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GcYoshi13 @gcyoshi13 NorCal (Fremont)

Norcal's gimmicky gatekeeper. I try to play UNO when the game we're playing is Chess. FGO. Anime. Business e-mail:

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@MechaMacGyver hope your pops goes through this and ends up with intestines stronger than ever. The goal is to hav… @gpstuntman this was you unfortunately. to farm Q with Nasus in the new fighting game and never interact with my opponent until I need to 2 shot or 3 shot him. @Bakutidancer @RiffFF14 @Jahstun @VirginityTheft Biggdrasil @redbullgaming Why is Red Bull? @BlastCero This dude playing Starcraft. What a God.
Grandblue Fantasy Versus having 11 characters is kind of deceiving no? Lowain is like 4 characters in one. He has… @HellaBrett @Foonanigims @quotesdeezy His gimmick is that he can jump over every wall in the game for free. Once he… @HellaBrett @Foonanigims @quotesdeezy I legit think you'll like Talon. I also like Talon a lot tbh. The character… @HellaBrett @PeModyne @quotesdeezy I agree. I only like him because his project skin is one of thew few good project skins @PeModyne @HellaBrett @quotesdeezy Jhin is actually mad cool and is my favorite marksman @HellaBrett @quotesdeezy I don't think there's any gender bent skins actually. @HellaBrett @quotesdeezy Kayne can make sense tbh. Zed has some cool mechanics though. @HellaBrett Most of the humans are pretty whack tbh. Urgot, Sion, Blitzcrank, Zac, Maokai, Reksai, and Malphite are the ones though. @EnginoJuushichi @DrifterDane Squish is talented. @EnginoJuushichi @DrifterDane I remember seeing an image with Squish's patented smiling face holding an aluminum tr… @DrifterDane @EnginoJuushichi I don't see that part. Doesn't he also marinate his chicken in gatorade? @DrifterDane @EnginoJuushichi if the context of that phrase is because the SAO creator got fed up and tried to writ… Norcal, reminder that the DEADLINE for Redbull Conquest Oakland is TOMORROW!! UNIclr demo and we'll have a sid…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @HellaBrett maybe lol. @AZReadman I feel like people are chicken guarding 24/7 in this game unless you really pin them down. @HellaBrett more importantly, get better dude. @HellaBrett dang. The case you're about to start on is a lot of fun imo. @Densuo @tone765 I like her hat @Chris_Dechene Holy shit, if we lube these earth plates, maybe we won't have earthquakes. Are you an engineer or s… @8bitBarbarian shifting tectonic plates one rub at a time @TheSpiritJuice better out than in @faultydefense its uIs there an earthquake happening or am I masturbating to vigorously? @JWonggg @Kizzie_Kay310 that's fucked up man. You gotta write him a letter of apology. @HellaBrett shit, I just choose the avatar that looks coolest to me. @MiniMatt_ have fun dude. I enjoy their stuff usually. Good bg music to play games on
@SSJ4RanMitake I guess hurting a person like me is an accomplishment. Well done. @SSJ4RanMitake are you proud of yourself? Because you shouldn't be.【MG リック・ディアス】長期にわたる製作になってきたので、自分自身の備忘録を兼ねて現在までの改修過程をモーメントにまとめてみました。 ⚡️ "MG リック・ディアス製作記(途中経過)"
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @armormodechang i'm good with seeing it slow motion. I don't want that panty roll back onto her once it's off ya know? @SSJ4RanMitake bruh relax and delete this. @MatixPT right titty is the one people is willing to wait for i htink
If ArcSys was a stripper, she'd ask me if I want to see some titties and I'd be all "Hell yeah" and then proceed to… @zidanel33t @theslymoogle @souperfx yeah. It was particularly annoying during the DBFZ reveals. @SQuirrel147 Lowain->Ferry->black knight thingI came across this hilarious script by @KeatonPatti and got inspired
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Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @Kizzie_Kay310 the move where he jumps backwards and strikes is a really cool move to have on a character like Axl. @ArcSystemWorksU Can't wait to play as a gray question mark. @uhnfunny Not sure if I saw Kefta, but would Chapli be similar? @rthzyx They are next door to eachother. One is like to take out and one is a restaurant. Both are pretty much the same. I'd say cuisine. @Phampyx3 If I said that, then probably exaggeration. There are other good ones as well. But this is the place I'd… Afghanan is the goat @RiffFF14 なんか作っちゃいました すいません
