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I support Tottenham and yes I’m sad about it too. Mediocre D2 Player.

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What I was hoping for 👀 can someone be this evil? America’s police is racist, end of. @PhillyD Se7en Lawless Shaun Of The Dead @Evierogers114 @missgemcollins He was much more of an asshole before then he is now 😂 @headlessash I thought I’d give it another go since I last played it and really didn’t like it, man I’m so addicted…
@AfcMP10 Ødegaard Havertz Tonali134 reported fatalities today. Difficult to compare with past weeks because of the bank holiday, but the rolling av…
Retweeted by ConnorReally loving assassins creed odyssey, can’t believe I wasn’t enjoying the game before, so so good, excited for Valhalla now 🙂
‘Sometimes referred to as the China Virus’ yeah, sometimes referred to as that by you, you racist bellend. Cummings is late for his statement because there’s traffic on the A1.
Retweeted by Connor @headlessash Idk, I didn’t find the gameplay in the last of us to be that great, but the story was so engaging it m… @headlessash Pretty much. don’t want to say much on here because i have some friends on here who haven’t seen the l… @SayNoToRage 💯Upon review let’s take TLOU 2 of this list#MakeSolo2Happen now this is a hashtag I likeIf Thanos invaded earth in 2020.
@TheAcademy Either Batman interrogating Joker scene in TDK, or the desert scene in Se7en. @TranSPURS LWDDWDWLW @AliMacPali786 The amount of disrespect to assassins creed 2 here is unreal @h3h3productions Day #41 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your Pa…
Retweeted by Connor @missguideme @BBCDanielS Dancing Queen instead of Waterloo? Bloody raging🤬 @UtdAidan Alexis Sanchez and Benzema😂
@summergamefest Batman reveal or more from the Avengers game @Jakosaur_ scare me Lance and I love it does he look like a blow up sex doll?
Retweeted by ConnorAlly Evie, Avoid Kassandra, Assassinate Aveline. Ezio, Avoid Edward, Assassinate Desmond. tonight Netflix, I’ve found something else to watch till at least midnight.
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Found this extra @dbrand AirPods Pro while cleaning the studio. Time for another quarantine giveaway! RT and be fo…
Retweeted by Connor @Xbox hey guys, buy discord
@minusyew @Gothalion Can’t wait for it to suck to shut up all the release the snyder cut weirdos in every single superhero conversation @ZachH14456855 @PhoenixorFlame7 @StevenWMoffat They’re show runners not directors mate. They basically oversee the… I’d do the exploding fag prank on my dad think it went well tbf😂😂
Retweeted by Connor @ZachH14456855 @PhoenixorFlame7 @StevenWMoffat Moffat and Chibnall aren’t directors. @Jakosaur_ @Hermesparcels Jakes crusade against Hermes continues! @EASPORTSFIFA @Bundesliga_EN Havertz and Brandt been robbed
Ok I couldn’t pick just one, but please never ever put the prequels and ‘best in Star Wars history ‘ next to each other ever again.“ Star Wars HISTORY????!!!” @Fabio75892070 @lilweebz @XboxGamePass I’m not sure what your point is? There is literally nothing wrong with achie… @Fabio75892070 @lilweebz @XboxGamePass What do you mean an ‘obsession’? @Fabio75892070 @lilweebz @XboxGamePass People are allowed to play games however and for whatever reason they like,… @XboxGamePass Time to channel my inner Happy GilmoreSimon Jordan was not happy with the media to Dele: "Somehow Dele & his lifestyle are complicit in his downfall. I…
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@sinshadow32 Ready for all the marvel Stan accounts who have never read a comic book in their life to be all over this tweet.1. Gameplay 2. Story 3. Graphics 4. 60fps
Start: Ronaldo Bench: Henry Never Ever Ever Compare To These Two Again: Salah @THR One of if not the best actor we have today, not seen him in a role where he hasn’t been fantastic, would love him to be the next 007. @FootyRustling He’s brilliant haha, so excited to see where his career goes.
@lfcwiII Kanye Travis Scott Drake Lil Tjay Roddy Ricch Tory Lanez Trippie Redd Juice WRLDGood to know Frankfurt players will be disinfecting their balls @ half time 👍
Retweeted by Connorme tomorrow when the football returns
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@majornelson @XboxGamePassPC Halo Reach Halo CE Halo 3 #FreeCodeFridayContestNobody: Absolutely no one: 6ix9ine:
Retweeted by ConnorSo many good games coming out: Avengers TLOU 2 Ghosts Of Tsushima Cyberpunk 2077 Can’t waitttt😍 @UpwardBoss Don’t worry bro happens to all of us 😂😂 @skittle_turtle @UpwardBoss 😂😂😂 @UpwardBoss Anthem 94 😂😂
@Variety This is insane, I remember my dad reading the books to me when I was a kid and being amazed by it haha😍😍 @ChampionsLeague Ronaldinho @JimHowick @SpursOfficial I thought you loved the reds? Sorry😂 happy birthday 👍 98/99 is the best prem side.Good achievement but spent most of their season with all 11 players in their own half just to grab draws, not the b…'m equally excited to announce that I've been added to their expert sobriety panel. Can't wait to get in there!
Retweeted by Connor @NextGenPlayer @geoffkeighley @summergamefest 😶😶RT for Pokémon Like for Pokémon
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@dele_official Awful mate, glad to hear you’re okay now 💙 @h3h3productions Day #30 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your Pa…
Retweeted by Connor @headlessash Yeah it definitely grabs my interest more then the last 2. Last one I really enjoyed was syndicate @headlessash Yeah man, I just keep going back to assassins creed to see if I’ll like it but the answers normally no lol @headlessash I’m like 4 or so hours into it, I like it but it’s hard to feel like a bad ass Jedi when I spend most… @headlessash I love Star Wars but I am ass at that game haha
@h3h3productions Day #29 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your Pa…
Retweeted by Connor @streamlabs Sea of thieves @ColossalisCrazy Do you still stream on twitch? Those outlast streams used to make me cry laughing haha.
@headlessash @h3h3productions 🙏😂 @TomVinallBR 7m people follow Piers Morgan, he’s still a twat @h3h3productions @TomVinallBR ‘So many people that like her’? What you on about mate last I checked everyone knows she’s a dickhead @KhaibarOmar1 @LUCKYY10P Definitely a message is the way to go, I think any emoting is at the very least annoying. @KhaibarOmar1 @LUCKYY10P You know how sarcastic that looks to guys you play against right?
@h3h3productions Day #27 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your Pa…
Retweeted by Connor @CFCRole I see a fair few people tweeting about Lo Celso tbf @EtemDemircan2 @TeamKhabib Interesting choice of wordsGIVEAWAY: 1 x “Through The Heart” Emblem Code 1 x “Planet of Peace” Emblem Code 1 x “Mist Blossoms” Emblem Code O…
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Tyrion you could bring any exotic weapon from Destiny in Destiny 2 which weapon would you choose and why is your answer…
Retweeted by Connor @h3h3productions Day #26 - We are giving away $500 to three people for 100 days. To enter: retweet and respond with your Pa…
Retweeted by ConnorHappy birthday Sir David. I admire your kindness, optimism, & your delightful sense of humour, as well as your wisd…
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