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g_c_mouli @gcmouli Bengaluru, India

@travenues/ @ixigo. CDO. B2B SaaS ~ Global Aviation ~ Startup within a Startup. Product,Tech, UX. Alum: Stayzilla, Goibibo, MS. [Opinions, RTs, Favs are my own]

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@chandsethu Yep yep. Check out #ShamelessPlugLol😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @udupendra But, but .... 🤕If your PM interviewer asks an estimation question - how many JCBs (earthmovers) are there in Bangalore? An accept… @sowmyarao_ Not making fun or joking. But all you need to do is put out a hiring post on LinkedIn for full stack de… Super kicked to see two fav brands/founders kick off a partnership. Good luck guys. @Gunmaster_G9 Never been to the Guru Koteswara place also da. Have only seen @ajit_bhaskar hogging dosa pics. 😬. Need to put one trip. @Gunmaster_G9 Never tried Chilli holige. Gotta try it. @Gunmaster_G9 Nice. They are open in the morning? Naice.She (Sembiyan Maadevi) represented the ultimate example of humble piety coexisting with opulent royalty. The aura a… @Gunmaster_G9 Where da?
Congratulations @BKartRed, and the @BlumeVentures team. 🚀🚀🚀
Brilliant. I love reading cool release notes. @ganraja 😬😖 @santoshpanda And so is their national airline carrier name. Garuda Airlines. 😃 @l_hema Yep. WeWork Koramangala. I have seen a few of these in the area, but first time so close. Beautiful beast. @vinaykashy exact type of bird is this, @amabirdman?This beautiful bird was sitting in our office balcony, peacefully eating leaves. Had seen these birds in the sky an… @wholetthedasout @amazonIN 🤣🤣In Tokyo, I have gone to: * Savoy: 8 seat pizza shop that served best pizza I’ve ever had * Aldebaran: 5 table bu…
Retweeted by g_c_mouliTotally. 💯 the beast cross the bridge??
@gokulns @MorningContext Hahaha. True. Today's piece by @akm1410 was rock-on. Messaged him too. Classic AKM stuff. @deiowner @SunOfGan Huge amounts of karvaad which goes out by train. @deiowner @SunOfGan Well. That is Chennai Central Geographical Identity (GI) smell ;-)Whoa. That's quite a statement from Rod. Thanks for sharing @TheSanjivKapoor. Who would have thought. 😍 @_shankarganesh @shrinivassg Same here. While I kinda understand the huge leaps in packaging technology, fresh food…
2020 Dedicated to all my devops friends. 🤣🤣 @iBala Hmm. True.
@iBala IEEE? ACM? guy was just going back and forth.😅 the small dinky inspection car that zip by. with the kiddo. Majestic railway station. Bengaluru. @Gunmaster_G9 @krishna06 @aswinsam Breakfast weekday? @krishna06 @aswinsam @Gunmaster_G9 It was originally nearer to me. Near Sony world. Now near JNC. @kanchankumar Agree. Blew my mind about the whole inverting the part. Amazing. @Gunmaster_G9 If you mean IDC, you can just drop by their store or order through swiggy. IDC kitchen. @Vinamralongani Yep. There is an unfortunate side effect to this too. Since there is no upside to getting a pax to… True that. On the other hand, I absolutely didn't miss any of this in Singapore, with @GrabSG and @gojeksg tak… India is running a crazy sale - Haven’t seen fares this low for a while - Head to @ixigo to discover them and b…
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Beautiful melody and great Chennai visuals.🔥🔥🔥 @Gunmaster_G9 Shhh. In this time. No exotic food stuffs to be mentioned. Pesinaale danger. 🤫 @Burrp_Beer Oh wow. Where did you get the Ethiopian? @Gunmaster_G9 Oh hello. Japanese eat pizza too. 🤣🤣 @sai_grsh Whoa. Where is this?Not sure if other region folks are guilty of the same (including my ilk), but I think no one should be doing this. 4/3But I'm seeing this brazen stuff a lot these days. In public places. This is just wrong. 3/3Stuff so racist that I can't even write it here. And they are talking so casually and loud. And making no pretense… north Indian parents discussing at soccer class. Both seem to have family here in Bangalore but work in MS Hyd.… @ajit_bhaskar Ok ok. Where thindi? I usually wait for that update wonly.
