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g_c_mouli @gcmouli Bengaluru, India

0-to-1 Generalist, Builder of teams. Product. Tech. UX. Alum: Travenues (ixigo), Stayzilla, Goibibo, MS. Opinions are my own.

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Joined Twitter 6/23/08 @vivekraju93 @Numb_Skull Explains the ever increasing number from Mr Sethu.Mr. Sethu is saying 64 positives in half a km and 95 cases within a km. Holy cr**. Is the CCC in the NGV indoor sta… @accidentlwriter When kids get called 'fruit' during school, idhudaana? @_curses @cycle_soosai Let me be the first to combine 🙏🏼 and yov in the same sentence. 🤣 @cycle_soosai I did methi yesterday. 😬 @cycle_soosai 'Aanjifying' pudina, methi is the new mandala mindfulness jingbang.An explainer on why Google is investing $10 billion in India? via @finshots @HariPyt @SunOfGan @TheProductfolks On the contrary, I like the edit access to be something that I have to consciously give.
@accidentlwriter @iRatzzz @yamsivam Insert - paraparapara-nu mela vengaayatha medhuva thooovi .. and so on. @accidentlwriter @iRatzzz @yamsivam Yes yes same same. Yaaro bayangara aaruva kolaarle close up pic edututaanga nenechen.Dei dei dei ... how is 100% in English possible da? @narayananh @adapaavi @nandiniv @OposChef Wow. #FountainPenTwitter 👆 @nandiniv @sleepyhead148 Lockdown starts tomorrow night 8PM. ;-) @nandiniv @narayananh @OposChef By the way - another option is a good expensive pen (waterman or cross) - I treasur… @nandiniv @sleepyhead148 Dunzo. In fact if the 'giftee' is in BLR - direct dunzo there only. (Choose the lego set f… This is powerful stuff !!! anti-mask activists give free meals to people without masks as virus cases surge
Retweeted by g_c_mouliWoah. @Twitter is on a roll. Another new feature. "Do you want to read the article first before sharing?". Guilty… for Ramamoorthy avare take in CBSE results. 🤭🤫You know you're old when you can finally relate to Dilbert comic strips. 😅
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Shabba. 🙌. Engayo poyiteenga sir. till the end and tell me if your mind was not thinking about vepampoo (rasam). {Vepampoo = Neem flower for… will just leave this here. @Pentropy @kingsidharth Hahaha. He photo bombed sire. @saffrontrail 👏😍😋 @vinaykashy Twitter's on a roll. I kinda like this.Anyone noticed in-app notifications in twitter? Or am I the last one to notice this? @shrinivassg My bubble photo better than yours. Just kidding man. Beautiful shot. Got reminded of this photo sho… @HariPyt Yep. I can hear the flute. 🎶Click pic for surprise. 🤭 Yamma .. I also needs one boxing meter. Dei Bev****I koduka .. adhu boxing meter illa, oximeter-u adhu. 😁😁 Cc: @DanishSait @cruisemaniac @vinaykashy Get it tomorrow. One week intense lockdown in Bangalore starting Tuesday night.A message from me to you. If you agree, click on-
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @jiljilramamani PottaaachunnenConversations at weddings ❤️
Retweeted by g_c_mouliBrilliant brilliant thread. Whattay. Perfect Sunday listening. Thanks @jiljilramamani and me riffing to Ilayaraja, while both of us are going through our Sunday morning household chores. Nothing b… that the Cubbon park (plus same toy train) in "Raja Raja Chazhan Naan" song? #tamizh #mohan #ilayaraja @8priteshj Yep. @adapaavi On the road. Long back. From the knife sharpener guy.Long time no #prisma. @Gunmaster_G9 Oh no no. That beaut taste of half sodha sodha biscuit and the inner achievement feeling of not havin… @nimishdubey @anish_sinha I usually test headphones with the Mask of Zorro soundtrack. The starting lows (horse gal… Grumpy Sunday morning. Sorry, in advance, for any untoward ranting. 😬Ok. PR publicity done for Nanvati. ✅ Also, extraneous? Did he mean extraordinary? (Sorry, my OCD, my bad). @nandiniv Stay safe Nandini, AB.That small kid united with the mom by the airline is all fine. But where the heck is the kids mask and face shield?… @prats_39 Yikes. Stay safe.
