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Honk Kong is fighting for freedom of speech, that we take for granted 😷 you're curious about what's happening on YouTube, I suggest you check this nice article from @beccalew @mark_ledwich I don't understand your point on this tweet. Pool's video says in big "GARBAGE MEDIA" and @beccalew r… another read of the Zuckerberg speech, what bothers me most ab this is that he positions policies they got to…
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Hugely recommend @AINowInstitute's 2019 year in review for anyone seeking to make sense of what's going wrong with…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotVery happy with our #YouTubeRegrets campaign. Read the stories, but stay for the wonky (policy) details. (Thread) (…
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@TrickFreee Hello Patrick, I've studied for months what YouTube was recommending about Sandy Hook here:… @peterpomeranzev 🤣
It's a honor to be in this WIRED25 among amazing people and stories @mark_ledwich @mozilla @rowlsmanthorpe There is no “demand” for lies. Nobody wants to be lied to. Many believe the… of the most effective things a government can do to foster an ecosystem of AI startups is to have a National Op…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotI personally know people who lost their father and brother to YouTube’s algorithm. This is yet another such story.… unveils 28 horror stories about YouTube’s recommendation algorithm
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Ever wondered how YouTube's recommendation engine processes user data to keep us all glued to the screen for hours?…
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"The most effective propaganda frequently contains seeds of truth; truthful elements are incorporated precisely to…
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Tech companies are censoring information about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Civil liberties experts say this is…
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot#HongKong 's today, the world's tomorrow "May NBA and Blizzard be with Hong Kong" Spotted on Lai Chi Kok Road,…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotOverspecialization is not new, but it becomes exponentially more dangerous with advanced tech
Excellent analysis by @cwarzel of the risks to democracy posed by Facebook. Hint: the basic design of FB favors a…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotIn attempting to silence protests that lie outside the Firewall, in full view of the rest of the world, China is re…
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O rly?
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot @jmarcelino Thx!I’m not sure fake sanctions will be enough against fake views, but at least it raises awareness on Facebook’s lies.
I will be on @MSNBC @TheBeatWithAri at 6:40pm ET / 3:40pm PT to talk about FB’s recent decision to permit falsehood…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotDystopic news of the day: @camillefrancois @oneunderscore__ Nothing came up from information channels. It must be getting viral from a differ… Officials Respond To NBA Controversy By Moving Millions Of Citizens To NHL Re-Fanification Camps
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot @HerbieHuang I have nothing against you, just against American company being told what to do in other places by the communist party. @HerbieHuang It's really hard to disentangle the state and people when anyone who disagree with the state risk bein… @technologypoet @jack @camillefrancois Done. @HerbieHuang I understand well that dictatorial states kill freedom of speech to silence opponents. It's not specifically Chinese.
@LeviGratton @HerbieHuang Exactly 😂 It makes me think: when I went to china, there was a speech by a non-chinese p… @HerbieHuang No. With modern technology, if freedom of speech dies globally, it dies for the end of times.I can't believe I missed this tweet thread. @jack how can I make sure to see every single tweet by @camillefrancois? ancestor Francois Bernoud fought the independence war with LaFayette. It's not to have a game company selling o… case you were wondering what's happening on Instagram, this great thread show that it might be even worse: this billboard and their change of policies allowing fake news in ads: Zuckerberg is proposing to use Face… was very honored to present at Polytechnique’s AI meetup yesterday. My talk was on « How we can understand what… @Eyalo365 YT is even worse. At least on Facebook something has to be shared by a human to be seen. On YT, it doesn't have to.By the way, here is what AI expert François Chollet from Google thinks about Facebook's AI: @JulianPani 100% agreeWe're already in the Matrix: the AI of Facebook decides which friend we should see, and which one we shouldn't. We… business model of Facebook is toxic. It's designed to bring maximum value to advertisers, not users. You're no… saved 1 hour per day, and Facebook lost $.15 If you have too many friends, you can use the chrome extension Nudg…'s one way to protect yourself: don't spend 46 minutes per day on Facebook. For that purpose, I unfollowed 9… ad will be tailored to you so accurately that it will feel like something you genuinely care about. But it w…'s one of the reasons why Trump currently spends *millions* in YouTube ads to ask his supporter for their email… 2020, Facebook will use the 46 minutes you spend daily to show you lucrative micro-targeted political ads. Eac…