One that deserves to be framed. Post lunch gappe. Life at @travenues. @jiljilramamani @nandaseth Yabba. Whattay thread. besh besh. @sriganeshr Yes. It was exactly that excitement. At least, this Tuesday, will there be a Tamizh song. And once in a… Oliyum. #tamizh Chitrahaar. Chitramala #hindi Doordarshan. @vikramadhiman BehrouZ is pretty decent.#SonOfCauvery #PonniyinSelvan #Abridged #EnglishRetelling #EveryWeek
@KarthukAvjan @MakkarPonnu Have a niece whose name is Nilotpala (short for Nilotpalambal - one of the deities of Th… @DunzoIt Hahaha. Social team of @DunzoIt rocking it as always. Take a bow @ButVai and team. 👏Super free-wheeling startup conversations with @sonalsaldanha over (what else?) Masala Dosa and Filter Coffee at… it when @DunzoIt totally understands koramangala traffic. The guy is less than 100m away. And it says 10mins.… is just beautiful. @rananth - if this is your photo, can I please request permission to download and use as ph… @amabirdman @NameFieldmt 🤣🤣Lee Kuan Yew's autobiography has this in the acknowledgements. Bows to his wife and then makes a snide remark abo…
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@SamiHusseni @duffelhq @TripIt @getflio @travenues Good points Sami. Two points - a) the tech and travel cos arn't… @travenues 😃 @sonalsaldanha @travenues Customer journeys are pre-booking, booking-to-journey, and post-journey. An airline needs… @SamiHusseni Travel UX is only the beginning. We are building a while suite of cloud based Ecommerce tools. Think M…
And of course, interested folks can continue this conversation at gcmouli at travenues dot com 11/10 ;-)PaxEx is now a differentiator between airlines. The PNR is just a commodity now. How you book a PNR, and the digita… of course, create a simple powerful loyalty program. The more you fly, you get rewarded with discounted or free… predictive analytics to suggest meals and bags. Use past bookings as an indicator to suggest preferred seats. E… a seamless booking website / apps for an airline. That would awesome right? No. that is just the starting p… good thing that is happening in todays tech word is Vertical SaaS. Technology can be platformized and yet the U… dot com websites and apps uniformly are sub-optimal in today's world. And the airlines have missed the boat… need to embrace technology and bump their presence in this area significantly. It ain't 1950s where flyers…, that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the first two. In recent times, airlines (except a… third point is something that the airline folks are great at - they are fantastic operational wizards, and henc… The best way for any airline to increase retention and loyalty of their flyers/pax is to offer a rock-soli…
@unitechy Thanks. 🙏🏼On a day, when everything seems to be gloomy, messages like this, make me smile. #PseudoNarcissitic #ButWTH @rchowdhri 🤣Monday morning be like --- "Appa - I will make cabbage out of Charles Babbage!" "Amma - You are the modulator-demod…
What an amazing film. I can watch it any number of times. Watched #KungFuPanda 1 and 2, this weekend. And embraced… Wonderful observations Matt. If you are still around, would love to catch up for breakfast some day. Leaders conference in Chennai... Folks please do register. Early bird and bulk registrations are open. Hopi…
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @shrishrishrii Snoqualmie is beautiful. Been there once long time back. Quite a sight. The ride from Seattle to Sn…
Yaar. Whatever said and done, his energy and ambition. Wah. 🙌. Thanks for sharing pj. @srijancse @shivam_xyz @vindytalks Whoa. Cool Friday evening. 🤩. Our Meetup is still pending man. Dosa breakfast one of these days. @chandsethu Nice nice. Koramangala or Indiranagar? #PonniyinSelvan #SonOfCauvery #English #Retelling #EveryWeek
@SunOfGan @aravind_asoka Yes. Been to that kadai. Thambuchetty Street no? There is one similar store (not that old… @aashaysanghvi_ And of course, when I cross-posted this tweet storm on LinkedIn, our uber talented designer (… @Blahktweets @ImVHarini Read it in Rajini 'Muthu' voice. 😱