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@Shaulataan @NetHoshin >>> @NetHoshin @SpicyDonaTea love u too<3 @Shaulataan @NetHoshin natsumi >>>>> @NetHoshin @SpicyDonaTea i'm stealing his @SpicyDonaTea sharing clout😎🤝 @SpicyDonaTea come on, we'll be famous @NetHoshin ay i'm just saying🗿 @NetHoshin ay y'all have ya loli shit i got natsumi @LHHydra working on the latter😎😎definitely doing Natsumi after aquahonestly, me🤝Jamal @Beddy_rezero @LackaTask i see no difference @RiberiumRZ u think I'm awkward🥺 smh😤 @FriskTho @Set0wi dang thats so based and inspiring @CEOofBruceWayne i do LMAO i actually do, but moderately :3 @Shaulataan I take what I get won't bite the hand that feeds me😇🙃stole this from trezi, but who am i? week: Shaula! A remake of an older colouring of mine. Original illustration by Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka #rezero
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @CEOofBeako to be fair, it was my first ever konosuba arworkSchool Uniform Echidna #rezero #リゼロ
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed)I worked a long time on this drawing, and I had never done a background jsjs, I hope you like it ❤️ #rezero
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @Donte69927100 @Spiky661 It's a memeCompleted 2nd half of the commission by @jankyUwU for @EchidnaOf | ^^ School dona :)
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed)
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @DynaMightBakugo I'd be the first to die I call it the black curseFischl 🍑😏 #genshinimpact #原神 #Fischl
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @unmei_unleashed I thank you for your work🙏🏾 @unmei_unleashed @LuxoKiro Mhhh🥵 Good job😤🙏🏾 @LuxoKiro Was worth it Looks stunning @LackaTask No I can't wtf 😳😳 @blue_dasani 16%too much @_nashak_ @SpicyDonaTea @Bishtoolz Lmao @SpicyDonaTea I'll hunt uFam Noone said piss Ayy😭 @SenZenPen Heado plz
@SpicyDonaTea awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3seeing so much konosuba from @LackaTask inspired me do some best girl anyways good night 🥰Aqua - W.I.P @TaskLacka aqua, always has been i think i need to draw some myself @NAMIORII dw i got u
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @NAMIORII dw i got u @LackaTask big fat anime ass @IzulIzuru i love that artstyle @j0m4j0 @IridiusF @IzulIzuru there's nothing as too big on min @QuinellaGoat ahh i see you're a man of culture as well @ThSchaedou ayy its "evil corporate Beyblade man" i still have his bey at home @AKoolKoopa steve still looks fake😂 @HollowGraphicY1 @ger0gear’re back boys Re:Zero x Genshin Impact Crossover FT. Pyrrhixz Art by @ger0gear
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @SchmentaiS bro they literally have phones, flush toilets, and use kimono's😂Minerva's having a nuclear meltdown, she needs coolant immediately! I commissioned @IzulIzuru
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @MadChemist9 I need a # for all this great art Or else I'll miss all of itGear-chan in the Angel Mort suit
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @GEAR_Art_ Remember this? Time for Minerva to teach Emilia.
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @hokouso dang impressive @SpicyDonaTea 🥳🙏something else ig, anywaysMinerva, colored sketch
@register_n @Wisecup0 @sonic_hedgehog nice one @HollowGraphicY1 I might not be always there But I try my best😘 @SpicyDonaTea no idea where this random doubt came from but I really appreciate you and who you are. you're making… @SpicyDonaTea i don't agree with your opinion you're objectively wrong @HollowGraphicY1 back🥳🥳@HollowGraphicY1 is back. back x2!!!
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @sonic_hedgehog what timeline is thisIt's Sonic's turn to be yeeted into Minecraft.
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @echidnut @Brandt_Ringer I mean, I still won't touch a spider tho at least i can look at one now anime cures the soul @SpicyDonaTea @echidnut based @echidnut I hate spiders. but Rimuru is cute and I wanna cuddle him (tho, Kumoko's human form leaves me weak mate) @QuinellaGoat very based and understandable, have a great day @blue_dasani Still thinking
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @CEOofShaula Probably once I watch it @CEOofShaula @CeoOfGospel @CEOofSUBARU Thinking about it
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed)another summer comes to an end. #iname #inART #ameliaRT #holoMyth
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed)現代服エミリアたん
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @slut4subaru I relate to that heavily @CEOofSUBARU Tell me all about it I notice it every day, but I still can't figure him out😞 @CEOofSUBARU At first I wanted to cry cuz there's no dona But then I saw pandora and I felt good again 😌 @NatalieXHunter Nothing is worse than drawing cute rezero girls getting ***** while you sit in a cafeteria 😂 @IridiusF @blue_dasani @Hioyami_art I made that one in 1 day if I remember correctly 😂 And it was the last before hollows birthday too @Tyler__Singh Thank you mate🙏🏾 @DreamoNemo GARF I LOVE HER😭😭😭😭😭 @ApoelaY Same bro @Brokendekay Lmaoo @SchmentaiS Black skin with bright hair and red eyes leaves me weak 😭😅 @IridiusF @Hioyami_art Suddenly I'm interested in min lewds @IridiusF @Hioyami_art Ohhh baby U this will be a fine piece to my collection might have had too much yesterday... I commissioned it from the very talented @Hioyami_art! Be sure to che…
Retweeted by 🔞Gear (Commissions closed) @Beddy_rezero Do u even realize that I don't care😂 @IlREDlI Very curious I am @Beddy_rezero Something is wrong with you🗿 @Matterfied Gotta give my heart a break But yea that's next, good night 😴 @lionexprime1 @Echidnuu @UPSoraBR @Quite_Dizzy @WanderingKenshi @Haachamin @SpicyDonaTea @Trikkai @machookana girl good night @SpicyDonaTea 5am Gotta finish this ep first