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congrats @Motakshi. I promise I'll learn Chaos some day. @KCsNOTOR1OUS I heard it is tbh. @Cure_Mango happy birthday dude @HonnouRod God that's sexy @LukeShooty NiceeBlitzchung: Free Hong Kong *Blizzard begins to trip over themselves 5 times. Proceeds to fall down the stairs as e…
@buubuuniconii yeah. I do like the 2nd one better. Is truncating words considered a pretty bad typography taboo? @buubuuniconii oh I derped. The 2nd pic is the way to "properly" do it right? @buubuuniconii Knowing what you know now, how would you resolve this? @RaphTx @SQuirrel147 Axl is always hype to watch imo @Koryuken @Koovrus luck. @AlzarathEX Bedman and Jack-O likely. @TheRealistDMac @NOSLOandy good luck in your tournament. I'm a kendo master so just remember this video @TheRealistDMac @NOSLOandy are you a Kendo master?It's easy for me to boycott Blizzard since I seldom play their games nowadays. But that will be much more difficul… @KrsJin yeh @ZotBuster Since you're new to ArcSystem Works, let me tell you about the game engine. There's this thing called b… @LaziestNameEver should I watch the new one if I never saw old one? @AZ__Sho there's a joke route in Silent Hill 2 where the ending reveals that a Shiba Inu was controlling all of the… for the games @gcyoshi13! I need to lie down forever now.
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @Koovrus Like I said, it's kendo. @NOSLOandy maybe if you hate Kendo. @AZ__Sho I think because the story is so dark and was so strong, that he wanted to pave a way out for people. I fee… @TeddieDriver I take real life applications and apply it to my game to enhance my results. You learn lessons in re… @Al_Rikir this is why you get top 8 at Evo.Ky pro tip: Japanese Kendo masters strike at precise moments in overhead arc. Treat Ky play like a Kendo match and… @AZ__Sho I understand where you are coming from since it takes away from the impact and power of it all. But the m…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13 @AMurderOfBears @notflygones I'm happy at Saki's riveting and powerful performance. I hope that JAV earned an Oscar… shit apparently shindoL posted on his patreon that metamorphasis was a JAV that the characters recorded and wa…
Retweeted by GcYoshi13I've been subscribed to Honzo gonzo for 25 months.
@tone765 what does the FP mean? @KidViperFGC @munchyjr_ thanks but I'm trying to purge related things to this content out of my head in the meantime.Today is mental health day. I also can't get that @munchyjr_ 's ass shaking potemkin video to that "party every da… @rustyclosetnina Blitz deserves it @PeModyne nah Yukiko and Weiss are def the good ones @EtherliteAir Brett Alter is definitely an Avenger. @Densuo no need to, but I appreciate it. I'll give the game a download tonight. @DrifterDane yes you are playing it. Bedman for example has risky RPS involved in his offensive pressure which det… @Densuo HyGogg is my favorite suit hands down so it's cool to see him decent. I heard the recruit system is like g… @zidanel33t is this primarily a mechanic to close the power gap between stuff like Jagras armor and end-game monster armor? @zidanel33t kind of out of the loop with MH lingo and stuff but what is the layered armor update? @Densuo my fear is using units that are completely overshadowed. Are units different enough to warrant use? Basica… see that Gundam Battle Operation 2 has Z'gok Experiment and I think I'm sold. Is the game primarily dominated by… @Argenrost Hate it when people think development is like putting two Lego pieces together. @AZReadman it's also where we exchanged friend codes to play online and etc. for the wii. @AZReadman yep, but their main games had a chat group each. TvC had one and that's where I met some of my closest FGC buds. @AZReadman dang, where were you in the Capcom Unity chat? Should've joined the TvC crew.