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g_c_mouli @gcmouli Bengaluru, India

@travenues/ @ixigo. CDO. B2B SaaS ~ Global Aviation ~ Startup within a Startup. Product,Tech, UX. Alum: Stayzilla, Goibibo, MS. [Opinions, RTs, Favs are my own]

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"Bhai - Charger hai kya ....." ~~ people of Bombay, I'm planning to #rent out my 2 BHK in #Malad West, #Orlem which is semi furnished. Owing to…
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @tejasbaldev Hahaha. Indeed.This is Irodov’s dream come true.
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@seevin A lot of parks in Bangalore apparently do. South Bangalore parks and even some in Koramangala like Wipro Park and Lakshmi Devi park.Super awesome phone conversation with @VijayT1609. So many similarities and parallels between stuff that he and his… things that require zero talent... but can make so much difference!
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @gangadhargs Yep. That's why I called it 'almost'. But complete surprise to me a so read this today morning. @cindrellahere 🤣TIL - William Penn is a desi company. Almost a Bengaluru startup, one could say. | From an investment of Rs 30 lakh…"My Lady, you are the Queen of the most powerful man in the Chozha Empire. And I am after all a foot soldier. How c…
Oh man. This is amazing. Case studies on UX.
@Gunmaster_G9 Which event did you go to boss? Been wanting to da. Not done yet. Maybe will break your record some day. 😅I leave MSFT and Ballmer steps down. I leave Google and Larry and Sergey leave. If your company needs to shake up CEOs let me know.
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @ChapmanLizzie @peakbengaluru Admire the pragmatism/realism. :-)
@ganraja @RohanTalati Oh yaaay. Brings back memories. The Kalimark Paneer Soda is good, but I miss the popping of the goli. @TheSwamy Yep. Love Decembers in Bangalore. The nip in the air.Some interesting patterns. I, especially liked the 40 word rule to get to the point and the ask permission to empow…
@HariPyt @Shankar_Srinath Super glad that you guys are one of those complimentary-skillset founders. Definitely hel… @JoseyJohn It's there in most GMR airports these days.Superb post from @fredwiilson | Grinding
@SathyaBhat @awsugblr Can I DM you a couple of questions please.A slightly different question (but closer to my real requirement) ~ what do folks use as a CMS tool for flat pages… here configured a static page generator (like Jekyll) and hooked up to headless CMS - in production? I have… @PainkillerGSV This is so dang coool.The wife is not on Twitter, but wanted me to say this here. Woah. She is super impressed with the coaching and the…
@gangadhargs Cool. Thanks. @gangadhargs The super long form recipe for traditional bread making is what is deterring me. Have you found an easier way? Recipe please?Anyone here tried the fully automatic bread maker from Black and Decker or any other make? (in India).
Wah. info - Large lofts in both bedrooms and kitchen. Airy bright (small) balcony with storage. Second bedroom was… in the market. The good folks who rented this apartment left because they got transferred to another city (aft… #PonniyinSelvan #SonOfCauvery #EnglishRetelling #EveryWeek #KalkiOne amazing trip it was. Can't believe it's been a year with this great team. How it's grown. And the amazing thing…
@_curses 🤣🤣
@abhishek_tri Totally agree. Rejecting an offer with such grace is a very very mature thing.Oh wow. The Captain, First Officer, and one of the Stewards are all Sardars on this flight. #SinghPower #NotEveryFlight @flyspicejetFantastic thread. @sankeyboy Oh that area is brilliant. Malleswaram, Vyalikaval, Sadashivnagar.
@meerasndr @ravsriram Yep. Yaanai-mel-Thunjia-Thevar.
@SunOfGan Wasn't this part of experiences?
Anyone connect me to the Ops folks at cxo level at Xpressbees? Or, the CEO? Pls.
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @helloanand 😆 @helloanand Woah !! And its BOM-DEL, one of the most profitable and full routes in the country. 🤦‍♂️
@1ndus @Chai_Point @AshLilani @amuleekbijral @dishahdadpuri How long are you here? Or, are you already on the way back?I had removed my honor band because I was just sleeping away (that's how I get over sickness). Kid quips that band… weekend floating by in a fluidic dooziness state powered by a potent combo of Wikoryl and Cherricoff. 🤕
@abhishek_tri Happens in Singapore as well. And they keep asking whenever I ride, how crowded the bus is.* Be humble * keep promises * be kind * listen more * take initiatives * be a good communicator * share ideas frequ…
Retweeted by g_c_mouliWow. No words. It's a long read. But whattay.