Holy wow. 😍🤩 @Anuroof Thanks man. 🤭 at Huu saar. 🤣 @chin80 All hail the Twitter algo.Is Bengaluru going for a one week lockdown? Any confirmed sources?Is the worst over for Mumbai? Am I reading these charts right? @vetrijedi Hence proved. (Center inefficient - ASI) @vetrijedi Wow. Didn't know this.Woah. Scenes in South America very similar to what we saw in India sone time back. @silverlightgal Stay safe SG. @slicebrownbread Check DM @_tonytom @madhurchadha @TheProductfolks @ranjitr @vyastejas @vikramadhiman @Taruna2309 @ankurdinesh
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @slicebrownbread We order veggies once a week from a farm called Clover Farms (a scientific farming initiative ~ no… @cycle_soosai Prestige induction saar.Lemongrass tea in the making. Hmmm. most biblical takedown ever of Twitter’s mindless, trigger-happy trolls. Take a bow, @azizansari!
Retweeted by g_c_mouli @ZPrad Thanks zPrad. Will definitely take a look. @amuldotexe @thekaipullai Yeah. Big fan of @thekaipullai 👍 @HariPyt Definitely not something against my school. Totally credit my love for history to my teachers. My gripe is… we studied were about Shah Jahan, Akbar the great, Ashoka the just. What the heck. Nothing about the brilliant… What a story. Why the heck don't they teach these in history classes. The Maratha rule in the south, their cla… @shrinivassg @Ajumplakdibampa @iShO_o Plus medhu pakoda for balancing the taste. @Ajumplakdibampa That's because you should have gone to Venkatramana, which is thr original. Venkateswara came later. Cc: @iShO_o @TejasKinger 🤣🤣🤣 @TejasKinger TK falls? @prats_39 Awesome. Thanks. A very good morning to you and hope you have a fantastic weekend. @prats_39 Beautiful mug. Where did you get it?Dei. You are saying this about Americans. I can't think of even an anecdote of desi folks. But 100x of that. @nandiniv Ok ok. Chinna rocket. 🤣This is so awesome. #CarnaticTwitter @navdhad Died in your arms tonight ... @nandiniv 🚀🚀"It's called mmhmm, cuz you got to have a name that y can say when you are eating." 🤣👏 @VijayT1609 Go get 'em Vijay. More power to you.This is just brilliant. Been looking for something like this. I am in. Signing up for the waitlist. h/t @helloanand @helloanand This is brilliant. @maxdavinci Hadn't upgraded WP in a whole. Combination of theme ans plug in dependency issues
Wow. Back in 2005 -- Lots of productivity stuff, GTD, slashdot, @cmdrtaco, @ev, DIY Planners, @lifehacker,… putting a lot of fight, got the ol' WP itself upgraded to latest version. Put up a clean new theme. And it lo… @Gunmaster_G9 @ACTFibernet When it works, it is fantabulous. Puttukichina - serious competition to iruttu kadai wonly.High Speed internet they said .... @ACTFibernet @SathyaBhat No no. I actually have hosting (still have another 6-7 months before renewal). @iBakasura Need to see saar. @vetrijedi @SubstackInc Nope. Want a proper blog. :-) @vetrijedi @Medium Naa. Dont want to go medium. Not accesible for everyone.So, been having issues with upgrading self-hosted wordpress blog lately. Also, in a mood to move. What are the al… What an amazing use case. @sowmyarao_
@arvenky Agree. Folks are just being irresponsible. :-(