a subscription out to get titles ahead of publication, at a bargain pr… @FancyEliza whole career built on MH issue spends whole time on social media talking MH when pulled up on it 'I'm not a MH expert'!How far would a Kickstarter for a Dead Ink bookshop/event space go because I just happened across the most amazing…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenTo celebrate @LindaMannheim's This Way To Departures getting shortlisted for the @EHUShortStory 2020, we are giving…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenNice to see my upcoming London Incognita (@DeadInkBooks) recommended here in the Bookseller. out American tax forms is my punishment for sins in previous lives.
Gelatine Spaghetti hoops ring wae biled sosijays LITS GIT THE PARTY STARTED!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 #jakeyteas
Retweeted by Gary Budden @hoppers4ever Wtf was that scene with life-size marionette. Or the giant octopus. Loved it.Watched The Handmaiden last night. Outrageous fun. mind isn’t equipped to deal with such horrors @DanCoxonAuthor @LiamGavin I 🖤🖤 that film. It’s amazingall truth with malice in it
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Retweeted by Gary BuddenInhaled about a lung's worth of brick dust today. Cheering up with a beer and Napalm Death @captainrant @MrNugz I miss gigs
🐦⚡️We only have 12 signed copies left of M.John Harrison's new story collection "Settling the World" Grab a copy he…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @beccap1502 @thebookseller Good picks too ;)A rare full day working on Field Notes - I've been bunkered away, mustering the beast - here - some recent drawings…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenI'm struggling #mobydickheads rite of passage for any novelist in the year 2020 is giving an interview to the guardian about how you haven’t re…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenDelighted to announce that @FancyEliza will be at the Cheltenham Festival talking about her debut novel Boy Parts!
Retweeted by Gary BuddenWe've found that older industry people - including Kit and myself – can't pick up great young lit and that's why we… positive about the #DylanThomasPrize, with some brilliant young @Influxpress talent entered. It's a point o… piece. Though I'm not sure we'll ever get away from literary snobs who think anything genre is beneath them.…
@cooketim2 @PropagandhiPod The Oimo EP is really goodStarting to feel sad I won’t get to drink in beer halls, metal bars and weird Irish pubs in the bleak rain lashed s… @cooketim2 @PropagandhiPod Agree, It’s great and they even cover an obscure UK band from the early 00s which made m… another #PaperbacksFromHell from @Valancourt_B.’ve been schooling myself in records by UK bands I’d never listened to properly before. All four of these are great me with an album that came out the year you were born, one that came out the year you graduated, or both! (k)
Retweeted by Gary Budden @cooketim2 @PropagandhiPod Strike Anywhere 🖤 @PropagandhiPod 1983/2004 @EllaJChappell do they pop though?I know that some days it can feel like the whole world is against you, but actually nobody gives a shit about you
Retweeted by Gary BuddenTonight over on the Influx Instagram! @KitCaless @Influxpress All dayer in The Sovereign pleaseIf you happen to be sat near the wireless this morning, I'm chatting to @RobertElms about Unofficial Britain at 10.…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenHappy publication day to Gareth! I recently accompanied him on a walk of the Chiswick Flyover in 35 degree heat, if…
Public information reminder: It will soon be illegal to gather in groups of one or more. You must maintain a distan…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenAmazing response - grab a ticket while you can! I'm signing a mountain of London Incognitas for the @DeadInkBooks subscribers! I think you can still get a s… in less than 24 hours, HALF the tickets and signed copies have already gone! If you were sitting on t…
Retweeted by Gary Budden @cultauthor @owenbooth @hackneymarshman @liminallondon @DeadGull No girls allowed
Very excited to be hosting this online @HousmansBooks event with the legendary @mjohnharrison celebrating the relea… EVENT! An 'in conversation' with M. John Harrison👇 Our previous M. John event at…
Retweeted by Gary BuddenI think I liked I’m Thinking of Ending Things, or I thought it was total shitLooking forward to this one EXCITING! A cave bear carcass has been recovered from the permafrost on an Arctic island - “the first and on…
Retweeted by Gary Buddena strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off
Retweeted by Gary BuddenShut up Robbie
@kyliesaysrelax @Valancourt_B Me too - just saw that they're reissuing that. Have wanted to read that book for years... @kyliesaysrelax @Valancourt_B Oh my... you are in for some treats! Have you read Paperbacks From Hell itself?I'm tearing through this excellent collection resurrected by @Valancourt_B as part of the Paperbacks From Hell seri…