2019 #PonniyinSelvan #SonOfCauvery #EnglishRetelling #EveryWeek
@SunOfGan @TrlManoj @alokebajpai @GabbbarSingh Have DMd. @SunOfGan @TrlManoj @alokebajpai @GabbbarSingh Same. I will also give one number. Talk to him. @peakbengaluru No. WeWork common area vending machine has coffee beans from BlueTokai. :-)Beautiful thread. Whattay.
@asaradhi131 Yep and Cadence.This #thread is brilliant. I have used Solaris Sparc boxes and on Sun Blades. It was indeed a revolution at that ti… the Ladies of @travenues decide to surprise the guys. Happy Men's Day. Thanks @vatsalaaa @AvniManglik of the most succinct and relatable definitions of what VCs do (or try to do!). @akm1410 @AntarYaami 🤣 @jonsonbill @rajeshsawhney Perhaps we have been conditioned to treat bridges as only positive paths to cross. Objec… @akm1410 @AntarYaami Waiting for you, my friend. Your turn will come too. 😅
Following @srini091 on his insta stories as he cycles all over India is so cool. Thanks so much Srini for letting u… @iBakasura 😅🙏🏼Chai art. (and no, we didn't have anything to do with it. 😜) Nature has its own way to create art. the usage of the Nidraadevi as a metaphor to sleep overcoming Vandhiyathevan. Kalki is amazing.… @miten @TiEDelhi @RajanAnandan @kunalb11 I guess something of this type was being built/discussed by @lalitmangal and @jaasti ?? @sivers @webaficionado Ah. Beautiful article @webaficionado. Totally agree.Oh, the irony of it. The justdoit award in Amazon is a Nike Shoe. At at time, when Nike is pulling out of Amazon. 😏 #SonOfCauvery #PonniyinSelvan #EnglishRetelling #OnceEveryWeek
Want to buy redmi phone /different versions OK /old ones ok. Anyone selling? Please RT. Bangalore only.
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After the wildly successful (read:viral) video of "What not to do in a hotel room", the @ixigo creative does it aga… @webaficionado @aviralbhat If you are selling SaaS to an industry that has been slow to adapt tech, the human eleme… @1ndus @oyorooms All the best. Didn't wanna scare you, but looks like the others have already done so. Used to use… paid for undergrad. Parents paid for one way ticket to the US for grad school. Worked as TA/RA/Instructor t… @udupendra Wow. Nice. Need to try this the next time I come. @udupendra Is this a semi-sleeper? Or full recliner?
Photo-ops like these are common in office when you have superstars like @wholetthedasout.
@TheSwamy @vijayvicks @MyGate_com @swiggy_in @DunzoIt @Grofers @dominos_india @BOX8_in @Zomato @FreshMenuIndia @TheRestlessQuil I am doing all of this too at 42. Super glad to see, others in the same boat/state. 👍🚀whoever made this deserves a medal of honor
Retweeted by g_c_mouliExcellent #longread from @shukla_tarun. @sanketnadhani Oh nice @sanketnadhani . Over and upwards. 🚀 @kumrr @webtoall Naice.
@hhaIvi Whattay read. Wah. Thanks for sharing. @sinamocha_ Oho.Dei ! Hello !! I have a TVS Pep Plus (and you know it too !). Romance??? @nkrvivek @travenues Koramangala, Bengaluru.Required - JS fundamentals, React, React Native, Node.js, Strong CS fundamentals and problem solving abilities.Looking for full stack engineers (JS/React/ReactNative/ Node stack) at @travenues. Great work. Fun team. Enterprise…"The man who gave the Election Commission a spine" - something I have heard so many times. His wit matched his iron…
Tomorrow is 11/11. Singles day. Alibaba. Last year they did $30.8 billion GMV in 24 hours. Let's see how they do th… @surekhapillai Sarvam WhatsApp forward mayam. @jiljilramamani Enjoy maadi.
@ACTFibernet Aaarghhhh. I don't have an issue. I just want a connection. New connectionnnnnnn...... #SonOfCauvery #PonniyinSelvan #EnglishRetelling #EveryWeek @AmazonHelp And after a chat with a bot, and a conversation with a real (helpful sounding) human being, who promise… @iBakasura @Airbnb Oh nice !!! Will definitely put off one of these with the family ra, soon. Who is that guy on the profile pic though?? 🤣
And I am going to give one final chance. Dear @ACTFibernet , can you please reactivate my account, which I closed e… @sowmyarao_ Yaaay !! Good for you :-)