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Global Center on Adaptation @GCAdaptation Rotterdam, The Netherlands

GCA is an international organization hosted by the Netherlands that works as a solutions broker for climate change adaptation solutions. #AdaptOurWorld

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Protecting natural resources like mangroves will help us adapt to climate change @UNBiodiversity between Scotland, Norway, France and England could reduce the effects of rising sea levels:… could take decades before cuts to greenhouse gases actually affect global temperatures, which is why we need to… understands that solutions to the world’s crises are in nature 🌱 @UNbiodiversity are migrating inland to avoid rising seas. This 🗺️ suggests where they’ll end up: is the best way to involve local businesses in climate adaptation plans? 👇 covered in the latest webinar hos… in #ClimateResilience is smart economics. It can deliver big economic and jobs benefits while building ou…
Coronavirus cases are increasing in the developing world where some places don’t even have access to clean water:… in India are refusing to watch their families starve. Instead they are changing farming and attitudes… animals have the choice, either adapt or face extinction: is how Ghana is using the COVID-19 crisis to build back better 👏👏👏 🛠 @UNDP in #ClimateResilience is smart economics. It can deliver big economic and jobs benefits while building ou… are calling for a 'Teal New Deal' 🌊🌊🌊 are delighted our CEO @PVV_GCA has been appointed Chair @univgroningen Climate Adaptation & Governance Programme… enormous reservoirs have been built thousands of feet above sea level and are now supplying Andean communitie… does Africa build resilience to #ClimateChange after the #Covid-19 crisis?
Coronavirus is a wake-up call to act on climate change. Here's what governments can do 👇 Arctic’s warming climate is forcing reindeer herders in Finland to change their ways, eroding Sámi culture 🦌 now for the TEM-A Workshop on Youth Engagement to Enhance Adaptation Action. Our Engagement and Youth Lead…"This moment reinforces the need to think about designing spaces, buildings and cities that are restorative ... ple… Dominican nuns are taking the climate crisis into their own hands 🌎 Their new climate fund with… water causes damage, but this is how we can also take advantage of it. small businesses is a central part of recovering from the pandemic. And small businesses have a big part to… empowering women around the world will help us adapt to climate change.
How should we act on climate change post-COVID? @McKinsey has some ideas: of the world's biggest producers of coal has announced it will phase it out. alert! We're looking for a Youth Leadership Program Manager to support our fantastic young leaders. You can app…"It is not enough to deal with the immediate effects of a natural disaster; communities need to be better prepared… can we #BuildBackBetter from #COVID19? We must invest in climate resilience and prioritize the world’s most vul… UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon and our CEO @PVV_GCA pose this question: "Will we learn lessons for tackling… waste a crisis! Economic predictions from @IMFNews and @ilo may look bleak 📉 but our latest blog post from… areas will have expanded by more than 2.5 billion people by 2050 globally. 🌳🌳🌳 will make them more livable as… temperatures are drying up glaciers in the Andes. This is how high-altitude communities are managing their w… in digital agriculture can help Africa beat this pandemic, say @PVV_GCA and @bankimooncentre
How better forecasts can boost resilience in the world’s most vulnerable regions #AdaptOurWorld Indian schoolchildren are using smart tech to monitor the weather and help local farmers adapt:… need to find new ways to produce food despite the decreasing health of our land @UNCCD This family in Zimbabwe… activity in sub-Saharan Africa can shrink by one percent in a month if the average temperature is 0.5 degr… can be used for both climate change adaptation and mitigation measures says @cdknetwork and @WWFUS
The natural environment could be one of our greatest allies against climate change 🍀 @WetlandsInt @UNEP from @Cityzenith5D could help urban planners build climate-resilient cities 🏙 only three years Brewster Glacier in New Zealand lost enough ice to meet the drinking water needs of all New Zea… hunters on a six-year mission to save humanity’s food supply 🌾 @CropTrust @Kew_MSBUK temperatures and idle land provide fertile ground for these pests to wreak havoc in Sardina. images from @DEarthAfrica are helping scientists from @IWMI_ collect big data on the water levels of the… around the world are worried about the future of our planet 🌏 are now flocking from South Africa to buy Lesotho's organic produce 🐝 #Covid-19 can Africa #BuildBackBetter?