Zuckerberg 2016: "the idea that fake news on Facebook swung the election is pretty crazy" Zuckerberg 2019: "If you… @LeviGratton @PhillyD @smartereveryday @noUpside @camillefrancois @russpage I have a robot that scraps 1,000 top information channels daily. If a bad actors succeeds to game the alg… reminder (once again!) that cyberspace is a place where attacks can exploit algorithms and not only technical…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotUpdate: the inauthentic political channel changed it location from Ukraine 🇺🇦 to USA 🇺🇸, reached around 5 million v…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotUpdate: the inauthentic political channel changed it location from Ukraine 🇺🇦 to USA 🇺🇸, reached around 5 million v… takes security much more seriously than @Google #noFreeLunch
@minimal1023 Except that’s not true. It spells « no drugs » in French on Platini’s shirt. Don’t ever complain about…
Facebook is bragging to be the place to manipulate voters with ads we please stop calling Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc ‘The online public square’? They’re ad companies. It i…
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot @FoxNews Or at least change its category from "Howto" to "Politics" or something. The channel started to mirror Fo… @FoxNews you might want to strike this channel for copyright infringement, it makes you look bad. @DiluvialChatter This could totally be Russians in Ukraine. We have no idea.BREAKING NEWS: The Fox News copy cat channel "BREAKING NEWS" has now changed its location settings from Ukraine t…
YouTube is a dumpster fire & Google business reviews produce nightmare outcomes for consumers/SMBs. They're two con…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotSo what's up with this channel @youtube? What we know for sure: - it copy-pastes Fox News - it makes 1s videos wit… on the video might also be fake. In any case, they're extremely aggressive: 6/ is another example of the 1 second video: 5/There are many weird things about this channel: - some of its video is 1 second long and have hundreds of thousand… was called "Florans UA" before the 30th of September. Note that the channel describes itself as Ukrainian, but… channel did >2M views in the last few days. It was an increase of 3,080.6% month-to-month. It's now called "B… the current context, which YouTube channel is particularly promoted by YouTube's Artificial Intelligence? A Ukr…
How to hack Twitter's algorithm: 1) Do something incredibly stupid 2) ~10,000 people tweet about how ridiculous yo… YouTubers for using bots to notice what gets automatically demonetized! There are quite some surprises in… @kmmunger So the views you count in the conservative trend is just the sum of Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro and Prage… @kmmunger This is interesting, thanks for the data. Am I mistaken that you count 40M views/month for conservatives… @mark_ledwich Very good observation. It's a bit strange that conservative is the only one going up, and on both sid…
The #netneutrality ruling came out this morning. While we wanted to see net neutrality protections restored by the…
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotAMAZING: this interactive movie studies your feeling while you're watching it 😱. This is a POC, but shows how corpo…
@JuddLegum "Nothing to worry about, manipulation via social media doesn't work" (copyright Cambridge Analytica)
for months, my colleague @mhkeller and i have been investigating one of the darkest, most depraved topics i've ever…
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot @Victerran Right. But what matters is what algorithm does by default. Very few users will choose site by site.Because *Google's algorithm* decided to do so. LAPD didn't choose where their ads go. Don't blame LAPD. Ask Larry P… you design your social network for maximum virality, this happens: Right now #DemocracyForHK @realchrissyg Nothing says more “100% people powered” than a picture of you dressing up a powerful world leader. Soon 1000%.
@pa_chevalier @infobeautyaward Magnifique, thanks for sharing 🙏 @CraigSilverman Hi Craig, referal stats are very interesting, thanks for sharing. Also I was wondering what percent… @DEFAKATOR_Off C'est en train de changer, France Info recherche des témoins:
Use of social media to manipulate public opinion now a global problem, says new report via @nuzzel thanks @gchaslot
Retweeted by Guillaume ChaslotWhy we need to keep AIs in check: joined a fellowship of people from all countries with one goal: that AI doesn't rule us all influence operations, primarily over Facebook and Twitter, have been attributed to cyber troops in seven co…
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot26 countries with authoritarian regimes using computational propaganda as a tool of information control to help sup…
Retweeted by Guillaume Chaslot"Spamouflage Dragon": a botnet that massively amplified YouTube videos to try to discredit HongKong protestors uncovered an active, prolific, x-platform political spam network boosting attacks on #HongKongProtests, looking…
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@jasonj955 It's not Tiananmen Square the problem, it's everything that has to do with democracy, freedom of speech,… bans free speech apps, why would we let them spread their censorship machines to our kids? What is the logic that can justify that?The Chinese viral app used by our kids, TikTok, imports Beijing's censorship. @Google advertises TikTok by the mil… live at the specific time in history where AIs gradually outperform humans, task by task. During my PhD, I helpe…
Metrics can, and will, be gamed. This remains one of the most stunning & memorable charts I've seen:
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