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Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗let’s get ittttt like and retweet the comment i’m quoting! @MrBeastYT I know this is impossible but, If ever I win the funds will be directly donated to @fundsforbangtan and…
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗ @LatinaSeokie @nycnamjoon that is acceptable wording and my only and best advice for dating apps is to put minimum… @LatinaSeokie @nycnamjoon no i do not have commitment issues thank you for your concern @LatinaSeokie @nycnamjoon i mean “succeeded” implies a level of finality i’m not comfortable with but if pressed i… @nycnamjoon do the past five years of unsuccessful hinge stories count for nothing??? the indignities i have suffered @nycnamjoon omg lmk if you ever want to swap hinge stories @rockjin94 love that for us쫀득말랑떡아... (오열중
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗jiminie came to visit 💘💜💞💝 @fatimafarha_ an evergreen tweet @mariiieclaiiire ok but the outfits and the hairstyles 🔥🔥 @BTSparksjoy so awkward right!!! @vdarkvwild it would be my pleasure @jwrites_ this is exactly the face i’m gonna make on FaceTime with her @vdarkvwild @__empiphany how is this me enabling her i’m an innocent @everythingoesv so beautiful in both! @MinKittenPDNim i find it odd when fan accounts use their accounts like a social media influencer would if that mak… @ShadowBoxYoon it’s so hard to let go of the idea that i somehow need her approval because i was her direct report… @__empiphany
@RistiTweets i was SO tempted lol but she follows me on multiple social media platforms too so 🙃 @__empiphany BACK DEMON @BTSparksjoy LITERALLY god she’s the worst @__empiphany well this has been a lovely interactionshe’s 100% only doing it because she wants company gossip and she’s so un-self aware that she doesn’t realize how m… is my old boss who made my life miserable for three years and got let go back in april STILL texting me acting… @__empiphany EMILY @irene_hyyh love this. it’s so important. @hiM0NDAY the collegiate look is daaaaangerously attractive to me @190413home oh 100%, i invested in a fancy japanese one last year that can come apart entirely and be cleaned every… @sugasnappeas what’s the material of the bottles? like a heavy duty plastic? @mariiieclaiiire those are my favorite kind for distracted half-viewing @mariiieclaiiire ooooh thank you for the reminder, i know what i'm doing tonight! @RM_ddaengg it does look very small! @bomnalpapillon sometimes what i do is take a picture of it and then take a picture of the label next to it if i wa… @bomnalpapillon oh no, i’m talking about all of the “x member as art” threads that are just totally unattributed haha. you’re fine!! @fatimafarha_ the bh photographers are honestly amazing @jungkology yes! it's this one: @jungkology last year i invested in a japanese one that comes fully apart and is washable and PERFECT and i love it so so much @taevyomin oh lord of course it's worth a month's rent @gabdefoff @Bangtan_Style07 @BTS_twt oh great now i just need to... not pay my rent for a month... to afford it 😭someone talk to me about this pools shirt bc i absolutely need it in my life a passionate lover of humidifiers i need to know how you take it apart? how much water can it hold? how washable… @nicolewithluv aerie!! they are literally always on sale there loltruly boggles the mind how people can grasp the concept of crediting fan artists (as one should!) but post whole th… when there are no more art threads on stan twt without attributions my soul will know peace @BitchTheres_7 she is truly an inspiration to us all @jwrites_ why would you remind me that i was supposed to see it from 7 rows away @BitchTheres_7 first one especially is giving major morticia and gomez vibes 😍joon thank you for making me want to be kinder to me #2YearsWithMono
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗ @nightapple3 @BTS_twt this is so incredible, you have an amazing talent 💜 @RistiTweets oh i’m seeing some cute stuff in here *soft crying noises from wallet in the background* @sobatofu353 i love that for him and for me @rockjin94 idk if i should be proud of that hierarchy but i really am 😂😂😂 @daegu_moonlight this is very bad for my healthraise your hand if you had “sexy vampires showing you their hobbies in an abandoned warehouse” on your bts fila bin… @rockjin94 i have the memory of a goldfish and the self preservation instincts of a hermit crab so pretty much it g… @MicheBangtan let us forget our failed romantic encounters in peace the way nature intended! @RistiTweets does it end with me footing the bill for a $50 Uber back from crown heights bc 😣yes i deserve this 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩 instagram recommending me the page of a dude i hooked up with last year and then completely forgot about 😭 i wa… @JOOSSllEE_OT7 thank you!! @okenakab for REALok so when do the b0mber jackets and flannels drop bc i know i saw them in the ad 🤲“One important lesson we have learned is that despite differences in countries, races, and cultures, emotions that…
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗ @nycnamjoon i want bts to have nice things but i also want to destroy the machine... a conundrum @nycnamjoon this is the dark timeline @justaminsuga i already own 3 jean jackets and i think their total value is less than that so 😬me logging on to weverse, seeing that the on jean jackets are $144 and immediately logging off @spinebreakerjin we all need it rn 😭who needs a lil boost of hobitonin?
@iluvpandaxpress the juxtaposition of that and the sticker on the bottom left with the dude swinging a golf club an… ever cry over big man peeling smol potat
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗ok well i got like 1/3 of the way through and the movement made me so nauseous and shaky that i had to stop... will try again later maybe?? @nycnamjoon watch out for all the trashBTS Music Store forms for Dynamite are now open for the DYNAMITE LONGEVITY PARTY! link:
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗ @vdarkvwild pls i would LOVE to see you take him down @tteokknj next time i have to talk to him i will just picture you standing behind me looking menacing @nycnamjoon his address is 123 tea and crumpets lane, misogyny town @BtsPortland as it turns out toxic masculinity is a very stubborn and long-lived blight on society @LatinaSeokie ooooh that’s right, two can play at that game!!! @gabdefoff thank you! and thank you 😂 @btserotonindan that’s EXACTLY what this feels like @Tamifluco this is my favorite internet meme of all timeNOTHING will ever top bs&t aesthetics like it’s just so perfectman user @BTS_twt is really obsessed with the song butterfly huh @LaurenJP68 thank you!ngl the movement makes me feel a little nauseous, i think at the end of the day i’m a brick and mortar exhibition t… reminds me a little bit of when i used to play myst on pc, same high graphics quality and low comprehension on my part @LaurenJP68 i don’t think i’m tech savvy enough for this 😂 @LaurenJP68 is the music gonna be ON the whole time?also if it wasn’t clear i guess these are my live tweet impressions lolohhhhh cutie pie jiminie and his polaroidsi think perhaps the problem lies with me and i need to turn my volume downBOYS WHY ARE YOU SHOUTINGOH MY GOD namjoon’s voice just scared the sht out of meentering the on:e exhibition now 👀everything goes; it passes #2YearsWithMono
Retweeted by ˗ˏˋmeg ᴮᴱ ⁷ˎˊ˗