Ethiopia planted around 350 million trees in a single day last year. Now other countries are following suit and inv…“The challenge for Latin American continues to be to unify a common climate agenda,” says Pulgar Vidal from @WWF an… of one city in Indian are embracing a low-tech solution to control flooding: conserving farmland 🌽 agricultural practices means these farmers now have enough food to feed their children and build a better… families in Uzbekistan were well-equipped to cope with lockdown food shortages as they had their own greenhous… is how fighting climate change helped Marshall Islands avoid COVID-19 👇 are already 135 million people on the brink of starvation. COVID-19 could make 130 million more.…
The @ClimeFish project is looking at how Atlantic salmon aquaculture in Norway was being affected by climate change… can a 📶 from your 📱 help a 👨‍🌾 predict the 🌧️? like Cyclone Amphan are here to stay 🌀 Climate adaptation is a matter of urgency. is the first country to learn the ancient art of bushfire burning from indigenous land managers from Austr… engineers in the Andes are taking tips from their ancestors to manage water better 🚰… says the coronavirus shows the world can 'act fast' on crises: countries should not cut back development aid, say @PVV_GCA and @bankimooncentre, as GDP of developing countri…
Adaptation to climate change shares fundamental goals with disaster risk reduction, according to a new report by… professionals are calling on world leaders to ensure a green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that takes c… is modernising irrigation systems thanks to @ADB_HQ planners are using virtual reality to improve infrastructure and build healthier communities after COVID-19 🖥🏙… up now! 🌐 Young people may save the planet so it’s time to get them involved, says @GCAdaptation Young Leade… and air transport infrastructure are lifelines for the economies of Small Island Developing States 🏝✈ If enviro…
More than 60 rooftop farms have sprouted up around Hong Kong.❌ There is no universal, climate adaptation quick fix that can be distributed across countries and communities. are four ways farmers in Brazil can make money while adapting to climate change. resilience emphasises the importance of effectively managing change. The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge opportuni…
Retweeted by Global Center on AdaptationNew research from @NatureClimate on community-based adaptation in Pacific Islands suggests that successful adaptati… Ki-moon is supporting @Brianna_Fruean who is calling for creative adaptation in response to the #ClimateCrisis.… research from @NatureClimate highlights the need to for more awareness around climate migrations. Otherwise att…’s cyclone death tolls have been falling despite more severe weather because of the country's detailed ad… leaders from the African Adaptation Initiative, championed by @PresidentABO, have endorsed the policy recommenda…
Women in Vietnam are preparing for natural disasters by planting mangroves and they’re tackling gender inequality a… was a pleasure to hear from @NaokoIshiiGEF and congratulate her on her successful tenure @theGEF during yesterda…, civil wars, crop failure and climate change mean that more than a quarter of a billion people face the th… is in full swing! On the agenda this afternoon: 💸 How finance can support projects that have accounted f… is the Dutch approach to flood management 🌊 👇 thought the South Pole was relatively unscathed by human-induced climate change. "But all of the sudden… @ICRC checklist of how to manage extreme heat during a pandemic includes: 🏊‍♀️ How to safely use outdoor publi… has converted an abandoned railroad track into a tree-lined walkway 🛤"The traditional North-South paradigm of technology transfer ignores the increasing importance of developing countr…
One of the largest freshwater lakes in western Europe is being restored 👏👏👏 A move that will boost biodiversity in… in digital agriculture can help Africa beat this pandemic, say @PVV_GCA and @bankimooncentre is making us change our lives in a way that could make climate adaptation easier:… mangroves, flood damages would cost us $65 billion a year, according to new @ucsc research:… is one of the most ambitious plans in the world to stop taps running dry 👇 Peruvian sisters have built artificial lagoons thousands of feet above sea level 🏔 we rescue economies after COVID-19 we can also reform them:
The current pandemic highlights the unmistakable link between water and health: Indian schoolchildren are using smart tech to monitor the weather and help local farmers adapt:… that create complex models of how weather is likely to change are struggling to predict extreme weat… weather becomes more extreme trees help us cope with the fallout:'s new sky garden could "change the way people look at public spaces" in Asia 🚂🌳 degradation and climate change have upended traditional agricultural practices for farmers like Mrs Maitumelen…“The decisions we make around cities are so important because they will far outlive us,” says @NadineIbrahim from…