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GcYoshi13 @gcyoshi13 NorCal (Fremont)

Norcal's gimmicky gatekeeper. I try to play UNO when the game we're playing is Chess. FGO. VR. Anime. Business e-mail:

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@honzogonzo I understand. @honzogonzo Ico was good. You just hate holding hands with girls. @Koga_NoidZX I wish I was a parent in the 90s or early 2000s, just to know what it feels like to have so much power… @Yegar_Zero I'd like to get to the creative part of AC but I'm hated by bellsManaged to wake in time to buy turnips in AC for once. If anyone has anything like 400 or 500 throughout this week… Cruisin’ - Animal Crossing
Retweeted by GcYoshi13What I feared has come upon me;
Retweeted by GcYoshi13random stream @Da_Joker_27 for example, I can play Beat Saber for a long time because despite the neon lights, it's a fairly intu… @Da_Joker_27 avoid games that have poor use of locomotion is the largest factor imo. Games that have you use analo… @QelaionP nah fuck that one in particular.and UNIBand UNIELand UNICLRThey should put Honzogonzo in UNIST.
tried to give pot a dash, so i just used the animation that was labeled as his forward dash i dont think they use…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13Tatsunical attention to detail! In TvC, Alex can charge up his fierce chop move into an unblockable hitgrab. Howeve…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13In TvC, Alex's stun-gun headbutt super is mostly underutilized in high level play. However, when performed on giant…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @Laban9898 I like it tbh @mAceOfHearts I cant read this but does this mean I'm done? what/????????????????
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @Gr8saiyaman88 was it the 2nd movie where they reached Smough? I legit almost fell asleep throughout that movie unf… @DiddlyDoddly I see no difference. @ThatWieselGuy not great, but not bad I'd argue. @tarisbox @Gosuda_ absolutely. One of my favorite series. @tarisbox my keyboard was too jank to allow me to be great, nor did I wanted to practice anyways. I hacked rapid fire rocket launchers lol. @tarisbox lmao Gunz. @thaGaGaGuy @1eonard_1ai same. @RaphTx there are some lukewarm hits for sure like Justice for All and MH generations or MH1, but the games are con… @1eonard_1ai ok ok. @1eonard_1ai almost? Haha. Got a MH game you really don't like? @JediLink123 I can't truthfully say they were bad games rather than they may not be one's cup of tea. Dual Destini… Wright and Monster Hunter imo. @J_nihility @Sajam oh shit I meant Fire Emblem Warriors lol. @Sajam I found to be Fire Emblem Heroes to be quite well made.after beating the wyoming class battleship, we have obtained its DNA. We can use materials to breed battleships int… army of crustaceans have encountered a Wyoming class battleship. It's armor was too thick and our crustacean las… @RisuRisu22 could be but the crispy peppers is very distinct and unique imo. @RisuRisu22 香辣脆 XiangLaCui, literally meaning fragrant spicy crisps. Its fried beef with crispy fried pepper shells. @jayden_dipietro If it's less than 10, I'd think it's funny and aight. It's a weird open world shooter where you t… @honkers_honkers Yeh I might be down hah
@xSHOGUNDo Pork belly. @WinAFreeiPod Hella good. @honzogonzo 福恩圆。also called Little Szechuan. Located in Newark. Prob my favorite.Saturday Szechuan food. have defeated the mantis shrimp squad and took over their reef. We found a high vantage point where they wouldn'… @KillrMillerTime @Mr_igloo @CarltonBeener @ASTROGaming dude is doing Sasquatch jHK irl.How is it possible that every line from Tactics Ogre is so raw? Even the chapter titles are not messing around
Retweeted by GcYoshi13The fucking mantis shrimp is too strong once again. I have to level up my King Crab maybe. I'll run it back far, I've been wiped by the Cuttlefish and Octopus teams. I need to figure out how to get strong enough to defea… @HellYeahGetFckd I'll breed one if I get the chance. Hope to run into one.This will be my Ace of Seafood thread as I have begun to finish this wonderful game. With my team of Spiny Lobster… ecosystem in Ace of Seafood is strange. I can easily kill Submarines with my level 100% prawn shrimp, but a pac… @zidanel33t @hotashis by what you just said, you'll love it already. Whiplash was a crazy ride through and through. @zidanel33t @hotashis sounds interesting. Is it like Whiplash levels of stressful? @Elephantbonez52 Babylonia was a good one. Definitely well deserved when it was voted to get an anime adaption. @corybellFGC sounds like Kado: The Right Answer. @YungDMG I remember this fight being somewhat of a joke in regular P5
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @hellocutelife My condolences regarding the grandma.
@mattdeeze ahh I see. @GeoffLife hehnot really in touch with the PC gaming world, but AMD's stock has been sky rocketing. How is their graphics cards nowadays?I ran TvC at Combo Breaker from 2017-2019. I got to watch it grow from a few people playing games to something wit…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @HellaBrett it's going to be a wild ride.Melty Blood composer Raito has remastered the "I will begin (Character Select)" track from the game.
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @windzero7 @thaGaGaGuy @SaikyoStyle Fuck all your teams. The only one I liked had Zero in it. @Al_Rikir Air dash jH, the character @EvenMoTempest That was ridiculous @whateverdude151 @sugoismallfry This is a really cool route.
@KelvinsHouse well done Kelvin @KelvinsHouse what am I looking for @NWSerpent @betadood I only added to it. @Kibotsu It's okay. You're talented and a hard worker. @JustinAtLaw_ Keep speaking that heresy you talented hard worker. @JustinAtLaw_ Nah the green plunger definitely killed my Yoshi few times.No one is beating me in this game btw. Best minigame. my advice is to never work hard and don't fret over how talented you are. You'll win so long as everyone else loses somehow.Take my win at Anime Ascension where I'm graced with a Potemkin winner finals match while Lost Soul couldn't attend… the Hardwork vs Talent debate I would say neither matters too much. Luck is what I believe in. @Finotaisen Happy birthday dude. May the RNG gods bless you. @keeponrockin_db @yoshibrro I'm not sure if it did, but the part with the business people sucked. @yoshibrro with the manga you can blaze through slow parts better, but it still didn't stop it from being super slo… @yoshibrro I had to read it to go through it. The slowdown almost made me stop and tbh, I don't really blame people for plans: 2020:
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @Koga_NoidZX j.B was like the sole reason I lost to Joseph in AA. Blocking is fine imo. Yosuke doesn't generally g… @Koga_NoidZX If you show you can block the back and forth, it begins to actually put some pressure on the yosuke pl… @Laban9898 time to answer. @Laban9898 take your time. You earned it. @Koga_NoidZX I respect it.
@Brosuke_Levi @Pssychh blitztank is fun @Beikho @SaikyoStyle @thaGaGaGuy please bring them back, they make me feel like I live the fictional, movie-esque l… @Moondawgie68 @MechaMacGyver I also watched a few episodes of Columbo and it was pretty enjoyable. @Itz_Just_Nano Same, primarily because the yoshi's island aesthetic fit so well. For localizations, there was a lot of care put into this. @SQuirrel147 Gravity is also my greatest weapon as well. @totoroslayer I think at AA, but it wasn't long. @ATLRomanova Maggots on napkins, gasoline tank, and BaklavaThe TvC modding community has already gone too far
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @DoctorSc1ence Always knew you were like me.Been in a constant state of tired and it's made me pretty irritable. I'm just not sure really.